Hathway Customer Care

Hathway Customer Care

Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd

"Rahejas",4TH Floor, Main Avenue, Santacruz (W)
Mumbai City District
India - 400054

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 253 252 0310
+91 11 6165 6655
+91 22 2600 1306
+91 253 252 0330
+91 22 6774 2500
+91 22 6662 3333
+91 22 2600 1307
+91 80 4122 8950
+91 240 248 8555
+91 240 247 0766
+91 755 276 0600
Om Tower, 3rd Floor, 31 MG Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211001
Tel : +91 53 2240 0342

Hathway MCN Pvt. Ltd., 310-311, Second Floor, Akshaydeep Plaza, CIDCO Bus Stand, Jalna Road, Aurangabad : 431 003
Tel : +91 24 0247 0000; +91 24 0248 3555

Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd., 303-304, 2nd Floor, Akshaydeep Plaza
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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Hathway — Helpless customer care..!!

 siddhesh93 on Feb 9, 2016

I have 3 months + 1 month free offer and your system is not updated when I call my local office (jigna & Gaurav) they say u need to speak with billing desk and when I mail to billing desk there is no responce or call... 11 days passed and nothing happend.. From last 4 days I am calling in my local office (jigna & Guarav) they said till evening it will be working. Before this i have called Hathway customer care they filed a complaint which is useless I gues. After placing a complaint nothing happend and even I got the msg of my complaint no and even if is closed.
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Hathway — Hathway broadband

 dhiraj1121977 on Feb 9, 2016
Dear Hathway,
I was one of the subscriber of your inferior broadband with Account number 1352126. I got the connection on 15 June 2015 and had paid full amount for a year Rs.12539. From the day I got the connection it was awfully slow and each passing day, I used to call your substandard customer call centre to place a complaint. Everyday, I was assured that the service would improve in couple of hours but nothing that sort of happened. Finally getting frustrated with the poor service, I decided to terminate the contract after 17 days and on 2nd July 2015, I handed over the Modem/Router...
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Hathway — Customer service and connection issue

 Sudeep Shah on Feb 8, 2016
I have been facing problem since beginning with hathway. Its a pathetic customer service. Initially wrong plan was assigned for which i did followup for 3 months such a useless and unprofessional nodal officers and appellate. Now new problem has raised my internet speed was downgraded before finishing my 10 GB of monthly data. Same followup is going on but no solutions. Such ruthless and unprofessional service provider I ever came across. Its a punishment to have hathway connection, would definitely not recommend anyone. I know such type of language doesn't make an impact on service provider like...
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Hathway — Need invoice copy for last payment

 pardhu_ms on Feb 7, 2016
I opened case four days back to get the invoice copy for the payment I made on 12'Jan. Ref # 15718829 Account#1460752. I called customer care multiple times and every time they say wait till EOD. This happens for six days and then they respond "we will be unable to provide invoice copy to your account has currently you are in prepaid plan, and there is no option of providing invoice copy for prepaid accounts." I paid money and renewed the account. I need receipt for it for reimbursement purposes and I have received invoice for the previous payments for same account. This is more like u take my money...
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Hathway — Hathway pathetic speed - since 3 months

 Amit Matani on Feb 5, 2016
Since 18th Nov15, I'm complaining about speed, however no one is resolving the Issue, now in this month i have consumed my FUP and as per my plan i should get 1 mbs speed post Free usage, however i am getting only 7 to 50 kbps maximum, have complaint N number times at call center however non one has turned up at my residence to fix this Issue.

And only one answer call center give every time "due to some technical issued there is speed issue"....
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Hathway — No service even after immediate payment and bad internet connectivity

 Viren Dargar on Feb 4, 2016
I had made payment for 3 months internet services but even after repeated reminders my services were not activated and everytime they quoted the reason as the backend is not available even though it was a working day. After so much delay in activation of serivces, i was informed within 5 days that my 50GB pack has been exhausted and therefore the speed has been reduced to 1KBPS. I would like to inform that i am not even recieveing the 1KBPS speed and when i informed the costumer care executive, they assured me that the same will be resolved within a day but i dont find any resoulution till date...
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Hathway — Broadband account got deactivated due to payment not updated

 srikanthkt on Feb 4, 2016

This is srikanth k, accnt no : 1515741, i have taken new connection on 25-12-2015 by making 3 months payment 3090 INR /-, account got deactivated on 1-2-2016 with the reason of payment has not been updated in their application.
I had raised the request several times by calling customer care,

Customer care services is completely useless, i was promised the issue will be resolved in 24 hours, but till now i have not got any improvement, i am really fedup with the service, i have been told they raised a request to Billing department and waiting for their response,...
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Hathway — Payment not collected and account is deactivated

 Ria007 on Feb 4, 2016
This is about account number 1109836 - Bangalore, Kamanhalli.

I am extremely upset that Hathway has deactivated my account without informing me.

Couldn't they send someone to send the cheque or send an email reminding me to pay.

Now they are telling me make online payment bit where do I make it. I have no details. If I call the call centre, they just give me instructions but it does not work. They are not at all bothered about the customer.

Atleast try and help customers....
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Hathway — 1471647 cheated up for one month free

 suabsh on Jan 31, 2016
My internet is not working for last 3 days they simply deactivated the account they are simply raising and closing the case without any resolution...
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Hathway Broadband Internet — Problem in Internet connection.

