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Tata Motors Ltd - Please take back this new car and pay back my money

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  Brij Mohan Ghai
Requested Sir/Madam,

I have bought the tata indigo LX dicor in March 2007 and facing lot of troubles with this new car from the initial period itself. I have suffered a lot, this car has taken my piece of mind. I want tata to take this car back and want my money back with the
compensation for the harassment and the pain I have gone through since last 6 months.

I got my car back from the service center yesterday (20th October), the quality check was not done at all. The coolant level was below minimum LEVEL, it was beyond MAX, when the helpline pulled my car from road. The ECU was not even screwed up properly, there was only 1 screw tighten up and others screw spots were empty. They have changed parts in past and they have changed it again, I am not sure about the life of this car. They claimed one problem resolved but the next one start appearing immediately... There is lot of NOISE from engine now, even the TURBO charger.s perfromance is worst now..

I am unable to paste all the communications here beacuse only 8000 characters are allowed, Please review the LAST communication done with TATA motors, I am very very FRUSTRATED with this product and want my MONEY BACK right away....

Please review the below emails or call me at 9313078455 or 9810207159 to get more details. PLEASE HELP......................... :-(

Subject: Re: Tata escalation
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 09:42:10 +0530

Dear Rishi

Thanks for your response at least I have received one communication from
your side.

I did not get the chance to reply on this email yesterday.

My observation after taking the car from the work shop is as follows:-

After so many days of frustrating experience on the service for rectifying
the "Check Engine" (which I am still not sure is resolved till now), A/C,
Engine Vibration, Black SMOKE, COOLANT seal, Power steering belt, Injectors,
Fuel PUMP, ECU, RAIL etc. etc.. ISSUES, I have following quality related
issues/concerns when it was OK from TATA to take out my car from service
station (after wash):

1). Coolant level in the engine was below the minimum level mark, it was
topped up at the second service few days back.

2). ECU component and its screws were missing and it was hanging on just one
screw and when I reported it then only it got fixed. Don't think it's
customer responsibility to check each and every component after the service.

3). Rear view mirror control lock was damaged, the mirror got replaced when
I noticed it and did complaint about it.

4). The tool which was used to TOE my car by helpline from my tool kit, was
still attached to the car at the time of delivery.

5). The left NoSaL was not working properly and it was discussed at least 3
times with the service advisors but it is still not working. It is still
not available in store.

6). I went out from the service station with my car and after running 1 km,
I realized that my service book was not kept in the car. I took the U-TURN
and then got back my service book from there.

The above issues caused tremendous inconvenience to me, I reached service
station at 1:45 PM and my car was delivered at 3:30 PM.

Apart from the above issues, I am not satisfied with the car performance.

1. The engine noise is breaking the SILENT INSULATED cabin protection and
adding more frustration now.

2. At 2000 RPM, there is very high engine noise, everyone sitting inside has
noticed this irritating sound.

3. The PICK-UP is not up to the mark. The Variable Geometry
Turbocharger(VGT) is not working at all, it was getting charge at 2200 RPM
before but now after changing the COMPONENTS it is not getting charged even
at 3000 RPM.

There are problems after problems appearing in my vehicle, I don't think
that I have time and patience to live with this situation now as I have lost
my trust on this car and its service standards. In a nut shell, I would
like to request to take your car back and give my money back.

I hope at higher management you have different attitude towards customers.

I am requesting you to please please please give me some piece of mind,
please take this car back.....


Dear Mr.Ghai,
This is in ref.with your mail below about the complaints in the car &
our discussion some time back today. The car has been repaired for all
the complaints & was road tested thoroughly by us before delivering to
your goodself.We assure you the best of our service attention always.
Please let us know if any service need arises in future.
As there were some apprehensions about the higher engine noise levels
post repair, though we found all the parameters absolutely normal during
the road test, we would like to have a joint test ride as per your
convenience if any such need comes.
Once again thanking you for your cooperation & patience.
Thanks & regards

Rishi Kumar Sharma
Regional Technical Support Manager,North

Contact no.9212508241

From: BM GHAI []
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 10:47 AM
To: GUPTA J H [ Regional Manager (PCBU) - North , Mumbai PCBU , New
Delhi-RO ] ; RAY DEBASIS [ Head (Corporate Communications) , Mumbai
Corporate , Mumbai ] ; SAWANT (Mrs) RUPALI D [ Senior Assistant
(Customer Care Cell) , Mumbai PCBU , Mumbai ] ; DESHPANDE GIRISH C [
Divisional Manager (Customer Support) , Mumbai PCBU , Mumbai ]
Subject: Fw: Tata escalation

I am not sure if anyone is going to reply me on this
email but I don't find any other email address YET to
EXPRESS the mental torture and the financial loss I am
suffering through. I am in TCI since 30 years or so
and dealing with TATA since last 15 years for my
company but have never realised that one day when I
would do trust on TATA for my own passenger car, I
would have to suffer.

