[Resolved]  Karma Royal Resorts — Cheating innocent visitors coming to Goa

By this piece of complaint I want to warn unsuspected travellers who waste their precious holiday time and are being cheated by this so called cheat comapny called Karma Royal Group. <br />
The modus operandi is that travellers moving aroung Goa on Holidays are approached by their agents (whom they themself call kidnapper) giving lure of prize vouchers containg false promises on free stay, ipod, restaurant vounchers, boating trips etc. They convince the unsuspected travellers that they are just promoting their resorts and want to publicise the same by providing free stays etc. and would like to take them to show the resort .<br />
Once the traveller who has come to Goa on holiday by spending money on travel and hotels etc. falls into their trap of free stay and other instant prizes to be given and agrees to come along with them, he is picked by the kidnapper and taken to their resort. <br />
Once you are there, without any consideration their actors just start playing drama introducing different persons and you are made to sit with your entire family for listening their non-stop commentary on resorts, time share plans, how you are wasting your life without joing them and other type of brain washing exercises. After 2-3 hours of non stop commentaries by different digfferent persons they start presurrising you to agree to take their membership which costs 3-4 lakhs.<br />
The real colous appear when you refuse to take that and asks for the prizes promised. Than comes some bouncer type persons in picture who would inform you that you are not entitled for any of the instant prizes and you should just take a voucher, which you obviously would not be able to use and leave.<br />
If you demand your promised prize they imkeditaely start misbehaving.<br />
By the time you learn your mistake you had already lost your one day for which you had paid money to your hotel and you had come so far away from your home to enjoy holidays.<br />
Despite being aware of such cheats I myself became their victim when they assured me that I should just listen to their resort promotion for one hour and I would be provided free stay immediately after that, than and there.<br />
But when I demanded the assured prize I was told restaurent is closed, boat trip timings are over, free stay only with 2 months advance booking and like that. That bugger became so rude and abusive when I started protesting.<br />
So beware of Karma Royal Group and its fraudsters moving around Goa. <br />
You can imagine what kind of service this CHEAT KARMA ROYAL GROUP might be providing to its members.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Sorry guys but I am one of the most happiest member of Royal Resorts.
Thats their marketing policy which every company and its very efficient and I think that has worked for their company...

I am a member of Royal for last 4 years and I am getting great holidays for me and my family with 5 star luxury and they treat very well while our stay... and the best part is that I already got the benefits I paid for...
Thank you so much for tat information. Even my family and i were approched yesterday saying we won ipod, mobile phones and holiday vouchers, etc. just came ol to check on it and as said by others it is a fraud. what the hell do these people gain by this? i mean profit from this is ZERO! All they gain is bad name . Nothing else..
You are very right but probably this is the modus operandie of all major time share companies. One himself/herself need to be vigilant of such elements. One have to be very careful and clear of what he/she need. I was also approached by such elements in Goa in Panjim Market but got saved as I was little aware of such gimmicks. So, do underunderstand that nothing comes for free on the road and don't fall in the trap of such gimmickers.
You are very right .I am also one of the victim and got trapped . They are cheating innocent visitors coming to Goa for assured free prizes i.e. i pod, sony mobile phones DVD player with screen and free stay for a week .I also lost my valuable time and money Rs. 6500.00 which is not refundable.Thank you so much for tat information. One should be aware of such gimmickers and cheaters of Karma royal group.
Thanks mate...I met a guy from karma royal group at Calangute beach today and he convinced me I won a gift voucher today...I am to go to collect the prize tomorrow - he said he will arrange a pickup and drop...thanks to your post I am saved of the harrassment and a possible bad taste in this holiday.
you are 100% right as i also lost my precious three hours. however as you you mention they have shown they color when i denied his membership. One bouncer like man came to me and had tried to influenced me but luckly i was firmed. though they have given me voucher for 7 day stay. but after i read your case i decide not to go
you have done a great job by putting information about Karma Royal Group/ Royal Goan Beach Club
hopefully more and more people will check this and keep away from such cheats
I totaly disagree onth above comment. I m member of Royal goan beach club for las 5 years. I m grealy pleas4ed by their after sales service and their booking and availability. I thank the club a lot for giving me and my family the oportunity
I disagree onb the comment by Mr Arora. Its everybody way of thinking. So please dont put such comment on such a gud company like Karma Royal Group
I had my share of this troubled experience at Goa. I met a guy named Rupesh who gave me the coupon and said I am lucky. The onsite sales guy Nigel has asked for 1 hr, to explain me the benefits etc of royal group. He got pissed off when I warned him that 1 hr is over.As usual I had to waste my time of 2 hrs with my family at their resort.The presentation was good and I clearly understood the benefits and fantastic luxury. But he pressed me to take a decision of paying 3.5 lakhs then and there itself. When I said I wont take decisions on the hour, he completely started behaving rude and was looking down as if people who are coming there are beggars. Teaser's like you dont have little money of 10000.00 for initial registration etc.. When I resisted, I wont take decision just like that, he got fumed and immediately ended the conversation and put me to another lady who was very mechanical and wanted me to peel off the sticker on the coupon(They know for sure whats the prize in coupon). And I had to walk away from there. POST SALES may be good and may even be worth, but who will believe in post sales when pre-sales experience is like this. The original intention of Karma, Royal Management may be good but the same intention is not in the next levels. All those above privileged members of this group didnt have to face the music and experiences like this because they joined. All those who wont join will through same music.
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welll am i relieved or what...i was so happy to see this comment.. i along with my husband was in goa a few weeks back n was approached by someone from this karma group n was given a voucher n was told tht i have won a prize n i was asked to come along to the hotel...but luckily..i would say luckily tht my husband felt there was something fishy in this...and till we stayed in goa we didn't go there..though the agent did contact us regularly...today i came across the same voucher n thought of checking the group on net n then got the chance to see this article and was relieved...i'm so glad i listened to my darling husband...love him..
me n my husband wre caught by this karma group fellow at the calangute beach, it was our 1st aniversary, we spent 4 precious hrs on our special day, we were really irritated but they werent cheating us. as it was a reasonable deal my husband presented it as a gift to me. we came back and checked out the net to find a 100 complaints, we were so dissapointed. i booked i villa in haathimahal in the peak season, i got it without any delay. we went there just to realise that it was the best deal anyone could have made. no delays, no complications, no unnecesary interferance. wew spent lovely 4 days spending just 300Rs for the stay acually worth 20, 000/- iam a very proud member and i love the royal group.
is it the Royal Resort in Bali, Thailand and India...I also received their complimentary voucher. Is it real that they are deceptive company. If it is, then it is very bad...I almost planned to bring my entire team to their hotel...very bad reputation then...
Sairam Jillella's reply, Feb 28, 2021
they are not bad
yes even v where abt to get cheated by them, but in a doubt v browsed n got info abt them n said big NO when these cheaters called thank God
On 23rd April '2010, I and my family were walking on the road at Candolim, Goa heading for the beach. One of Karma Royal's sales agent stopped in front o[censored]s and started talking to us as if he is well known to us before. He had a bunch of cardboard coloured vouchers in his hand and made me and my wife pick one each, saying that there were free assured prizes to be won on the scratch card inside with no cost and no obligation for anything. I won an IPod free and my wife won free accomodation at their Resort worth US$1000. This sounded too good to be true and a "sixth sense" inside me told me no one in this whole wide world would give away such costly gifts for free, unless they have a devious scheme up their sleeve to later remove at least 5 times the amount they give you for "free".
He wanted us to accompany him (with free transport) to Karma Royal's Resort in Baga.
But we just walked away and ignored that sales guy. Later in the day threw away their scratch cards in the dust bin.
Good sense prevailed in the end and we saved ourselves a lot of trouble !
I am an NRI and have started receiving call that I will get stay of 7 nights 8 days for only US$ 100. Too good to be true.

