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[Resolved]  Fiitjee — No fees refund

Dear sir,
i stoped attending fiitjee classes from august 2007 and i paid them a am amount of Rs.81, 943.i requested them to pay me back the remaining amount as i was npt satisfied with the teachings of fiitjee but it is now more then a month and there is no responce of my letter.i want you to take some strict action against this act.
thanking you.

yours sincerely
archit garga
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Aug 14, 2020
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We expect form such institutes someting more than what is taught in school. For class studies, going to school is sufficient. If one is not satisfied, the amount should be returned
FIIT JEE is making business out of young people's lives and the future of India. At IIT Bombay the worst students are coming from FIIT JEE classes. They have no knowledge of the fundamentals of mechanics and have only crammed solutions to a large number of problems. Coaching classes like FIIT JEE are corrupting the education system of India - this was planted by Nehru and propagated by Arjun Singh.
I have given full fee for 2 years course in FIITJEE South delhi office. I am not satisfied by the opaque method they follow. They do not give percentile of the student. In my class instead of four chapter in maths they finished only one chapter. But in the test I have to sit with other classes who has finished all four chapters. Eventually students of my class got lesser number. I failed to understand then how you can evaluate a person's ability. It is so demoralizing.
Seeing the above comments, i find the biggest loss is mine.
I paid an amount around 2, 20, 000 for pinnacle two year class room.My son somehow was not comfortable with the pinnacle classes and was not satisfied.His XI class results had gone down drastically. On asking the reason he told me that pinnacle only focuses on IITJEE level questions and does not even bother to look after 12th board results. The highest percent in his school (of class XI) was 94.8 while his pinnacle class topper was only with 82%.
How can these people make false promises of securing board results?
Secondly he told me that once a concept is taught and if a child is unable to understand, they never bother to reteach the concepts.They never take extra classes. The CPP's which they promise to give after each and every chapter is finished is never given on time and students never return it to the respective pinnacle faculties. The time for solving their doubts is very less. Apart from this he had many more complaints but as far as i remembered i wrote.
Inspite of so many complaints we just asked for a refund.
On asking even a 50% refund of the fee (as my son attended classes just for 6 months), they refused straight.
The matter is not of money.Its of credibility and reliability.
I have high hopes and expectancy from that it will help in taking some strict actions.

My son is in class IX, and attended FIITJEE classes for 4 months, at Bangalore, RT Nagar branch

He stopped going as FIITJEE was dealing with too high level coaching for classIX, as his school marks were getting low
We have paid more than 50, 000/-for 2 years, and are told that we cant get a refund

I think this is not fair and we should get back the refund ASAP
I have paid a sum of Rs.1, 15, 000 to FIITJEE for a 2 year program, however I found FIITJEE to be a deterrent to my school studies. Now I wish to leave the course but I am not being given a refund.

This is a direct exploitation of consumer through unfair policies, & I would like a full refund.
IIT is bellow world 200 top institutes because of the contribution of fiit jee like institutes. they focus how to mug up & vomit in the day of exam. they are contributing for the poor higher education of India.
OM S .'s reply, Dec 24, 2016
Now its an alternative learning centre, excelling imparting mathematics of advanced level.
All the complaints cited are genuine.
My experience with Fiitjee is not good.
The teacher's at fiitjee never even bother to teach the concepts and their focus is only on doing numerical problems. The Physics and Chemistry teachers know nothing about Physics and Chemistry.. they are only capable of solving certain kind of questions.
The teachers teach only selected students who perform well in the class(these students are generally students who take some help from outside or are the children of Engineers). The fiitjee syllabus is quite different from the CBSE syllabus and different chapters are taught at school and at fiitjee at a given time leading to problems in managing school and fiitjee studies Moreover, FIITJEE is extremely expensive

I recommend that you only join FIITJEE if you just believe in getting marks by cramming and you don't care if you get bad marks in Class 11th and 12th exams
All the complaints cited are genuine.
My experience with fiitjee has not been good.
Fiitjee teachers never teach any concept their only aim is to solve numerical problems. The Physics and Chemistry teachers know nothing about Physics or Chemistry.. they are only capable of solving certain kind of questions. The teachers teach only selected students who perform well ( these are the students who take some outside help or the children of Engineers) and the rest of the class sits flabbergasted.

Do think carefully before joining any institute and DON'T believe them when they say that they will cover your CBSE syllabus.The chapters of every subject being taught in school and at fiitjee will be different at any given time. If you are learning Organic chemistry at school maybe you'll be doing the inorganic chemistry chapter at fiitjee... this makes it very difficult to manage fiitjee with school studies.
Join FIITJEE if you believe in getting marks by cramming and if you wish to get bad marks in class 1th and 12th exams
My daughter is a normal student in her studies. I have joined my daughter in four year classroom program at kilpauk. We thought fiitjee classes will improve her knowledge but there is no improvement in her studies and marks in the school were also getting low.i have completely lost all satisfaction in fiitjee.

I have joined fiitjee's 4 year program at South Delhi centre. I thought that it would be good, but they just believe in solving questions, they don't teach you the basics. I want to leave it as my time also gets wasted. I paid them Rs 20, 000 for a year. Will they refund the fees?
I have joined it for a 2 year classroom programme thinking that it may be good but it is not so I am facing problems in maths.
My school results are good but let's see will they improve or go down.
If your child is studying in fiitjee and is not performing well, it's your child's problem. Make him work harder rather than blaming the institution. There's a comment here on how iits not even in top 200 world university ranking because of fiitjee students. Well, why don't students from other coaching institutes perform better and take all the seats occupied by fiitjee students. They didn't pay their way to the iits. They worked hard and better than the non-fiitjeeans who could have taken their seats in iit. If you're paying above 1 lakh in getting your child enrolled in fiitjee then the problem is with your child. Fiitjee has scholarships for everyone who does well. The scholarship exams are very easy and if your child couldn't clear even that then what is the point in enrolling him in fiitjee. Sure it's the institutions job to make your kids smarter and well educated but even the institution has a lower limit for students. Your children are simply dumb. It's not as much as how the teacher teaches but it's more about how you study. The worst students in iit bombay are coming from fiitjee? Oh who on earth gave them admission in iit bombay in the first place... How could they.. Awwww.. And you won't get refunded, read the damn agreements before signing it.

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