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Neeta Volvo - Worst Bus Service

18 Reviews
We took Return Ticket from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai on date 17th Nov, 08. The Bus was suppose to start at 9.00 pm from Shanti Villa, Mahableshwar.

The Bus did not came in time. Also the Management at the hotel did not conveyed correct reason. They were rude in talking and simply said bus is stuck in traffic and will be there in another 10 minutes. The Bus finally arrived at 10.45 pm

I suggest Management to improve the service or close down their bullock cart ride and to co-pessenger never take Neeta Travels Bus Service. There are other options Swami Travels.
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though there r lakhs of people travelling in neeta today some have bad experiences also but u cant blame the management for all the reasons because running business in mumbai and now being the largest fleet of volvo in whole of asia is not easy so i am a frequent traveller in neeta and i do appreciate there service
i have been travelling to pune from last 10 years and use 2 pay 200 bucks for an luxury non ac bus that time i guess diesel rates were half wat it is today and taxes were also very less but after ten years now where neeta has volvos introduce on this routes wid taxes diesel touching sky high and wid an such an expensive volvo coaches wid the same fare of 200 bucks has to be given credit these people have brought class and comfort at an affordable price which is an great achievement
Very bad service, one of the worst volvo service in entire universe.
People are frustated and one day they will show their anger on this bus service.
I would like to bring to the notice of people who think that Neet is good..I was travelling from Shirdi to Pune by Neeta "Volvo"(So called) service. I happened to travel by your bus on the 26th May 2009 and I was shocked to see the condition of the bus and the wonderful timings which they maintain.. I was told that the bus would leave Shirdi by 4 and I was picked up by 5:15! To add to the woes, the bus was the crappiest of all I have seen till date (I think local village buses were better off). Broken glasses, hopeless noise from outside, stinking interiors, AC vents that are patched by Cellophane tapes!!!, Broken lights... and the list is neer ending..

Travelling by Neeta Volvo is the worst thing that can happen and I would reccomend everyone to avoid this hopeless bus service.

I used love traveling by Neeta Volvo to pune. I go very frequently but recently My God!!! its become the worst nightmare ever. Going by Neeta now means my Blood pressure goes sky high.. I sweat throughout the journey their A/C sucks.. it stinks, the seats are all torn and tattered and the springs prick your backside, they stop and pick up every tom dick and harry even accept parcels from roadside, ( they could contain bombs) for all you know... it takes 6 hours to reach pune.. and worst of all they don't take u to the last bus stop they throw u outside pune not even Aundh.. and ask you to find Ur way from there. Disgusting!!! I have sworn never to step into a Neeta Volvo ever again..
I travelled by Neeta Volvo bus from Chembur Diamond Garden Mumbai to Pune on 16.6.2009. I booked the ticket on the spot from one of the agents in Maskawala Building. A bus arrived at 1315 hrs. and a few of us boarded the bus and while boarding we asked the conductor if the bus is upto Pune station and he assured us it is. We know they dont take us to Pune station because of some traffic regulations but they used to drop us at Vaswani chowk or near Dr. Ambedkar Bahavan. However when we reached Shivaji Nagar the conductor announced Shivaji Nagar, Sangam, Pune last stop. There were about 15 passengers including small children who started protesting but the conductor and driver were adamant saying this is the last stop.
Any amount of persuading the driver and conductor that all of us had checked with him the final destination did not convince him and he forced all of us to get down even before we had reached Engineering College Pune. This is cheating. The bus also does not display the destination board so the commuters are taken for a real ride. As soon as the bus stopped a large number of rickshaw drivers surrounded the bus like vultures. This seems to be a pact between the Neeta driver and rickshaw drivers to strand the passengers and compel them to take costly rickshaws. I have decided never to travel by this rotten service. The only way we can retaliate is by boycotting and forcing these thugs out of business.
PATHETIC UNRELIABLE SERVICE BY neeta. I had booked a 6 Am ticket leaving Pune. The bus arrived at 6.40 AM at the pick up point! On top of this the bus was still at WAKAD PUNE AT 7.40!!!

None of the staff (receptionist at booking counter) to driver was even apologetic. they simply said- do whatever you want. All those claims of buses leaving every 15 mins are all false and open lies.
In case of less passengers they wait for more passengers to load the bus fully even if it means waiting for hours.

