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[Resolved]  Angels Advanced Clinic — fraud against mis selling

while i was studying in BANGALORE i went to Beauty clinic named ANGELS beauty clinic for hair falling solutions .They promissed me for full hair and nobody notice about new hair.And thet promissed nad wrote in clint file for side partician full hair, and they have given me a vig that to with out any partician .After taking money 10000rs from me they called me at the next sunday night 9.30 and have given the treatment at 11 pm . finally they told me you will get that one for only 10000rs, they fraud me, The nextday i requested them for whole day about fraud and they called security they thrown out me .I put maill to head branch in hyderabad for ten times but nobody respond to me .One day i went to main branch and i spoke to main doctor still there is a negitive responce, I don't no can i give compliant to police or not, I HAVE EVRY PROOFS, PLEASE HELP ME
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[Apr 28, 2014] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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I went to Anna Nagar Angels for a treatment which costs 20000 which i got the money from my brother's salary savings with hard work.I have undergone some sittings and noticed there is no change and when i asked them they told you have to complete the treatment for the result.
After treatment completion, they said you have to buy some of their products which will cost around 2000 as they will say if you use this, you will get results else you will not.
Instead of doing all this cheating, this radhika reddy can d prostitution and earn money.

We are worried because of overweight problems and skin issues. They does nothing rather looting your money offerring lots of false promises.

Iam not agree with your complaint.because i took treatment at angels for weight reduction & hairfall controll.i get good results from angels.Iam very much thankful to angels.
hi i am suffering from hair fall and dandrauff any coming in new hair in hair falling place...
Iam not agree with you guys i took a treatment for unwanted hairs on my upper lip in coimbatore am very much happy.they are very good
Hey guys,

Am not agree with this complaints about angels. Because due to my overweight I loss my confidence. I got information about angels through media and magazines, after going to angels i reduced my weight including figure correction. I suggest if anyone wants to take treatment for weight reduction or other i recommend only angels. Am very much thankful to angels for getting my confidence again.
we r a support 2 u, ur complaint should b taken 2 the police
Angels advanced clinic - A certainity of Fraud.

What is my experience. I went to angels 6 months back and joined for three treatments together. First one is weight reduction and complexion improvement and other one is unwanted hair.

I paid almost One lakh rupee ( Such a huge amount by hoping to get real results ). There was a lady called Punitha in Coimbatore who attended me said she had been working in KG Hospitals Groups coimbatore as a dietician and she could certainly help me in what i am hoping for.

Alas. Once they started treatment, i came to know that they are only a beauty parlour people. They have certain creams ( all are dummy creams, made by them and not even having a brand name ) and by using some high frequency and galvanic machines they give the same facials which are being given by the parlour people. I went there for almost 8 sittings for skin whitening treatments and absolutely no development in my skin tone. After a month of gap, some what in between, i got a heavy tan in my skin and complexion went extremely dark. What purpose of spending such a huge amount to this stupid people.

They are undoubtedly bogus. Again, weight reduction - Not even 1 Kg of weight has got reduced for me in a whole year.

Unwanted hair - that is a big story. I wasted my maximum time with them for all these sittings and the hair what they took ( through their so called laser treatments ) have grown back for me and for what they have to say this as Permenant treatment.

If you want an improvement in Complexion do some home facials or go to some good beauty parlours. For weight reduction follow some good low calorie diets and do exercises.

Dont waste your hardearned money on these stupid, fraud ANGELS ADVANCED CLINIC.
The negative feedbacks and the complaints which have been mentioned in the above column is absolutely wrong. This has been done to get negative impact and spoil the reputation of our organization.
Angels Advanced clinic Pvt Ltd. Is running since 1991 and we have more than 1 lakh of customers over the country. In these 18 years we never got any issues from our clients. We also proudly say that, we work for clients. For any small query or issue, you can go to near by our branch or feel free to contact me I am available 24/7

General Manager
Angels Advanced Clinic Pvt Ltd.
I fully agree with all the Negative Comments about Angels. I am sure they are doing frauds and duping people. Whether they are capable to give 15 references to prove their skin whitening treatments have made the complexion of the people fair? If so, they can give only from their own families?

