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 Dharshni Priya
I wonder how... ! ! ! this anna university Coimbatore exists till now.

Worst Infrastructure with no (or) worser staffs with Worsest Departments
(few r Good)

worst HOstel,Worst canteen

WORST UNIVERSITY CENTRAL LIBRARY(with max of 500 Books for the whole university)

Damn... !!! Unknowingly I got trapped, plz dont refer anybody to this university campus

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อมรา ติรสีว้ต amar tirasiwat ท่านทำจดหมาย สองฉบับ ฉบับที่สองเอาไปหลอกผู้ใหญ่ conclusionในที่ประชุมคือ ไอ้นี่มัน ช้่ว มันกับหมีควายคบคิดกัน กำจัดลูกน้องที่ไม่ช่วยมันห...

Surprised to see her at my class, she handed me disc-solution manual of the assigned book, few years ago. ไอ้ชั่ว มันเอา solution ของหนังสือเล่มอื่นมาให้

ควายเท่านั้นที่ไม่เข้าใจว่... semester ที่อมารา tirasriwat เปิดร้านติวเตอที่ปากชอย แล้วเด็กdrop 40% จาก 5% เทอมไหน28% ผ่าน, this is another poor job assignment done by here again.

ไม่เข้าใจกับกองhomeworkที่หมีควา... แต่ทำไมจึงยังกองอยู่หน้าห้... เปนสิบปีทุกเทอม กองจนไม่มีที่จะวาง คุณคิดดูในกระเป๋าของเด็กมี... of tutors, from Amara's shop.
Violating your rules, our college jawaharlal institute of technology, Nehru group of institutions has announced for classes on coming tuesday(16.03.10). So i kindly ask you speak to the concerned management and provide us holiday.
All these statements are wrong. It is well equipped with good library, lab facilities and faculties.

Stop blaming the university and work hard for your growth. Kindly don't mislead others by personal opinions,
ok i agreed
One thing for sure, one well known thai private college (international) is worser.
The college invests in everything except the professional teachers.
In the thai private university, you may have to pay extra money for tutorial class arranged by the subject owners at their homes, for old exam papers. Majority of thai children pass the exam because of this. Some professor will check papers in such a way that they can meet revenue seeking needs., maintain high number of students getting "f"
Now is summer time, Very bad university is this, in the developing country, a thai private internatonal university. The university uses very poor, cheap and low quality indian and philipine lecturers. Objective of hiring is to fail the students. Good at english speaking but the Lecturer does not know how to check the exam paper (i can swear to death, your children may have to pay many time for one subject. The department head of accounting department makes money from her own students. Some lecturer is not very professional, can not even prepare the right solution for the exam questions she asks. The university allows professor Lee to make main income at her home. If abac can not avoid the rule breaking by the professors, why not the shool use the fixed percentage to determine the grade released, sample 85% is A, 50 % is D.
Worserer than every country is here. Not only the poor quality lecturer, the school teacher in bangkok, a private thai international school also is very rude to thai students. Summer examination time, Teacher June Bernadet shouted in the exam room at the girl student "cheating" very loudly in front of 25 persons. Bernadet found a note i(arithmetic formula in the pencil box, not related to the subject the student had been takng (THai lanquage leaning). The lawyer said, how can Bernadet teach the thai students, the teacher does not even know that her act is wrong. .The answer is Thailand is not the Belgium country.
Anyone, help the thai students. Deputy chairperson is failing the students because of her poor accounting knowledge. I wonder where does she graduate, may be on-line learning. Professor Vi, please tell your Philippine universty, so that thai people will not go.
For Studying in thailand, if you can, go to public university.
Professors at the public shool are very good at what they teach. 100% of the students study hard. Professors don't take advantage of the students.
Library is full of work hard students.

In the private university, the library ( very good) has no students. Subject owners make money at home, including the chair person.
Who is stupid? For developing country, a thai private university, the old and new freshy university students don't know how to register the subjects, check time conflict, check prerequisite subjects. The students spend a half day travelling to out of town campus for one minute ckecking (reviewing) by the professors.