Use the Government Bus service- timely, safe and reliable.
Most pathetic bus service. Took this service from Mumbai to Pune. We did an internet booking but had to end up buying a normal ticket also. Also the conductors and the bus driver were extremely rude.
Dear Sir/madam
plz send neeta volvo service 24 hour Yes Or No
I traveled by Neeta's Buses while i was in India from Pune to Mumbai a few times and here are my observations:

1. AGENTS PROVIDING FAKE INFO - The agents and dealer of Neeta do not have proper communication with the Main office. They provide wrong and fake information to make money and sell tickets. I was told at wakad neeta office that the Pune-Dombivli bus goes to Kalyan Ramdev Hotel, so i went ahead and bought the ticket. When the bus came, the driver denied to take the bus to kalyan and said it takes halt at Dombivli for 2 hours.

2. AGENTS FAKING WRONG PRICES AND TAKING COMMISSION OVER THOSE PRICES - Agents take 20-30 Rs extra for Neeta bus trickets and then charge commission on that ticket. Neeta should print pamphlets of Neeta's time table and prices.

3. AGENT FAKING WRONG TIME OF THE BUS TO BAG IN THE TICKETS - Agents and offices at Neeta have terrible service and instead of proper transparent information, they give very vague info like "Bus will come in 15 min" in spite of the bus has still 30-45 min to come. The whole objective is to bag in the tickets even by deceiving customer.

Most of the dealers and operators at the Neeta offices are very less educated with customer friendliness, serviceability, courtesy and politeness. They are rude, ignorant, provide vague information. They don;t understand that they are representing Neeta's brand name. They need to be educated properly.

SOLUTIONS: I see two solutions to this from Neeta's management:
1. Neeta should make sure that the time table and detailed routes are printed and updated on their website along with the ticket price. Also they should demand that their dealers display detailed pamphlets of Neeta's time table and prices.

2. Neeta should enable online ticket booking of all routes and take just printouts of the ticket like irctc railway booking. Most of the major bus services around the world have these facility and they save tremendous amount of money that Neeta wastes on sync up calls.

3. Educating all the employees and operators at all offices for customer friendliness, serviceability, courtesy and politeness and about the routes and concrete information.
Height of the carelessness towards the cusotmers and least botherance to the inconvience of customers, , , that is NEETA VOLVO. This was about one year ago I was travelling by Neeta Volvo from Panaji to Pune. The bus started from Panaji, via Mhapsa it had just reached Mhapsa and while it was climbing the slope of Perne Phata at 10pm, there was a breakdown of oil tank. Some stone had hit the tank and the bus was stopped at the darkened road. No lights ahead and behind. Initially we requested for the replacement to this bus but they kept saying that they will be able to repair the same. It was a hole of @dia 60-70mm, I don't know how they were confident of repairing it. We called Police control room in Panaji and the van of Police arrived at 12.30am. They just told us to have patiance and went off after 15-20min. They were also not bothered for the passengers. It was dark all over and the bus was full with ladies and kids.
The mechanic was called from Kanakwali who reached at 1.30pm. Until we called up their manager at Mumbai & Panaji and asked them to provide a safe place to either stay back or alternative bus to travel.
The moment The people swere asking for some shuttle which can pick all of us. But nobody responded until 11.30pm, after that their mobiles were swtched off. After people were screaming at the driver and the co-driver they started calling this mechanic. The mechanic was to say that he will be reaching within half an hour. Some passenger used bad words to this guy. The moment they reached they started threatening the people as who was that who was screaming at him. He was not a professional mechanic probably some local mechanic. Neets had no facility on the route from Panaji - Pune in case of any kind of failure.
The mechanic tried to block this hole by means of m-seal and expected all of us to wait until it gets dried... It was a false hope... After 2.30am when tried to turn the bus ON it travelled only for few meters and they were required to stop the bus there in jungle only...Passengers were very upset and nervous..since there was no light also...Some left back in their personal vehicles back to Panaji those who were Goans...
At 4.30am some people called up a special minibus for themselves and pushed off to Pune by paying extra 1100Rs from their pocket. We were waiting/ co-ordinating with their bus coming from Pune whihc appreared only at 6am where hardly 12-13passengers were left behind...Non-AC bus called from Mhapsa at 6am was transferred the passengers from Volvo of Pune..We started after 6.30am and reached only after 6pm to pune...

It was a horrible experience we had from Neeta... They dont care for customers... They just want to earn money and nothing else...
Dear Neeta Volvo,

I have to say that your Pune booking office has the most horrible service.

Your people at the booking office (Akay Travels, near station) or the ones that operate the bus and arrange pickup are just not trained.

