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Branch 542, Trade World, A Wing, Ground Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai City District
India - 400013
Landmarks:Opposite Kamala Mills Compound

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+91 99 4949 3333

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+91 99 4616 0616

Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune

+91 99 6160 6161

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1800 345 3333


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+91 86 0266 6161

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+91 98 9827 1111

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1800 180 4333


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+91 98 1533 1111

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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HDFC Bank — amount deducted on my first dec 17 atm transaction

 garganshul91 on Dec 18, 2017
Amount 29.50 is getting deducted with the description NWD DEC CHG (ATM Withdrawal charges) even though my account was opened as salary account and was said there will be no sur charges for any no of withdrawals from ATM other than HDFC. This was my first atm transaction in this month. There were no intimation regarding the policy change if any also. This is very bad and unprofessionalism as a reputed worldwide bank shouldn't be doing this....
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HDFC Bank — credit card status showing in process. how many days will take time for approval

 varghese94 on Dec 17, 2017
I applied for hdfc credit card. All necessary documents submitted. Residential and office verfication were done. I got confirmation call, otp verification, email verification were done. While tracking it is showing in process. Mine application :[protected]S2 . Kindly let me know how many days it will take for approval. What is next process. I applied on Dec 2. Hdfc people responce is good.
Looking forward Awaiting for your response.
Thank you....
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HDFC Bank — credit card not process

 Vikas kumar nayak on Dec 17, 2017
Dear Team,

i m hdfc bank customer.some time ago i have applie credit card from hdfc bank.But my credit card has been rejected from credit card team .Rejection reasion mention that credit card cibile score less than.while my cibil score is 756.

So i request to you pls tell me why you have reject my credit card.

Vikas kumar Nayak
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HDFC Bank — hdfc debit card charged twice

 parul_halwe on Dec 17, 2017
On 15-Dec-2017, I tried to make a transaction at 'SRI UDUPI PARK' for Rs. 340 by using my debit and the transaction was not successful due to some technical problem and then I had to punch my debit card again. So 2nd time the transaction was successful and I got my bill for Rs. 340 only.

Later I checked my HDFC account transaction details and found that I have been charged twice for the purchase for the same amount and I did not get any refund for the same.

The cheque/ reference no. for the 1st transaction is 734916474957
and the 2nd transaction is 734916475337.
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HDFC Bank — old card misuse

 atulkumarr on Dec 17, 2017
Cust Name: Atul Kumar
Cust Id: 38959098

Around an year ago, HDFC called me
"Sir We are giving you the new Platinum card"
and they gave me the new debit card and asked me to destroy the older one over phone call. After almost an year, I got a message that 8000 rupees got debited from my account with old debit card. I called HDfC they said that why wouldn't I get the older card blocked. Is this my responsibility to get it blocked, I din't even consider to destroy it, but they told me that card should be destroyed but they never told me that it should be blocked...
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HDFC Bank — no positive response for wrong charges applied to non delivered credit card

 ketraj on Dec 16, 2017
I am Rajendra Madhukar Gajare using your HDFC credit card from December 2014 .My credit card number is [protected] valid from 02/14 valid through 02/17.
When I had applied for the credit card I was staying at Pimpri Pune .
I am also working in bank and undergoing frequent transfers for which I need to change my address frequently
My above mentioned credit card expired in February 2017.
After expiry of my credit card new card was issued and it was directly dispatched via courier to my old address of Pimpri Pune . It was not informed to me before sending of new card...
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HDFC Bank — bad credit card service from hdfc bank I have not received my credit card last 4 month on Dec 16, 2017
I applied credit card going to bank member but I forgot my mobile and application number so 3months going to bank but credit card not received then there manger again applied my card application via form fill up and I received application number receipt after few days I submitted my income proof but now after 3 month there no any message no calls and hdfc bank member don't know about my credit application and now When I login my net banking and goes to card option for credit card details its says YOUR REQUEST CANNOT BE PROCESSED TEMPORARILY.WE REGRET THE INCONVENIENCE CAUSED In netbanking card option...
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HDFC Bank — wrong transaction of amount 38961

 Sunil Sharma 1 on Dec 16, 2017
Name : sunil aharma
Account number : [protected]
I have been a very loyal customer to hdfc bank since more than last three years and have been using both debit and credit card services and had never delayed any payment.
There was a fraud transaction that has happened from account on january 12th for rs 22000.since then i have been facing mental torture every month for the payment of amount which i have not even done
Along with the above amount there were few transactions that i have done and did not pay as i was waiting for my query to get resolved completely.
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HDFC Bank — marketing calls -personal loan

 anvesh vemula on Dec 16, 2017
I have registered for Do not call request and I have got acknowledgement that i wont be disturbed. But I have been receiving minimum 3-4 calls daily and its quite irritating. I have saved few of their numbers also. still I am getting calls from several new numbers. it is making me lose concentration from many works and I really hate it. Please help me resolving this issue.

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HDFC Bank — invalid deduction of money from my account!

 anuragmishra4u5 on Dec 16, 2017
I got an amount of INR 1980.60 deducted today without any reason. It says .DC INTL ATM W-D MARKUP+ST 251017 051217-MIR1734971108620

How can you deduct money like this? Can someone clarify this?

