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[Resolved]  Fortis Hospital — Callous attitude of the doctors and staff at Fortis

This complaint is about the careless attitude of the doctors and nurses at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA. On Mar 19, 2009, I lost my father due to a cardiac arrest.

On Mar 11, 2009, my father was admitted to Fortis hospital, NOIDA as he was not feeling well. As soon as we rushed him to hospital, the doctors attended to him. After a few minutes we were asked to make an advance payment after which they planned to shift him to ICU. The billing staff took almost 15-20 minutes to fill out the forms and process the payment. As soon I completed the formalities and went back to my father I saw that he was unconscious. The doctor on duty attended to him and told us that he had a respiratory arrest. He was then shifted to the ICU. During the next couple of hours we were clueless as to what was happening as nobody bothered to inform us. We were told that we will be called as soon as the doctors have attended to him. Almost 2 hours later we were told that they will keep him in ICU and they have sent the blood samples to determine if there was any infection in the lungs which caused the respiratory arrest. We were informed that we will get any reports that we need so that we can get a second opinion from any other place that we want.

However, we really had to run around to get a copy of the report. Each day doctors kept saying a different thing about his condition and we were totally lost as to what was happening.

It also seems that taking payments from the patients was of more importance that treating the patient. We were making payments daily as soon as we reached the hospital in the morning. However, we would still keep getting calls in the morning telling us about the payment that was due for the day. When I told them that you do not need to remind me as I am making the payments on my own, I was told that this is the protocol and they need to follow it.

On their part the hospital was very prompt, when it came to asking for payments. But when I required anything like reports or a break-up of the charges, I was made to run around.

There seemed to be discrepancies in the charges also. When I got a detailed break-up of the charges after 3 days, I noticed that there were entries for gloves almost 100-200 gloves being used each day. When I questioned them, I was told different things - that this is not the final bill, or it might has been an error. Then I was made to run around to diffrent people from the Patient Welfare Officer to the nursing supervisor and attendant. In the end, I was told rudely, that they only charge for things that they use. Surprisingly, no gloves were charged for after that date. Gloves were one thing that I could notice because of the high number. I can't even comment on the medicines and other things things that they billed for.

On Mar 18, 2009, my father was shifted out of the ICU. Before that he was conscious and talking to us. His condition seemed to worsen and he was unconscious once he was shifted out of the ICU. We kept on asking the nursing staff and the doctors and they said it was normal as the CO2 level was high. Nobody seemed to bother. Later in the evening he had a cardiac arrest and had to be shifted to the ICU again. But maybe it was too late. He passed away the next morning.

A comment about the nursing staff too. As we were allowed to visit my father in the ICU only twice in a day, we called up at night and early in the morning to inquire about his health. However, the kind of answers that we received were not worthy of the noble profession of nursing. At times we were rudely told that you will be visiting him in the morning so you can check his condition then. The least that they can do is to be courteous and polite to people who are already going though a lot of mental agony.

Fortis' vision is "creating a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care". However, this does not reflect anywhere in the kind of service that they provide.

Nothing I do or say can bring him back. The least I can do through this forum is to make other people aware about the kind of service that is provided at Fortis, NOIDA. I do hope and pray that nobody else goes through this kind of experience.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I lost my brother suffering from CML (Blood Cancer) last month only due to the negligence of Oncologist Dr. Amit Agarwal, Fortis, Noida. He kept on assuring us that my brother will be alright. Only that he had to take medicines every day for almost 6-7 years and regular check ups. Besides, he didn't say anything about precautions or rest etc. Finally his condition deteriorated but the doctor didn't care a bit to change his medicine or treatment. May be he didn't have any clue or knowledge of the disease per se. So these kind of doctors who don't have proper knowledge of the diseases and treatments are recruited by Fortis, Noida. So, please beware and check the credentials of the doctors treating your patient if they are admitted to Fortis, Noida. I don't know whether they treat any patient properly.
Fortis Vasant Kunj is also worst .My Mother was there for 12 days and they did all kinds of test they could do including PET CT and made a huge bill of endless medicnes and in end they said could be cancer . They again took a biosphy and there report came they were againnot sure what to do .

