Kanpur Nagar Nigam — Incorrect Property Tax Bill

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 Atul Gaur
I have received my property tax bill almost after 3 yrs and with dues. In fact I have been paying my property tax well in advance and regularly. I am now being told that as this is a computer generated bill and therefore there are errors I guess computerization is done to avoid errors and provide better services to the customer

How will this bill be rectified is a big question now, luckily i did not make an online payment on the kanpur nagar nigam website, even the fonts are not loading how will it process a financial transaction

Does any one know their office address ?

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Dear sir,
Aap se request he hamare area kanpur jajmau nai chungi me anganbari school he waha pe itni gandagi he ek taraf bacche parte he ek taraf gandagi bachee itni gandagi me parte he ki aap se requset he plese use jald se jald is samasya se nijat diyaen aap ki mahan daya hogi
Dear Sir,

Subject: Correction of House Tax Bill for House No. 111/313 Harsh Nagar, Kanpur, Property Identification No. [protected] . Year of correction 2009 to 2012

We would bring to your kind notice the following facts and circumstances under which the House Tax levied on us is not bona-fide and also not in the spirit of U.P. Municipal Corporations Act, 1959.

1. We were regularly paying House Tax to the Nagar Nigam Authorities as per the demand notice raised on us for previous years (upto year 2008), without there being any delay on our part and your good self will appreciate the same.

2. Kanpur Nagar Nigam had suddenly raised an abnormally high demand for House Tax starting financial year 2009. This demand was erroneously assessed our house under commercial usage though we never conducted any commercial activity in our house during that period.

3. We are already plead Nagar Nigam Authorities for necessary correction of House Tax Demands and raise correct demand for House Tax in line with the demands raised upto financial year 2008 . This will help us in immediate discharge of all House Tax liabilities.

We are a responsible citizen of Kanpur and always want to discharge all tax liabilities of Government agencies with in permissible time limits. We request you to please consider our request sympathetically and raise corrected House Tax Demand.
Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

Santosh Kumar Mishra
111/313 Harsh Nagar Kanpur
is there any update for "Correction of House Tax Bill" topic because my house Tax bill is also not correct.

Please let me know what i need to do to correct it ASAP.

It is very urgent.

Please inform me at

Street Dogs and Garbage

Dear Sir I am residing in 104A/285 Ram Bagh Kanpur. Their are many street dogs which creates a big problem. Also the garbage problem.
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