Lots of timeshare companies are using this trick and eventually make you fall in their trap.

I have decided not to venture into this. Other NRI's please take care as this looks like the new strategy for them.

The real trouble will start if we don't take the membership.

I totallly agree and understand what all the other customers must have gone through. I, too wasted 2-3 precious hours of my few days that i had gone with the intention to enjoy but was totally disappointed.Today, I encountered a salesman on his bike near the shopping market and he assured us that their company was having their 17th anniversary and just for fun my frend and I decided to go for this for the gift which they were luring us into, and since us being teenagers we told our parents and they too came along just for fun. Then they took us to the hotel and everything. And till then we thought that we'll just get the gift and leave, but when we arrived we wre told to sit and it'll take 60 mins to be exact, and then the process of all the filling forms started. later, when my dad was convincd with the benefits, our whole family was also happy with the dcision of getting the membership. Later, when my dad started doing the discounting of the 3-4 lakhs their few talks and evrything made my dad angry because thy werent ageeing and they when my dad asked for a few hours of thinking and wanted to come the next day to talk out th deal and get the membership, they came up with the excuse that the anniversary offer may not b valid tomorrow, so it;ll be better to have it over with today.with then i was angry with my dad because i wanted all the benefits of the club, but my wants and pleads went in vain, and we left there taking the gift of the 100 dollars accomdation thing so at the end nothing genuinely is FREE!! And plus have you ever heard of getting free anyting in life without hard work?! Nothing Ive learnt is given free so never run after this decieving word : FREE >< Later when we discussed with another frind family we realised that they too got the same gift and with further realisation it dawned on us that this all a cheating gimmick. And later after reading the terms and conditions of the gift i found out that all the points listed are unreasonable and also that they were just providing us with the accomodation and even after that we have to pay 5000 rupees as fees which were non refundable. and today when i found this consumer complaint site, im truly astounded as what heights people can go to for the sake of money. And after discussing with my dad, i realisd that he already knew that thre was something fishy in this entire thing and played this entire while along just to teach me a lesson or else he wouldnt have even listened to such salesmen.After plenty of discussion everyone was so wild at these cheats that we were on the verge on going back and thrashing them. At the end of the day, I as a 14 year old have learnt a lesson of true value and now know that the world is not that sweet and honest as it appears to be.
And now aftr returning back Im certainly going to spread awareness about such gimmicks in Goa. Everyone please remember this lesson for the rest of your life and keep and play safe.
I thank you very much for posting your comment about Karma Group Resorts by sharing your experience, even i too received a call from a lady stating that they have promotional holiday package for NRI'S later she keep following up with me continuously, i am damn sure this is a scheme designed to trap NRI'S and steal their hard earned money, I humbly request to all NRI friends that please ignore all this kinds of prmotions and we should plan to take some legal action against this group.

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