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ATM - atm complaint

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Respected sir,
I am account holder of omalur branch, salem district, tamilnadu. On 11th january 2008, 10000 rupees was putted in my account. But still iam not received my money. Atm mini statement shows the money withdrawed on same day. But i am not received. I complaint this to thiruvanmiyur branch with letter on 22nd january and also to my branch. I promise you that i am not disclose my pin no and atm card to anyone. Now iam working in chennai. My account no is 30200274313. I have receipt also. my phone no is 9842024820. Please kindly do the needfull. very urgent money. thank you very much
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I withdrew money on 16th Feb, 2009 from SBI ATM located at vijay Nagar Petrol Pump Kanpur UP
from my Savings Account maintained at Lakhanpur Kanpur, Money was not dispensed with :
I made two transavction genreated No Was 3409 & 3410 . Out of two transaction for Rs2500?- each one amout initially debited was credited back in my account while later entry 3410 is still not replenished. I lodged request on 18th Feb with Branch promptly sent to CAC at Kanpur. Iam still awaiting refund of money not dispensed with from ATM on 16th Feb.Card no6220180801900040073 Account No 30093074458 sbi Lakhanpur.
k.s.raja govt school  - MALUR, Kolar, Karnataka, India

atm - Govt

Sir iam working in police department at ulundurpet in tamilnadu.we have salary ac in IOB we have so many problem by bank because every month 1week the ATM didnot work or it will be cloosed by the manager hear there no other ATM facelety.Then how can we take pay.And no correct answer from the managment. sir so plese take nasassery action.And save us from this problem. Thankyou
I have not yet been favoured with reply on my e-mail dated April 5, 2009.

sir iam a account holder of bank of india, janpath, new ac no. 600010100042175. on 26-03-2009 I tried to withdraw amount rs.1000 from bank of india, nehru place and union bank of india, nehru place, new delhii 3 times each bank then my accont has debited while i have no received. i complained to bank of inida, janpath and union bank of india, nehru yet my accont has not credited.please co operate me.thanks.
Sub: - Reversal of uncompleted transaction at ICICI Bank ATM (S1CW3593).


This has reference to above caption subject. I had tried to withdraw an amount of Rs. 15000/- from ICICI Bank ATM (ATM ID – S1CW3593) on 01.05.2009 between 17:16 hrs to 17:20 hrs by using my SBI ATM Card - 6220180995600000252. The transaction could not complete due to “NETWORK PROBLEM” but requested amount debited to my SB A/C – 011538491111 maintained with SBI branch -Gadepan Kota.
I lodge the complain with SBI branch -Gadepan Kota but transaction could not reversed till date.

Therefore, it is requested to kindly arrange for reversal of transaction.

Swadesh sharma
SB A/C – 011538491111
SBI branch -Gadepan Kota
Dear Sir,

I am account holder of Bank of India, Cathedral Road Barnch, Chennai-600 086. On 8April 2009 I went to Union Bank of India, Madhavaram Branch, Chennai for withdraw 1000/- but still can say you i am not received the money from this ATM. But Amount Debited in my Account.I am daily going to bank of my Complaint. but manager has only one Question your money will be come sure. But may i Know when It will come my mney which i asked to manger. but they said I cant say you.Please help me .my account No. is S.B.A/C 801210110001600.My name is Vimlesh K Shah, Cell No. is
dear sir On 28-05-2009 i draw rs 10000 only from SBI 00932 complex ATM but computer shows two such withdrawals on the same day.I did not approach ATM twice Thus it must be due technical error. I gave a petition in the form with mini stt but the official say that they could reply only on receipt from bombay centre I am state pensioner Pl kindly teace the error and arrange to refund the money Rs10000 and to credit the same to my SB account No10765034388 ATM card No 62201 00932 00001126 pl arrange to send me a reply atonce. Thanking you sir. yours faithfully S.N.Subramanian Phone 04622337580
Dear Sir,

I am account holder of Andhra Bank, Pattabhi bhavan Barnch, Hyderabad. On 14th june 2009 I went to Syndicate Bank, Chaitanyapuri Branch ATM, Hyderabad for withdraw 1000/- but still can say you i am not received the money from this ATM. Again i withdrawn 1100/- from the same ATM I got 1100/- cash, then i came to know that my account balance id debited twise(1000+1100).I am daily going to bank of my Complaint.But no proper response from bank staff, they said you give a complaint and account No. is S.B.A/C 117910100000751.My name is Rasapalli Srinivas, Cell No. is : 99129-99011
Sub: - Reversal of uncompleted transaction at SBBJ ATM CASH Withdraw