But now i am gathering all the Victims for the worst services done by Angels and having more than 50 references who all suffered because of Angels advanced Clinic.

I suggest all not ever go to their door step again.
Angels is for SURE A FRAUD COMPANY. They say they will do excellent services. But while calling you for payments only they do as such.

If you are going to make use of their services, you will end up with nothing except wasting your hard earned money.

I went their fair skin treatment and got my skin complexion darkened two shades. Went for skin lightening and got it darkened .

Really they are worst and worst and worst.
I strongly disagree to the above mentioned false statement in favour of angel's advance clinic, because i had the worst scars on my cheeks . I had hard time going out, i was almost crossing wedding stage, my parents were worried. but thanks to god, i came across a T.V advertisement, i immediately approached them and got the scars treatment done, and now no one can make out when u actually look at me, my skin is smooth and clear, all thanks to ANGEL'S ADVANCE CLINIC.
My name is archana and i work in a foreign educational institution, i was suffering from severe white patches since 4 years, tried all sorts of medicine, but was of no use.It was really hard for me to give counseling to the clients, i was vexed in life. It was my week off and i relaxing, all of a sudden out of blue i came across a T.V program which was given by Dr. Radhika Reddy, i was impressed with her session and decided to meet her. I visited the clinic and explained her my problem and tried out the pigmentation treatment, and to my suprise i started seeing the changes from my third sitting, and now i am a new person.According to me Angel's render's the best customer service, Thank's Angel's.
What is this. Angels is writing reviews on their favour? Hi Maria and archana, Post your contact mobile Nos here. I will personally come to your place and findout how you are looking like a new person after this pigmentation treatment with Angels .

I went to Angels clinic more for more than 30 sessions. Saw different customers and spoken with them personally. I could not find out visible differences in even a single client. Might be if you are going for a facial, your skin will look fresh but that wont bring a permanent change . Beauty is a lifestyle oriented thing which is combined with proper maintenance. I went to Angels for gaining fair skin and for reducing my weight. 30 Sessions ended up with ZERO results. Wasted money only .. What a fool i am????

I donT think the pigmentation scars went and bet no chances for that. I am ready to come with a news reporter from a magazine to both of your houses and find out how far you are benefited from Angels. Since i am already working in a magazine, it is easy for me to bring out my team even.

I dont want to be this much harsh. But all these scam advertisements from angels and creating scam publicity makes my blood boiling since i have lost lots and lots of money with Angels Advanced clinic. I would have not minded if they charged me a reasonable amount but they are greedy and would say we will make you fair and beautiful and if we sell our houses and give them too, it wont be sufficient for them.

I agree with all who have mentioned Angels Advanced Clinic to be a mere parlour with only thirst for money and no quality of service.I had spent nearly 25000 for a so-called treatment and ended up with nothing.Until you pay the money they treated customers like kings and once amount is paid, the chapter gets over for them.

Such fradulent organisation should be actioned upon legally and their license should be cancelled.Many are affected financially by this parlour.They words seem to be honey and when you realise it is a mere word, your pocket will be empty.

This is not with any personal issue or frustration, but with extreme sincerity I'm telling this, please dont go to this clinic for any treatments.Avoid parlours and such clinics to the maximum.Home remedies are always the best and lasts long.

I total disagree to what you'll have said, I had been to angels and had very good result for my hair fall and weight reduction.Even my sister who has joined for weight reduction also lost about 20 kgs after her delivery. So please don't end up posting false information. I total disagree to that.
Hi Priya,

I congratulate you for posting about Angels Fraud organization. You supported them saying they are good. We all knew well, Angels advanced clinic is fraud. Plz be dare enough to give your contact Address and telephone Nos in Consumer complaints to prove you really lost weight and your sister lost 20 kgs. Losing weight is not a deal which is happening through machines. There is no possibility in the world that vibrating machines would suck fats and make a person slim.

If the innocent public are coming to places like Angels, they are putting them into vibrating machines and it is taking atleast one hour to two hours for them to complete the treatments. The water in the body is getting sweated out because of the heat and what happens is the individual losses water out from the body, If a person is drinking water and checking his weight in the machine, easily there will be an increase of 1/2 kilo to one kilo in the weighing machine. Likewise if the same person after going to washroom two-three times, checks his/her weight, there would be a difference of 1/2 kilo to one kilo MINUS. It does not mean the person has gained 1 kilo and lost one kilo .

