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Don't approach Global visas for any immigration or visa purpose. They have cheated me 400 pounds.
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Aug 13, 2020
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looks like the way they cheated everyone's money is all the same. i posted something more than a year ago.. and i did not get back my money. i wrote to the guy who posted the first post. i wrote to OISC but they said they only handle complains but will not help you to get back your money. they took my credit card number and subsequently told me im not eligible (no charges made yet). subsequently after 2 mths when i emailed to check again my eligibility status with new salary scheme.. they immediately charged GBP400 to my card without contact me or allow further queries at all!!! that is stealing! and the consultant assigned to me never reply email to my complaints.. the so called complaint department promised to refund GBP200 (out of the GBP400, reason being 'consultant fees' charged for enquiries) but no email since then. i am not sure how they get away with all the cheatings. and apparently the negative complains about this company at quite a few websites get removed instantly!
I have had the same problems as all of you,

Why has nothing been done to this company? I am going in to see the this week - not sure if that will be wirth anything but I am not letting this slide.

Have any of you received your money back?
I'm so angry with Global Visa's. They have ripped me off and treated me like for the last 2 years. Apparently they have just opened another office in Australia, so I really don't want to see other people get ripped off. I want to see them go down...! Come on... let all take action and go to the media.

Message me back on this board and I'll contact you. My email address is above is incorrect.

IN the uk there is a law called unfair contract terms law 1977 which protects the consumer againt companies who intentionally put unfair terms in their contracts which are defavourable to the consumer. thats why people should sue them, FOR UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS


Scambusters Team
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square
To people who dont know where to complain and they I have an idea: why dont you contact the daily mail news paper in the United Kingdom, they can run a story about the scam that Global Visas are running. So why dont you write your complaint to newspaper reporters, they would love a good story to investigate. For all the people who dont know where to send their complaint I have put together the email addresses of Daily Mail reporters, just send your complaints to the following email addresses( you can mention in your complaints that Global Visas has unfair terms in the contracts they offer to their clients, terms trapping their customers into paying full fees but Global Visas having no obligations at all in case of bad advice given – they call it expertise- or in case they would delay your visa or not return calls and emails):
so keep on complaining to:

s.[protected], s.[protected], v.[protected], e.[protected], d.[protected], j.[protected], d.[protected], r.[protected], m.[protected], peter.[protected], d.[protected], p.[protected], r.[protected], t.[protected], f.[protected]

Remember if you dont complain nothing will change so lets get this company investigated properly by the newspapers

It is logical to think that people who are affected by global visas will google search to find a place to lodge their complaint.

No one will bother to search for a complaint blog if they do not have complaint.

Why are you in this blog?.
I think u r one of the deceptive sales consultant of Global Visas,
I feel you are pissed off.

by writing rubbish and filling the webpage will not hide the truth.


On Aug 7th 2009, I entered my contact number in global visas website when I was accessing my eligibility for the HSMP visa. Immediately, one of the Immigration consultants (Mr Bhuvan Sharma) from global visas called and promised that Global visas will process and post my application. He demanded a payment of £300 deposit before any consultation and signing of contract letter. The sale consultant was very pushy; he said he will give me discount if I initiate the payment with him on the same day. He kept on saying that Global Visas are very trusted organisation and authorised by OISC. He put lot of pressure on me and kept on telling me that I have to make up my mind immediately and I have to pay the deposit instantly. He kept insisting that global visas abide by No VISA No Fees policy. He sent a contract letter through email and said I have to sign and fax the letter immediately so they can process my application on the same day.

After paying the deposit and signing the contract letter, no consultation took place. Few weeks later, I learnt through home office website and another Global Visas consultant that I was given incorrect information about my eligibility to apply for HSMP visa from UK by Global Visas, false information about the consultation and home office fees.

Since they cannot provide me the service I want, I called the Global Visas to refund the initial payment. The Immigration consultant promised to refund me the initial deposit and asked me to wait for 14 days.
Fourteen days later, instead of refunding, the manager of Global Visas sent me an email saying I should pay a further £735 as their consultation fees for the service that they cannot provide, if I do not pay they will incur the payment through dept collection team with penalty interest and cost of £250 per hour for time pursuing the debt. When trying to communicate with the manager (Taimur Jawed) by telephone about my case, he spoke to me in very rude manner, upsetting and said I was boring him.

I have telephone conversation recordings with Global Visas and other proofs that show how global Visas fooled me.

I believe, the fact about my visa application process should have been evident to anyone with even basic understanding of the immigration system. I do not understand how any firm would have taken money to assist me to apply for a visa that I am not eligible (making false promise of success), give incorrect information about the consultation and home office fees. The Global Visas also has a very unfair contract terms. I do not understand how such organisation has been authorised in UK.

