Hathway Customer Care

Hathway Customer Care

Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd

"Rahejas",4TH Floor, Main Avenue, Santacruz (W)
Mumbai City District
India - 400054

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 253 252 0310
+91 11 6165 6655
+91 253 252 0330
+91 22 6774 2500
+91 22 6662 3333
+91 22 2600 1306
Fax:+91 22 2600 1307
+91 80 4122 8950
+91 240 248 8555
+91 240 247 0766
+91 755 276 0600
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Om Tower
3rd Floor
31 MG Marg, Civil Lines
Allahabad - 211001

Tel : +91 532 240 0342

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Hathway — Net slow

 damodar123 on Nov 27, 2015
Dear sir, i took hathway connection account no.1441583 i am getting very slow speed 0.55mbps net but my plan is 50mbps net and 60gb download.after 60gb download i get 4mbps net but now speed is 0.55mbps.no body can taking complant.you can solve this problem with in 2 hours, otherwise you can disconnect your hathway connection....
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Hathway Cable TV — Connection not active since 2 months

 tvgopal on Nov 27, 2015
Dear Sir/Madam I tried reaching my operator Gouse atleast 100 times on cell which he never picks, he is also never in office which is always closed. His cell number is 9866379485. i tried to complaint on 040 65218384, lady there is so rude & is not accepting a complaint( i had to call atleast 5 times for her to pick). My request is pls get my hathway cable tv connection ON. am trying for reconnection from 2 months, hope my request will be taken up. Regards Venugopal SRT 113 PENT HOUSE JAWAHAR NAGAR ASHOK NAGAR HYDERABAD 500020. 9542584181/ 7675990815....
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Hathway Internet Services — Intermittent disconnection of broadband internet -A//C1234257

 Haresh Sahijwala on Nov 27, 2015
Reference above the internet connection keeps getting disconnected intermittently, I have complained many times and have been told that an engineer will visit my house and sort out the problem, but no one has come and the problem continous, this is causing a lot of inconvenience, please do the needful at the earliest. The current Registered complaint number is 14956749 Please do the needful at the earliest asthis is become a source of great inconvenience todaythe engineer has come and is saying that this modem is registered on some other name, something I cannot understand, but still the net...
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Hathway — Refund related query

 shaikh.nisar2887 on Nov 26, 2015
I own a prepaid account with hathway internet, while making my last recharge i informed their employee name gaurav emp code : 86726 that i will change address, , he told me the procedure. when came back after a month to change address i was informed that they dont provide connection in that building. when asked for refund i was denied saying its a prepaid account hence not applicable. My complaint is why was i not asked to check at the point of sale that you need to check if we provide our service in that area. why was it after they got the money. Incorrect information given by their employee loss...
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Hathway Broadband Bangalore — Worst and pathetic customer service

 Hathway on Nov 26, 2015
My broadband account no. 1221593
Worst service
Every month no service fr 12 to 15 days
CSRs are very rude
Managers are more rude n aggresive than CSRs
Complaint no. raised frequently :
Overall pathetic broadband service...
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Hathway — Commitment of 2 months extension service is still pending

 firozyshaikh on Nov 26, 2015
I have renewed my internet account choosing HD 2 STREAM 50Mb Qtrly which is for quarter period with effect from 31-Aug-2015 on which it was promised to me via written mail that i'll get 2 months in additions as a compensation to the service issues faced by me. Since then i have been following up with Hathway team on mails but no one is bother to respond to my mails. This week even i have visited their office at 7 Bungalow but i was asked to keep following up on mails and they have forwarded by complaint ahead. My account is due for renewal on 29-Nov-15 and i don't want to suffer any further. Please...
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Hathway — Delay in new broadband connection

 devesh2408 on Nov 26, 2015
I have given all require documents and Cheque on Monday morning to sales person. and as per sales person masood installation should take maximum 3 days.
today is 4th day and your sales person(Mob: 9739147376) is not picking up the call from yesterday itself.
kindly do not ask for account number as it will be a new connection:

since you have already encased the Cheque else i could have done the stop payment of cheque and could have moved to a better service provider who will take care of their customer.
Kindly do the installation ASAP.
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Hathway — A/c no -1421280 - you will not get the speeds they give you. Do not go for Hathway

 9963633375 on Nov 25, 2015
I took hathway broadband service look at the add which says 50 MBPS speed I mean 50 MBPS really !! The nightmare starts the moment I took the connection. One thing you need to make up your mind that you will not get the speed which they say and you have to get fed up giving complaints. The speed provided to us actually are anywhere between 2 MBPs to 15 MBPS. Another nightmare with this company is the data limit of 50GB which you can browse or surf. I thought 50GB will be more than sufficient for the whole month, but with in two weeks they downgrade my speed limit to 2mbps saying I have crossed...
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Hathway — No return of deposit of router

 rajasanilgodbole on Nov 22, 2015
Hathway had offered Cisco Router with deposit of Rs.1100 which would be returned once the router is returned...i returned the router and i was promised that the money will be deposited to my account within a month...however it has been 4 months but no money has been returned.....
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Hathway Broadband Internet, Mumbai — Worst service and careless towards service providing

 s.darsh9 on Nov 20, 2015
A pathetic work system is accepted by Hathway.