Dr Like Geeta Gupta and Maunder Gupta and their Team Dr Sanjay etc have a very bad attititude .. not giving proper guidance what to do but insteat they want us to get treatment done ASAP .. Treatment of what and what is procedure no one is telling us .

Oonly promt services is "Please pay the Billl "
I also came across very worst experience with FORTIS ESCORTS, Faridbad.
They are all simply money making people. pls don't prefer this hospital. Expecially don't consult Dr. S.K.Kapoor.
I have had a very bad experience with Fortis Jaipur.The doctors are liars over there.I lost my father because of Fortis.They hide all the facts from you.They discharged my father after Coronary By pass surgery done by Dr. Ajeet Bana saying that he is fine and just needs to take his medications on time.He had some respiratory complications after the surgery.But we were told that he is going to be fine and there was nothing to worry about and his lumgs and heart are completely normal.They kept on moving my father back and forth from ICU.So he was on ventilator and oxygen most of the time when he was in hospital.

I am sure my father got a lung infection after or during the surgery which they could not treat. They never accepted this fact.And i lost my father two days after discharge .And they said the reason was aspiration.

They are liars.And they are only there for money not for medical services.I saw on the reports in my fathers room that he had a cardigenic shock.These guys never told us about it.They are liars.But the bottom line is that i lost my father.I can never get him back.No one should go to fortis as you cannot trust them with your lives and your loved ones lives.
I agree. I had a similar experience with Fortis Noida. I admitted my sister who was having vomitting and feeking un-easiness. Within minutes of admission she felt unconcious and went into comma. We were not told anything about what caused this. WIthin an hour she had respiratory arrest. They took around 4 hours to do the CT and around 8 hours to do the MRI, only to say that she had a severe brain haemorraghe and that the situation is critical. THe condition worsend every day and she eventually gave up after 4 days. They are very punctual when it comes to asking for payment, when you go to them with queries they won't give a definitive answer. I am now chasing them through e-mail to answer my queries, but no-one cares. Is anyone aware of how this can be escalated within Fortis. Does anyone has a e-mail of a senior authority in Fortis. Please mail me on harsh.[protected]

FORTIS learder in global hospital market
cnt afford to provide
a toliet soap in private ward
on being depoisting 20000/- rs just for operation which cost just around 7000/-
u poor FORTIS i[censored] cnt afford to manage Rs. 5/- toilet soap just asking me i will provide u whole years stock.
My inlaws faced really a very bad experience yesterday ..they visited a General physician yesterday ...she was unko so hurry n talked with them in such a way as if she is looking for free.My inlaws took a proper appointment n hence it was already paid.she told them that she have to rush to some conference and also three patients are waiting already outside ..n so they should not stay long.what type of attitude is this?? Is this the way you are supposed to treat the patient? My mother in law was having a list of symptoms n problems thay she faces every day.and bcos she may forget some of them, so she innocently listed all her problems on a piece of paper. AS soon as she saw the paper she asked in a very rude n harrasing way that...oh my God you hav so many problems ..she was very rude.she wanted to give my mother-in-law. Some injection. To which my Jim in law is allergic. And when she refused doctor asked her that why did she came to her for any treatment ..if she don't want any...that was so insensible .how can anyone take any allergic medicine and that to knowingly?? She is not a Doctor ...she needs treatment ...Get well soon...doc...
Shocking reviews indeed. Very sorry to know the horrible experiences you all have had to go through. I don't feel able to trust these hospitals anymore. The main underlying problem is a weak and corrupt regulatory body called IMC. There is an urgent need in India for strict and sincere regulations of medical practice and medical education.

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