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This is in regard to the personal loan which I have taken from Citi Financial 16 Month ago. I have been promised at the time of the disbursement that if i pay six installments on time then I will be upgraded for "Top Up" scheme and I made sure that there is sufficient money in my account so that there would be no possibility for any cheque to be dishonored. I can present my bank statement.I would like to tell you about the services of bank is providing as I have visited more than 5 times at branch which is located in Mall Road and there I met Mr. Anoop and he responded as "Please come next month, I will call you" and I visited him for more than 4 times and every time he used the same sentence, then they have told me to visit Govind Nagar and I met with Mr. Neeraj there he wasn't able to solve my query and he replied as "May be some technical problem", both the branches are located in Kanpur, I am really disappointed after meeting representatives as Citi Financial is a big name in Banking Sector and no one expects these pathetic services or attitude. I have given application to branch and main branch which is located in delhi but they response me they can not give me top up but why it is not clear to me.
Your early action in this matter would be highly appreciated as it's matter of direct money loss to me.

Akash Kumar Pandey
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Aug 14, 2020
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personal loan city bank dewas — not depositing cheques

have taken loan of Rs. 63036 from oct 07from city bank Dewas. For repayment I have submitted IDBI Bank Cheques(At Par) . But bank is not depositing the cheques which I have submitted to them, instead they are forcing me to pay by cash and they make frequent phone calls for it & send their agents each month which furstrating for me & I am getting mentally torchered .I have made complaint to dewas branch from where I received loan but there is no response.While taking loan bank officials told that IDBI at Par cheques are ok and on that basis they had give me loan.
Please help me so that they deduct emi through check only.
Sachinkumar N Jadhao.
108 ext
Mishrilal Nagar
Dewas - 455001
my name is .N.Chandrasekaran, i took a home loan from
citi finicial paying the 13EMI, now i want to
pay Rs.5, 00, 000/ to my principal loan amount, and try to close as early as possible, when i phoned up the above said branch there is no response, so far i sent two letters, dated 05/06/08 and 10/06/08, to both nungambakkaconsumer finance india ltd, nungambakkam branch
last year, so far iam m and delhi head office, so, for
no reply from them, I had been very bitter experience against
citi financial consumer finance india ltd, they can not care your
letters, very arrogant staffs, so, before you want to take any loan
in this bank think hundread times, now iam ready to move consumer forum, to high liht my case.
Ref. no[protected]
Customer name - N.Chandrasekaran
Phone no[protected]
Address - 3/716, mogappair west, chennai - 37
tenure req. months - 180
E.M.I . amount -Rs.11135/

i had all supporting documents for the above complaints,
iam expecting the concerend bank to solve the problem immediately.

My name is PRATIBHA SAWANT i took a personal loan from
citi finicial paying the EMI, now
pay Rs.2, 040/ to my principal loan amount, well my complaint is that i dont want any phone call on my home number which[protected] please i dont want any topup loans as if now. I am trying to close my loans as fast as possible. Well i have call the manger branch, and i have complaint personal but no action take wel i am affaird that my family does not know about the loans that i hve taken from your bank and the branch manger told that he will put my number in dont not call list .Today i got again call from your bank luckly i picked up the call and i told them i dont want any call on my home Phone no. I had been very bitter experience against
citi financial consumer finance india ltd, they can not care your of the complaint so, before i want to take any loan
in this bank think hundread times,
Ref. no[protected]
Customer name -PRATIBHA SAWANT
Phone no[protected]
Address -D/73 R/B/I Staff Qrts Sion Trombay Road Chembur Mumbai-400071
tenure req. months -
E.M.I . amount -2040/-
Loan Id No : 11742968
Customer Name : Anuradha
Address : 2/771, M.G.R street, Madipakkam, Chennai - 91.

I took Personal Loan in Citi Financial Consumer Pvt Ltd in tambaram Brach.
I took Loan for 36 Months and i almost paid 14 months. Yet i havn't received any Laon statements from
Citi Financial. I need Loan Statements with Ful details about my Payment and yet how much i need to pay and so on. Expecting the statement or reply as soon as possible.
My Loan Account No. 15180066
Yet I cant received repayment schedule from your side.

Kindly courier this statement as early as possible

CitiFinancial Consumer Pvt Ltd — Personal loan - Complaint

Dear Team,

I am one of the Personal loan holders of CitiFinancial.

