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LIFE AFTER DEATH – real life (rather death) experience

This is not a philosophical statement on one's life after death, this is about how my wife, Padma died in a hospital in Chennai. Whatever I have seen only in movies so far, is experienced by me.

We were living in the UK for few years; our family includes me, my wife (Padma), and our 7 yr old son and 8months old daughter. My wife had a symptom of ventral hernia (slightly bulged abdomen), we had consulted General Physician and Surgeon in the UK and advice was that she needed a surgery to have a mesh to fix the problem with a few weeks rest. We were also told that this is not an emergency and it can be done anytime though earlier is good. In fact the surgeon whom we consulted in UK talked about an example of a lady having this done for 30 years of the symptom. My wife did not have any specific pain or something except a small discomfort of bulgy abdomen (like a 2 months pregnant lady) and she was in her normal routine of taking care of our children, taking our son to school, household work, etc.

We were planning for Christmas vacation in India in Dec 2007, we thought we will consult some 'good' doctors over in India and take a decision of when we will do the surgery if required and possibly felt doing in India is good because of family support. We have got a reference of Dr J S Rajkumar of Lifeline hospital and we booked an appointment to meet him.

We landed in Chennai on 14th Dec 2007 for a three weeks vacation, met Dr Rajkumar at his city hospital (Rigid hospital) in Chetput on 15th Dec 2007 (Sat) at about 730pm. We have explained him the background, shown him all the comments of UK surgeon, medical reports related to my wife pregnancy, deliveries, etc (she had delivered both our children normally). After few minutes of assessment Dr Rajkumar told us this hernia requires laparoscopic surgery and we can do this next day itself. We were little concerned initially of getting this surgery done the very next day (particularly we were still not out of jet lag and she was feeding our baby) and got convinced with the 'salesy' words given by the Doctors. To quote a comment from the Doctor "she will run in two days time and can lift two suitcases and you can return to UK as per your plan on 3rd Jan 2008"). Also Dr Rajkumar told us that he will be on travel for 3 days from 17th Dec and moreover he was teaching Post Graduates on 16th Dec about laparoscopic surgery and let us get it done on 16th Dec.

Then my wife was put into all sorts of equipments in the hospital (in the name of assessment); blood, urine, ECG, MRI and so on and the tests were conducted till about 11pm on 15th Dec. In fact they have opened the labs after closing hours and got the test done and handed over the test results to us. They had some problem in the ECG and we were told that ECG can be done on the next day at Lifeline hospital.

We were asked to report to Rigid hospital at 5am in the morning. Think of it, we went our residence around midnight and my wife had rush on some food to keep compliance on the fasting 8 hrs prior to surgery. After preparing for the hospital visit that night and a couple of hours sleep (3 hrs or so) we reached Rigid hospital on 16th morning at 5am or so and from there we were transported by an 'ambulance' to Lifelife hospital in Perungudi (outskirts of Chennai).

We reached the hospital at 630am, paid some initial advance for the surgery and we were given a room. Padma went through some more basic checks like height, weight, etc. Padma was taken to the operation theatre at about 10am in the morning on 16th Dec. After the laparoscopic procedure she was moved to post operative ward at about 12 noon and I have met her in the afternoon to say a small hello when she gained consciousness. Dr Rajkumar met us on 16th Dec afternoon and he in fact congratulated me for successful surgery and said he has used proceed mesh (costly one) and advised his staff to move Padma to normal ward in the evening as she had to feed her baby. But, Padma was moved to normal ward only on 17th Dec morning, she was on IV fluids as per normal post operative procedure.

Padma started to develop some fluids in her abdomen which duty doctors / surgeons have 'rightly' observed. She was put in some series of tests on 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th – tests include multiple ultra sound, multiple CT scans, pricked her abdomen and taken fluids, she had a long tube through her nose overnight to collect fluid for tests, etc. We were told the fluid is normal after surgery and it will be alright after she passes stool, etc.

In the meanwhile Dr Rajkumar returned from his travel and seen Padma on 19th on 20th Dec evening along with other surgeons. He made an assessment and he told me that he might want to do one more laparoscopic surgery to find out what is the fluid about. He wanted to do a surgery on 20th Dec evening itself, but he could not proceed as the hospital has given solid food that afternoon – hence anaesthesia could not be given. (lack of co-ordination among departments, time lost here, may be she could have survived if they have did the surgery on 20th itself)

On 20th Dec night, fluid started oozing from Padma's abdomen stitches, after the duty Doctor's assessment she was shifted to ICU. We really did not know what complication she developed in the ICU.

On 21st Dec (Friday) morning around 830am I was called in to the ICU to convey that they are going to perform a surgery and I had to sign "high risk consent", they were telling this in front of my wife (just think of a patient hearing this before the surgery). I was just shocked at that and had no options to sign whatever they wanted. I said "all the best" (my last conversation with my wife) to my wife and she was taken to Operation Theatre.

While I was discussing with the Doctors at ICU, the cashier in the hospital kept on calling me on my mobile. When I met the cashier he asked for Rs.60, 000 to be paid immediately and I told him take Rs.40, 000 and will give you the balance later in the day. Bang a reply came, "you have to pay the money to for me to give clearance for surgery". When I expressed my unhappiness about the comment, he insisted for me to sign a piece of paper saying that I will give the money later in the day. (What money minded, in-human attitude!)

