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Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd

"Rahejas",4TH Floor, Main Avenue, Santacruz (W)
Mumbai City District
India - 400054

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 22 2600 1306
 +91 22 6662 3333
 +91 22 6774 2500
 +91 253 252 0330
 +91 253 252 0310
 +91 11 6165 6655
Fax:+91 22 2600 1307
 +91 80 4122 8950
 +91 240 248 8555
 +91 240 247 0766
 +91 755 276 0600

Om Tower
3rd Floor
31 MG Marg, Civil Lines
Allahabad - 211001

Tel : +91 532 240 0342

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Hathway Complaints & Reviews

Hathway - Star Sports blocked

 Saket Thombare on Dec 27, 2014
hello, Im leaving in Pimpri chinchwad, Pune. Whats the problem with Star Sports ? Im paying 260 Rs per month still it has been blocked. what are the standard channels available with 260Rs. and why addtional money reqd for star sprots pls give me details of rent for HD channel also....
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Hathway - Internet speed

 pankaj shah123 on Dec 27, 2014
Speed is awfully slow cannot even download .pdf files forget videos.Half the time line is not working.Worse-nobody ever responds.sincerely regret having subscribed to hathway. Pankaj shah Sterling chemicals, Baroda; Gujarat (H/P 09426748104)...
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Hathway - Low Speed

 ground on Dec 26, 2014
Hathway is a very bad and worst internet service provider. I am having a 600kbps unlimited plan and according to it i should get 75KBPS speed but i always get less than 40KBPS or say 25-35KBPS...They are big liars.When you call them and say that you are not getting enough speed they will register your complaint and the next day will close your complaint without checking the speed...I am facing this issue from the beginning i brought this connection. And now i don't even call them about it because i know what will be the result......
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Hathway - Service deactivated even though paid 3 months fee before due date

 Ananth Selvaraj on Dec 24, 2014
I'm writing on the eve of Christmas. I paid the subscription fee for three months before due date. Still connection deactivated. I called customer care. He told it will be activated next day only. Very poor response. There is no escalating system. This is the holiday season and have do so many things in Internet like ticket booking, sending gifts, exchanging wishes etc. All got spoiled. My friend also experienced the same problem two days back. Hathway is worst....
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Hathway - Connection not provided and poor response from representatives

 kayshashank on Dec 24, 2014
I have submitted an application for a new connection on 7/12/2014. On the same day, the representative promised that connection will be established within 7 to10 days. Upon his request, a post dated cheque has been issued by me dated 18th Dec' 2014. The representative promised that the cheque will be en-cashed only after the connection is established. However, on 18/12/2014 the cheque was en-cashed without providing me the connection. Even I was not informed that they are depositing the cheque. Upon my enquiry, I was told that there are some issues and the connection will be established within...
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Hathway - Fraud by Hathway Broadband

 karizma08 on Dec 21, 2014
I took Hathway Broadband(Customer code: 1213134) on 15 Nov 2014, area name 1st Block Koramangala Bangalore, Karnatak. I have been trying to address my complaint to hathway's Customer care from last 35 days through mails and calls but still i haven't received any reply from them. I have sent around 5-6 mails to their Bangalore support( regarding this issue but i guess they are just sitting on their chair and doing nothing. Two times their technicians came to check the issue but still no solution has been provided. I paid for 3 months subscription and paid Rs3370 but...
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Hathway - Useless internet and service

 meena2maryam on Dec 21, 2014
Horrible internet services. I am spending more money on calling them to fix the issue than spending on the Internet. Have to call alternate days to for issues with the internet. complaint is closed even without the issues being sorted. Will not recommend hathway services to anyone....
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Hathway - faulty bill and very low speed

 Gourav Acharya on Dec 19, 2014
On 10/8/2013 we paid the 1st bill of hathway broadband Internet services of 4103 which included the installation charge, hardware charge and the 1st payment of our plan. our plan was speedway 5mbps quarterly plan which gave us 5mbps speed till 25 gb each month from 15th to the 15th of the next month and then 1 mbps speed unlimited for a period of 3 months at the price around 3078 including taxes. Then we were tricked into paying 1049 again for hardware. When we asked the customer care the reason they didn't have one. By contacting the agent who installed hathway at our home we came into contact...
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Hathway - disturbance in picture quality

 Rathiharshit95 on Dec 17, 2014
Hi This mail is regarding the cable network in hathway digital set top box i have been facing since the last few days. i have been facing some disturbance and interrupting quality in my set top box sice last few days.On calling the local hathway cable person of my area, i got no satisfying answer from him which is very usual and often now.Also, as i expected, he did not turned up to even after calling him 3 times and today is the 3rd day. What i really think is it doesn't matter to hathway to know that what customer satisfaction is.This is the second time i have been facing this problem in this...
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Hathway - Operator asking for money for Star Sports

 sarksu on Dec 15, 2014
Hello sir, I am from Rupena Agrahara Bangalore, karnataka.We have Cable operator Hathway.This Cable provider is providing us Start sports with per channel rs 25 extra. Which means rs 100 for the 4 star sports channel per month.Further more he is not adding those in our original bill of the Cable.I enquired at star sports and they said that they have not raised there prises and only hathway not providing these services.Today saw advertisement about this on DD national as well that only hathway Cable spreading rumors that star ports raise the price and we need to pay extra for that channel.I also...
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Hathway - Deposit not returned yet

