Central Railway Local Services — Complaint against Railway Workers Travelling in the First Class Compartment

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The Divisional Railway Manager
Central Railway

Dear Sir,

Is there any rule which prevents Railway Workers to travel in the FIRST CLASS COMPARTMENT ?

Normally have not seen TTE during pick hours. In case they enter into the compartment and ask them, they just say staff and the TTE dos'nt bother to see their I Card or pass.

I therefore request your goodself to kindly take necessary action for preventing Railway Workers to travel in the FIRST CLASS COMPARTMENT of the local trains.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

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TTE AND INDIAN RAILWAYS — non space in first class compartments

Due to peak hours rush in train there is no place to get inside in the first class compartment. and also the non first class passengers are more innumber in first class compartments. THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS PROBLEM IS THAT THE TTE ARE NOT CHECKING IN FIRST CLASS COMPARTMENT IN PEAK HOURS AT ALL STATIONS, AS WELL AS IN TRAINS.

local train service — Poor Quality of services ( Late running of trains)

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is highlight through the column of your newspaper, regarding the local trains from virar to churchgate being late by 15 ot 20 minutes on a regular basis during rush hours in morning and evening.
Western Railways have completed work on two additional line between Virar & borivili, new tracks are not being used for local trains, only outstation trains & express trains run on new tracks.

This is creating a huge inconvinience while commuting on western railways and reaching the destination on time.

Can the Railway authorities - Explain the reason for this Delay and the step taken by them to overcome this delay,
- Why two new tracks between Virar & Borilivi not being utilised for local trains.

Yes this is problem faced by lakhs of passengers traveling between virar & churchgate, Can the railways solve the complaint
in the evening one ladies special train which is only up to Borivali and requested that train should be till virar

Railway — bkack mailing of tte

i was travelling in link exp from ddn to allahabad .I got a waiting ticket and tte confirmed it in haridwar. in alighar staff changes and new tte just asked me for money i said i was alloted this seat .he said that go back to that tte who alloted you the seat and ask to him for new seat 1.he just rolled me down from the birth and said i can through you out from the coach.and he told me not to take waiting ticket any more.
i just want a quick and hard action from the railways to make a good step in stopping corruption.

Central Railway — The illitercy in TC staff

The chief TC
Cental Railway

I would like to draw your attention to that If any body mistakely board in reversed compartment for Handicapped.(Suggestion : Paint the reserved compartment in strips just like First Class so that the differanciation can be done immediately) the lady TC treats the person so impersonally like she is the one who is our of the doctrine man can make mistake, so rudely the talk and the language used is such that one can even stand, just the other person has some diginity or not, and they are ready to even hit the ladies and children to show that we have made a big offence. Where are they when the daily traveller are travelling without ticket even. I request the management to teach them some decency or with dignity they have to speak to the people and achieve their target to be promoted.
If this is the way when an educated people speak what can be expected from mavalis (even Mavalis talk in better ways then this lady TC)

Thanking You
Your Faithfully

CADS — First Class and Railway Employees


I very much agree that its good that Railway employees hold the privilege to travel free of cost in first class compartments, but it should not make the passengers suffer. I'm a civil engineer working at Chennai and I traveled by West Coast Express to Salem on 22.08.09. I traveled along with my brother and sister. we three were allotted berths at coach F1, compartment H. We all are working and we worked late night and so opted first class to have a comfortable journey. But when we entered our compartment there were already two railway employees. After they got down at Arakkonam we decided to sleep and spread our berths. suddenly three employees came and wanted us to sit. They claimed that they too hold first class pass to travel. Yes they may have, but what right do they have to disturb a passenger who has a reserved ticket???

They told that sleeping time is only 9pm to 6am and so we should allow them to sit. Who are they to decide our sleeping time? We paid Rs. 460 each to have a comfortable journey. they pay nothing and behave as if they are the authority to decide whether we should sleep or not. After a great conversation they said they will get down in one hour and we shall sleep. But every station some one or the other got into the compartment and we traveled as if we are traveling in Chennai city bus. At Jolarpet a total family got in and spreaded out all over compartment. They too asked why should we sleep in day time.

What is this?? Can you see this elsewhere all around the world?? Can people just like that get into a reserved compartment and disturb the passengers just because they are railway employees?