We had no news from the hospital on their own about the surgery, I had enquired the staff nurse and visited my wife in the ICU and learnt that she had a diagnostic laparotomy (open surgery) and there was hole in the intestine which was fixed.

We have meet Dr Rajkumar at about 3:30pm on 21st Dec and understood that there was a duodenum rupture and he has fixed it, at the same time he removed the mesh which was fixed on 16th Dec. She was also paralysed and put on ventilator as she was waking up. He explained it was between life threatening and beauty so they addressed the duodenum rupture problem. What we were puzzled were, how did the rupture happen? for that explanation given were
- it could be due to ulcer. My wife had no evidence of ulcer in the past. Explanation given was 40%+ cases of ulcer is silent and there will be no symptom (I lack medical knowledge to appreciate this)
- it could be due to post operative stress (so many test post operation without any explanation of what we were doing could have created the stress on Padma is my argument)

On the same night (21st Dec) at about 930pm, I was called in to the ICU and Doctors conveyed that my wife condition is critical – her pulse is high, BP is low and they were attending to her. I insisted on talking to Dr Rajkumar immdly, but they refused to connect me to him at first and finally managed to speak to him. Dr Rajkumar came in around midnight and explained that the lungs are getting affected (shown X-ray of white patches on the lower portion of lungs) and she was the most serious patient in the whole hospital that time and they were trying their best. He also said, it will need another 12-24 hours of observation before they can say anything.

We were completely panicked and just waiting outside the ICU and praying for Padma's recovery. We had to argue with the security outside the ICU to gain access to the Doctors to know her situation (no courtesy from the security personnel, who just don't understand the situation)

At about 4:30am in the morning, my friend gained access the Doctors in the ICU and came out with the low face to tell me that Padma's condition is worsened. Again I tried to reach Dr Rajkumar and the hospital says they don't have his contact number (just can't understand how they can behave like this). Finally after some hue and cry Dr Rajkumar came on line to tell me that he is not God and don't think his visit can do any thing different. I cried, begged him to come over to give some ideas to his team to recover Padma. He came over at around 6am and said they are trying everything possible, etc; but her end came quickly.

The end came to our beloved Padma at 6:30am on 22nd Dec, throwing the entire family to rude shock and a life time sorrow. Our "LIVES AFTER DEATH" of Padma has changed for ever.

I can now think of so many questions retrospectively;

1. Why did the surgeon perform the surgery the very next day of consultancy, that too for a non-emergency one like this? (Padma had just travelled many miles, she was not even out of jet lag.) Was it for money? Was it for them to get one more sample for their post grads training?

2. Did the Doctors made proper assessment on Padma's fitness for surgery, frankly did they even had time to go through the reports, after the tests till 11pm on the previous night for next day 8am surgery (particularly when the reports were with us till 730am on the day of surgery).

3. Patient communication and counselling. Isn't it important to communicate to patient and their relatives on the development of patient condition (fluid collection started from the next day of laparoscopic)

4. Did the absence of Dr Rajkumar for three days post the first surgery is one of the reason for this disaster? Were the other Doctors not able to diagnose or take a decision? Were they waiting for Dr Rajkumar return?

5. What is the real reason for duodenum perforation? My wife never had any history of ulcer to the best of my knowledge. Why did the hospital take so much of time to react (5 days after surgery) when such a crucial thing like perforation has happened.

6. Was there any issue in the initial laparoscopic procedure which has caused the perforation?

7. Careless attitude by hospital staff? – my wife sex was recorded as "Male" initially and corrected after I told them. The staff was not even apologetic for this, he rather asked me "why didn't you inform". Can't he make out with the name Padma. Think of it, if he has changed the blood group from A+ to B+; that is it!!

8. Will anyone with basic common sense ask for high risk signature in front of the patient? I was asked to sign just minutes before surgery in front of my wife.

9. Is the hospital money minded?: They were demanding money on gun point almost.
a. Prior to the first surgery the cashier said please give Rs.30000/- more for him to give clearance for surgery
b. When my wife going for second surgery I was told by the cashier again, please give Rs.60000/- for clearance for surgery
c. The hospital charged more than what was told for initial laparoscopic, without even communicating to me increase in charges
d. The final "bill" was just on letter head, without mention of currency, invoice number, etc. I had to insist on a proper invoice later.
e. I was given to understand that they even made arguments on ambulance charges to send my wife dead body back home.!! (making money on the dead body also)

10. Why the hospital did not made me to talk to my wife when she gained consciousness after the second surgery? If not anything else, I could have held her hand. Even a criminal gets an opportunity to communicate his/her last wishes. Am I or my wife worse than?

