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[Resolved]  KDMC — Bad Roads at Kalyan

I am a resident of Kalyan (West) and am thoroughly upset with the roads in the city. There are huge potholes just outside the station and many a times people fall into these holes. Not even the single road in the city is free of these holes and the corporation is not bothered of this. Especially in khadakpada area where the roads are very bad. Walking on the streets have become difficult due to all this especially during peak hours. There is no resolution to these issues as corporation is busy in the Satis ??? project. What is the use of building satis nearby station when they cannot provide the basic need such as proper roads to the people.

Can anybody help to resolve this long pending issue of my kalyan city ???
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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KDMC is a municipal corporation and not a village panchayat. The satndars of the road should be international. Traffic engineering is not done in Kalyan City. Kalyan is city only because it has more population and not because it has international infrstructure. Its infrastructure is poor than villages. For example no footpaths for pedestrians, no pedestrian signals, every where hawkers, no cycle paths on Durgadi _ Shahad Road, NH 222 is poor than village road. Even villages have better roads.
I am preparing 50 pages document on problems of kalyan that will cover most of th infrastructure and submitting it to our MLA Mr. Praksh Bhoir.
Standing committee, ward commmittee, transport committee are not able to find lacuna of kdmc administration.
Present sewer line laying is not designed keeping in view next 50 years. The contractor does poor work in nights thinking that there is no public eye on it.
Traffic, education, health, gardens, play grounds, solid waste management, stray dogs, fly overs, over and under bridges, completing beautification of kalatalao, gauripada talao, Bhatale Talao, encroachments, rehabilitaion, hut elimination and many[protected]problems
Completely agree with the above comments. The Roads are considred to be the life line of the City.Look at our life line. And nobody cares !?!
Hi!!! Friends

I am Dayanand Pawar staying at Kalyan Khadakpada and like you, I am a common citizen who is facing many problems due to the conditions of roads we presently have at our locality.

Presently I am in one training program called Landmark Forum and taken up a community Project of getting constructed the Roads in our locality. Name of my project is ‘Safe Way to Home’. This is social community project and I don’t intend any financial benefit or political or personal publicity from this.

The outcome of this project is getting fantastic roads having proper footpaths, drainage system, managed garbage system, street lights, dividers etc. This project will benefit to the community of almost 30 thousand families residing in more than 600 societies around our locality.

Presently the roads are excavated, half made, too muddy and dusty. Lot of dust spreads when vehicles run around making the environment and in turn houses full of dust. Highly risky for children and senior citizens to walk even during day time.

With this project, the possibility I have created is having well constructed roads where you and me can have superior roads while returning home. Our families can enjoy morning or evening walk, children can safely walk and enjoy cycling, and teenagers can enjoy safe motorcycle riding. Environment will be clean and dust free.

I invite your suggestions for betterment of this Project. Also I invite you to contribute in the way you can contribute to this project, not expected in terms of money but by using influential contacts you have.

Dayanand Pawar
most of the problems are mentioned above. need to discuss the action plan to make kalyan a better city.

Bhushan K.

KDMC — bad roads, filth everywhere, illegal constructions

roads are disgustingly bad condition.
This step should be taken kdmc to improve road and transport. lot of person facing same problem like you, but somebody share there pain with other.
It is very sad to see that after so many complaints also the Road problem is as it is in Kalyan.
I totally agree to the above complaints and also facing the similiar issue.

It is a humble request to the KDMC team to pls have pity on the Kalyan residents and pls solve the road problem faced by most o[censored]s.

Thanks and Regards,
Seema Nagpure

KDMC — No water from 2 weeks

We are leaving without KDMC WATER SUPPLY from last 2 weeks in KHADAKPADA, KALYAN (W) area.
The complaint written in Ward-B , Khadakpada Office is taking time them to understand the problem.

Does anybody knows where to complain about such cases ..
I completely agree to all the comments above. Specially Dayanand Pawar, would you please elaborate a little. Is it still a plan Or you have some kind of blue print?
Your project will be funded by Municipal corporation(s).
Mrs. Vaijayanti Gujjar, mayor plans is to save money of lacs of kalyan localities. But she forgets, while same localities pay moeny to garages. She dont mind because she know vrey well, kalyan localities takes care of her car and her other sundry expenses as well.
So, its my humble request is to consider all this factors. Saving money is not an solution. Everybody wants to see the action. Road development, waste management etc...

There was an website, i think they have now closed it.
Its an shame for KDMC to do such act, prohibiting citizens to launch online complaints.
What happend to KDMC? Why the promises made by our great Politicians are not fulfilled yet? See the road conditions and accidents happens daily due to awful road conditions near Thakurli and Dombivli. Due to the large holes everywhere on the roads, it is absolutely inconvenience even walk on it. Today I met with a small accident due to very poor road condition near Thakurli, and it has happened while going to Office. Mundane persons are daily suffering this. When will our Political parties awake from their SWEET DREAM? Are they yet sleeping? They or their relatives does not suffer all these, then why should they bothered about it? At the time of election, they will awake and for developments they will struggle within themselves and give ordinary persons FAKE promises. Thats it!!!

Anjali A Kulkarni
the KDmc is functioning without well qualified Engineers, , the recently built sky walk is an example, they unable to solve the problem of traffic, especially autorikshaws, No proper planning, even the future developments, example constructing fly over is not possible near the Railway station because of the sky walk, KDMC is functioning without a leader or a commander, the public must suffer for ever, simply fixing computers in every table it doest mean the corporation has became hitech, another blunder( computerised ) they are unable to give the water bill every month or quarterly, recently they issued the water bill for the month of february 2011, my only suggestion is pl recruit the well qualifed Engineers, and well qualified Commissionare, who can really run the corporation like Chandrashekar and UPS Madan I A S, really bad luck for the public of Kalyan and dombivili, one among the suffering citizen of Kalyan
No Water supply last two week in G ward gandhinagar Dombivali{E} saiseva building No 1, 2, 3 People are use borewell water for drinking.
hi .. this is prashant ambokar staying in Adharwadi.. near mohan regency.. i would like to bring under your kind notice that the worst ever road i have seen in my life is here... I am visiting Hell daily... no doubt all of the citizens here are in vain as their several complaints are not being considered...i wish i could upload the photos of the road to hell ... but next time i will surely upload it with proper map and full discription... with the KDMC department and shame on the local corporators and MLA of Kalyan...

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