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Supertech Limited - Eco Village - Supertech Limited - ECO Village

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I want to know about the supertech eco village project 2. Last sunday on may 2 they did the bhumi pujan of part 1 nothing started yet and they started the new project. Is this possible they won't do any fraud... Waiting for your response friends
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Dear All

I have purchased one Flat in ECO-II of Supertech Porjects and i have received Allotment letter 3rd September, 2010, when we go through the payment terms(CLP Plan) you have mentioned 10% at the time of booking and 10% after 30 days of booking, but as per your price list menitoned 10% at the time of booking and second installement i.e., 10% at the time of Bhumi pujan kindly confirm which one is correct.
if you will go for first (10% at the time of Booking), at the time of possession you will ask pentaly for late payment the how can we we arrange the same(pentaly).

kindly clear the same

Dear friends, I want to share my exp with you regarding Supertech.
If you don’t get your allotment letter then please go to their office and ask them.
Because it may possible that they are cheat you. Today (18 Sept, 2010) I go to their office for my allotment letter, and I meet with Nidhi then I got a big news that my booking has been transfer form EV-1 to EV-2 and they didn’t provide me any notification for that. I booked a 2BHK (1010 sqf) in EV-1 (Apr 2010), I paid them 10% of amount and they provide me a slip in which they mention tower number (C-6) and flat number (103). But today they say me that now my booking is in EV-2.

They show me the file I saw my all documents with my duplicate slip and a photocopy new slip with a new flat number in EV-2.and in the back side of the slip I read a line booking has been changed. They said me that my flat has been allotted to some one else now I have only two options

1) First one go to EV-2
2) & second they provide me a flat in EV-1 at 10th floor or above.

Their AGM (Mr Gurmeet) is a great guy I really impressed with him. He is so professional. I told him about the mistake and try to ask the reason, he never say me a single word regarding that he would check the history or check the case and help me. He said ok now what you want, EV-2 or flat on 10th floor on EV-1.

I also meet with some people there who are facing problems just like me. I met with a old men who suggest ‘Jo mil raha hai wo lai lo, yai kuch nahee karnai walia’ that old man was facing the same problem and tried to solve the problem from last 2 and a half month now HE SURRENERED IN FRONT OF SUPERTECH.

I ask a very simple question from the people of SUPERTECH, how can you allot a flat to some one else who didn’t have the slip. I think they sold the flat again to someone. Really very shocking exp for me.

1) They all are corrupt.
2) They are not interested in you problems.
3) And the fact is that we can’t do any thing against them.

So check for your property ASAP. And doesn't rely to them
dear friend i am dharmendra sharma booked flat in eco-2 and received allotment letter but few differences in conditions of booking time example payment schedule;open car parking etc.
Dear All

You all know that supertech is a cheater. But what all we are doing? just crying on the net. Had anybody took any legal action or file any PIL (Public interest litigation) to stop supertech and all such builiders to stop them in selling the flats before getting approval from respective authorities.
None of the builder in this area get land allotted, lease deed signed or got approval of site plan from the requist authority. So it is joint conspiracy of both Greater Noida Authority and these builders. Rather we can seek help through RTI (Right to information from greater noida authority)

So stop crying, if really want to do something ask GNIDA under RTI or file PIL to stop builder to cheat the people
Hi all,

One of my friend is property dealer. He told me last week that the owner of supertech brought new personal plane for himself. I guess he is investing people's money for own luxury. There is no construction till so far and now they are demanding rest of the amount.
Can I have contact number or mail ids of you to work collectively to initiate legal proceedings against the builder

My mail Id is
hi i had booked a flat thrugh mr jitender kalra nd narender mittal of kalpna buildtech.they promise to pass 12% discount at the time of booking
they adjusted 10% on booking form nd for remaining 2% they said they will adjust it on nxt installment, but they fails to do wat to do
I too have a complaint against SUPERTECH, This is worst experience with them. Booked a flat in end of April EV1 and provided the down payment i.e. 10%. But after 6 months the amount details are wrong in the letter. Along with in this 6 months of time I faced so many things. Dont remember how many 100's of calls I made to them for all the matters. Below are some of them:

1. SUPERTECH withdraw the money but they did not have information about any of the cheque number of mine, flat number, tower number, etc means they did not have any information.
2. After talking to so many people finally I got some other flat number and receipt wherein the location is completely different which was earlier.

I can't explain here what exactly I went through but it was my worst experience with SUPERTECH.

this all is a bloody mess by Invester Clinic & Prithvi Real Estate. they booked my flat on 3% of discount and gave the credit note for 2% against my booking. but now they are not willing to pay the amount mention in credit note.
i am ankur garg booked two flat in supertech ltd in eco village -I there is any resale value of 2 b/r flat. what is the current status of construction of site. because i have construction link payment schedule but they are demmanding money to me .

ankur garg
hello to all

kindly update me about the project i have booked two flat sin eco-village -I

ankur garg
Hi all,

I booked my flat on 29 march 2010 in Ecovillage 2. That time nothing is wiritten or called for extra tax. Now at allotment time they added Rs, 40, 000 for extra tax. They told me that this tax is new added by government starting from 31 July. Yet my booking was march month, me also have to paid this tax.

I am unable to understand that this is Leggel or Illigel, Becuase In Ecovillage 1 this tax is not added.