If you have choice, go to public university.
Go to Public university, Accountng meeting at Au is like a hell, Chairperson always blurred, blurred out of dated material to subordinates. Assistant to chair has no improvement in accounting, is used to fail the thai students. Many members have no accounting degree. Economic professor (does not know how to do accounting cycle) is used to teach accounting for engineerng students (for software writing).
Many, many young and au former students are hired here. Many, including the chairperson get involved withe tutorial class outsid bangna campus. Go to ANNA university
The answer is this, this Au accounting departments uses non-accounting teachers, economic teachers, no experience teacher, engneering and phylosophy teachers for accounting subjects because these teachers allow the chair to make money at home from their students. You will not see the above at ANNA U.
Well known as international uni. But the accounting lecturer for advance accounting teaches the students by using thai plus english and hand language. Is this incredible? the lecturer with honor degree from au and acc and many ten years teaching exp. The longer she can maintain this teaching style, the more money paid by students for tuturial class arranged by...c
Poor grading system not used by ANNA. At Bangkok, bangna campus, professors are not allowed to grade accounting answer sheets of their own students. Because of money making at home, they avoid to implement the best grading system (but not convenient to teacher) for thai students.
At Au, if you want to know why you got f (fail), the registration office (poor english speaking, janitor's children) will tell you to see your professor. Your professor (teaching you for four months) is not the grader, your professor will tell you to see Mr. Mynmar, the one who checks your answer sheet . Then Mr. Mynmar will answer you " I don't know". Since the letter grade is done by Chairperson ( not the subject owner). After four months teachng you, your professor does not know whether your pass or fail, And they don't even want to know whether their own studlents pass or not. No where in the world is like AU, thailand.
Prvate university in Bangkok, thailand, if the securitiy guards found you in the bangna campus with the followings, the students have to pay $7 to school.
a. short skirt, how short? see Professor supaporn lee's as sample. every day short and tight, Kids love her when she writes on the blackboard.
b. slippers to school like professor june bernadet (indian) loves wearing at sg building.
c. forget the school belt and buttons.
d. smoking
e. kicking the school ducks
f. for late coming to class, may have no right to take exam. Hundreds of cars waiting in que to enter school gate (at 830 am), twos lanes, one gate,
limited car parking, one dollar and 50 cents. spend every day 20 minutes looking for parking. a lot of rules above is used to train your children.
University at bangna, campus, thailand, professor can not answer How many % the student can pass. At least 40% = 400 students will drop subject after midterm exam, To pass with D result, sometimes 30%, 44%, 49%, depend on
a.whether the grade releaser ( non subject owner) knows or not the mistakes done in paper settings.
b.Number of scholarshp students taking with you ( al least 500 intelligent students study free per year).
c. Deputy chair person also teach or not (don't know how to do ledger)
d. How many times your teacher will tell you to drop "drop, drop, drop".
e. The more repeaters enrolled in your class, the more famous you are,
(higher grade result than others)
Creative thinking for thai students
a. Don't expect the matjoirity thai students will understand class teaching in english, no entrance examination.
b. far away from town and less pay (compared to autralia) hundred of professor has no degree in what they teach. few native speakers here, very young teacher has no bachelor, americans with degree are old and retired from somewhere.
c. a good place for teaching traning for india, philipine and burmese teachers. since thai students feel dare to complain about the teachers, except the music department.
d. January 2511, music dept. students complained to matichon newspaper about the music teachers, students are much much better than the teachers. The complaint is true, The second dean (pro.. student) is...good at music instrument.
e. facilities provided by school problem, except the teachers. one teacher for 60 students, how can school find and pay good 15 teachers for one subject/semester. total more than 1000 teachers.
f. many very young newly graduate teacher helps increase dropping rate (teacher sh...)
g. very poor at english, the school staff including the vice predent (800 persons ) can not communicate in english., many times printing mistakes, they aways say yes.
i. thousand of students complaining now, facebookป้าแว่น
j. Difficult to fix the problems, many big position employees were born by the university. where else can they earn and get these status.
Teacher Juner Bernadet, you have not yet fulfilled one duty. You forgot to tell your closed friend, supaporn lee that tutorial class to university students for money is the university rule breaking. It is not fair to other many students, since the school does not use fixed percentage to release the grade. The tutorial class must be arranged by the school only.
The professor (study free since kindergarten to doctor degree) with the worst school manner (yagusa) is at Bangbor university.. He used to wear undergarment white thin T shirt teaching summer time at SM building. Today in the logic class, his left hand is in the trouser pocket while explaining to students. Where else in world the students are so cool like thai students.

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