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I have purchased a social networking Website Script to be Launched for my Upcoming Site Click4fame.com for 12000/- Rupees from http://www.2daybiz.com/ a website Owned by i-Net Solution, Chennai.

It is mentioned on site that Consumer will get Source code provided, 10 years free technical support, 5 years free update and free script installation. Brand Removal. I have asked for a little modification on main page "Can I have a Featured Member box added where it is written "Welcome to 2daybiz.com and its description" the size can be 300x300 or the total size can be description plus banner where it is written Not a Member Yet.

The Featured Member can be displayed after admin selection."

and it was said that modification work will be done Free of Cost.

I paid an amount after all these promises an amount of 12000 Rupees on 6th October 2009 through Cheque and it was send through speed Post along with covering Letter. Details of Cheque are
"Name of Bank : IDBI bank, Cheque No - 595641, Branch - Ajmer."

After the money was received the script was installed on 22nd October 2009 but No changes were done.

I have always to ask about the modifications to be done like copyright Removal, and Featured profile.

While I checked the script I was having problem from Day 1.

Intially Copyright Notice was not removed. After 2-3 mails it was somehow removed.

I asked for the source code but not given intially and told about the heavy size but after 6-7 mails they send an encrypted code.

After the script was installed I was unable to Login on 25 October 2009. I wrote back and this was solved on 28 october. But still footer of the page was not displaying. After 9 days on 5th November 2009 I again wrote back and Complained about the script not working and some errors that were observed by me. In meanwhile they spread a virus on my site as it was being handled by them. When I asked them they said the site is infected by virus - again problem.

Despite of Company telling about the Free Support the error was not fixed and I have on my own to delete the Files and Upload it again.

On 12 November I was given the Source Code and I uploaded the script by 16 th Nov 2009.

On 24th November I got a reply asking database. I set it up and gave on 7th December.

From that day the script was setup Finally on 10th December. But still all the previous problems remaining the same. No Copyright removal , instead of that the script was Locked- I do not Know the reason.

After asking a number of times it has been not done till date - The script is Locked, No Featured Profile Added on Main page, and minor errors were not fixed . After calling on Phone the answer was always positive but No work Done.

When I asked for refund then they only did th correction in script but I am not sure about it as I have not checked it.

I am asking a refund of my money 12000/- Rupees but after this they got the script fixed but only Minor changes.

I have mentioned to them that Please refund my money back but they are not paying it Back moreover they are saying that they will not refund a singe rupee.

Please Get me Justice.

Sarvesh Gautam
Shambhu Nath Gautam
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dont buy anything from 2daybiz.com...its very Ford company
really believe me
I want my Money Refund of 12000/- Rupees plus a compensation of 50000/- Rupees
It is a very worst company in Chennai they wont give salary properly and the poor management policies.
so, please don't join in this company as a employee.it will spoil your career !
Don't Buy any scripts from i-Net Solution (http://www.i-netsolution.com) or 2DayBiz (http://www.2daybiz.com) They are worthless and end of the day you will suffer alot. Be careful about these scammers. they will promise everything forsake of getting the intial payment or whole payment. After that, they will just forget who you are.
I disagree. iam satisfied and i have got 2 scripts. Good service from HEMA.
I was working as a employee and got good skills and knowledge sharing. i hope you have no skill to work their. so they would have stopped your salary. so my friend better get proper knowledge ravi.
Is it possible for your company to atleast show one best Development project or atleast one best developed scripts ever ? Without any bugs? If i show you your big mistakes, then are u ready to leave this field?
i thought only employees from i-net only affects. by get his pending payment and exp letters. Now client too.
i do not know if client is not satisfy employees and employee not satisfy where is the problem.
Client get a response till the release a fund. Employee get a salary [ and respect] until they say his notice period . If this continues name affects . Now i-net employees are main part of Top companies. They did not loose big beyond. two month salary and all.Management know what they lost. as my company's Employee Now in top position of company . why my company can not. Because No satisfy employes and no satisfy Client. Only those can able take any company next level.

S Sivakarthikeyan
For All Customers Who Buy Any Products

For the kind information of all customers who have popped up with complaints: You as a customer are provided with a demo version of the product before you purchase them. These products also come with its own Terms & Regulations as defined in the disclaimers / license, Details of Available Features and/or Details of Enhancement Possibilities. You are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING INTEREST to read through these documentations, understand it and assimilate it. In case you have not understood any part of these documentations, you are supposed to approach someone who understands them and guides you well before you purchase them. You CANNOT / HAVE NO RIGHTS to defame any company just because your understanding level was low or you have not received any favor that was not in line with the company/ product norms. You purchase a product if you are SATISFIED/ HAPPY with the demo. You cannot blame a company/ product after you purchase them and after you have seen a demo. If you do so, this indirectly implies you were blind while taking a demo.