My car is still in DHINGRA motor workshop (Gurgaon),
the car was pulled by TATA service helpline car on
16th october 2007 from my home. In the workstation,
the check engine light was checked, error codes were
noted & removed. The cam sensor was cleaned, the
NEWLY changed (changed 20 days back (approx.)
INJECTORS were cleaned, test drive was taken for 50 KM
or so in the presence of the TATA technical service
manager of Northen Region "Mr. Rishi" and the
injector codes were also rewritten using EMS in his

I told him (Mr. Rishi) that I was not willing to take
this car, this car has taken my piece of mind. I was
not able to attened the office meetings in time, I
used to visit our Rewari office once a week, but I am
not able to use this car as it got stuck in between
NH-8. Every day I am struggling to reach my office on
time. I have taken so much TIME OFF(s) from office to
visit TATA workshop (at least 50-60 times in last 3-4
months), most of my work was impacted due to this and
I am really really FRSUTRATED. Every day my office
collugues ask about my car and the matter has been
discussed with the HIGHER management as well.

"Mr. Rishi" somehow convinced me to take the car and
asked me to call him directly at his cellphone #
"9212508241" in case I face any problem. The car was
delivered to me at 17th OCTOBER 2007 around
12:15 PM. I was going to my office from there, after
6 minutes of car delivery, after just 2.5 KM run the
check message appeared again, my car got stuck on
highway and I was helpless. I know how I managed
to reach at the side lane to safe myself from the
traffic behind.

I called up Mr. Rishi at "9212508241" right away and
explained the situation. He asked me to start the
engine, switched off, switched on, increase RPM, I
followed all his intructions but nothing helped. The
car was continously showing CHECK engine, it was
stopped moving from that SPOT. I was feeling so
HELPLESS again after SPENDING 6.25 lacs on a POWERFUL
engine. They have sent the tata helpline car on that
spot and the car was pulled again to workshop (at 1 PM
IST on 17th OCTOBER 2007) just after 45 mins of

I called my office person to pick me up from that
spot, it was so EMBARRASING for me. I visited the
workshop at 5:30 PM on 17th OCTOBER 2007 and found
that MR. Rishi was attending with my car. I was
there till 7:00 PM or so. The recommendations from
him now are:-

1. All the injectors are needs to be changed again.
2. Fuel PUMP is need to be changed.
3. Speed sensor is need to be changed.
4. EMU is need to be changed.
5. RAIL is need to be changed.

etc. etc..

I don't want to KEEP this TRASH BOX with me for sure.
I want TATA to take this CAR back and return my MONEY
right away, I want TATA to compensate me for the
harrasment, embarrasement and the pain I have gone
through since last 6 months. I am really FRUSTRATED

I await for next 24 hours to proceed further..........

----- Original Message -----
Cc: ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 6:39 PM
Subject: Fw:

I am wondering about the response time to even
acknowledge my email. I have not got any single
email/call to acknowledge this email from TATA support

I have suffered a lot, this car has taken my piece of
mind. I want tata to take this car back and
compensate me for the harassment and the pain I have
gone through since last 6 months.

I would await your response for next 24 hours unless I
would be forced to proceed towards MEDIA and CONSUMER
court for JUSTICE further. As a manager in TCI
branch, I would be representing this case in front of
BOARD of Directors to decide on further dealing with
TATA for buying TATA trucks and cars for the company.

THIS car is risky car and the maintenance under 8500
KM have crossed all the LIMITS. The car is under
warranty but that does not mean the customer should
not be worried about the parts changed to rectify the
problems. This is a NEW car, a POWERFUL DICOR engine
from TATA then.....

1. Why the check engine message started appearing from
the next week itself after buying the car and has not
been resolved till now?

2. WHY the engine is eating too much of coolant? at
the first service some coolant seal was changed and
the coolant was topped up, before the second service
(at 8000 KM Approx.) the coolant was topped up again
in workshop.

