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 Rashmi K
IDEB has a project Whitefield in Bangalore called Tivoli...The project started in 2006 and the company (IDEB Parkway holding) have sold more than100 flats to people promising possession in 2007 and 2008.But the company has been delaying construction and even thgough all the buyershave paid more than 80% of the sale consideration, the construction and registration of the project is not underway.
Various public notices have been filed but the Company nor its MD - HS Bedi, have responded.The copany office, based in Sigma Tech Park, Bangalore, just has a few staff left and none of these people answer any of the questions posed by the buyers nor provide information on where the Directors like Bedi or Gajra can be contacted.
Legal Notices have gone unanswered,Just Dial numbers are always in the busy tone and even the project loans sactioned by banks like HDFC have been defaulted.
The builder - IDEB and Parkway- owned by HS Bedi and Gajra are still walking free trying to cheat more people despite complaints.This further points to a strong political and illegal nexus between various banks and statutory bodies which have choosen to keep quite .
This further points to the sad fact that the laws of the country are there only to protect rich and powerful while the common man gets easily cheated of their hard earned money and savings by such fraudulent builders.
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resolution in place - builder confirmed registration
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We also have a similar complaint as we have paid 15% of the amount for another project called RIVERSPRING, in Nov 2007 during pre launch. The project never took off and now we are left without any signs of the money being returned. The phones are unanswered and no one knows what will happen.

This is Dinesh, From PUNE, you all people cheated at Bangalore, But the same HS BEDI has a Project at Pune also, We all get Cheated with him.

Even Our case is also the same. Please try and help others not to go with IDEB Project and not loos their hard earned money.

Please help our Brothers and Sisters not to loos the maoney in expection of House. Please send this mail to the chain of people whome you know and protect others. The Ultimately the GOD is there to punish IDEB & the Owner. Our Legal things can't work as we are too small for this. At list same others.
The case on IDEB Tivoli has been withdrawan as per the settlement agreement between IDEB and Parkway. The work in IDEB Tivoli has start in full swing, they have even given an advertisement in Times Property that they are back in business.

The whole project would be completed in next 10 months, as per the project plan shared by them to the Tivoli owners.
Settlement might have been reached, but work is moving at snails place.Its going to be difficult to win the trust back from the customers, after what they have done.
Hi, builder is telling that they will complete the project in 10 months and will handover to association, I was planning to buy a flat in IDEB tivoli but it seems that now I have to think over my decision again..
Please don't buy any flat in IDEB Project, Still If you want to buy then only god has to take care of you.

The worst builder I have ever seen!!!

Please don't buy and even don't recomend to any one to buy
Just wanted to check the flats out ...earlier the 3 beds were sold as 1825 sqft now the same is being sold at 1865 sqft...where did this additional 40 sqft come from.

The charges seem crappy and just appear to be made up on paper to get money out of you.

All checks directly go to HDFC as that have attached the property.

GO AT YOUR OWN RISK. They will get your money and you will get the experience
Only around 60 people appear to work there and the work is far from being complete.

There is no sales office and no one seems to care the only person selling stuff is very soft to you but somehow I heard a conversation and was astonished at his attitude towards the person he was talking to.
we bought a flat recently in tivoli, the floor plans are good infact much better that any other project in the surrounding. The price offered is also very competitive. Builder has told all the problems which existed.

We also spoke to the actual owners who have confirmed that all the problems have been sorted out. all in all its a very good buy. especially looking at the growth aspect on this particular strech.
reply to "tivoli cheated"... we read your comments and asked the builder about it.

1. Change in the area is because the club house area was added recently to the super built up area. we also checked with other builders, they also confirmed that they add the clubhouse and common amenities area to super built up area.
2. Charges are nominal, we have compared with other projects in the surrounding like forest hills, flushing meadows, orchid and other projects in the surroundings.
tivoli buyers, got a letter yesterday from Parkway director Mr Gajra that they have taken over tivoli project. I bought a flat in Tivoli in 2006 and have been following the project closely, including interacting with Mr Bedi and Mr Gajra since then. as per my info project was going well till 2009 when Mr gajra started taking out public notices against the project itself forcing work at site to stop. It appears both IDEB and PARKWAY were equal partners in the project.we were able to meet Mr Bedi (he stays at bangalore) but were unable to meet Mr gajra as he stay in Calcutta(i am told he still stays there only).
Any way now we have Parway Developments p ltd running the show, who is not a contractor, no track record of devlopment, not available in bangalore to deliver the project. I have also learnt that Parkway is actually owned by a guy out of singapore, some Praveen Tewani and not Mr Gajra as we thought.
At least with mr Bedi, he was accessable, a local and a known developer/contractor.
but now we have no idea who is running the show. I have met couple of employees of Parkway and they are ex employees of Ideb whose services were terminated by the Co for mis appropriation of funds.
So folks beware of Parkway and Mr gajra till we meet the man behind the show with a commitment to deliver.I have also learnt that they parkway owes a lot of money to HDFC Bank and they have taken over the property. Parkway is now trying to pressurise us to pay but are secretly agreeing to pay interest to customer at 18% for delaying the project and taking out public notices against tivoli in 2009.
I have also learnt that due to non payment of money to HDFC Mr Gajra and Tewani were also arrested and are out on bail.
Beware folks before we part with our saleries to Parkway and Mr Gajra>