I have taken a personal loan from Prabhadevi branch, after continuous follow up from the branch members.
1. At the beginning of the getting a loan, I have been harassed by calling many times & had to sit for about to at least 2 hrs every time (Prabhadevi branch)
2. Once rejected, I have been continuously called up again & have given assurance for the best services in future, but in-vain (I have collected cheque on railway station, 3-4 days after approval).
3. I was giving my different bank account details for ECS transaction, however it was not accepted & had the ECS done thru my salary account. And I was told that in 2nd month, they will arrange to get the ECS done from the earlier bank account.
4. For the 5 months it was not done, even after my so many feedbacks & requests.
5. As ICIC bank account was my Salary account, it was closed in Jan or Feb 08.
6. My EMI for Jan 08, was bounced & for the same I had informed before my EMI date to Citificnancial thru mail.
7. Their executive contacted me & I requested him to provide me the statement for my balance payment to pay off the entire balance loan amount (somewhere around 10-12 Jan 08)
8. After conversing with dozen of employees & requesting every time for my statement, no body turned up with the statement.
9. In January 08 last week, I have been called up by Mr. Ali, he promised me that he will take up the matter & asked me to clear at least Jan 08 EMI. I believed him & I paid my balance EMI for Jan 08
10. Feb 08, as usual ECS got bounced & I started getting calls from your end. Every body was asking me to pay EMI for Feb 08 & then clear the entire outstanding loan amount in next month. Though I have insisted many times, they kept calling me & my house no. many times, without providing me the statement.
11. On 17 Feb 08 (Sunday), one lady Ms. Rohini, called me up & told that she would send the statement. She sends me on the same day evening. Nobody was at home; it was lying on my doorstep.
12. on 19 Feb 08, she called me again & asked me when she can send the executive to collect the cheque or cash for all the outstanding loan amount..
13. As these are all working days & I said I will pay by weekend or in next week. However she started abusing me.
14. When requested to talk to senior, she transferred me to Ms. Sneha Sawant (similar name). She started screaming on me & started with absurd language. When I told her to lower down her voice, she used some bad words & started further abusing me. Hence I cut off the call.
15. The same lady called up my house no. & spoke to my mother in bad words, abused her. Also she ordered my mother that "your son should call me in 10 minutes & pay all the charges immediately" She has also told my mother if I did not call then it will be very bad to me..
16. As I was ready to clear off my outstanding loan, I wrote to them that unless & until both the ladies (Ms. Sneha / Ms. Rohini) say sorry to me & my mother in writing for their bad words & wrongful acts, I am not going to settle any amounts.
17. Among several other e-mail & other transactions, I have been always assured that the action would be taken against those ladies & the letter would be sent to my home which was never done.
18. In the mean time in May 2008, I have applied to HDFC home loan department for home loan. The same was denied by HDFC stating that have outstanding pending with CitiFinancial & I was not paying them regularly.
19. I agreed to the point but disputed that the mistake is purposeful & it is from both end ie) from my end as well as from CitiFinancial. CitiFinancial can not show only one side & spoil my credit history. I requested CitiFinancial executives may times to issue the letter to CIBIL stating the whole fact. But they never did it & ultimately my loan request got denied.
20. During this course of time, I have paid Rs. 20, 000/- against my principal amount through the cheques in May 08. I have also informed this fact through the e-mail, letter. They have also acknowledged the same. CitiFinancial has adjusted the paid amount against outstanding EMI, late payment fees & other charges, returning the balance amount as a refund cheque. I have also informed them that the refund cheque I am not going to utilize & the same amount they can adjust against anywhere as per their convenience, I will take up all at the time of Final payment.

21. They have never sent the Apology letter & No Fault letter. However just informing their part, they have spoiled my credit history which resulted into the denial of home loan & loss of property to me.

Hence the complaint against CitiFinancial for general awareness & to combat the monopoly of Financial institutes against individual. Further to compensate somewhere my loss to some extent (Mental torture & harassment, Property loss, etc)

I hope you will help me to take up the matter to appropriate authority.

Warm Regards,
Vishal Sawant

MY LOAN REF NO.14863763,





MOBILE: [protected]
LOAN REF NO. 14863763
i took personal loan from citi financial from basavangudi branch
the net amout is 15000/- and i was cleared my emi upot 13 months.and last month emi i din' t clear so i request u i need latest statement and try to close as early as possible. pls don't send ur execuetive to our residency because they don't no that i have taken personal loan from ur bank. i trust ur bank .
k sunil kumar
mobil : [protected]
loan no ref : 12717415

My loan a/c no. is 13827869.

I have not received loan repayment schedule.

Some insurance was also given to me with the loan. I have not received any document for the same.

Kindly look into the matter and get back to as soon as possible.

Contact no. [protected]/[protected]
If you have any problem or want any documents please call CUSTOMER CARE NO.(9am to 6pm) only they will be able to solve the problem.If you go to branch no one will respect you at all.Some customer care officer in customer care no. are good or if they are not able to help you out speak to Senior Executives over their..
I took a prsonal loan My last installment has paid on dt. 05.10.08 through ECS from my account . but till date I have not get back my original document as my PDCs cancelled cheque for ECS payment. My loan A/c No. 8471118.