 Sufyan Patel on Jan 30, 2016
My customer ID for hathway broadband is 874876 and my problem is that my Internet connection is not working properly from about a week and when I complain in customer care they tell me that they will send technician bust from week we are waiting for technician. Please help me also the company had told that the will provide 1 mbps morning and 2mbps in evening but they lied and service is not proper....
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Hathway Internet — Internet speed issue from 1 month

 Rishi Jain2263 on Jan 29, 2016
I am ashok Jain. My Hathway broadband account number is 693989 and we subscribe to the 50mbps with 30gb limit pack . We have Really had horrible internet since last 1.5 month. Either there's no internet or the speed is horribly slow. Speed I tested is 2 mbps download and 0.01 mbps upload speed. which is extremely slow. I cant even upload 1mb file in from my email acc. I call Hathway everyday. And they assure me an engineer will call and come home to check the connection. but nobody has called from 1 month. Neither has anyone showed up to check the issue at my office. Whenever I call the customer...
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Hathway — I got cheated by one of the hathway employee

 Owaiz Ahamed on Jan 28, 2016
I received a call from hathway office on 14 the of January 2016 at 4.34 pm from 080-46606006 executive I spoke to he introduced him self as venkatseh, he gave me a offer that it's only for today if I do the renewal I would get additional month free with 30 gb and fup 1mbps. I did trust him and I did the renewal on my account : 1437467 I didn't get my offer yet. He informed me that if I call him he would credit my account with 4 months in 30 minutes. I have been calling him from 14 JAN he isn't receiving my call.

Still the offer data is not credited to my account

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Hathway — Broadband internet - top-up not activated

 vidoc on Jan 28, 2016
A/c no. 749743.

Last week, We have paid online, the top charges of Rs.572/- for top up 10 GB data in our month plan.

Despite writing and calling them several times, they have not activated the top up.

If they can't activate it in the next 2 hours, then they have to refund the amount.

ViDoc Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd....
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Hathway — Frequent speed cut

 anshit.gt on Jan 27, 2016
I am facing problem of speed cut since last 3 months. Everytime my speed gets slow just after renewal and officials excuses themselves by saying that i have reached my usage linit.
Every month i need to change my password and they try to befool me by saying that maybe your password is hacked by someone.
I want the officials to take some strict actions and contact me asap!
Either i want a waver or any other favourable solution otherwise i would be opting for another company for internet connection.
My hathway account no. is 1210739....
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Hathway — Service very poor, and no response form technical team and customar care.

 Vandana Jamnal on Jan 26, 2016
My modem is not working from last 3 days and all numbers given by hathway is busy. there no support from customer care and all.
hathway provide worst service....
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Hathway — Broadband connection not working

 viveekkvikkoo on Jan 26, 2016
I m calling their customer care since 22 jan and first they were saying that area server is down will be sorted out in 4 hrs.

Next day when issue was not sorted out they register my complaint (complaint no. 15625494) and said the problem is with cables on mu side so an engineer will visit on fist half of Monday.

I have not received any call on Monday and so called in the night and got the response that the problem is from server and will be resolved in Tuesday first half.

But still didnot received any call so called again and ask for the senior person's...
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Hathway — Hathway forcing me to change my set, top box and charging 600 /- forcefully.

 Udit Poddar on Jan 25, 2016
Hathway has stopped all the channels in by existing box, and has told that the channel will only come once I change the box and pay a fees for Rs. 600 /-. In case the company discontinues a box the company should not force consumers to pay the fees....
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Hathway — Hathway broadband cheating on usage statistics / fup plans

 great.indian on Jan 23, 2016
My Account number is 1211687, and I am a Hathway user in Bangalore for more than a year.
Hathway is cheating with their usage consumption. I have a 25GB plan and every day it shows a usage of atleast 1.5 GB, when I am just a basic user. My internet pack always expires before time.
The worst case is that my broadband was down for 2 days and I had registered 4-5 complaints. Even during that period the usage history shows 100+ MB. Classic case of cheating.
On 23/01/2015 I was getting only 512 MBPS due to exceeding fair usage policy, and still the usage log shows 1800 MB. God knows...
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Hathway — Security deposit not being refunded from 2 months.

 agrawal.piyush5 on Jan 21, 2016
I had a broadband connection from hathway. i have used it for over a year and then i have to move out to an area (Begur, Bangalore) where they had no service at the moment. I was therefore forced to my connection. And as a result i returned the modem and wifi router they have given me the connection. and in Lieu of that they has to refund my Rs. 1000 security deposit. which they promised me to return within 15 working days.
But it has been now almost over 2 months since i closed my connection and i have not received my refund of security deposit. Please help me get it back ASAP.
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Hathway — Hathway wifi connection

 vasanth.radhakrishnan on Jan 21, 2016
This is to express my extreme dissatisfaction with Hathway WIFI connection. For the past many days, I have been facing internet issues, and its impacting my office work to large extent.

Whenever I call customer care they tell me it will be "RESOLVED IN 24 HOURS" but that never gets resolved. I don't think anybody is taking action.

If this is going to be the case today also, I am going to switch to another service provider. Hathway connection as well as customer service is EXTREMELY POOR and don't care about resolving customer complaints.

Very very disappointed...
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