rockstar Ravi- a buyer in Tivoli
I agree, just got a letter from Parkway saying that work has started but i went to site and there is nothing going on. they are committing completion by 30 nov 2011 but what about delay of 2 years caused by them due to public notices taken out by Mr gajra / parkway. what if they dont deliver again and delay.letter names staff who were working with IDEB earlier. I called parkway office, there are only 3/4 people employed in parkway and the lady confirmed that Mr gajra stays in calcutta and parkway owner is one Pradeep Tewani who stays in singapore and owns UPTRON.
suggest that Parkway commit on damages for delay first and confirmed dates of delivery and in case they delay a confirmed rental to us.
I will request everyone to please stop spreading this nonsense rumor about Tivoli, Work has already started at Tivoli and they are in constant touch with their buyers. They have even agreed to put in the delay clause for every customer. I get to speak almost every week with Parkway folks and they are very helpful.

I had been in constant touch with Parkway all throughout and let me tell you it’s because of Mr. Gajara's efforts that this project has moved forward else this project would have never seen light of the day. We even met HDFC regional manager and even he appreciated Mr. Gajara's and Mr. Goyal efforts to resolve the issues.

I am one of the proud owner of Tivoli and still very much happy with my decision. If you are also a owner of Tivoli then please join Tivoli @ yahoo Groups and get genuine updates about Tivoli. Ofcourse the group is restricted and you will have to prove your ownership at the time of sending the request.
Mr. Ravi,

I also have a flat in Tivoli. And i am member of the yahoo group. Please let us know your flat No. When we met HDFC people, they were very comfirtable when Parkway was taking over the project and so we are. Please stop spreading bad things about the project. This is like, we are damaging our own house.
Dear ravi,

If what you say is true and if parkway is stopping this project, what is stopping IDEB or Mr.bedi from completing their SPRINGVILLE project. why has that been stopped. such a known developer/contractor should have completed it long time back.
Dear Digital 123 and geeta 1985,
you appear to be on the defensive on the project, request visit the other web site where truth is also emerging from the other buyers. we are not concerned oh HDFC but only for our flats which we purchased 4 years back. your defensive attitude and comments give the indication that you are hidding something and protecting Parkway, Mr gajara or the real owners behind Parkway who we dont know where they stay.
we only want our flats and compensation for delay from people who took out news paper notices against the project. It was mr gajra< Parkway who in 2008/2009 took out large news paper adv against the tivoli project and the Co. the work the stopped and now Parkway only says everything is Ok and we will give posession by november.that is very good but question is
a) what about 2 years interest on our money which was stuck because of Parkway
b) what if the project is delayed further.will Parkway give us market rentals of Rs 13000 for 2 bed roomand Rs20000 for 3 bedroom for every month of delay.
c) we also met mr Bhatt of HDFC and he has confirmed that all money being paid by buyers will first go to liquidate the bank loan. so our money will pay of bank loan, no wonder HDFC is happy, he gats his money and what about us!!!

We all know Tivoli is a good project and that is why we bought a flat, but can parkway/mr gajara/ mr tewani escape paying us compensation.
It is our hard earned money...not HDFCs or parkways which is stuck for so long.

rock star ravi

Kindly reveal your flat number so that atleast we can know you are a tivoli buyer. as far as we know every one are happy with Parkway Developments Pvt. Ltd. development in taking over the tivoli project from the clutches of IDEB/Bedi. I have also heard that his springville project hdfc had put board which their employees have removed. He is trying to sell all his projects. He had a meeting with all the vendors and toldthem to forefeit 75% money and balnce 25% will be given after 3 years which is not agreed by the vendors. I came to know that he had proxy votes made by his employees whic the vednors had caught also.
Dear Ravi,

Even we have parted with our hard earned money, so if u are a genuine buyer let us know your flat number. Replying to your questions
1. Did IDEB guarantee compensation for you. every body in the forum knows how hard/tough it was to even reach employee/s of IDEB.
2. Yes we know the money what we pay will go to HDFC. do u think if IDEB had taken the project HDFC would not have asked for the money to be paid to them.
And lastly if u are a genuine owner, first register in the forum. If you have any issues we will sort it out.
Forget compensation geeta1985 as you have mentioned it is tough to even talk to ideb people atleast Parkway employees are interacting with us and are updating us about the develoment in the tivoli site. These guys are working on sundays also to meet the deadline for the project completion clearing up ideb mess . As everybody are demanding ravi his flat no.let him mention and i DONT UNDERSTAND why you are putting baseless, false comment in open forum like this. we are in touch with Mr.Gajra/pARKWAY . We came to know they have made payments to hdfc which they have paid from there own and have not demanded from the customers.This is frustarations of someone who is worried the project is kaen from them

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