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Hope this incident that happened to me on the 20 April, 2008 helps people understand how cops act when it comes to doing their jobs. My name is Suraj Paul, and I am a residence of Bangalore.
This incident occurred at about 6 pm, while I was going towards chinaswamy stadium from Kids kemp on MG Road. Once I reached the brigade road signal, I stopped since it was red. I was in my Scorpio. As most of you know that half this road is blocked for metro construction. Once the lights turned green as I just began to move forward a person from my left tried cutting to the right of the road. He hit my car and fell down. He did not get injured nor was his bike, a yellow Karizma. His name was Mohammad.
There were about 4 traffic police and about 2-3 normal cops there. They immediately came to me and asked me to bring my car to the side. I asked the cop politely if he had seen the incident, but he started to use bad words at me like loud* etc. I told him that it was not my fault, but he refused to listen.
He asked me for my license and when I showed it to him he kept it in his pocket and refused to give it back. The cops name was Kenchapa, he was a sub inspector.
The bike rider also started accusing me (though he was the one who had broken the rule, of overtaking from the left, and he was the one who rammed into my car). When ever I tried to talk to the police all he did was use bad words and asks me to pay the other rider.
The Bike guy was shouting and creating a big scene, he then called his brothers, and they came and spoke to me and demanded Rs.3000 for the damages for his bike, which in this case was his own fault. And the cost of the damages was nothing but a little pain job.
Police at this point are just there to harassment the common man. No logic, no talking they just demand a price. The biker was shouting in Hindi I think he was drunk. The cops did not ask him anything nor tested him for alcohol all they said was settles it with him.
After a while when I got a chance to talk to the cop, all he said was since I was in a bigger vehicle I have to pay the other person, irrespective of what may have happened.
First of all I want to know is there any Rule that a cop can STEAL your driving license and not give it back.
Second is there such a rule which says, the bigger vehicle driver is always at fault.
Thirdly, is it right for cops to use such bad language for no reason?

There should be someone to look into this and stop such incidences from happening again. We call this a developed city when such things still happen here. Its time we spoke up and make this city a better place to live in.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I happen to pay bribe to bangalore police today in Malleswaram .I was having the tea in a stall nearby area and when i started back one police tapped me from behind and asked me get inside the van . I asked the reason, he told that i will have to pay fine for smoking .I told that i never smoked and for what reason i should pay the fine . He forcibly took me inside the car and asked me to pay a bribe of Rs 200 / - and after much heated argument i landed up paying the bride .Later on they let me off the car .They even made me sign one paper which was in Kannada and i was not able to understand anything .Today it made me realize that our system is full of corrupt people.

I pity you man. I have undergone the worst of this kind. From that I can answer the questions above.

1 . No traffic constable has the right to take your vehicle keys or your driving license unless approved by the sub-inspector of that area who MUST be on that spot.

2. This is one such rule framed by the cops to make their job easier. I even filed a petition against this in the court. All I got is from the magistrate in person is " Do you want to spend the rest of your life by visiting the court ???? Ya there is no such rule. But how will you ever prove that you did not do any mistake ?? Even if one of the concerned party is not present you will be summoned again. So accept that you did it and pay the fine !!". Even that is not so easy. You have to bribe each and every person right from "dawali" ->typist -> clerk -> magistrate. The reason why cops do this is, for each summon a cop of that area police station should be present. Even though its their job they dont prefer to do that and victimize us.

3. Its sad but they hold the authority and if you have time you can raise a complaint with higher officials. It worked for few of my friends.

Try filing it at Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System
Hi Suraj,

Even i faced a similar incident 5 days back in HSR Layout.
I'm from tamil nadu, for the past 2 years im working in an IT Company in Bangalore and staying in HSR layout.
Myself and 2 of my friends taken drinks, and after 4 hours my friend got a call that one of his relative passed away, and he started to Tamil Nadu.

I have a KA Registration bike, but the other guy has a TN Registration bike. at that time we are not able to get any auto since it was late night, and it is a residential area. the tamilnadu bus stops at bommenahalli. so we planned to go there and drop him. it is less than 1 KM. but in a turning 2 cops where standing as they are police constables, they normally enquires dobutful persons and take a sign from those people.

I was riding my KA registration bike, and i was going first, then my friend was coming in the TN Registration bike, He didn't stopped me, but stopped my friend because the bike is having Tamil Nadu Registration Number. This is the reason he stopped the bike. and he asked for bike keys, and my friend handed over his key. he asked whether you drunk, we agreed that we drunk, and explained the situation.
he never agreed, and he demanded Rs.4000, (2000 for each bike).

