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[Resolved]  Cocacola Company — Unsolved Complaint registered on 07/February/2016 @: Profile-2277552.

Status: [Feb.07, 2016] Reserve Bank of India [RBI] Customer Support has been notified about the posted complaint. / Comments: Total-18 (From Feb.07, 2016 to Jan.02, 2017). / Updates about the Complaint: Total-5 (From Dec.05, 2016 to Jan.18, 2017). / Incident's Description (Finalized): Fund transferred but transaction was automatically stopped and hold due to C.O.T. Code-reason. / Other Detail: Amount-Rupees 5.5 Crores(INR), Beneficiary/Winner's Name Mumtaza Mushtry. / Prize Detail: Coca Cola Mobile Draw-2016 (Awarded-from/by Coca Cola Award Lottery Board Company United Kingdom and Verified by: Winners Verification Centre (U. K.). / Corresponding-Detail: E-mail messages & Phone/Mobile-Callings (+Descriptions are given in the submitted Complaint+Comments&Updates+). & Request?:- Please treat this Complaint as important and resolve urgently with an successive result @ Fund's transfer, officially and Legally. Remark: An final authenticated reply is awaited for. [Posted today the Jan.20, 2017 by Gulam Nabi Kant (E-mail address: kantgn.[protected] ) / for Mumtaza Mushtry (Mother)]...
Complaint marked as Resolved 2018-09-17 17:58:08

Complaint Status

[Jan 20, 2017] Coca‑Cola Company customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Gulam Nabi Kant Jan 27, 2017
To: [ICCF] AND [RBI] > This urgent information is posted @ the Submitting of the whole file to the website: GOV.UK on account of Legal action and Authentication of the pending/unresolved claim-case, due to very long delays-reasons; as well as for an immediate solution from GOV.UK authorities jointly with the Indian authorities concerned/related to the subject, unconditionally in the beneficiary/winner's favour; by achieving a successful [protected]@reflecting the Fund amount of RS.5.5 Crore(INR) in the Bank's account-designated!./for Mumtaza Mushtry (Date-27/Jan./2017)By: Gulam Nabi Kant [:2277552]+...
Updated by Gulam Nabi Kant Feb 06, 2017
>'First Anniversary' <@> Complaint-OLD:07/February/2016+Complaint-NEW:20/January/2017 & All Submitted/Posted: Comments/Updates> Wishing an new hope of progressive and developmental future of successful Consumers: 'Solutions'!. / >On this day/occasion the Subject of Claimed-Case is reminded once again, re-entered here due to the only reason/event: UNRESOLVED. / >+Remarks of Requests:- All-final solution, help, support, legal action, processing, response, reply, decision, compensation/relief, extra are not Complemented and Fulfilled = Unfortunate-Events(:Results)?. / >Warning: An final fresh-reconsideration of/on the whole subject is urgently demanded, affirmatively. / >Furnished to: AND / >Updated on-06/February/2017 / >for Mumtaza Mushtry (:Beneficiary/Winner) / Posted by: Gulam Nabi Kant (E-mail address): kantgn.[protected] [:Profile No.:'2277552'=07/Feb/2016&20/Jan/2017].
Updated by Gulam Nabi Kant Feb 13, 2017
>Breaking Comment/[protected]@:'Email-message/letter of dated-01/February/2017, received from (Madam/email ID) ROSE NANA [protected] / RBI BANK [protected] / website: >By demanding an amount of Rs15, 900/- on account of Fund's transfer charges for an award/prize-2016 of £500, 000.00GBP in my personal (:Gulam Nabi Kant's) account which was stopped/hold due to the C.O.T. Code's non-payment because of poor financial-condition-reason, inclusive with/of this Complaint's-listed award/prize of Rs5.5CRORES INR (:Mumtaza Mushtry) & Others, as demanded before on many occasions?;separately. >Finally, the new history/information is updated for urgent legal actions, accordingly/jointly; if possible. [Requested for an reply/response on the whole subject, awaited; interestingly!] / Thanks! / Dated-13/February/2017 / Submitted by: Gulam Nabi Kant < kantgn.[protected] > AND for Mumtaza Mushtry <.
Updated by Gulam Nabi Kant Feb 20, 2017
To:The Concerned Authorities, Reserve Bank of India [RBI] / >@:Complaints of dated-07/Feb/2016'&'20/Jan/2017+Comments/Updates=Submitted/Posted< / >Demand:Noticed once again for an high level consideration of the claimed-case-still not-solved, by requesting to continue the process of the subject and investigate the whole matter jointly on Government level; for a final and successful result about the Fund's transfer of Rs.5.5CroresINR (:By-depositing the amount in the beneficiary's [Mumtaza Mushtry] Bank account = Authenticated/Applied for at RBI, New Delhi / Reserve Bank of India < foreign_td-rbi.[protected] > / >Important: 'An response for and An final reply is insisted & awaited, urgently!' / {Date:20/February/2017 / By:- Gulam Nabi Kant < kantgn.[protected] >} Tag:PROFILE-2277552/
Dharambir Dharambir's response Mar 27, 2017
I dont no inglish
Updated by Gulam Nabi Kant Mar 27, 2017
References:- 1. Dated-07/February/2016 and 2. Dated-20/January/2017 = >Notified:Profile-2277552 / Final authenticated official reply duly confirmed by the Reserve Bank of India [RBI] as per the requests applied/posted for, occasionally; updated in the Complaints/Comments = 'Not received yet/till this time'. / >Appealing to the Reserve Bank of India's higher authorities-concerned/related with/for the dealing the whole subject/case, which is still pending unresolved; since 12-13 months of period. / Once again by refreshing & reminding about the case, this appeal is made for with an hope of an ending solution? and reply? = 'Waiting for' / Posted on-27/March/2017 / for Mumtaza Mushtry / Submitted by:- Gulam Nabi Kant <
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