I had to wait for a long time for pickup to arrive and your employees didn't communicate clearly when the pickup would arrive. And, when the small pickup arrived it was already packed with people with no room to fit in more people.

The bus was supposed to leave Pune at 3PM and go non-stop to Mumbai. It ultimately left at 4PM and had too many stops in Pune City alone.

This all is just poor customer service and management on part of your company.

I would recommend people not to use your bus service.

I will try and post these incidents in media to make other customers aware of your service.

Your company really needs to learn how to train your employees about treating your customers.
I agree totally with you...Neeta bus service is worst and they take people for granted because of there network. I took bus from Borivli to pune and had confirmed the stop at which I wanted to get down but the moment we reached pune, instead of taking the usual route the driver took another route, when I asked he said that there is no entry to the area where I had asked for the stop. but other volvo buses from other comanies were actually entering that area. On compaining to Neeta bus office the person started yelling at me saying that Neeta is providing us very good service and we should be thankful.
Such bad attitude is totally unaccepted. I suggest to everyone that please don't take Neeta's bus service for anyp lace instaed rely on MSRTC or anytoher bus services but not Neeta. The motel where they halt for break between pune to mumbai is too high priced plus its not even clean n toilets are horrible. I think Neeta sholud really train there staff to talk with customer and hsould not thikn that they are the only bus service in business. It's high there non sense should stop.
hey when i had booked neeta volvo bus online some days back the rates were 500/- (so i booked it and got eticket also) and now when i checked they have increased rates to 1000/- for that date
so do i have to pay extra amount? will they charge me extra amount at the time of boarding?
anybody who has similar experience?
A Apr 6, 2011 by
I traveled through several times but I find their services not up to the mark as their business value is considered. When I had one trip to goa i was frustrated as they told me a timing of 10 pm, a pickup car came they left me to some unknown place where the bus was. Later on we came to know that sleeper coach is not going to enter the city we have to go out on highway to catch the bus, on that the drivers kept fighting as nobody was ready to take the passengers to the bus stop. It was pathetic & not at all professional. Th same incident happened to me when I was last coming to surat from Neeta, the bus timing was 9 pm, the pickup bus started at 9pm from pune station! we reached sangamwadi around 9:30 pm, there was only single bus from Neeta which was for mumbai, all the passengers who were to go to ahmedabad were in a fix. They sent us to kothrud by the mumbai neeta which was a well maintained semi-sleeper bus. In kothrud we shifted to another bus which was going to ahmedabad, the same semi-sleeper but in a pathetic condition! They made us wait there for don't know how long... but only thing I know is that i left pune at 11:30 pm... & the bus time which I was given was 9pm. Neeta Sucks !!
A Jun 28, 2011 by
The Neeta Bus Service has definitely brought a standard of transportation in India with a cost effective tarriff I agree to that and I have been travelling with Neeta past 16 years when they had a JV with TPH Travels. I would say equipment (BUS) standards are excellent (excluding the worn out buses on some routes) the issue is the staff ( at Shirdi / Goa / Mahabaleshwar / etc. may be they are not the direct staff of Neeta) who are rude at all times and I have expereinced all the time that I had traveled the second line of staff is the so called Cleaner on the bus who assist the baggae is the KING of all the RUDE factors this person should be well trained to behave with passengers and how to answer without rudeness. Just a recent incident while coming back from Shirdi to Mumbai, the bus was suppose to depart 2230 and the office representative of Neeta in Neeta Hotel told us to go and board the bus as its ready it was 2200 hrs so I handed over my e-ticket to the representative and told my family to go ahead and sit in the bus since my Mother Law aged 63 was along and with no option to wait outside we approached the bus and knocked the door OH GOSH I did a crime the cleaner on bus was so annoyed on me that he didnt open the door and said still time wait we will call you upon whihc I told him that your person has already started the check in so open the door but to my nerve he didnt move and opened the door only when the REP called him that was at 2220 and when I hand over my luggage a bag he just threw the bag in the compartment upon which I told him can you please keep the bag properly he said its proper and started grumbling upon which again I asked whats the proplem he said where you want to keep the HERE pointing outside ...It was real pain when he said that end of the day I had to keep myself cool to avoid any leading issues if I would react. Dont remember the date of travel (June 2011) but the bus # was Mercedes 5353.

I know even if there are 10K complains there wouldnt be any action and if NEETA is taking things seriously they should consider even one complain for an action.

Well I will still continue to ride and take NEETA Bus Services and the arguments the grieviences will go on with kind of treatment and services we receive at times some time good some times bitter.
"Etna paise mein etna hi milega"

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