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[Resolved]  Koncept Mahindra — NEW SCORPIO SLE WITH LOADS OF PROBLEM


Sometimes your passion about something blanks your mind. The choice was great but what went wrong?? I'm still wondering.

One afternoon I walked in the Koncept Mahindra Showroom in Noida to test-drive Scorpio VLX. The drive was great and it didn't take me long to make up my mind to own this vehicle. I asked for a quotation and applied for loan.

In a week my loan was approved. I went to confirm this to the dealer and what i saw there was a true beauty. A new Scorpio SLE with "SUNROOF" attached. I was impressed. I always wanted to have one in my car but never went for it with a thought of harming the vehicle's body. This time it was different. After enquiring about it from the dealer they convinced me that they will install it and it is compatible with Mahindra Scorpio and doesn't void its warranty. I was satisfied as it’s a reputed Mahindra Dealer and they themselves are recommending this to me. After speaking to the entire technicians and sales advisor in the company I opted for SLE with sunroof installed.

I was curious and excited. I went a day before my delivery date to have a glimpse of my dream car. It looked incredible but the smile from my face suddenly disappeared when I saw water leakage in the vehicle. I was stunned and disappointed. I called all the people concerned and related to my deal and asked for an explanation. They got it fixed and reported it as an installation error. Patiently I accepted their response.

Delivery Day:
The day has arrived. I am excited. I am going to get my car today. I reached the showroom on time. They said the issue with sunroof is rectified. They asked me to sign the delivery paper but I thought to look at the vehicle first before signing any documents. There were rust all over the body, the after sunroof installation paint was not matching, after opening the bonnet of the car the bonnet shield fell down. They saw all this and got it fixed. The rust was given some touchups. The delivery time was 15:00hrs but I got the car at 19:00hrs. Patiently I saw all this and accepted their apology.

I got my car. I was happy again but my elation didn't last too long. After driving 2 kilometres from the showroom, the vehicle started giving some noise from the front and the orange engine sign was lit. Immediately I pulled the car and took a U-Turn back to the showroom. Their engineers checked the car and said, the diesel is less. They connected a computer, turned off the orange engine light, filled some diesel and said its ready to go. I took the car and drove back home.

Day 1:

The engine's orange light lit again. The noise started coming again. Took it to the showroom and got it fixed. Don't ask me their explanation!

Day 2:

Installed JVC car stereo. The stereo turned on and turned off again. They said you car ignition is giving reverse current and i must take it to the showroom. Took it to the showroom. They called their technician, he checked it and said you have cut the wire. I was surprised and responded I took care of it. He showed me an additional wire and showed its installation saying its an outside work. I was furious as I took care of it while the installation was on. The technician responded by confirming it the wiring from fog light. This was a great shock as SLE comes preinstalled with fog lights. This was a great blow for them as it was their own dirty work, which they were trying to impose on me, but by mistake the technician uttered the truth. He changed the topic and fixed the reverse current coming from the ignition. Patiently I drove the car back home without showing any anger.

Day 3:

The wind started blowing through the sunroof inside the car. I took it to the showroom and got it checked. They said, the concerned technician has taken a day off so I should leave it for another day.

Day 4:

Heavy rain in New Delhi made Delhites a great ease from the hot weather but it was nothing less than Tsunami for me. I woke up in the morning, went to my car and opened the gate. I was stunned to see water everywhere in the car including the electrical part. I took it straight to the showroom. I was concerned about the electrical parts, rust in the ceiling and body. They took the car from me and said they will get it fixed.

Now my car is in the showroom. This is a new car and buying Scorpio still costs you 10 and half lac of rupee. If this is Scorpio, which is owned by Mahindra, then this is the worst vehicle ever made by such a company. I don't know whom to blame, the dealer, The Manufacturer or My fate. This is my first initiative towards all the problems caused. I am making a website "saynotomahindra" I will put it online soon. I am posting my experiences on blogs and finally my father who is an advocate in The Supreme Court of India is planning to file a suit against the dealer and the company in the consumer court. The world must know what they intend to buy.

Bought from: Kocept Mahindra, Noida
Sales guys contacted and who know my case: Hema(Sales) Ananta(Accessories) Sanjay(PDI) AND vp(tOOFAN

My name: Saquib R Khan
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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