According to The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 Common law Scotland, the work should be carried out with reasonable care and skill for a reasonable charge. Global Visas has breached the proper service, by providing incorrect guidance and unreasonable charge.

According to The misrepresentation Act 1967, the contract letter I signed with Global Visas is not valid because the contract letter was signed based on the information provided by Global visas that were turned out to be untrue.

Global visas has provided me misleading information about my visa application process (promised me to get a Tier 1 visa from UK which later turned out that, it can only be obtained from India according Home Office. Global Visas also mentioned an application fees for the Home Office and their consultation which again turned out to be incorrect) and drawn money from my credit card and camouflaged to sign the contract letter. Instead of refunding me the promised £300, they are charging me further £735 through dept collection team for the service that they cannot provide me.

I have complained to OISC, I learnt that OISC will take 6-8 months to investigate my case. Several people have complained to OISC. OISC has neither offered any compensation to them nor fined Global Visas for their breaches.

I believe Global Visas are deliberately taking money from people promising to take an service that they cannot deliver, and give misleading information to people to make them sign the contract letter.
I believe Global Visas offer to their clients unfair contract terms, they use the signed contract letter and debit money from the bank for the work they have not done.

I will be pleased if we all work togetter bring Global Visas to the court and takes necessary action to prevent Global visas deceptive sales consultants and Global visas unfair contract terms victimising any further individuals.

Global visas are a set of [censored], I went with this company to get a visa for Australia, which I truly regret, absolute amateurs, I paid a deposit of £431 for them to start with my application, and they did nothing, every time I phoned them up or E - Mailed them about a query, it was the same every time, no response back from my E - Mails, leave messages on the phone no responses, but they were there phoning up straightaway when they wanted the 2nd deposit, even though they did virtually nothing, eventually I lost patience and cancelled my visa, all what these tossers are bothered about is getting your money, they are sending me letters saying that I owe £1400, In time I will be taking global visas to court, if anyone wants help with shutting this company down I will be more than happy to help, lets get them shut down quick so they wont be able to rip off people.
Global Visa are an utter disgrace. Some people will do anything rather than work. 2009 has been horrendous for myself and my family as I lost my husband in a road accident on 30 Dec 08. Myself, my two sons and other family and friends have been distraught. We now have the added stress of Global Visas taking my son to court when it is Global Visas who need taking to court. They ought to hang their heads in shame. I am a great believer in "What goes around comes around". They probably think that nothing will happen to them, but they will get punished eventually. They make the Kray Twins look like pussy cats. Global Visas have no morals. I would rather have someone point a gun at me and rob me. At least you know what they are up to!!! My son has always been hard working until Dec 08 when he lost his job. He has not worked since. He now has these fraudsters hounding him for money. I would like Global Visas to come up with proof of what they have done for my son apart from demand money off him. The work they have done would probably not cover the back of a postage stamp. LET US GET GLOBAL VISAS CLOSED DOWN!!!
Global Visa are an utter disgrace. They are praying on vulnerable people at a time of economic turmoil when all these decent people want to do is make a better life for themselves. They are taking hard earned money from people illegally. These shysters would not know an honest or hard days work if it hit them in face. The company are thieves and fraudsters who should be sent to prison for a long time to send out a message to similar rip off companies that they are liable to some comeback. They should be closed down immediately and all funds gained illegally should be repaid in full.
I am totally stranded in South Africa - on my own - due to Global Visas. I was advised by Nicholas in the London Office that global visas would get my retirement visa easier for me as i was moving abroard within a few weeks They took 695 pounds from me. My documents were sent to Robbie Ragless in Cape town who assured me that my passport would not go out of his sght as he had power of attorney to process it all. He aid my passport would be returned within a week or two. That was in JULY 2009 . It is now MID - OCTOBER 2009 - i have no passport - no visa - my flight was in 2 days but have had to change it at great cost. i am totally disgusted with Global Visas who ay that Home Affairs in Nelpruit lost my passport??? Home Affairs say it was never sent. I am going to take this company to court in the uk for negligence etc. WHEN I GET BACK! any one else had these problems?




GlobaL Visas is a SCAM, thats for sure ... there sales people would say anything to take your money and their CASE WORKERS are highly INCOMPETENT ...

Please stay away from Global Visas .. they are a SCAM
They are fraudulent and have been set up to take foreigner's hard earned money.

I am looking to file a lawsuit on behalf of all the indivudals who have been abused by this company. If you have had issues with Global Visas please email:

I will submit to a solicitor all the claims to begin an action suit on the behalf of the group of individuals.