Whenever my friend started talking in Tamil, (obiviously he dont know other languages other than English) one of the cop got angry, and scolded in all bad words.
-The thing to note here is cops accepts if we speak in English (A foreign language, who ruled us and did all bad things to indians for over 300 years), but they will use all bad words if they know that we are using Tamil, the nearest state language.

Finally, i told him that i will get money from ATM, he agreed and allowed me to go to an ATM, which is in Bomennahalli, and also said dont go thru Silkboard, because traffic police is standing there.

I went to ATM, got Rs.1100, 1000 is for my friend who is going home, and hundread is for this night beggers (cops). i kept 1000 in my bike tank cover, and 100 in my purse and returned.

During this time they told my friends, atleast they need Rs.100. and when i came there they asked for my bike documents, and i said, it was in my tank cover. one cop went and taken the documents as well as Rs.1000/- from tank cover. he said, "If you have pledged me that, you have only 100 i could have accepted and forgived you, but you people hidden Rs. 1000 from me, so i am taking you to police station"
Then he demanded Rs.1000 and i given him Rs. 500, and while going he smiled and said, please go and drop your friend!!!

One more incident near forum,
when i was driving my friends bike (Avenger, TN Registered bike), which got in an accident and i was in the process of packing it back to his home, my flat is in HSR Layout, i need to go to Lalbagh for packing this bike. so i rided this bike. when i was on the way to Lalbagh, it is around 7.30 PM, sunday night. so the road is full of traffic. i was standing near the divider (middle of the road) suddenly a traffic constable came and holded my bike and said "i seased your bike"!.
-The question is how come he can say that he seased the bike without asking/verifying any documents.
then he taken to the sub-inspector (traffic), there are around 3-4 persons standing like me, and 1 sub-inspector (young man), and 1 traffic constable and 1 inspector (Aged Person) were standing there.

The inspector was standing 200 meters from the sub-inspector. i told him that i dont have money.
after some time the constable asked my to speak to Sub-Inspector. I said the same to him and he asked me "how much do you have?", i said "36 rupees sir".
And during this time the inspector came towards the Sub-Inspector, So Sub-Inspector was little afraid and told me (Urged me, since i was holding the money in my hand), its okay take your bike and go.

I went to the constable for key, he didn't accepted my words and again came to the SI, and told him "he is not giving any money". again the SI asked for money, and i replied " I have only 36 rupees". again the Inspector came towards the SI, and i was holding Rupees 36 in my hand including six 1 rupee coins. again the SI urged me to go. and the constable has given me the key.

----Soory Guys,

Why i said these things is because,

I Did small mistakes, Police did big mistakes.
I was punished for my mistakes, by bribing them (as a compulsion).
So there is no punishment for big mistakes comitted by these police man?

I should not blindly scold these police man, because the government is responsible, the soceity is responsible and the IT companies are responsible for the mistakes done by these cops.

1. Goverment pay very less for these cops (say 4000 for a constable). where as a normal person who completed PUC/XII std is earning 15000 per month (hardly 4 times more than these people).
A police station (Say Madiwala) should cover all(rondhe) the entire madiwala the whole night, to stop crimes. for which they get a petrol allowance per month is Rs.500-1000. which is not at all sufficient to cover the entire area using their Jeep and Suzuki Fiero / Pulsor.

2. The soceity always think, that we can use money to hide our mistakes. some places police is forced to get a bribe from public. They think if we give money cops will keep quite and support our mistakes.

3. IT Companies and IT Peoples,
Unknowingly increasing House Rents, Making the habbit of giving tips to Autowalas/Restaurants,
Going to night clubs, pubs, wearing glamour dresses/Jewells and making the locals and people who earns less angry. thus spoiling our traditional cultures, and creating a scene that IT peoples are the most respected/decipline, whereas the police who struggles the whole night/day standing under police umbrella gets a very less salary, its a matter of fact any human being will feel jealous and get anger on the other because, they cant get a 1BHK house for Rs.[protected], still they earn only[protected] per month. they cant buy a flat for 35-45Lakhs, since the IT people can do that by simply making a signature in bank housing loan form, where as the other professionals might struggle a lot to get a loan.

Thus every one is involved in this issue.


Thanks everyone for sharing their views. Hope this information will be useful to someone.

Just to update I have not got my license back. Went to the station twice but that cop was not there. He works for the commercial street police station.

I just hope there was someone or some system to address such issues.

Abhinav had given a good suggestion. Hopefully that could help. I have logged a complain there, lets see if anything happens.

