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Branch 542, Trade World, A Wing, Ground Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai City District
India - 400013
Landmarks:Opposite Kamala Mills Compound

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Andhra Pradesh
+91 99 4949 3333

Chandigarh, Kochi, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna
+91 99 4616 0616

Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune
+91 99 6160 6161

West Bengal, Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar
+91 98 3107 3333

Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur (Toll Free from BSNL landline)
1800 345 3333

+91 99 5719 3333

Bihar, Jharkhand, Patna
+91 86 0266 6161

Maharashtra (except Mumbai) and Goa
+91 98 9060 3333

+91 99 9624 3333

+91 98 9827 1111

Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh
(Toll Free)
1800 180 4333

+91 99 4586 3333

+91 98 9566 3333

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
+91 98 9360 3333

+91 98 7500 3333

+91 99 3790 3333

Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry
+91 98 4067 3333

+91 98 1533 1111

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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HDFC Bank — HDFC-imps P2P 575

 Roshani Badge on Feb 19, 2017
Hi, I have HDFC salary account from last 3 years. The amount is debited unnecessarily from the saving accounts several time as below

16 Feb 2017 IMPS P2P 575 703714188137#06-02- 090217 7 16 Feb 2017 5.75
13 Jan 2017 IMPS P2P 575 700322172762#03-01- 070117 2 13 Jan 2017 5.75
10 Jan 2017 IMPS P2P 575 700221118171#02-01- 040117 1 10 Jan 2017 5.75
10 Jan 2017 IMPS P2P 575 700122174401#01-01- 040117 1 10 Jan 2017 5.75

Can you please let me the reason....
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HDFC Bank — Credit cards payment

 Poornimas on Feb 18, 2017
I had made payment proper time only. But also Hdfc credit cards adding extra charges with outstanding balance. Every month increasing bill but not decrease anything. Several times I compliant to their senior officers and all email id, but no body taking necessary action for this. So please take immediate action for whole Hdfc credit card section, customer care and bank people. Otherwise they were not take any action for this. And also why they are cheating people too....
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HDFC Bank — 10 Rs. Coins not accepting M.G. Road, HDFC BANK

 manjunag9 on Feb 18, 2017
Respected sir,
I am the customer of The HDFC BANK and they are not accepting the 10 ₹ coin they giving the excuses that the RBI had not yet give any guideline and clarity for accepting the coins and he said that i can complaint anywhere but i will not take these coins and he said that the RBI is not accepting the Coins there are some rumour that the 10 ₹ coins are fake kindly give me the guidelines about the 10 ₹ coin and i also want the clear reason why the bank is not accepting the coins, in News the RBI says that the bank will accept these coins but they are not accepting.
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HDFC Bank — Not Receiving Credit Card Statement

 rajan_soumya on Feb 18, 2017
I have stopped recieving my credit card statement from HDFC Bank.It has been happening for the last 4-6 months.Every time, I do need to send emails in order to get my credit card statement. I have informed them in writing about the incident but it is of no use. They only send me the e statement of the credit card. Unfortunately the collection department of HDFC Bank Credit Card used to call me and asked me to pay the amount. Even I am unable to view the statement online using net banking.I think it is their responsibility to send the statement to me, so that I can pay the amount within due date....
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HDFC Bank — Not arange the pos machine

 Sanjeev Sukheja on Feb 17, 2017
Acount opened but 1 month gone pos machine not installed FROM THE concerned authorities details a/c no 50200023033482 global enterprises HDFC BANK MAIN POST OFFICE ROAD MANDIGOBINDGARH DISTT FATEHGARHSAHIB PUNJAB PIN CODE 147301 IFSC CODE HDFC0000342 my contact 09988091769 plz make sure how much finaly time u ill take to install pos machine if u dont take6it seriously i ill be closed this acount and take legal action...
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HDFC Bank — Credit Card [Resolved]

 sonrak on Feb 17, 2017
Its really the worst bank that I have experienced it date

You take a HDFC credit card and in a situation here you go for settlement and keep paying the due as agreed upon, suddenly from no where almost close to the full settlement amount of 82017 INR is deducted, WITH NO INFO TO THE HARD HOLDER, its a real shame to HDFC, this is how to treat your customer
I want the amount back into my account, this is called cheating

Card no:4854990100274696
Card holder name:Alexander.K

Pls call me to discuss further Contact no:9884631019 (Sonia D Rakesh)
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HDFC Bank — Wrong Deduction

 moisonjhn on Feb 17, 2017
Ad hoc statment charge ₹115 deduct from my account dated on 13/02/2017.
When i reach to branch regarding they cant provide proper solution as well as customer care not provided me proper solution.

So I need clarification from Head bank to reverse my ₹115 to my account.

I need solution immediately.

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HDFC Bank — Credit card late fee charges

 yatin cheulkar on Feb 17, 2017
I had taken hdfc credit card in month of november card no(54590648903528165).For payment of last month due date was 5 feb-17 but i had deposited sbi bank cheque on 4 feb-17 credit card box in hdfc atm located at prem nagar borivali -west at 5.40 pm .Today when i got bank statement for this month in that late fees charges & billed finance charges put near about rs.1600.When i called to hdfc customer care shocked to know the reason that because of sbi bank cheque it takes 7 days.My question is that is this real reason or what.I am expecting hdfc bank higher authority has do something....
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HDFC Bank — Fake call for gift vouchers and cash on credit card

 Rutujap on Feb 17, 2017
I have received a call from number +91 7053959408 .They were saying i got 5000 rs gift voucher and 2000rs cheque as gift for loyalty customer.