Thank you.
me and my partner got in touch with global visas back in april/may this year and filled out application form to see if we quallified for federal skilled worker and within a week we had a call from simon koe from global visas, we was told we did qualify and over the phone we paid £250 using my debit card and we gave our card details over so they could take monthly installments to pay the cost of the visas, what a mistake!!!.things were going fine we filled out loads of forms and sent them back waited a while then filled out more forms sent them back and they were checked again by simon koe by this time we had paid 3 instalments of nearly £400 pounds each time, our forms was all sent to the canadian office and then all of a sudden we had a call from canada saying we didnt qualify as a skilled worker but we could make a false application and say that my partner worked as a nurse in a hospital in england, we declined straight away, this was because simon koe had made a mistake, thats when the fun started!!! We got in touch with the london branch and told them to STOP all payments from our account because of simons mistake we also wrote to global visas in london saying the same STOP all payments from our account and to give us a refund because of the wrong advice from simon koe, one week later global visas took another £400 pounds from us so i got in touch with my bank telling them to stop any more going to global visas but because we paid with a debit card we coudnt stop payments.i have made so many phone calls to this company and in the end they said that we would get a refund but only if we seeked legal advice first, well i thought that was a joke, but i did and the solicitor told me what to write but if i was to ask him to take on my case it would end up costing me more than what i was owed, so global visas said we can have a refund and we would have to wait 60 days so we waited then i got in touch and they said the cheque is in the post, six weeks later im still waiting so i got in touch again and was told it has been sent and to chase it up with the post office.i have been in touch with BBCwatch dog today and maybe they will get back to me soon. i would URGE anybody thinking o[censored]sing global visas to stay well away as they have treated me and my partner really badly and its been a night mare trying to get a refund.I might just use a solicitor to get my money back just so global visas dont bend me over a barrel and shag my again.j christopher marie adeyemi from penzance cornwall
In case you are wondering if or how other people got their refund, it is true, people got their money back by complaining!!!

read the article about where to complain at



someone in this article got a refund by contacting the newspapers and asking them to investigate!!!

so please contact the people newspaper

the person who wrote the article and investigated is
Eddie Fitzmaurice

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[protected], [protected],
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This business seems to be a total sham. I've been duped of £250 for a phone conversation. I have an email from them promising my refun by cheque but inspite of repeated follow-ups I've had no response!! Avoid this company like a plaugue!!
They are a cheat. They said I am eligible; After paying couple installments; I realized that they lied me. When I called them to withdraw my case as they misled me they said they can manage it. They agreed they do this for every applicant for Canadian Immigration. They offered me that they will proceed with the case and they will take care of all. I just I do not want to do that. It took 6 months for the refund to be approved. Now that it is approved the Canadian manager said he will refund in 2 months; but not yet. I call him; but all the time some one picks the call; only to say me that he is out of office.
global visa you are taking too much time return money

what you think if you will not reply my mail i will forget my money

you promise to people and take money you are cheated like this people ok i need my money i am not your consultancy donner to give and leave my money


whatever you change management thats not my problem i give money to global visa not ashish singha and swateb whaantever person don't know ok see the receipt mr manager of global visa

understand mr manager whatever you name

i hate to come to your office also so its good if you deposit money to account you know maybe what will happend when i will be your delhi nehru place office

when i will come there is no time you can beg like street beger
I have my case with global visas, from year 2008,
first intial payment I have made by cheque, and they said in writing that they will take payments on installment bases afterwords whatever remaining amount,

2nd payment I have made through cheque, and then 4th one through my debit card, once I have given them my debit card details, they took payment without even notifing me that they are making transaction, they took about £317 from my account after that I have emailed them that why they did not notify me for this payment, and they made another transaction of £650 of remaining amount, without asking me or notifiying me, because, I have my file with them I did not do any case of fraud on them.they said because we were thinking that you are not going to make payment, so we have took all remaining balance.( said by Liam Clifford)

after year later they said immigration rule been changed so we can not process your file on wife's name but we can do on your name, My file has been submitted in STAGE 1 process, and then after 3 months I have started chasing them, but no reply from them, all they said is we have not received any kind of documentation from CIC yet,

in this month they have received my file number on first week of FEB 2010, and they said we need to prepare 2nd stage documents, and I need to submit before 27th FEB to their office in London,

I have sent them documents on 17th FEB, in next day delivary, and on 22nd FEB they replied me that your file is been rejected as we did not submitt documents,

I have asked them what date you have received my file number? and they refused to provide me documents as a client I can not ask that documents.( said by Holly Maccalne),

I want to take this people to court and refund my all money, plus waste of time, and Negligance about my case,

I have numeriously time called them but no answer from them. either by phone or email.


they are nothing but false people.

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