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 Dildar Singh
Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme(ECHS), under the Min of Defence, Govt of india has came into existence since Mar 2004. Till today there has been no EPF deduction made from the employees salary. We would like to know why the employer is not deducting the EPF contribution from our salary and deopsiting in the EPF Account of the respective employees.

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The Echs staff are paid less but the work hectic even a mason ie labour earns 9000 per month but staffs paid only 6000 to 7.5 for Doctor 15000 Doctor get medical seat by hard work only Dist.First or state first candidates get medical seat but students from IT industry earn lakhs from the begining got should take steps, Echs Doctor at Thanjavur (Medical Officer ) Treats More than 100 patients perday is it possible But in that same a Doctor with M.D.will See 4or patients and draw a salary of 25000 and his working time only 30 minutes Ministry of defence should see this that Medical Officer is under stressand health spoiled how a doctor can give good treatment to the Jawans
As i have witnessed the E.C.H.S. Thanjavur TamilNadu A lady Medical Officer came and Improved the ECHS a lot on her effort the patient in echs increased from 15 to 20 to 105 Because of her hard work it improved Now its eligible to place one more Medical officer so that the patient number can be divided.But the OIC and other Retired officers without discussing the Medical officer they have appointed a M.D. Doctor He comes to hospital 8.30 to 9 in his 30 minutes vist that M.D. Doctor see only Officers family only including OIC Family The ECHS is ment for only poor jawans But these rich retired officers only using this oportunities and they say this M.D. Doctor is appointed for them only .that M.D. Doctor avoids seeing other comon patients Render justice .then the ambulance is used for the OICs persenol use there r so many frauds going on the ECHS prmises are used to conduct meetings for the retired officers association Please take action the Medical Officer is threatened and forced to put signature in all note books including ledgers
To The,
Respected Sir
Govt. of India
my self kishan kr. jaiswal, I have a Medicine Shope in allahabad Thana Kytgunj. 1 December at evning 7pm Thiefe in my shope & miss to mobile phone NOKIA N72 & some cash then i have call to SO & SI nearest thana Kydgunj then they have come in my shope & see but dont any enquery & dont write FIR. after some day i have contact to SP City Allahabad but she has busy in meeting then i will call again after some day, s but she is aunsher i m busy in meeting. Respected Sir i m TAX paid member in India my PAN No AISPJ9994Q.
So please help me because i m very dipress feel that so please help me. i m thanks full your.
kishan kr jaiswal,
3-Rambagh, Allahabad-211003 (Uttar Pradesh)
thana-kytgunj Allahabad
My Mobile no-[protected]
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I am Abhay Vithlani working in ECHS Polyclinic, Jamnagar as a Lab Asst Since Jul-2006.

I just want to say, , there is no increment in Salary or any other benefit given to us, , I think its not attract any one to do a job in ECHS.

second thing is, , In our staff there is a lack of man power like Nursing asst. since last 6-8 one is intrested ., , though twice advertise given..why ? because of lack of salary..

so..if any want good quality of work..good disiplinary one become intrested..if salary is less/..

In Input is 100 % then any one can expect out put-101%..
No 052086B

The concerned authority
(after compliments)
Dear Sir
Medical service at Nerul Branch (Navi Mumbai)-Thane Dist
I am ex CPO, resident of CBD Navi Mumbai and opted Nerul PolyClinic for my medical needs. During the first week of Dec 2008 I took my wife to the clinic for a known case of NIDDM. She was checked up by a lady doctor and advised to continue the medicine being used. She prescribed the medicine for one month while the medicine was not available in the polyclinic. I was told to come and collect the medicine after two days since the vehicle has gone to INHS Asvini for collection of medicine. I visited this clinic half a dozen time between Dec 2008 & first week of Jan 2009, spending almost Rs 500/- for autorikshaw. Finally, I met the Oi/c and made a verbal complaint who in his shoes felt not in his capacity. He arrogantly, replied that it is not my business and if you have any complaint, take the phone No and lodge your complaint to CO INHS Aswini. So disappointed and returned home.The long awaited facility was thought to be a welcome change, however, the appointment of arrogant Oi/cs like him was unfortunate.
I woulld appreciate if you could advise me on the way ahead.
e-mail id:
My request to authorities is that be kind to ex srvicemen, for example the o/c of Kottyam, Keralastate polyclinic is adament that we have to beg to him for reimbursement of medicines.In the application form issued from that office it states like this
Respectfully I beg myECHS No ... ending with the individuals signature.
is it necessary that we ex need to to beg to a retdLt col
I am working in an organisation ECHS(Ex-Servicemen contrbutory health scheme since 2004. Till today i.e 29 Mar 2009 there has been no increment in the salary of the staff. The staff is being squeezed since year 2004 and the government is taking the undue advantage of the unemployment and recession. We the ECHS employees have no future in this organisation. If everything is running well in this organisation is only due to the obedience attitude of the staff. But if the govt continue to ignore the staff's welfare the staff will start leaving the organisation as it has hapenned in the last 05 years. This not only leave the organisation as a "Training Centre" for the fresher but also give loss to the state as the people leaving the organisation in due course of time will increase which will lead to lack of responsibility among the coming staff members. For eg : In 05 years if 05 Lab Assts left the job and 05 new joined the job without handing taking over the charge, then who will be responsible for the loss to the state. Apart from this there are various other issues, which the govt is well aware of.
ECHS Staff's Propose salary are as under :