They confirm my details and send one OTP on my mobile and they were asking to share that OTP.

I said, call me after 5 mins I will confirm it then only share OTP.So they called after 5 mins again and I said, tell me your details . I am not going to share that OTP with you until you share every details . So they cut down the call without saying anything.

Call got from:+91 7053959408
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HDFC Bank — Missguidance for selling product

 uzairkhan99 on Feb 17, 2017
My Name is Uzair Khan I bought a policy no. 18255987 on 26 February 2016 from HDFC life_Classic Assured Plus.

1. The executive said you (I) will have to pay interest on the premium of the policy for 1st year if I pay it by credit card 12 EMI. I have done that and given about INR 2600/- as interest. 2nd year on-wards it will be interest free as per executive at HDFC branch where I have meet with her. Now no one is putting any interest on it. They are saying you to pay interest. Why can they allowed to sell product with wrong information.

2. I have given them credit card...
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HDFC Bank — Im Complaining about harrassment calls from bank

 Anoop Anthony Roy on Feb 17, 2017
I have a credit card card from HDFC. The last time I used this card was for my son's medical bills. I missed the due date and was planing to make the payment in next couple of days.I was expecting some money from my PF to pay off the entire balance, which I have done now. My only issue with the bank is that they called my mother's number and shared the details of my card and expenses with my mother. Where is the security of personal information? Moreover the caller threatened my, mother to make the payment else they send cops at my home. I called the customer service number and informed the same....
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HDFC Bank — Query about Pinelabs MID No.

 Logicatelecom on Feb 17, 2017
With very regretfully I would like to know you that a lot of times tried to know the MID No of Logica Telecom but still now I didn't have get the proper answer.And I'm bitterly asking that could you tell me it just say by yes or no.Because I'm a business man and having a lot of mobile outlets so it's necessary too.Do the neeedful thing as soon as possible....
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HDFC Bank — HDFC BANK want money for closing my account

 bikul on Feb 17, 2017
Worst bank, hdfc bank mahoba branch did the negative balance on my account -2468.56 rs, i dont want to pay any negative amount, i also today visited hdfc bank mahoba branch and said to close my account but officer want to pay negative amount when i said i cant pay negative amount then he said i have many other works come after april, whats the hell going no body helping me, i want to close the my account immediately, my account number is 50100040441600, please close my account asap, also the mahoba branch uttarpadesh not helping me where i was open the account, he want money for closing the account,...
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HDFC Bank — Extra Charges on Credit Card Payment For Fuel Purchase

 munafshk on Feb 17, 2017
I have been using Credit Card for Payment on Fuel Purchase in line with the directive of Government to Go Cashless. Since Last two months I have been over charged by IRS 10/- extra for each fuel payment via credit card. Upon inquiring, the Bank informs that a levy of 2.5% or Rs 10/- (which ever is minimum) is charged on each transaction. Now, Government wants consumers to go cashless, and in our effort to support, we are being penalized by the banks.

Kindly register my complain against these extra charges.
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HDFC Bank — Facing family problems for emi irresponsible.

 Ravi Kumar.n on Feb 17, 2017
Hi sir

I taken a bike loan in hdfc bank in feb-2014.
My loan a/c no:27266540

For the initial stage we attached the payment process directly to bank after some days unfortuantlly our bank account was blocked.
O we pay the our emi throught the direct emi collection peroson and every month we get the acknowledgment. For last month itself we cleared all emi's, we asked to the manager noc but now manager was telling you need to pay some aditional penalty. Why we need to pay the penalty.

The main problem is for this emi the bank hate to sent some...
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HDFC Bank — I am complaining about my personal loan (reference number-45337556)

 Puja Gope on Feb 17, 2017

It's been 2 months but my loan is still not cleared. I am tired of chasing the agent as well as the manager about it also all the documentation is been done but yet they are not helping me out. Also now they have started avoiding my calls and making excuses which is unexceptable. Infact, now the situation is I have to take loans from my friends and relatives but the problem is I can't repay them in installment like to bank so it's annoying me a lot.

Please have a look and get this sorted as soon as possible....
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HDFC Bank — Refund

 Ikshit Mathur on Feb 17, 2017
I went to a saloon in Madhapur on 15th February 2017, there I paid using my debit card.
So, my transaction failed the first time but my money got deducted and the second time transaction was successful.
I spend Rs.1600.I want my Rs.800 refund.It's been two days I didn't get my money back.
My customer Id is:- 70060833
Please solve my problem as early as possible....
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HDFC Bank — Pos machine not working

 Kushal Raina on Feb 17, 2017
we have a swipe machine & is de-activated last four & I have written mail also three time.
but no response.
I am dealing with HDFC bank for a long time but this time is very pathetic & horrible service..

we are loosing our business because of can not receive any payment, HDFC will be responsible for all this.
pls look in to the matter if you can..

Name -tattapani travels
TID - 28004576 ...
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HDFC Bank — Amount of 10000 not dispensed from axis bank atm

 Bhaskara Rao Adari on Feb 17, 2017
While using my Hdfc debit card at axis bank ATM amount of 10000 was not dispensed but amount was deducted from my account...before dispensing amount, The ATM machine got switched off.I am unable to contact the Hdfc customer care...please help me...the transaction detail was account number was 10211050035609....
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HDFC Bank — Credit card

 shivali rathor on Feb 16, 2017
I have applied in hdfc bank for credit card on 7feb2017 but till not received any verification call from hdfc card department, pls let me know the status of my credit's salary account in hdfc plz let me know the status of my credit card.plz update.
Shivali singh
Pls update my status in my email address is
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