But since the innocent public are not knowing this concept, they are entering into places like yours ( I am sure you are from Angels and putting a posting on behalf of Angels favour ) and you are putting them in machines and showing them the weight loss of 1 kilo in 2 hours. They will say, you check the weight and you lost 2 inches, this that and all. Once going home, you check your weight after eating some foods and taking water and the one kilo loss would immediately comes back.

There are so much of people in the world to make us fools like THE GREATEST ANGELS FRAUD CLINIC. We should have the awareness and keep in mind, we are not supposed to give ream for getting cheated and falling into their FRADULANT NETWORKS.

Getting FOOLED BY OTHERS hurts our emotions and makes us feel go beyond in our self esteem.

There are lots of ways to lose weight, to gain control on our health and to feel good . Exercise and eat nice, healthy foods . Take complex carbohydrates, vegetables and lots of proteins. Increase the fiber content by adding flax meal in the diets.

With this go for a brisk walk for atleast 60 minuites daily. DONT GO AND INVEST 30, 000/- or 40, 000/- or One lakh with this ANGELS FRAUD CLINIC.

If you are saving this 30, 000/- or one LAKH OF RUPEES, in future it will be of a great help for you.

By the way, i saw somewhere that one PRESS REPORTER has collected all the fraud activity evidences of Angels. I have contacted the reporter.

I could not tolerate till Angles is functioning and cheating public. I knew personally more than 10 persons who got absolutely NO RESULTS and LOST VERY HUGE AMOUNTS with Angels.

If Angels continues to do all this, the lady who runs the show RADHIKA REDDY would be under BAR very shortly. She has to compensate the persons who lost so much of amount with Angels very shortly or else she is answerable for so much of future activities which are going to be initiated by me and the press reporter.

The poor GIRLS, Who are working in Angels. You will get wonderful jobs somewhere else. Please dont stand by the side of Radhika REDDY and she will put you people into trouble . You are all earning and giving so much of money by looting public and she enjoys the fruits.

While the problems comes, only the STAFF who works there would be in trouble. HENCE, PLEASE SAVE YOUR VALID FUTURE and get rid off the ANGELS which is a sin for the SOCIETY
while i was studying in Coimbatore i went to Beauty clinic named ANGELS beauty clinic for hair falling solutions .They promised me for full hair and nobody notice about new hair. .After taking money 40000rs from me and i went the clinic two days once and take the treatment there is no use i really say to other guys DO NOT GO TO ANGELS ESPECIALLY COIMBATORE BRANCH ALSO ANGELS THEY ARE ALL FRAUDS
i approached angels hair clinic 4 hair loss treatmnt...they askd me to pay rs.30000...they r giving assurance 4 hair regrowth...i donno whthr t treatment z worth?
wud it b worthable?...mail me
This is realy fraud [censored]ing clinic i have never seen...the words which they tell are not will loose the hair which you have already if you take treatment over there

Please save your money and your hair by not taking treatment.
Agels sucksssssssssssssssss
oo ya i made a visit to angels in regards with ma hairfall.firstly a insane counsellor promised me 100% regrowth cos i was only 20, they charged around 12000 bucks for 4 sittings .after 2 sittings i havnt found any improvement, i told them my experience, later the lady who counselled me first jumped into some other branch of angels they told.i am done with all 4 sittings, no results, they frightened me more and made me buy their stupid shampoo which was 1500 bucks .a week later i went to the clinic and told that i had no improvemrnt, the stupid staff were very hostile, mindless.And a mad counsellor/dietician/manager or watewe, gods knows on what basis r they appointed attributed the failure in the treatment to my hormonal problems and weight, i remember her name was JYOTHI these bunch of asses must have informed that in prior to collecting 12000 +1500+holy .What they want is money.Jus money.they have no morals .they merely dont have any knowledge.they jus apply their stereotyped, senseless logicless treatments to all irrespective if they could suit the client or not .Such irresponsible creatures who have no concern for ppl's hard earned will pay ultimately...

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