Hello Dear Friend.from Tamil Nadu,
Rules are rules.
getting drunk and driving is not justifiable .
now, i understand you have a situation. there is something called "city taxi" it would have just 1/4 the financial damage.

when we try to bend the rules JUST SHUT UP.

it was a very bad experience for u.
on 29-5-08 i visited sai babas ashram at white field, my driver had parked my four wheeler in such a way that it was not an obstruction for nay other vehicle or people almost away from the ashram near the canteen whic very far from the ashram. a cop approched him and told showed him a spot and told him to park at that spot, later he did as he was told, after sometime two cops on a bike approched him and told him to open his purse straight away, took rs100/- from him, when the driver asked a recipit for the payment, they told him that it was for the vegetable expenses for the circle inspector.i presume there is a link between the first cop and the second set of cops for harassing money. as my vehicle registration no is from mandaya, they might have taken an adavantage as we dont waste our time tracking them ar taking the incidents to higher ups, any how i have highlited them about the incident on their complaint section, hope some good officer sees that it is not repeated in future. BE CAREFULL I[censored] R VEHICLE HAS A OUTSIDE REG.NO, ,
Mennon, reserve your bad language for you and your family worthy of it, clearly proving to be a uncultured of Kerala. Nobody has asked for your 5th Std caliber of costing. Any fool knows that a Citi Taxi would've costed lesser. Try to fix the root cause and show you have some worthy balls.

Bad Regards

Hi Menon,

I agree, but if you are in my situation you will understand.
in night its extremely difficult to get a taxi / auto near Agara Lake.
atleast you should come to Madiwala.

Think practically, is it possible?

Think that if you are the one. say your uncle met with an accident... what will you do?
do you spend an hour or 2 to get a taxi?

And my intention is all about the way bangalore police behave with tamilians and other state people.

"One day flight asked rocket, how are you going too fast, that i cant do."
Rocket replied,
"Let some one put fire on your back...!"
Hi Suraj,

You can complaint against that police man at this URL, which Police department itself will take care of it.

This has recently launched and monitored by Sr.Police officers
The thing you missed was a baseball bat and some nails in them. These don't understand verbally they need some special treatment. So remember to carry weapons all the time when you drive, like knife, screwdrivers, baseball bat, wicket, rod etc :)
hello sir.i am sathish here from bangalore.Actually i got a mail regardig job oppurtinuty in UK London. That guy send all the documents and mails also. for that he was taken around 5 lakhs rupees. i am having all the proof for that money and i had been recorded all the calls which he talks with me. Actualy he is in mumbai. Please solve contact number is [protected]. I want my money back or i need that job.please help me. i am eagerly waiting for ur reply. and what the steps i have to take for that thanking you.,
this incident happened last friday i.e., 5th dec 08, a police man came to my res and tell that a notice from high court to your uncle who is not touch with me past 15 year's. In that notice nothing was informed about me or my name or relation of my and myuncle and i have told that police man that i don't now anything about my so please don't come my residence then police man
told come to station and answers to my senior officer then i told i could't come today tomorrow i will be they. next morning same police man came to my Res eairly morning with HOYASALA with 4 other police men to take to station, then i refuse go with them that telling that iam not killer or theif to take me like this so please go back then gone back. At 9.30am i went to station that police men take me to SUB INSPECTOR and that office name is end's with Mr.Singh he is gentle man he sponken withme politely and asked that police men why did you bring this manjunath in this notice either his name is mention nor his res address is mentioned and that police men did not answered and said that circle inspector told me sir then sub inspector told take their before going his cabin first police men went their spoken to officer and then take when enter to cabin officer started
use bad word and told that police that keep in station and remove his cloth i didnot spoken anything i was kept in station till evening and take statement that their no contact with my uncle and then they realesed me. (before i going to senior cabin a person came to police men and spoken to him and i know that he is the who issued that notice) and now again police men calling to my mobile and asking to come to station what to do.
Similar thing happened to me today; my car was stopped near tin factory by a cop because it has Kerala regn plate; he asked for licence, insurance and PC cert; gave all three; he then asked to pay Karnataka road tax; I declined saying I will not pay life tax but will pay for the period I am in Karnataka; he said there is no such provision; his instruction from "higher up" is to intecept all non Karnataka vehicles; he said he will detain me till commissioner comes or else I can go paying Rs 400; I refused and waited for 3 hours but commissioner never came; he left me with a warning not show this vehicle!!

1. Bombay High Court has given a verdict that taxing of outside state vehicles is illegal (Mahrashtra State Vs Padmini Polymers)
2. What will happen if Delhi govt were to impose this scheme? In Delhi NCD region we can find DL, HR, UP, RJ, vehicles galore and how do they deal with it?

very best
You need to be careful while driving your vehicle. Even if it was the biker's fault, if you had gone slow, this would not have happened.