Of course, they shall travel in the first class but should look for a seat which is vacant or not booked by others. Even the TTRs doesn't seem to bother this. I'm really confused where to complain this.

Please help us to have a peaceful, comfortable journey.

Central Railway — Increase no. of local trains / coaches during peak hours

Dear Sir / Madam

This is to bring to your attention that there is only 1 slow train from Kalyan to Mumbai CST (9.32 am - 9car at Dombivli) between 9.10 am to 9.50 am for Mumbai from Dombivli during weekdays.

Please note that this is the peak time of travel for people from kalyan to mumbai. Only one train during this period means a lot of people cramping into this one local. This would result risk to lives of all the people travelling during this time in this local. This local is always over crowded and risky to travel in.

I am not sure why central railway - mumbai suburban railway management has not taken a note of this. I suggest that management should look into this matter immediately & increase the no. of trains during this period OR atleast the no. of coaches for people to safely travel to office. Especially for women travellers in 1st class where the no. of coaches fall short in this train.

Atleast couple more trains would result in less risk of accidents to the daily commuters.

Please take a note of this matter seriously & provide a resolution at the earliest.


Railway Commuter

Railway Workers — Complaints against Railway Workers Traveling in the FIRST CLASS COMPARTMENTS

Is there any rule which prevents RAILWAY WORKERS by travelling in the first class compartments of the Local Train specially in Central Railway.

Please do the needful in this connection and oblige.
Yes complaint is 100% correct and the Railway authorities should do the necessary in the connection.
Specially in the Central Railway Local Trains during pick hours, railway authorities should take strict action against them and give relief to the passengers purchase proper tickets and season teckets.
Railway authorities should take necessary action against the Railway Staff those who are not having proper first class passes or not having authority to travel in the first class compartments of the local trains.
most of the second class travellers are getting in first class ladies compartments. There should be one TC always in ladies compartments during peak hours.

Railway — Services

I was a passenger from Udupi to Thiruvananthapuram
(train no 2432,PNR no [protected],27th May 2010,B2 / 0033/ LB)in this A/C compartment no water throughout journey people using mineral water and bottles for their requirements as shown in photo. Compartment passages are with rubbish
Especially put by the catering department...
After serving food they are collecting money from each passenger like beggers, again morning the person who is supplying blankets and pillows coming for collecting money.
Is this is our culture? All the foreigners are watching this.
Indian railway is not entitled to collect RS 1020 for this type of service,

Thanks & Regards
POBOX 1247
I travel in the first class ladies compartment from chembur to wadala. Since the last one year, it has become increasingly difficult to get into the first class compartment during the peak time. This is because the ladies who want to get down at kurla block the entire entrance even thogh there is space inside the compartment. On top of it they shout at those getting in saying that the train is crowded and so chembur people can wait for the Vashi train.
I earnestly request the railway authorities to look into this matter at the earliest.
Thanking You

Yours truly
Dr. Raj

harbour railway — reduction of ladies compartment

In all trains at harbour route, there is decrease of female compartment. Why railway has given ladies 1st compartment to general? It has caused inconvenience. So pls reserve it to ladies only.
Yes the above complaint with regards to the subject "Complaint against Railway Workers Travelling in the First Class Compartment" is 100% correct. First thing, i rarely noticed a ticket checker in first and secondly and if they are on their duty, I have also seen that they do not check ticket of railway staff employees.


Amit L.
hi I am a passenger from Dombivli i want to complaint against a Group of Ladies Who Get On at Dombivili At 8:15 Am Dombivili train, and they are treating as if they have reserved their seats they don't allow others to sit on their seats even if some are coming down from kopar or diva they together fight with them and tell them to stand and between them one fat lady is the leader of them she always sits on the window facing towards CST at second door from driver I request you to please teach them a lesson about all the passengers have the same right to travel no one have reserved seats,
railways isshu waitlist ticket in large quantity but at the time chart preapering tickets not confirmed not rac, so i request you to please give justce passangers my opinion is in every train to attach one bogi only seating arrangment only for waitlist passangers like local train please canvey me my request. THANKS

Central Railway — I am not satisfied with your service

the train stratedat 13.50pm from ludhiana railway station ldh to hisar always one and more hours late due to loading & unloding goods at gill and malerkotla railway station.

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