Category Present Salary Proposed Salary % increase
OIC/MO/DO/ 15000/- 25000/- 67%

MED SPL/ 25000/- 40000/- 60%

DataOpr/L/Asst 7500/- 10000/- 33%

DRIVERS 4500/- 7000/- 55%

PEON/F/Attd 3500/- 6500/- 85%

Average increase in the staff's salary = 300/5 ; = 60 %

However the proposed salary is not yet implemented, but the percentage increase in the 7500/-(PM) category is below the average increase of 60 %. ie Half the average increase which will be an injustice to the above category.

JODA SHOES,THANE — Complaint against Joda shoes, Thane

I have bought shoes of Rs. 500/- from JODA SHOES, STATION ROAD, THANE before 3 months with warranty of three months. In second week Sole of both shoes come off. I gave it for repair to shop & they returned it with pesting after 10 days. Again after 2 week i faced same problem with shoes & i have given it again for repair. It is happened 3 times in 3 months of warranty period & they was pesting it with some ordinary glue and returning it to me with promise that it wont again in future. Now warranty period is expired 5 days before & i am facing same problem with shoes. Now when i went to their shop, they are speaking with me very rudly behaviour. I warned them about consumer court but ther are saying that now it is out of warranty, you can not do anything to us.
Please assist me in this problem.

I am attaching his bill with his remarks for shoes given for pesting in warranty period.

Tushar salvi

EX-CPO, 052086b

The concerned authority:
(After Compliments)
Dear Sir
Sub:My complaint 48 days ago.
The complaints lodged by various ex-servicemen seem to remail in the net for others to read.I would appreciate if some responsible person go thru' the same and give a plausible answer.
AY Rajan
ECHS was introduced to reduce medica and surgical treatment burden on static Military Hospitals, altering the commitment of life long free treatment to Ex-Servicemen and trheir dependents. It appears that cost impact was not realistically appreciated in formulating the scheme with incidental foresight. This has resulted in modifications and localization of scope initially advocated.
The incidence of financial in-adequacy has started reflecting in terms of reluctance of empanelled hospitals to entertain referees due to outstanding payments, non-availability of medicines and inability of polyclinics in making local purchases on account of budgetary deficits.
At this rate, the facility may crash and come to a grinding halt. ECHS directorate, to realize the impact, should open a blog to seek comments from beneficiaries and research on inputs from the blog to improveefficacy.
i want to know how much time it will take to implement the new pay scale
Dear officer in charge of ECHS complaints.
I would like to state the following lines for your kind information. We are a hospital who have been giving services to the ECHS patients in and around Kohima in Nagaland. Recently we were given a letter to renew the services. We would like to go on record and state that the payment for services rendered are so bad and delayed that as a small hospital we can no longer continue giving our services for this scheme. In one incidence even after one year of treating a patient, payment of our services have still not been done . It is with much regret that we as a hospital have to withdraw from such a good scheme that helps ex-servicemen and thier families.
I hope that other hospitals are helped by our comments. As we do not know where to address our greviences and as the officers attached to ECHS in our region do not seem to be concerned we are writing in this column.

Dr. Kezhalezo Angami
when is echs staff pay increase please tell iam worried
Hello to all readers,

I am Abhay Vithlani ..& i put a Neutral Complaint here only before few months.

The same matter I want to say again, , What is the Security of an Employee of ECHS ?

Nither They are permanant, No doubt Its a Govt Policy than why there is No increment since last 5
( Five ) Years ??

any answer ??

I want to again say that If u want to drive Bike very fast U have to fill Pure Petrol in enough Quantity.

Second aspect I want to share..I am a civilian employee ( Not Ex Service man ) in ECHS Polyclinic Jamnagar as a Lab Asst and I have experience of Roud behavior from an officer rank ( Ex-Service man ) .It is not correct sense..I am from Gujarat and He said me ""Gujaratis are use less, rubbish"" Is it a Discipline ? Is it a right behavior ?? I want to ask the Central Govt..any upper ranked person, after retirement ..any ex-army officer have rite to say anything about any state ..???

We are civilian and there is discipline maintained in our society..I have proud for my Gujarat.

No one have rite to say any thing about our state...
Dear Sir,

I am an old case of Ankylosing Spondylities since more then 20 yrs. Since there are no effective drugs available for the diseases. Patients have to suffer a great pain every second. Many times the pains are uncontrollable and making the patients to a lead a life of disable person. Many times we have to depend upon others for our normal daily work.