Please look into the matter as an earliest & reply me.
sir i have applied for personal loan on 15.10.2008 and submitted all my required documents but till today i have neither heard anything from your end. whether loan is sanction or rejected, if santion than at what rate and the loan amount. i am really frustrated from your attitude. now onward please donot send any mail at my id i[censored] donot solve my problem

my loan account number / reference is 15067537 effect with 7.4.08 . please confirm me that can i top this loan again in the month of february 2009, if yes please contact me at my mobile [protected]

thanks and awaiting your reply

sudesh sharma
Respected Sir,
I am sorry to say that your people compelling to pull to defaulter. I am a customer of yours from 2001, till now i am not defaulter. Some circumstance i am not able to pay last three installments and I am informed to your collection center on August middle or end. I am talk to your customer care and informed the same (Mr.Hassan – his mobile no is [protected]). Then I have received a call from your collection department from October first week, the same I am informed them. They given me your Manager’s mobile no (Nikhil Gupta – [protected]) I have talk to him and he informed me that you have to pay at least one payment. I am told him that I am ready to pay, but presently I don’t have next month onward I will try to pay single payment.
The I have received a call from Gurgaon office around third week of October, they inform me that your loan amount is pending, if you not able to pay timely, we will give a suggestion and she informed me that your loan will be Rebooking, you should be pay the first installment immediately, the amount is Rs.2866/-(Which is comfortable for me) and 36 installment, I agreed the same and I taken half day leave from my new office and I borrowed some money from pawn broker and gone to your nearest branch KACHEGUDA. They inform me that, here cash will not accept, please go to Nallakunda branch. I go there and they informed your account is not here, you have to go Panchagutta, When I am reach Panchagutta they closed, the next day I am taking leave again and I rush to there and they told that not here, you go to Khairatabad. The reach Khairatabad Mr. Srinivas (Collection department) first denied that your account is in Delhi you go there and pay the same. The beg him to please sort out the same, finally he send to me to Mr. Joseph ( Mobile– [protected]), your RBO is ok, but today 29.10.05 last day of collection, today not possible, you come on after 10.11.08. From 8.11.08 to 11.11.08 I have so many time tried his mobile no but he is not picking the phone, finally picked the phone on 11.11.08, he told that yaa come tomorrow. I went the same branch on 12.11.08 that day Mr.joseph was on leave, I met Mr. Prabhakar he help me the procedure and he told that please bring ECS form from HDFC bank. I collect the format and get signature / approval from HDFC. After that I have so many time ring to Mr. Prabhakar and Joseph but they not responding proper way or guiding me. I fed up I decided to go to consumer court, but some evidence I don’t have that’s why I am writing this letter to you. I have received two calls from Chennai office and they will confirm the amount and other details. These people not allowing me to pay the amount.
Please help me; I have to live a good person (NO cheating or fraud) in society.


Rajesh Kunnath kalam
Mobile no.[protected]
I have asked several time to give a statement against my personal loan taken from you ref # 12911359 dated 31/07/2007. Being a reputed bank in India the atitude is not commercial viable.

Please provide a statement with in 48 hrs to avoid send any legal notice against you as well as inform to RBI.
Dear Sir,

My name is V.Mahidhar. I have taken 40, 000 money in Tirupati branch in lost july 2007.
I pay every month 2, 234/-, 17 m0nths completed.
I want remaining balance on my personal loan.Please send mail to me or call to me.
My no -[protected].

Thanks & regards,
I am taken 17, 000/- Loan From Citi Finanacial as Pervious 2 Yrs But that he said to This Amount goes to 30% Rate of Intreset as our Loan amount bank also given policy as TATA AIG 2800/- this amt cutting to loan amt.
To many Interest taken to custmors

So, I am Pay to 1467*48 Month =70, 500
and I am not to Appreciate he absolutaly Given more Interest from me so, I can Decided to I am not Paying more Amount Citi Finance. Loan Details:
lOAN TAKEN AMT = 17, 000/-
TOP-UP TAKEN AMT = 8, 000/-
25, 700.00

1221*18 EMI =21978
1467*17 EMI =24980

i AM JUST ASK TO CAN I PAY TO NEXT AMT to Citi Financial Ltd

(Suppose I am Not Continue Pay to this Loan Amt, so What Action will take this Finance Company)
Pls, Give the Answer this Email Id

Dear Sir,

As I have not received loan statement for the Home loan A/c 14601323, (New Loan), hence I request you to please mail the same account statement as required for year end purpose.

Its a request not any kind of complaint.

Thanks & Regards
Suresh Jumani
Dear sir
I wish to inform you that I have paid your loans Rs.27000.00 along with interest through 18 installment Rs. 1748.00 each. Now I request you please send mine NOC delete of hypothecation from my motor cycle Bajaj platina immediately.
If any query please contract me mobile no.
p.p. [protected]

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