3. WHY the injectors have been changed at only 8000 KM

4. WHY the A/C stopped working in between around 7500
KM run and the complete wiring had changed at 8200 KM.

5. WHY the Power starring BELT and other BELT have
been changed at 8200 KM only?

I can analyze the LIFE of the above parts is 6 months,
WHAT is the LIFE of this CAR?? Here are the problems
and the service I got to address these problems till
now on this INDIGO DICOR (march-2007) model:-

1. On next day after buying the vehicle, we have found
that wiper machine is not working. The blades were
moving fine but there were no water supply, we went to
the service station and mechanic found that the tube
which connects the nosal to the wiper tank is not
fixed up. That means PDI (pre delivery inspection)
has not done properly and the vehicle delivered to us.

2. After 15 days a check engine light started
appearing and staying, we went to service station and
service advisor (Ashok) told that the IBP laptop is
out of service. He asked us to contact after 2 days.
Luckily, the check engine light disappeared
automatically on next day but we wanted the engineer
to check if there was some problem.

After 2 days, we contacted over phone and found that
laptop was still not working and therefore they could
not diagnose this. After few days, we verified over
phone that laptop started working, we reached the
service station and some one there connected the car
engine through Laptop, ran the EMS and deleted some
error codes. Those error codes were not explained to
us. They said it won't appear again, but it appeared
very next day, check engine light was on for 5 minutes
and then disappeared. I contacted the service center
again and they said if it would appear again, they
will check, they asked me to take the car there.
Luckily the check engine did not appear for another 4
months or so.

3. Pathetic experience on first service:-- I went
there for first service of my car, I booked the car 2
days before. I stayed there to take back my car after
service as my home is very far from the service
center. I found that a very junior mechanic (he told
me that he is junior) was working on first service and
he found that the there was not a single drop of
coolant in the coolant box. He tried very hard to
contact the SR. mechanic over there to discuss the
possible cause but I was able to see that no one was
helping him out. I contacted the team leader over
there but he said contact service advisor there, I
contacted service advisor but experience the most
pathetic behavior in my life... I was speaking to him
and he was like walking from there, I contacted him
again and he again started walking, he was like "sir
aap reception mae jao, abhi delivery time nahi hua".
I did complain at the reception, some one called him
but he was like "aur gadiyo ka kaam mat karwaoo". He
was not willing to explain/discuss anything about my
car. Delivery time was 3 PM and I got my car at 7 PM
and they told me that they changed some part as they
have found some leakage in the coolant box. I was
charged for 1 LT. coolant but the capacity was 6 LT
BUT no one explained that why they filled only one LT.
even when the coolant box was empty. Also, when I
asked about a/c service which was supposed to be done
in first service as written in the service book, the
service advisor replied "woh hum nahi karangae, uskae
liyaae to dash board kholna padta hai".. A VERY
UNREASONABLE answer--Most pathetic experience.

4. I faced another problem after 2 months (approax.)
of service. My car a/c stopped working continuously,
some times it work, some time it doesn't. Also, there
was an irritating sound started appearing from the
left side of the engine. I went to service center and
they checked and said the fuse connections were loose
and they have tighten them, it should work now. We
driven over car and just after 200 meter it stopped
working, we came back and the advisor told us to bring
the car at 9'O clock in the morning next day. On next
day we found that the engine start hunting and
vibrating as well. We went to service station and
they said we need to diagnose, please leave your car
here. The car was there for next 5-6 days, they said
LUCAS engineer will come & verify. We used to call
service advisor and he used to tell that there is some
major fault in your car, they are still no able to
diagnose. after 2 days, we reached the service center
and called the service advisor, he confirmed the car
number and responded that 2-3 engineers are working on
our car at this time, but we saw our car was parked
outside area of workshop, no one was around the car.
They delivered our car after 5 days and they said
they changed the injectors and a/c problem has been
rectified and resolved as well. You know what, we
went outside of the workshop and the a/c stopped
working. The service-head promised that the next day
they will rectify the problem. We went to service
station next day and a mechanic started working on the
car, he worked on it for 4 hours but unable to
diagnose anything. We were hurry and thought to take
the car with us. On next day, we went to service
station again, a sr. electrician started working on
our car, we were there only to watch him as we lost
trust on them. He started at 10 am and at 1:30 Pm he
said the ISSUE (an expensive part in the car) is not
working and needs to be changed, he tested the a/c
with another issue (of other car) to verify but a/c
still did not work.

