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Don't approach Global visas for any immigration or visa purpose. They have cheated me 400 pounds.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I am the Director of Global Visas World Wide. I am based in London but currently on business in Cape Town when I was informed of your comment on this site. Our records can not find you on our systems which is strange as they are state of the art and never miss place clients details.

As you can see I nor my company are in the practice of avoiding clients feedback nor would keep anyones money without doing a first rate job. If you would lke to discuss your case with my management team directly I am sure they would be happy to oblige you with a refund.

If however you are a person who is making up stories in India as we have just launched our new Indian Offices and new India website and would prefer we were not in India as we maybe a threat due to our very high international standard of service then I can not help you.

All I can do is assure you Global Visas put our clients at the heart of everything we do and by me sending this reply to you at 10 pm on a Sunday night I hope will show other readers we are going to take the Indian Imigration market by storm as we are unique in the quality of our service.

Even my case also seems to be same.

Because they said it will take to get visa update with min 5-weeks. now it is 7th week.

Till now no update.
Please do not approach Global Visas. They chated me for 800 pounds. They do not provide right information.
Hi Sir,

i just applied immigration for canada and initial payment subimtted.please advise me what to do ? shold i go ahead or not.
Kindly reply me.

Thank You
Manoj Kumar
New Delhi. India
GET YOUR MONEY BACK NOW. The initial fee is the application fee, which they will NOT do for you. I have been TRYING To work with them for 3 months and they had even begun my application. GET OUT of it now. Good Luck. Liam Clifford has received NUMEROUS complaints from myself and I have never received a response.

The staff has told me that they are all quiting becuase it is a SCAM. They take your money and do not provide any service they promise.
Mr. Clifford,

With all do respect, do you check your emails? I have sent you numerous emails and I have not received the full refund I requested. You tend to post that these complaints do not come from customers, but we all have the same issues, NO SERVICE is provided after payment is received. I paid 1200GBP and not one step was done for my application.My case worker was always "sick" and completely incompetent.

I ended up preparing my own application and it took me 2 hours with the documents I gave to GV, which they held it for 6 weeks!

You should spend more of this time responding to current customers and not trying to get new ones that your Company cannot handle.

Another dissatisfied customer,
Penelope Aquino
I tried to get refund they said once money depositted cant get refund this is out of policies. how can i get refund. tell me way please

Thank You
Manoj Kumar
am planning to approach with global visas, shall i go ahead with them?
Kindly advice which consultant is best for HSMP?
Global Visas is the worst imaginable service. I too submitted my materials to my "consultant, " who then ignored all of my emails, never answered the phone, and never returned my phone calls. As for filing a complaint---What a joke. They take two weeks to even ACKNOWLEDGE that the complaint was received. They should be ashamed of themselves for swindling people who come seeking their help in good faith. As for the people that work there: I only wish upon you what you have done to me. They cost me $3000 and a job offer.
i agree! they cheated my money too. after months of emails trying to get back my money they finally agree to refund 50% of my money. it's been more than a month now and there is no reply after that.. and my money.. is still lying out there... my hard earned money...
Totally agree with the comments about Global Visa's. They have scammed me for near on £400 and I have been trying to get this back for over a year. They change their staff to avoid dealing with you and you end up going through the same process with a new person. Its stressful enough without being scammed and then after doing nothing for you they threaten legal action...what a joke this company is.

What ever they say they will do, don't believe a word of it - AVOID them big time. If you are thinking about immigration then find another company and check the reputation before you hand over any monies.

Also complain to UK OISC and trading standards as they will act upon multiple complaints like these.
same story as above ...
Agreed to every satement made above, these people will call you day and night when you fill-up a online form and the moment they get the money they are seeking GBP 400 or GBP 1400 depnding on the type of con game the advisor/agent is capable of - they suddenly stop replying to your emails or even calling you.

Their objective is making money only, had they focussed on the service money will automatically flow, same story of the farmer and the goose who laid golen eggs..

Sheer nonsense service
The service is poor and despite anything they say, don't expect a refund. They don't answer emails, or respond to phone messages. They will state that you are getting a refund, and go as far as to ask for your bank details, but the money will not appear in your account. I suspect they promise a refund in order to drag out the time it takes a client to complain to the OISC - the longer you go before making a complaint the more difficult it is for the OISC too review your case.

If your situation requires that something is done quickly - definitely don't use them - as they are extremely slow!
anyone successfully taken back their money pls give some indication... they didnt even bother to obtain my bank info after promising the refund..and guys out there.. don be fooled by the first comment posted above by director of the conman company. i emailed him as well.. and as expected, there is no reply from them.
Do not work with Globak Visas!

Imcompetent and slow! Signed the contract with them to submit and collect my application - turned out I had to submit in person. Still waiting for the refund of the application fees with exactly the same experience as everyone who has written above.
Liam clifford, we are gonna take you down in that storm!
This is War.
It asks questions and asks viewers to send smses with "Jeeto" at 57575 and win thousands of rupees. No matter how many smses you send you will never be called back. Each sms costs rupees ten!!

I send many smses and knew all answers but was never called back. There were instances where after 15 minutes no viewer was called and the question lapsed!

I think this is a all staged where sometimes someone from their own team calls up and actually no one gets paid. The unsrupulous channel with the telecom service providers only make fools of gullible viewers!

These people are cheats! These kind of shows should be banned...people are lured to part with thier hard earned money.

Please do something.
I agree..Global Visas are big time cheaters...they swindled me of 450 GBP...please dont take their services...This is my request to people across the globe. Save your hard earned money from these scoundrels..Its frustrating to get cheated like this...take care.
Have they paid you to type all this rubbish?? Or you are one of them? if you had got would know how it feels..we have written what we have experienced so at least other innocent people will be goodwill...nothing else..if you got your work done successfuly from them..ur lucky...we lost our hard earned money.. hope you understand that.. don't be so inconsiderate..we have nothing against you...who are you to say we are talking rubbish?

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