A/c No. - 204669

Date of Disconnection - 15th May, 2015

After sending mails to Hathway several times, Hathway is not even ready to resolve complains. Even Hathway Nodal Officer is not replying to customer complain for customer satisfaction.

When Hathway wants new customer or renewal, it will send person immediately on same day. But when it comes to refund, Hathway is taking 6 months?

- Worst customer care which even don't know what is a problem customer having.
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Hathway — No english channels available, service providers not responding

 Aleesha Sharma on Nov 20, 2015
It has been 10 days since I subscribed to Hathway Cable, the service providers asked for payment WITHOUT installing a new STB, saying that they would install one after Diwali and hooked us up with an old STB for the meantime.That was 10 days ago, since then the service providers have not responded to my complaint. I also wanted a package where I get all the English channels, but the providers made an excuse that they aren't available at the moment (all the English channels). Pathetic service. Will be unsubscribing from Hathway as soon as possible....
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Hathway — Malpractice done by Sales team by adding top-up without customer's approval

 sushant.naik2308 on Nov 19, 2015
Account no: 1102588. It is shame that your sales representative are doing malpractice to earn incentive. I am prepaid user and how I am suppose to receive bill for Rs 562.25? The extra top-up of 10-15GB has added to my account without my knowledge. I remember I used to receive calls from sales team and they were pitching me top-up. I already told them I am satisfy with my plan as I am not frequent internet used. I pay 6 month advance so how there supposed to be a bill? When I contacted phone support and area dealer. Both assured me it will be taken care off. However, I am still receiving message...
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Hathway broadband surat — Internet not working properly

 Rakesh chimanlal shah on Nov 18, 2015
My Internet not working properly from last 1month in spite of several complain my problem is not solved your person every time told me that your problem is solved but next day same problem arises again. My customer id 1326799 and my mobile number is 7698020800. I have complaining about this to you 3-4 days ago but still my problem is not solved....
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Hathway — Digital Cable TV

 Kayl on Nov 18, 2015
I had made advance payment for One year subscription of the VAJRA package for two connections (VC NO- 131737934 / ID- 1022045943). The service for one tv was OK while the other was terrible from the begining. I had informed them about the video and sound cracking and also not receiving few channels for months eventhoug I had paid for the service in full. They said they are refreshing from there end but nothing would happen. My subscription ends this November and the service is hopeless. I have called and reported the above same problems to customer care and they have done nothing. It is the...
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Hathway — New Broadband Connection

 nairan on Nov 17, 2015
I booked a new connection online, no response, then called in for a new connection, the usual crap about getting call back in 4 hours. This happened for 4 days now, with many innovative stories from the customer care, where they even said that the billing department is stacked up with orders and will get in queue. I think there are no effective punitive actions taken on such companies hence they flourish....
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Hathway Broadband, Mumbai-53 — Deposited amount not refunded

 avinashvirshid on Nov 16, 2015
I am a Hathway Broadband Subscriber from the date 24/5/2014 and my ACCOUNT NO: 1120557.

I Had discontinued your service and i had returned your devices:


Attached is the Acknowledgement Receipt of Device Collection and the WELCOME LETTER .

Till today i have not yet ceived the Deposited amount !!

Had called Customer Care twice and had already mailed to BILLING DESK too regarding the same...

But till now i got no updation about my complaint....
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Hathway — Worst service "unethical behavior"

 karthik255 on Nov 16, 2015
Cust id - 1274309
They say that the calls made to customer care are recorded for quality and training purpose - If that would have been true, I wouldn't have faced this pathetic behavior from the so called customer care executives of a so called corporate service provider (Hathway).
Till a minute ago I was on a call with this Mr. Akshay poojari ( 40 minutes till they disconnected the line ) an esteemed customer care executive unless this guy really knows what he really needs to do. He puts the call on hold without intimating fr 10 times atleast later to transfer the call to his...
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Hathway Internet — Worst internet service

 Pr197 on Nov 15, 2015
This is Prabhakaran and my customer code is 1444768. I just startef with hathway last month and there is no proper internet service. I had also raised a complaint last month also and it was resolved temporally. I need to call customer care every time and also i don't get proper response sometime. Please take necessary action....
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Hathway — Digital set top box not working

 okdev on Nov 15, 2015
We have a set-top box from Hathway at Mallapur, Hyderabad for digital TV. For the past one month, it displays "Not authorized" for all the channels that we have subscribed. We called our local cable guy and he asked us to contact hathway to resolve the issue. These are the relevant numbers that we were asked to mail them. I have mailed these numbers, tried calling them, but no response. The phone keeps ringing but nobody picks up. One of the most idiotic customer care I have seen so far. LCO1013449271 MAC24767D819E68...
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Hathway.com — Not refunding the amount for the service that was not provided

 SumeetG11 on Nov 14, 2015
Hathway has provided me broadband service and charged us for entire year in Smriti Nagar Bhilai. However, due to some issues, it provided effective service only for 6 months. Now it has been more than 6 months and Hathway people in Bhilai are not refunding my balance amount. They are procrastinating in making the refund. My account no. was 850752. I need the refund quickly or else I am going to take the legal course. Sumeet Gupta A-174, Street 30, Smriti Nagar, Bhilai M: 9406209510...
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