 Snigi on Dec 15, 2014
Account number: 1090942 Name: snigdha phadke Cell : 8879416859 Modem collect date: 30 sep 14 Receipt num: 3968 Wifi sn: r3j23d9010114 Wifi mac:a0a0bb1baa86 I was promised the refund (Rs.1000/-) within 45 days. There is no reply from the company's side, have mailed them as well....
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Hathway - Starsports channels activation taking more than a day

 Gokul6060 on Dec 14, 2014
We are using Hathway Set top box for last one year in bangalore, suddenly starsports channels got disconnected. we informed my cable operator, whenever we calls him, he used to ask us to send our card number, we sent around 10 times, but still It is not activated, whenever we calls him, he stays issue is not here, we activated from our end, but it is not geting activated, we dono what kind of service these hathway people are doing, as rating we can give only -2/10..dont go for this service...better to go for some DTH services. They are telling customer care, If we calls them, they are saying nothing...
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Hathway - Broadband not working

 Ranganatha Bhatt on Dec 11, 2014
Amazed by the pathetic service of Hathway. I reside in Thindlu, Vidyaranyapura area of Bengaluru. Internet is not working since Friday & what a callous attitude by Hathway! Everyday we make around 6 calls (at their mercy 'cos they dont take our calls after all options are pressed) and mornings we are told EOD & evening net EOD! Modem is fine and their connection is faulty. Does it take 6 days for someone to attend to distress calls. I advice against going to Hathway. Their service is good initially and just rottens after some time....
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Hathway - Cable TV

 pparukola on Dec 11, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam, With great frustration I am writting this complaint... The poorest Cable service is experienced from Hathway and supported cable TV providers. I am looking for few clarifications from Hathway. Does the setup box provided by hathway has no warranty/guaranty? If No, does this mean you are producing such dummy products? If yes, I am facing some serious issues/no responses from the cable providers. To explain it more clear, I took Hathway setup box to avail cable service from one of the local cable providers in May 2014. With in 6 months I faced issues with my setup box. I asked...
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Hathway Cable - poor service & not give receipt of monthly payment

 Dr Ajay Agarwal on Dec 10, 2014
i m from agra. i have a cable connection of hathway. the service of hathway cable is very bad. no complain no for complain for fault. also they have not given a receipt of monthly subscription charge. if say something, they try to hit, even disconnect the connection without prior information. plz take action against the company & cable provider....
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Hathway - Scolding using bad language and worst service provider

 Anil Yalavarthi on Dec 9, 2014
Using bad language to the customers and they are not responding for the issues. An example of my problem: I told him that the person UDAY asked me to call you for further issues and he replied that he don't know who UDAY is and started to shout at me and i asked hem to talk properly and he started scolding me in a very bad manner and words which i cannot tell u and he also commented that " you guys pay Rs.500 an will be asking this and that, and you cant wait for a delay of Internet access". A paragraph from my mail to the support of hathway internet hyderabad...
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Hathway - ping issues

 Elvin Hmar Akira on Dec 8, 2014
since the past week i have been suffering from high ping servers where i used to normally get 70 ms. i have been using the service to play games online and havent gotten into any big problems except starting from last week which since then have been getting 300+ pings on servers which in the past have given me 30 or less ms ping...
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Hathway - Modem and other stuff abandonment

 niravlalan on Dec 5, 2014
I have discontinued my broadband service before three months and spoke with their customer care executive and they discontinued my service. Still every month they send me an invoice to pay the bill which i am using because my service is discontinued. In between three months i got lot of calls from hathway. Their caller talk me with like if you do not come to our office with hand written letter for discontinuing the service till that time you will get this type of calls to pay your bill. Why is it happening if they stopped my service.? I have mailed about the same to their customer care email...
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 naiduvenkatesh on Dec 5, 2014
"SORRY, THE CALLED NUMBER IS BUSY" is the reply one gets on the TOLL-FREE NUMBER 1800 22 3337 of Hathway Broadband. I have subscribed to 50 Mbps plan. But the speeds I get is given below: • SpeedTest.IN SPEED TEST RESULTS Current Internet Speed: 1.38 Mbps Expected download rate: 177.25 KB/sec This speed was tested by at 2014-12-05 12:04:47 PM IST Result: Test History Internet Speed Download Speed IP Address Time 1.38 Mbps 177.25 KB/sec. 05-12-2014 12:04:47 PM 1.47 Mbps 187.65...
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Hathway - Offering 50 Mbps but getting only 0.15Mbps

 kiran7440 on Dec 4, 2014
Account No 1041621 Registered Name : Kiran Kumar V Hi I am a Hathway customer form last one year, form last 10 days I'm having very bad experience with hathway. I have filed a complaint on 29 November 2014 as I was facing slowness with my Internet connectivity, I was told that the issue was due to packet loss and will be resolved by next day afternoon . But actuly the issue didn't get resolved. I had to call the customer care every day until today 04 December 2014 but the issue is still not resolved. The speed that I'm getting now is 0.15 Mbps, I'm not able to use the Internet at all. I...
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