Now there are are new drugs which are available to control the disease. Such as Inj Remicade (Infleximab)/ which is TNF blocker. Which give great relief to all AS patients at the same time enable them to lead a normal life. Protecting the further damage to joints.

These Inj are not available easily to ECHS members .The system is very complicated. Patients keep running between R.R & Base Hospital but all in vain.

There are so many empanelled hospital for all disease but there is none for Rheumatology. Why this discrimination to Rheumatology patients.

Patient with other disease such as heart, kidney etc is given better treatment packages and facilities. Where ever Rheumatology patients are discriminated and left to become disable and keep crying in pain every moment. Let me tell you with my own experience we suffer more then other patients.

There are very few AS patients in comparison to other disease. These patients should be given regular maintenance dose to prevent the damages to their joints and protect their mobility. Otherwise so many disable people will increase.

Request to ECHS Authority and Defense Ministry to include the name of two Hospitals as an impaneled Hospital. Similarly increase the medicine budget for Rheumatology patients. And provide Inj Infleximab who ever are in need.
ECHS, as of today is a " Dependent Organisation" or a Sub-Organisation under Min.Of Defence. It is at present run by the Three forces of the country under the guidance of the ministry. Therefore the voice of the employees is murdered before at the first level ie at the Polyclinic level due to the under mentioned reasons :
(a) The OIC Polyclinic is a 100% Ex Servicemen getting around 16, 000/- to 20, 000/- as a pension from Defence through MOD.
(b) The total monthly emoluments ( Pension + ECHS Salary ) sum upto 30 to 35, 000/-Therefore there is no need for the OIC Polyclinic to raise a voice or let anybody raise his/her voice.

The biggest animoly of the organisation is : (1) Our respected MD and Directors at the Centra Org and Regional Centres are from the regular forces and are permanent staff looking after ECHS Organisation but we the polyclinic staff who are working at the ground level to make ECHS a big success are worse treated with no salary hike since 05 years. This is because there is no independent ECHS, MD and directors at the higher level staff. These regular army officers have a restricted approach towards a civil organisation. " Our House and members of the house will always be safe and happy if the leader is selected from the house not outside the house. " If the Ex-servicemen had cried for a Medical organisation to cater to their medical needs then why can't they take the challenge to the run the organisation by nominating their MD, and Directors. Dear Ex-servicemen Please take a note to this Comment : " Aap Fauz se dooor hue hain Faujion se Nahin".

Abhay Ambulance services — Worst service,


Abhay Ambulance services, located in Panjagutta, hyderabad,

I booked an ambulance with them and they charged me a hefty sum and promised for a good service.

But I got shocked to see the ambulance. They dont have any emergency facilities(even not first aid) and niether the A/C nor Fan works.
The vehicles are in such a condition it wobbles and its so UNCOMFORTABLE a patient to travel there.

Avoid using there services.

Part I. I have applied for ECHS and opted TMH tatanagar (155Kms)as parent clinic. for what ever reason I dont know my parent clinic was changed to Bhuvneshwar (450 Kms) (after tele con it was clarified by IAF pension welfare that by default as my pemanent home address was orissa (Joda) I cannot opt for other centre for my own. However, after activation at parent centre u can avail this service at any place.) So my dear friends I as a obidient exxxxx soilder went to Bhuvneswar (a Bus fare of 190/- and journey of 10-12 hrs )and found that the POLY has shifted and has been placed inside a military campus (where ur suppose to have identification as per the personal at gate) (ur canteen card withur photo wont work for ECHS). however clearing those hurdels found that the ECHS centre computer was down and it wont activate.
Part II- Today I visited ahmedabad and activated, was interviewd with O ic and came to know that since this is not my parent clinic my teeths will not be made. If I want to have that teeth through ECHS I should have recommendation from BBSR (2000 Kms approx) and each time for any severe disease except emergency or re-register myself locally and make new cards.

Now please help me out. If I wish to have Ahmedabad as my parent clinic why, why, why I was not alloted Tata nagar as my parent centre. If that time I was not supposed to have a choice why now?.
and if today why not earlier.

U urself decide what we should say to these system.

One question / suggestion /request to the authorities who control and make policies. India is not merely Delhi (50 sqkms) and some metros . all ur plans are made to cater delhi only and then u declare that it is covering the nation. The centres u create is at the most state HQs . After so many years u dont have a centre at every state capital (then how did u feel that u have covered the nation) a person travels whole night to a centre and founds that he will be treated for cough and cold. So my dear planner u delhi wala can travel 10 kms and have a centre and get ur fever treated. what about me do I have to have Cancer, TB, or such type of disease also enabling me and my dependents to have the stamina of travelling whole night and spending atleast Rs 300 (one way each person) .please, please donot make false claim that u cover the whole nation u tell that we are covering delhi and will be dedicated to it what ever the country man thinks we are not going to assit u rather than put some hurdles so that the people other than delhi wont get this facility


It's not ur mistake complete nation is suffering from delhi mania in every service / facility /development.

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