This has reference to above caption subject. I had tried to withdraw an amount of Rs. 2000/- from SBBJ Bank ATM on 03-aug-2009 between 8.30 p.m to 9.00 p.m hrs by using my Indian Bank ATM Card - 5044339101311066071. The transaction could not complete due to “NETWORK PROBLEM” but requested amount debited to my SB A/C – 738630547 maintained with Indian Bank E A Puram, Chennai-600004 branch.

Therefore, it is requested to kindly arrange for reversal of transaction.
sir iam customer of state bank of hyderabad, my name is sunanda prathap account is in dubbak branch, medak distrik andhrapradesh. last 3 days back iam inserted my atm card in atm mestion that i have 500 rs balance ..but atm mission is not working .mission is saying transection failed try again..iam donot draw money.when i chek my balance in other atm my balance is 300 ..i loss 200 rs ..
please recover my money and solve my problem...please give my any custemer suport no.
Iused my IOB- ATM card two times onDt.17/10/09 at07:42&07:43 BOB_ATM (atm id no. IFDALD01 GTB NAGAR ALLAHABAD 211016, but trasaction declined & unable to pay(process) (072) vide sequence no. 2621&2622, while amount has been deducted from my A/C
Dear sir,
I, Lalit vijay Assitt teacher, posted at Govt middle school basatpur serna, ps- Kanti, Distt Muzaffarpur, Bihar holding A/C No-11731071173 at S.B.I Kanti Branch under Muzaffarpur Distt on 10.12.09 taken Rs. 10, 000 from A.T.M at Mithanpura at10:39, Received slip which shows balance of Rs. 62915.06 and then I received Rs. 2500 on 19.12.09 from at A.T.M kanti after dediction come Rs. 60415.06 but Rs. 10, 000 is shorting, it shows that some body has by making fraud stolen my money of Rs. 10, 000and the balance of my A/C shows Rs. 50415.06 in steed of Rs. 60415.06
Requesting to take necessary action for recovery the same, soon

Lalit Vijay
My saving account open with Union Bank of India my A/c No.421402010005846 and my ATM CARD 4213684214002202. I live in CHITRAKOOT but on dt.15.10.2010 my ATM debit card DROPPED, now i want to CLOSE MY ATM Card urgently. Please help me.

Nand Kishor Dubey
Jankikund Hospital
Chitrakoot Satna (MP)
My name is Mrs. Ambika Ravi and I am having a Savings Bank Account No. 2356101009705 with Canara Bank, Nerul East.

On 5th May 2009, at 18:50 hours, I tried to withdraw an amount of Rs. 1000/- through State Bank of Travancore ATM , ATM ID S1AN70069201, but I could not get the money and received the receipt with remarks “ UNABLE TO PROCESS”. However, I found out immediately that an amount of Rs. 1000/- has been debited to my account, though I did not get the money.

On 6th May 2009 I lodged a written complaint along with the transaction slip, to my bank(Canara Bank). Thereafter, I personally met the Manager of the bank every week, but till date. Neither the above amount has been credited to my account nor have I received any satisfactory answer.

I have seen press reports presumably issued by RBI directing commercial banks to settle such mistakes forthwith or else to pay interest prescribed by RBI.

Could you kindly help me in this to recover my money.

I would therefore requet you to kindly take up with the concerned bank and mitigate my grievance.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Mrs. Ambika Ravi)

