ABN AMRO Bank N. V. — Direct Debit for Credit Card charges from my personal Salary account with Bank

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 Hiren V. Shah
Hi All,

I have been working with ABN Amro Bank Since 17th April 2006, I had taken a Employees credit card I used only once for Rs. 175/- and was following up with bank for statement and customer care 24-hour contact no. for which name to make patment but there no proper response and communication. Then suddenly after 3 month one person from customer care is calling myself and telling me to pay balance due amount with interest fine of Rs. 600 and total amount of Rs. 775/-. I got really shocked and paid only the amount of Rs. 175- which i had utilized. Then the customer care & recovery team came into picture and started communicating in bad languages.And also they used to call my home and started harrasing myself & my Family. I got fedup and one fine day i cut the credit card in 4 peices and sent to credit card department for cancellation. Then also the were calling me upto few months. Now one day i got surprised when i saw some deduction in my Person Salary account. They have literally deducted Rs. 400/- from my person salary account without any intimation to myself. And when i confirmed with them they are telling me that this was due for long outsanding dues so we have only deducted the interest on the charges. It means that they will go on continuesly deducting in such a manner whenever they want without any intimation to myself. I am sending the snapshot of my account and mail which i have sent credit card department.

26/11/2009 10:25 PM
Re: Credit Card Payment directly debited from My account without any Intimation.

Hi All,

I need to inform yourself that I had once only used ABNAMRO credit card for purchases of Rs. 158/- .
Since then i didn't receive any statement or intimation from bank for payment due towards usage to card. I continuously followed up on customer care no but i was always getting phone line busy and when connected they said the systems not available. Since i didn't knew which to make payment for usages. One fine day a customer care person is calling myself and told myself that you have to pay Rs. 158/- and Rs. 400/- towards fine. I told i have not received and statement of yours so I will only pay the usage amount as is the fault of the credit card department and not myself. Then i paid the actual usages amount of Rs. 158/-/

Later on the credit recovery agent started contacting me and harassing myself with bad words and insulting me, I got fed up and cut the card in four pieces and sent for cancellation.

Still I was getting calls from recovery agents that you have to pay fine of Rs. 2000/- and then I told them that i have cancelled the card so you cannot call myself now.

But sill it continued. Now surprisingly they deducted from my salary account Rs. 400/- without my intimation.

I need to know who gave this right to deduct these charge directly from my account. Its totally unethical and unbelievable for me that a any bank is recovering the credit card fine amount in this manner.

I don't think the Reserve Bank Of India has also framed any such guidelines or Act overpowering bank to touch employees personal account by deducting directly from their account without intimation to them.

I want clear & detailed explanation for this and need to resolve this as soon as possible.

Please find attached snapshot of the deduction from my bank account.

Hi All,

Please respond this mail.

Thanks & Regards,

Hiren V. Shah
UK Cost Analyst
ABN AMRO Central Enterprise Services Pvt. Ltd.
West - 237, Empire Complex, 414 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 400 013, India.
Office: +[protected] | Fax: +[protected] | + hiren.v.[protected]@rbs.com
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ABN CC Card — CC Charges/ Not intimating the Customer


Am a customer of ABN since'2003. At times, it is a error from human that i don't get my STATEMENT on time for 2-3 months. Even i am paying/ paid to the bank for no fault of mine. Since, there occurs these type of miscommunication, have the bank has any authentication that it delivers to the Customers as it mentioned on the reverse side of the statement.( Terms & Conditions)! The bank officials says, it is only a intimation, ebery communicaton is to proper and should not be breached any time.

Perpose/ Reason of this mail:-

1. I have raised a request for non-receipt of the Statement for this month Eff'22nd Novemver ( Req No:[protected]/16/11/[protected]@1.10pm IST)attended by Zebair( that how he told)

2. I instructed to raise a log for " CANCELLATION OF MEM FEE", which should not get effected on my card. Since it is lifetime free( as told by " SALES PERSON").

(Req No: 95261517/15/10/07) attended by sunil.

3. I also asked "SUNIL" to raise an complaint for " NON-INCREASE of CREDIT LIMIT" which has not happend till this time. ( Req No: 97458023/15/10/07) attended by sunil.

For the point No: 2 & 3, as per the CC officer, i should have reced the CVommunication earliest by 30/10/07, but till this time, nothing has been inititated from the BANK END ( CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - zero).