We were there at the service station till 8 PM but
they were not able to resolve the issue. They asked
us to come after 2 days, they said the an engineer
will come from a/c company and he will check. We went
there after 2 days, we left our car there. next day
they told us that the whole wiring needs to be changed
and wiring is out of stock. I have taken my car from
the service station, I checked whether the order has
been replaced or not, I found that no order was
replaced in the store. I asked them to check with the
service manager, they checked and placed the order.
They said the waiting time is one week.

5. My car suddenly stopped running in between road, I
pressed the accerletor and found the RPM is not
increasing at all. Suddenly check engine flashed, I
turned off the engine and turned it on again, the
engine started at the first try but the RPM was not
increasing at all.. the check engine message again
start blinking, I turned off the engine, I started it
again after 2 mins and it started normally. I went to
service station right away and discussed the issue
with the service advisor, team lead & manager. No
one was able to guide me on anything, they asked me to
leave the car with them. They changed the wiring but
no one explained what happened to the engine, why the
RPM was not increasing and car was not moving an inch
at some point of time.

6. After 4 days I got my car back with the statement
that the a/c started working after the wiring change.
I don't know what has been done for RPM issue.
Driving the car next day after I got the delivery, car
was running at 45-50 KM/HR on road and suddenly check
engine message appeared and car stopped taking pick up
at all. I turned off the engine and started and tried
to move the car in first gear but it did not work for
a while. After trying 7-8 times it started moving on
first gear. I rushed to workshop, the workshop was
going to close, they cleared the errors after
attaching the laptop and delivered the car.

7. Next day when I was on National Highway -8 at the
speed of 70-75 km/hr, car stopped taking pick up,
suddenly check engine message appeared, I was in a
speed and there is traffic running behind me at high
speed, I lost hope at that point of time to save
myself and car at that moment. Luckily I escaped and
the car was not hitted by anyone. This dangerous
moment forced me to think that driving this car is
very risky and I shouldn't be driving it at all. I
called the Tata service help, the said they will
be coming but no one came there. I managed to take
the car to my home and decided not to drive it all.

8. I called the service center next day and they
asked me take the car again to diagnose it further. I
left my car there at 9 am IST there and I got it at 6
PM in the evening, they said they received an error
related to sensor and they cleaned the SENSOR now.

Today morning when I start the car for going to my office after
one km, again check Engine appears on the Board and the car stopped
I switched off the Engine.
After ten minutes I start the car , and return back to my home, Noe the
is at my Residence.

Tomorrow Morning I will again go to MANDIR--e.I. THE DHINGRA MOTORS WORK


Can You release the mental tourcher I am facing.

Is there any body in the TatA to listen the Customer?.
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Lot of people including me are facing similar issues from TATA.
It is the totally corrupted service people who damages the name of TATA Motors.

There is no list of parts with partnumber provided to the customers.

Service people are stealing parts and selling it to TAXI people.
So we can never keep our car in good condition.

Either Ratan TATA himself takes the necessary steps to solve these problems, and some of the higher officials from TASC are leading these corruptions.

So, better not to buy, and sell it off, as most of us don't have time to waste making complaints.

yes the same case with me also, can you help me out how did you get your problems resolved . i will also do the same
I agree completely with you. Even I have been facing several problems with my Tata Indica Xeta.
The power steering had failed and is replaced under warranty. I believe they would have changed it with a faulty power steering.


Vikas Bulani

Reading such complaints, I am bit confused. I am looking to buy a new car. But afterwords dont want to fall uin such problems. Can anybody here let me know whos is better in cars manifacturs in terms of service and relibility? TATA/Hundai/Maruti Suzuki or Honda?

Plese lte me know on 9535059853 or drop me mail at Your valuable input might save my future.

Thanks in advance,
D Nov 29, 2012 by

This is about a complaint for Kissan motors service station at Barnala (Punjab) 148101

We own EX 1109 and 407
Today dated 29-11-2012 EX1109 (PB 19 H 2477) sent for servicing at kissan motors barnala but after being there for three hours nobody registerd its entry for service.
and the manager says we dont have time he is busy i his personal work, he said

Please register this complaint

Hope you will revert soon

Raj Kumar Goyal
D Dec 4, 2012 by

I gave my car for service in KHT motors and had a horrible experience. Poor customer care. Executives are rude. not giving any delivery date or estimation. Worst is they stole my speaker set from the car and asking me to take delivery.

Dont ever dare to go to KHT motors even if you had bought tata car by mistake.I deeply regret why i bought tata car

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    Tata Motors Ltd - Please take back this new car and pay back my money