401, Neel Tarang, Sector 21,

Plot No. 306/1, Nerul

Navi Mumbai-400 076

Phone No. 27704937

Respected sir,
I am account holder of icicibank udupi branch, udupi district, karnata. On 23th dec 2008- 25000 rupees was putted in my account. money withdwed Atm BANK OF BARODA 26-DEC -08 IN DWARKA 10000rs no money withdrawed day but tranjaction showing complet But i am not received.secand time ofter 5 mints 2 time complit the tranjection withdrawed the 10000 RS, same day 1 st tranction reversed the same day ofter 2 day withrawn 14000 rs in bharuch that time ledger balance is 1094 rs .cr .ofter 11-jan-2010 dedited to my bank a/c 10000 rs that is i am no withrawed complaint this to callcenter 12-01-2010 co. no .129708170, 2 time hubli branch with on 28nd january and also to branch i give to note -- 5846/1 FDDWA01/418157007212508 CM HAS Withdwawn ATM from atm he has not recievied that ath of 10000 rs it has reversed immediately in his a/c but again the same amt with same tran id was gain debited to my a/c 11.01.2010
But banker say -- this transaction is clamed by acquiring bank as sucessful transaction .hence we are unable reverse the same .
I promise you that i am not disclose my pin no and atm card to anyone. Now iam working in hubli . My account no is 007201019306. I have no receipt amt also. my phone no is 9844741448. Please kindly do the needfull. very urgent money. thank you very much
Respected sir,
Please help me on dt 3/3/10 i had tryed to withdraw a sum of Rs.10000 from one of the SBI /ATM Named - RAIL COACH FACTORY at BHUBANESWAR /ORISSA by using Union Bank of India ATM card, That amount of money is not delivered by ATM of the above adress .The problem is that Rs 10000 is debited from my a/c No 450502010008777.
My ATM card No is - 4213684505017067.I had ladgued a application to my UNION BANK, SAINK SCHOOL BHUBANESWAR BRANCH . BUT THE SAME 10000 IS NOT cradited to my a/c. So i am requesting to you please take nessary step as required.

Yours faith fully,
Sujata Mohapatra,
Mancheswar grid co colony
sir the atm of sbi in sukhna patrol pump sec 28 chandigarh is not functioning since 2 months we are facing so many problems thanks residents sec 28
Dear sir,
I have a SB in indian bank at chandani chowk . My a/c no :-829862054 and my ATM Card no :-5359381402009898 . On dated 05/05/2010 I visited atm of Cannara bank at Jheel Chowk for withdrawal cash .
I was withdrawing Rs 10000 from my account(savings) from the Cannara bank ATM at Jheel Chowk but I did not received any Amount & same amount is debited to my A/c.I have my account in INDIAN BANK ACC no.- 829862054, Branch- at chandani Chowk, New Delhi-06 . I also complaint in same indian bank which is managing ATM, but they didnt take any action, so sir plz do the favour in this matter .
Time and date of Transaction- 18:37, 05/05/2010 and Transaction no-3016
muniraj govt school  - MALUR, Kolar, Karnataka, India

ATM money drawn - govt school

which is very near to our home.
As usual she went to see her balance in ATM on 26/04/2010 and taken mini statement and came back to home. After that she did not used ATM for a month ,Then she went to draw a money from same ATM she suddenly shocked by seeing that 30000 RS is deducted from her account.when we enquired in the local branch they are telling that we only drawn the money on 26/04/10 which is not true. In this issue the bank people are putting allegation on us only they are not at all willing to co operate and behaving rudly with us. So we are very upset about this and we asked them show the videofootages of that date when she done the transaction to confirm that wether somebody used her card or she only taken.For that branch manager told us to give a complaint regarding that.So we given the complaint on 29/05/10,before taking complaint the Lady clerk who is incharge of the ATM card is behaved very very rudly with us. She is refusing to accept the Complaint. After some clash of words she accepted our compliant and given a ack and aksed us come after week when we went after a week she was on leave for a week, then we went to her on this tuesday,she is once again started war of aords and allegation and told us come next week.
So we are very very upset about the way she and the BM treated us. Based on this Know we decided to write a mail to you.
And also one more information this is not a single case in malur ,we can see some more same issues,when these suffers went to your BRANCH to complain they are talking and threatening and asking them to complain to police.
Know the question is How we can trust SBI ?
Your employers co operation is very very rude, Now we lost a faith in your SBI
If you are not taken any action we are thinking to lodge complaint in RBI and also considering to go Media.

So please consider this issue as serious and take a necessary action on the Same and allow as the See the Videofootages.
If any body from our home used the card then we are ready face any action you people want to give.
We want justice.

Dear sir,
This is to inform your kind self I sending one mail Dtd. 09.07.2010 for error of ATM but not reply to us for your end, So request you to please look the matter and kind necessary action .

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