[Resolved]  Cobra Group — ruining careers of qualified degree holders

This is really insane what these people are doing to Indian youth.....also the dark side of their business is that they are ruining careers of qualified people holding degree like MBA in name of quick money and growth they make people do work of begger......some people will say thats it is a direct marketing company based on similar model like "Amway".........but let me clarify that its not the case...Amway can be called a good marketing company with good products but its not same with so called Cobra group........they work under multiple name(the four name i know are:Cobra Group;Envision;AUM,Appco Marketing)...why would any good company do that?????.....the reason:Thumb rule to do a fraud is,you must have multiple identity........ secondly why post a job opening of "marketing trainee" when you are offering a job of door to door salesman??????....because this thing provide them pool of overqualified people who will work for a job which requires not even graduation and in turn the company ultimately gains access to those high end offices who would not allow ordinary salesman to enter the office,but wont deny access to a young qualified graduate or post graduate..... thirdly they will tell you to bring a copy of mail send to you....the reason for this stunt is to make people feel like they are the "chosen one" or "Exclusive"...while the reality is that every other day they send these kind of mails to every other guy in your city...........
please listen to the people who had problem with this company and don't ruin your career for some fraud company......i know that as a fresher its hard to get a decent job that too off campus....but at least don't join a company which will tarnish your resume and future....think of your parents who have been waiting for years to see their child do a decent job and earn a name for them........and believe me you wont get anything but "waste of time" that too during crucial time of your career......if you are wondering why i am so concern about activities of this so called Cobra group is that.... i have been through all these and don't want any other qualified person to be cheated by them.........
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Aug 13, 2020
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These people pay taxes as well so can not take any actions against them. They say these companies provide marketing and advertise services under that they are running there business.

We should take some actions against the NGO's bcoz its all about there business.

Bcoz the brackge of the amount they accept is:


For one chiledren : 1200
In this 1200 the person can earn 200 then owner take 100 or more than that. Then chairperson or any other owner takes 100 then support direct takes 60.

Out of 1200 these childrens get near about 100 or 200 out of 1200...

So think about these NGO's transactions.

Then also these organization pays very good amout to there employees.
CRy pays more than 40000 to Managers so they can earn through thses type of donations only...

We should take some actions against these types of NGO's first...

People in Cobra Group teach others to lie :
there FIve steps are

INTRODUCTION: Means ask permission to person to enter in the house if the doner says no then ask for water or something... How come these people ask their new joinees to enter any house without any information about the next person...

PRESENTAION: Inthis people give information about the NGO...

SHRT STORY: In this people take any odd figure or numer and tell about thses chilfdren are dying bcoz of somthing ...give donation for that...
In every season they change there story like in

rainy season : Childrens are dying bcoz of rain
Winter: Childrens are dying bcoz of cold
Summer : Childrens are dying bcoz of heat

On public holiday they say this is special campian for this day...

All this is bullsheet...

At least now youngster shoul read this information before joining
These people are super big frauds. Here are few more names on which they cheat people. THE PIONEER ORganization, millennium org, dreamworks, sky, pinnacle... These ppl are bad people who will steal your money, time, respect and life!
This company leaves a very bad impression on young minds of a sales job in other companies and the employees are treated like cattle (you wont be allowed to sit during morning meetings!). Joining this company is spoiling your interests in sales.
People working there had nothing better to do and no real education. If you are with a degree and think education has not added to your value then join this company.
sai prakash its vice president is main accused.. see him i am attaching photo

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