This is a really bad behavior of bank, without notifying deducting amount from customers bank. I trusted in this bank and thats why do all my transaction with this account. Going forward, I think I will choose a better bank with better services!...
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HDFC Bank — emi charges debited twice from my account

 Raghutej on Dec 16, 2017
Hi HDFC Bank team,

I have pre closed my previous loan in the october 2017. At time of closing the loan 1 EMI return charges are debited from account. Now as on 21/11/2017 these charges are again debited from my account after closing the loan.

Please clarify why below amounts debited from my account my knowledge.

21/11/2017 39477495 EMI RTN charges - SEPTEMBER 181117 - 236 were debited whereas these charges were debited at the time of pre closing the previous loan.
05/10/2017 Third Party cash transaction -172.57
10/10/2017 Depository charges...
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HDFC Bank — fraud transaction debit card

 Sahithi Yalamarthi on Dec 16, 2017
I got 4 messages simultaneously that my hdfc credit card got debited from itunes store for Rs. 7900. i have not registered my card on itunes so how can this happen. I did blocked my card immediately.and please refund my amount as i have not done any purchase from itunes store and it is not even showing any purchases in the itunes store.

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HDFC Bank — access deduction from fastag

 Anand3256 on Dec 16, 2017
Fasttag has been assigned, There are access deductions of 380 inr as adjustment entry on 10/16/2017. After that i am constantly trying to call the customer service but no response or no fruitful result. I have emailed all the details to their email ids hdfc., but no response in approx past 2 months. Their online portal is not working too, 10 days ago on 4 th december i could lodge a online service request, but there is no response.
Hdfc has such a pathetic service when fastag is concerned. They are doing organized loot from this service. I am customer of hdfc bank from...
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HDFC Bank — credit card application status is disapproved

 Stephen M on Dec 16, 2017
Hi I'm Stephen. I have applied hdfc credit card 3 weeks before. I got verified by telephone next week and also received a text message saying that "We acknowledge your HDFCBank Creditcard Appln CC34433847 Check status on post 4 days under Ref [protected]S1", but today I went to their site and check the application status, it shown as my application was disapproved.

There they are provided a link, I click that link it downloaded a pdf file which says my address verification was unsuccessful. But their representative was came to my...
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HDFC Bank — vehicle loan

 THARUN NAIDU on Dec 16, 2017
I submitted my all documents on last week Friday & my down payment also paid on Friday only, they told me ur loan as approved u will definitely get ur vehicle delivery on Thursday, From this week Monday I'm calling again n again for that loan executive they are nt lifting my calls . I should get quick response for this msg, loan branch is old airport road hdfc bank banglore...
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HDFC Bank — misbehaviour by hdfc bank

 Heena3396 on Dec 16, 2017
Bank highlight the fact that only one person should enter the ATM due to privacy concern. On the 16/12/2017, while I was withdrawing money from sector 19 Chandigarh HDFC Branch, the bank employee came in pushed me and went inside her office. When I complained they shut the door on my face and said do anything. I am a loyal customer of the bank and this is how they treat the customers.
When the government is highlighting the fact that we should be careful about our transactions, this is how the bank is behaving with us.
This happened on 16/12/2017, 9:10 am in the morning....
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HDFC Bank — hdfc bank credit card

 rantech143 on Dec 16, 2017
i was applied for HDFC Bank credit card in 28/11/2017.Now 18 days finished, i checked application status in hdfc bank website still its show in process.In applying time they say its pre approved process, but now no respond from there sides.What can i do, please help me
Application Reference Number
Thank you......
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HDFC Bank — regarding finance charges cust id 23521041, credit card no. 4893772412280592

 Madhu Ks on Dec 15, 2017
I am complaining about customer care that were not cooperative and take to much time to Attend the call and also i lost too much amount for call connecting.
I want refund that Amount check my call history in ur record. Unexpectedly debited finance charges of rs. 1300 something that is Also mis guide from your customer care. I want my money back immediately.
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HDFC Bank — I am in loss of 30k because of wrong information of exit team

 Vanita Vig on Dec 15, 2017
I am an ex-employee of HDFC Bank. I was working in Gurgaon CPU as a Deputy Manager under the supervision of Mr. Ashish Kanodia (A11450). I put my papers on 26th July'17 and as per the policy, i had to serve the notice period of 90 days i.e till 24th Oct'17. But due to some personal/family reasons i requested Mr. Ashish Kanodia to waive off the notice period with 18 days. So he agreed and he sent the intimation to HR for my official last day i.e 6th Oct'17.

I had received the salary in Aug'17 but not in Sep'17. So next day, i contacted exit team to know the reason. I guess i talked...
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HDFC Bank — hdfc bank 900 debit as (hegic-crdt shld & fl cvr) in my credit card

 Vijay Gorthy on Dec 15, 2017
I got my new Diners club credit card on 23rd November. On 12th December iIgot message stating 900 RS got debited from account for "HEGIC-CRDT SHLD & FL CVR". I did not request for this coverage. Please remove this and credit back my money.

And also there is another transaction called EMI processing fee 100 RS which I did not request for any any EMI. Please get this resolved ASAP....
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