Can anobody tell me this is right or wrong
My ph. 9999553447
Dear Friends
I have booked my first flat in Ecovillage 2 in July'2010. I want to share my experiene with all of you...

Supertech is a well known builder, & so I invest my money in ST. But my experience is worst with ST.

At the time of booking I hv committed for
1) only 02 PLC's(corner & Floor)
2) This PLC's amount to be taken at the time of possession.
3) Possession time was given 27 months.
4) No service tax...

But when I went to take allotment letter, these all thing are ulta pulta. there are 03 PLC's mentoned corner & Floor & one more for PARK fainng. & This amount s added in my instalment. And possession time is also mensioned of 40 months. When I went to Chhota sardar, he give me NONSENSE reply.

& When I asked for cancellation, he said that 15% amount will be deducted, bt my mistake is none.

This is only FRAUD & FRAUD...Now I have realized that "SUPERTECH is a CHUTIA Builder".

"Bhosdeke dikhate kya hai, , bolte kya hai aur dete kuch aur hi hai"

Sudhir Nainawati
Dear All,
I am also one of you. I think it is advisable to all of you to create our own forum under the name of "Eco village-1 customer forum" and under this forum we can pursue our complaints to the CMD of Eco village directly or atleast we can strongly pursue the company to act as per the terms and conditions and also pursue to finish the project in time. According to me, if they are doing construction in this speed it will not be going to compleate in 5 years. furthermore, they are the king of their own policies, they are not concerned about the satisfaction of the customer and most worst thing is that they do not have professional officers to answer the querries of the customer. I am agree with all of you.

replies are expected to my mail at
Hi There,
Has anyone booked apartment in eco-2 through Raj-Nandini Estates Pvt. Ltd. I have already paid the booking amount and after reading your comments I am really worried whether I should cancel bookibg or wait.
N Jan 7, 2011 by
b kumar  
Hi everyone,
I have booked an aptt. in ev-1 and paid my instalment yesterday. i was asked to pay 'service tax' separately for which i got same receipt as 'sale of aptt' and not as receipt for 'service tax'. i do not understand whether the payment made is for service tax or the amount is going into the builders a/c. these builders are next only to politicians-sucking common man's blood. they mention in their T&c that price are 'escalation free' and then take money in other ways.
N Jan 25, 2011 by

Don't worry. Just need to open your eye's. In the above complaints mostly fault has been happened from broker. Mostly broker cheets to clients.
As my experience never trust on brokers. Trust only builder company. Now that company is whatever either supertech or any other.
Supertech is a big and reputed company. He never cheats you. But some condition is always come in business where need to take action. But question is that who creates this situation. Answer is : Mostly broker.
As per my experience to book the flat in Supertech, Always need to follow the below steps when you going to purchase the flat from any builder:

1. Verify the broker. Is it a direct contact with super tech or any other is in middle?
2. Book your flat in front you, in there record and Supertech record also. The broker always says to you that, they have booked your flat and send the details of your booked flat to Supertech in bulk etc. But never trust on them. Say: I'll go with you. If you have no time then I'll come again or come with my convince I'll pick you and drop also. Never book only on builder's record.
3. Never call any person from broker, to collect or book your flat at home. Always go to there office or your builder office. Note: A person who collects your document from your home, you have only his contact number or there office address, nothing else. So always go to there office.
4. Always keep the photo copies of your documents (Including your check) which you have given to broker.
4. After booking keep in touch continue with your builder (personally go to there office) to get the status. If you have not got any status with in 5 to 10 days from your builder, then ask to your builder to what step should take either contact to my broker or stop your check.
5. If you are not getting any satisfied response then immediately stop your check.

By follow the above steps the cheating are reduced around 99%.

Note: Builder can change there layout plan before come to final proposed layout plan. Mostly people have said the supertech has changed there booked boiling location etc. Because firstly Supertech make a layout plan from his side and make add there project with that layout plan but that plan is not approved. Supertech sent that plan to Development Authority for approval. If development Authority of state makes any change then that project layout plan will be change. That why builder always take rights to change the project and there layout plans.

Finally: Never become relax after booking while you have not got allotment latter form your builder.
N Feb 3, 2011 by
Dilip Upadhyay  

I want to book 1080 2bhk in eco vilage3. I have heard that MAP is not approved from the authority yet.
Please suggest me should i wait for approval or is it ok to book flat.

A Feb 8, 2011 by
I have booked my flat in eco village 2 through Buniyad Retails located in sec-18. At the time of booking, Buniyad gave me a Credit note of Rs 29526 which is 2% discount on actual cost of my flat. According to credit note, when I will pay 50% of payments to supertech, then Rs 29526 will be returned back to me by buniyad. Now when i contacted Buniyad, they told me Supertech has not made payments to them yet so they cant me pay back. I think this is not my concern whether supertech has made payments to Buniyad or not. I am Buniyad client and its none of my business how both parties deal with each other. Now I am following Buniyad for discount money promised to me. Please be aware if anybody dealing with Buniyad sec 18.
N Feb 11, 2011 by
hi all,

I too have the same problem with supertech. i have booked a flat eco city noida 137 sector throgh faith infratech. even after debted 10 % amount up to 4 montyhs they not issued a allotment letter and finally told me that the same unit is alloted to other person. faith anfratech is very very ... fraud playing game emotions with people. they are equally participating in this fraud game.

Friernds I would suggest pleASE STAY AWAY FORM FAITH INGRATECH i.e completely fraud


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