For All Ex-Employees Who Complain Of Poor Salary Structure & Management

You accepted a position in this firm through a one-to-one interview. I am sure your salary was also discussed during the same along with the management policies. Which means you EVEN ACCEPTED your future salary and other benefits. Were you DUMB during your interviews? or were you DEAF? If either is the case then do not blame the company. And if you are talking about salary hikes..the company hikes your salary if you take interest to hike the incomes of the company. It is purely a GIVE AND TAKE POLICY. The company is not running any charity shows to throw away money for no use of any low performing employees. If you have not got any salary hike during your tenure with the company which means your performance levels were too low even though you might have skills.

For All Employees Who Are Now Placed In Top Companies After Working With I-Net/2DayBiz

Congratulations & All the best for your future !! We are pleased that you people are now placed on top But do not forget / blame your STEPPING STONES to success. i-Net is in a way a reason behind your success. You cannot climb on top of your terrace with ease without using ladder. i-Net was the first step of your ladder though you might now feels the step was dirty. Again if you continue bad mouthing your stepping stones then there would be a time when you look back you would find your past dirty, present in hell and future in dismay !

For Vasanth, John and other customers who have given positive support

Hi, Whoever said, for my future, the company (i-net) is my first step.. As i ex-employee i never forget their co-ordinate at any moment..

Thanks again!
yes Rajeshkannan that fine there thick bind between the employess. who i never see it anywhere. but my point is why they go away. why mangement let him go out. whoever go out all have bad exp. i can give a list.
Hello Mr

We did not accept your complaint againts Inet Solution (2daybiz).We are checked your domain. script working fine. You Need you configure remaining thinks from admin panel. Product Script Cost you spend 12000 rupees only. If you want Good Software with Good Condition you need to create your own sciprt from development company.If you want project will your thought you will spend more money (in laks).This script worth for your money...

I See the script and then I check your domain. I think you change all in your admin section.

I know i-Netsolution employees is spend more and more time to create this scripts. I am ex-employee I know very well.

Contact Support team. They do best jobs.
Hi alagiri,

If you want Good Software with Good Condition you need to create your own sciprt from development company
This means the provided software not in Good condition. it have feature for given Rs.
Can anyone expect a cheater based in Chennai selling useless softwares and never giving complete software with installation support.

First they said they will provide installaion Free.
Now asking money for the service.

On his website they say Lifetime services but in real they don't give you any service from the next day itself.

On insisting he will come down to the level of asking your wife to send him for free installation.

Here is the details fo his company.

No.1, Ayyavu Street, Opp. to Indian Bank (Aminjikarai Branch),
Shenoy Nagar, Aminjikarai P.O,
Chennai - 600030
Tamilnadu State, India
Tel : +[protected]
Cell: +[protected]
Hi raaexpress,

i think you are their competitor, thats why you put all this non sense message without having any shame of you.

they have written in their site for installation cost is there. why dont you check that and then purchase.

i think you are very jealous of them

ha ha ha ha ha
The Company is Totally Fraud and Don't Buy any scripts from i-Net Solution (http://www.i-netsolution.com) or 2DayBiz (http://www.2daybiz.com) They are worthless and end of the day you will suffer alot. Be careful about these scammers. they will promise everything forsake of getting the intial payment or whole payment. After that, they will just forget who you are.

The Government Should Ban these type of Companies and Persons involved with them..

Totally Fraud.

Ramesh Kumar
This Company is Totally Cheater Company and here is the Proof.

Attention! Thieves and cheaters!
Dont Buy Script in this company Don't Buy any scripts from i-Net Solution (http://www.i-netsolution.com) or 2DayBiz (http://www.2daybiz.com) They are worthless and end of the day you will suffer alot. Be careful about these scammers. they will promise everything forsake of getting the intial payment or whole payment. After that, they will just forget who you are. if u calll that number nobody is answering...
2daybiz.com I-Net Solutions all these are big mother .
Believe me i lost my hard earned money with them, they gave me a complete useless script not working at all. I left these people and hire a good software company to complete my site.
They cheated me with $300+ USD.

Also everyone please note that all positive comments are only posted by them. Its logic that a satisfied customer will never come here to even read or post positive comments, no one is having time. Only people who are cheated by these crooks put comments so that others know what a fraud company is this.

Do not buy a single script or anything from them, i know one of the ex employee of this company through emails and he told me that these people download free scripts from internet, modify it in layout and sell.

They even don't have staff of 70 just 4-7 people working.
So stay away from them.

2daybiz.com cheaters.. fraud

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