By the way why do you need scorpio ? you are advised to use BMTC busses, which are eco friendly and saves a lot of traffic, pollution and cost.

It is good that they have not kicked you on your As*
This complaint I am rising against Traffic police in Karnataka.

Traffic inspector: S.N Chikkanna & Constable. Place:J.C Road

Yesterday (11th Jan) I was driving my 2 wheeler (TN 59 AA 4434) in JC road and I have taken the right turn (the road which will connect JC road and Urvasi Theater) before signal change to orange color. Before my vehicle 3 tempos were passing and those are caught by traffic police and I was behind these vehicles.

Traffic police negotiated some money from them and collected with out any fine slip. (I saw Tempo people showed all documents even then police people got money).

My vehicle also caught by the police and they told I jumped signal. I am sure I have not jumped the signal and I was arguing with them but they were not ready to agree and put a fine of Rs 400. I asked them to show the fine card but don’t have anything and they have told to take my vehicle in court. I was arguing with them for ½ hour. (I am 100% sure I have not jumped the signal).

They gave fine slip and it’s fully return in Kannda and the amount for 400 Rs. I have not agreed to put a signature (if I put it means that I have done). And again I argued with them. ( I am sure they return so many complaints in that fine slip).

Atlast I lost my patient I gave 400 Rs but suddenly they told 500. I really shocked I asked for the reason and they said to if I give 500 then only the leave the vehicle. I totally lost my patient and gave Rs 500 (they collected the money first) and gave me the fine slip. There is one more shock in that they return rash driving, refusing to put signature, signal jump. Once again I asked them why you written rash driving and they have spoken irrespectively and come to court and speak.

Here my questions are:

1) For signal jump what is the fine rate? ( I have not done but I won’t to know)

2) Is the police thing that they can do anything with out any proof?

3) Here one more thing is my vehicle in TN registration and I observed many times all traffic police doing against TN vehicle. I have shown all documents but even then they want put some fine. ( Not small amount always 300 or 500)

4) These police people always collecting the money from all tempo vehicles even they have clear document.

As a citizen of India I like to share some points.

This is happened not only to me every day to so many people affected because of these irregularity police people.

I request you take Sevier action against these Traffic police to keep our citizen freedom.

u r right dear friend these guys don't have any commonsense, they have no any capacity to judge who is right & who is wrong, only the thing they know is, to abuse&start using vulgar words.i have also faced the problem in which it was not my mistake...
I am staying in leased house and house owner started threatening to evacuate house with in 2 days of notice period as he got another tenant who is paying large amount .I asked them to give notice time as given in bond but he started bring gundas .Police is not taking complains on him .

Can any one suggest me what to do .Please reply me early .


I would like to share my experience with Bangalore Cops. I am native of Bangalore and it brings me shame to confess that they are money hungry. If you want to see them in action, just stand quietly inside Symphony Theater on MG Road and look at the parking lot on the other side. They will pick up vehicles from the parking lot ! When I asked them for my bike and questioned why they took it from a 2 wheeler parking lot, they had conveniently ripped the license plate ! I even have a photo of them repeating the action. I recommend you all to go and click away.

On another occasion, a police inspector used foul language just to tell me to take left !
When I said I have to go straight ...on a road which had absolutely no restrictions in going straight ...he became furious ! Why? Because now he had no reason to harass me !

I have friends from neighboring states...Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. When I hear about the way Bangalore Police treats them, I feel very sorry for them. Even North Karnataka natives find it hard in Bangalore because of these gluttons.

I hope their gluttony takes them through hell some day.
Recently the Cubbon Park Traffic Police put a "No Parking Tag" on my car .Believe me the car was parked outside my house.A place perfectly on the correct side and where I have been parking since 20 years.There is a Paking Sign within 10 metres also.When I contacted them, they only had one thing to say "Pay the fine".Just because the police have a target to achieve at the end of the month, does it mean harassing individuals?
I kushi naveen lund residing at bangalore is writing this complain against DR.manju lund soneja.M.B.B.S.Sir DR.manju lund soneja is my husband's sister she also stays in bangalore behind our house.She is running a clinic at cubbonpet named as 'MANISHA HEALTH CARE'.She is mis using her proffesion and doctor drgee by giving slow poision drugs to her family members and others to take her personal revange of her husband.She gives brown suger injections to her husband family members.She puts over dose medcine in her family food also .Kindly please, please take a legal action againsst this DR.manju lund soneja punish such a doctor who is taking people's life for her personl grudge.I request u to make a fast action do not dealy. her phonenos are=080=22248190, 080=22290755, 080=41143725, her mobile no is =[protected].

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