When i was talking to yday to MR. ZEBAIR, to report the non-recipt of STMNT, i shcked to see that, there is a request which is been raised for the Conversion of my Pur balance to EMI.

The log No is ( [protected]).

We all are professional, we knew mathematics..


Pur AMT- 8000; EMI- 2140; Tenure : 6 months.

When calc- 2141*6= 12840- (Pur AMT) = 4840 as INT.

No one in this world would agree to pay 60% of Int for pur of Rs. 8000

Investigate and reply where went wrong and what is the reason behing the above.


Being the affected Customer by the Bank, and lost faith in its Credibility. I require the following..

1. Waive the Int on EMI.

2. Send the Acct STMNT within due date.

3. Find the person who is responsible for this, punish him.

4. Apology letter from Bank.

I believe this mail is read by Man not machines/ System generated STD reply's. Further, how this EMI is effected on my CARD, when I am not the requester! IS SOMEONE USING MY CARD WITHOUT MY CONSENT/KNOWING FROM BANK SIDE?

Dear Sir,

I am also marking a copy to u, where i feel i am not in safe hands in this Bank. Please look into this elobarate mail, protect those customer who all are affected by this type of actions from BANK.

PLease revert on this MAIL.

Thank You

Best regards,


ABN AMRO Bank — Forced Debit in my Account for Credit Card without any Communication or checks

Hello Sir / Madam,

I bring to your kind notice that an amount of INR 64461.25 has been forced debited from my ABN Amro Saving Account (my salary account for over 3 years) without any communication to me; and I seek your help in crediting the said amount back to my account, asap.

I wish to inform that I have stopped using ABN Amro Services since early 2006 and I quote the reference number:[protected] wherein the ABN Amro executives have acknowledged my concerns and willingness to STOP having any further relationship on credit cards ([protected] ) because of various reasons, mentioned below.

They clearly communicated to me about my No-Dues to the Bank thru reference Number: [protected]; when I escalated the subject after being harassed by multiple and abusive calling agents of ABN Amro.

Now, I am so surprised to see the irresponsible behaviour of the bank to force-credit my account and all my effort to reach them to provide details, have failed!!
I feel so vulnerable at the high-handedness of such Banks who have no transaparency and the lack the executive commitment to do customer service, than hold them by neck at their whims and fancies.

Here are some of the reasons for my unwillingness to use the ABN Amro Credit Card services:-

(1) Insurance charges levied without my approval
(2) Reversal requests for Non-receipt of statement, does NOT reverses the Service Charges
(3) Reversal for Annual fee, as I was offered the card for Free ... did NOT lead to reversal of Service charges
(4) Even after the said subject was heard and agreed by the TeleBanking executive, it was NOT updated into the system ... else I would Not be receiving incorrect statement.
(5) Lack of efficient customer care executives and accountability towards resolution.

To my clear understanding, transparency and proofs, I have always paid for all the purchases done by me.
In case, you or your staff has details of ANY purchases undertaken by me, which have NOT been paid for; please write back to me with clear details and I will be more than happy to pay for; But please do NOT stoop so low that you have to debit money from my account, with legitimate NO proof of my non-payment for my purchases.

With reference to my umpteen previous communications, I request them to reverse all illegitiamte charges and credit my money back which has been siphoned from my account without any due diligence. I hope that you do understand my concern and look forward to your necessary support.

An Email dated 10th May 2006 from me, to ABN Amro executives is also attached below for your kind perusal.
If you need any specific information, please feel free to call me.

Vikas (+91 [protected])
sir my card no [protected] i june month total outstanding cleared amount 10131 rs/-without infor mation july 121.40 paise charged you are not sending statement and we have my cellno you are not sending the message and also your are charged 400 rs/- this is cheeting me now please imidietly block the c ard . please give me any clarification [protected]@gmail.com and my cellno [protected] thank you for your cheeting service

ABN AMRO Bank — Without intimation the card was suspended

Dear People,

I was using Abn Amro Bank Credit for 3 years, recently i went abroad and came back and I wanted to pay one of my bill online and there was no other option to pay the bill except through credit card. When tried the card was suspended, when i contacted the credit card department they have suspended because I dint use the card for more than 6 month.

The worst situation is, they have not intimated me anything about suspending my account.
I am requesting them to issue a new card, but they are not giving me a new credit card as the bank have stopped issueing cards.
The customer care executive are doing the worst job, very pathetic service also and rude to me...

I wish i could do something...
from last two months i am not reciving statement. and also my mobile number is changed from [protected] to [protected].

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