11. FALSE reports - After all these hospital sends me false reports (on Jan 11, 2008 – three weeks after my wife's death) :

a. They had mentioned she had LSCS (caesarean section) and large scar due to LSCS. When my wife delivered both the babies normally, how does one record as caesarean and how there will be scar when there was no caesarean?
b. The hernia was mentioned "incisional hernia" – when there was no incision on her body how the hernia is categorised as incisional? It was actually ventral hernia. Don't think one can replace any term with any term just like that!
c. Most importantly, the surgery was performed on 16th Dec 2007, the report said 17th dec 2007

12. MISSING REPORTS - From the hospital records Doctors notes were missing for 16th and 17th Dec. The first report is available for 17th Dec at 8:36pm. How come there are no Doctors' notes for about 36 hours after the surgery? Isn't it fishy? Did something went wrong on the first laparoscopic procedure?

Our entire family is still mourning and trying to reconcile the fact that our Padma is no more. My 7 year old son is aware that is Mom is not there, does he understand? My 1 year old daughter is too young to know what has happened. What will her questions be in future?

My sincere advice to all is
a) Do not get carried away by advertisement / TV shows / big buildings
b) Please do not rush
c) Do your own due diligence, particularly when things are not an emergency
d) Try and understand the medical terms, do research prior
e) Please ask questions, at every stage.
f) Don't say "I can spend anything"
g) Know patient rights

I am still not convinced that Padma has died after a 'simple' laparoscopic surgery? I am deeply upset of what has happened to Padma and for what is happening to us. What I could have done (or not done) which would have prevented this. What is that we can do to prevent this in future for others!!!

Please join me in making awareness to others. While India is trying to woo many international Customers in the name of 'medical tourism'; first let the authorities make regulation on the health care system and take care of Indian people first.

Read others experience as well

Our medical system must understand the differences between MEDICINE – TREATMENT and HEALTHCARE. What we get most of the time is medicine for the symptom while we need healthcare.

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[Apr 15, 2015] Lifeline Hospital customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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I am a resident of Adayar, Chennai, India, aged 40, Entrepreneur, mother of two grown up girls, in my family, my father, daughter, husband, brother and myself have all undergone surgeries performed by Dr.J S Rajkumar, at his newly founded Life Line Hospital. Perungudi.( My father underwent the surgery four years ago at Rigid Hospital, Kilpauk.)

Recently less than a month ago my mother underwent a vertibroplasty and my aunt got her wrist fixed with a supportive plate.

My or rather our experience at the hospital was that of a very pleasant one. Always felt that we were being well taken care of. During my brief stay at the hospital during these occasions, got to see and understand, that Dr.JS Rajkumar, is doing so much for the less unfortunate counterparts.Is so passionate about his work, that I decided to help him in his noble quest to support the mankind in what little ways I could.

Dr. J S Rajkumar, is a finest of fine human being, never capable of any malice, pettiness
or harm to any one. He performs each surgery, each procedure with the same care and precision.I would say, He has infact sacrificed all his personal comforts and desire to relieve the pain of the suffering patients. Such is his commitment.

I am surprised when such a person is projected as someone trying to work for a monetary gains. He runs a hospital needs money to pay his overheads, Bankers, sure they wont be benevolent to waive off the payment due, if he were to say that he didn’t charge his patients, or treated them at a subsidized rate. But despite this, the truth is, he does waive off a lot of expenses incurred by his patients, if he understands that the person is financially backward and cant pay. Never has hospital refused treatment to anyone coming there, quoting monetary reasons for denial. If the hospital staff demands money as a deposit, prior to any treatment, it is a routine procedure at every hospital. Wonder why Life line Hospital is singled out in this aspect? I know not of a hospital that admits patients without taking any money as deposit. Leave the hospital, even the hotels don’t give you admission without deposit.

Dr J S Rajkumar is a very sensitive person, his sensitivity and his human touch has made his so special and dear to his patients. Who consider themselves a part of his family extended family. Indeed mine is one such family!

There are few who look the other way or wont help, even when you seek them.
There are a few to whom you need to only narrate a woe and the help /solution is offered.
Any one associated with Dr J S Rajkumar, with immediately say that he belongs to the second category. I am proud to be associated with him.

The hospital perfoms free surgeries on poor, under previledged children with congenial heart problems, I on my part has try to support the programme in all possible ways.
Also try to be a part of any philantropic acitivities of the Hospital.

I am pained beyond limit when a person whom the hospital out of moral responsibility tries to support turns against! I think it must have been accepted as a way of life by Life Line Hospital, I guess, as it is the case at most of the time!

Dr. Rajkumar, called me six months ago, stating that Mr. DuraiVel, is going through a traumatic time after losing his wife, while recovering from a surgery ath the Hospital. Requesting me to counsel him and to be of support him and his children. That is how I know Mr.Duraivel.

I met him, spoke to him, requested my close find a psychologist to counsel him, I tried to do my might, was in touch with him not only because I was instructed by the hospital, but also because Mr.Duraivel is a fine person. I still cant reconcile that, He can go out of the way to tarnish the image of an institution and a person who genuinely wished him well and tried to support him. I still feel he is venting his anger and is doing all this in an emotional outburst!

In fact, Mr.Duraivel has found a residence close to where we live(four blocks away from my friends place), because he wanted reside some where close to where we live.(That is what he told us, as his parents live at the other end of the city).

Durai, if not for Life Line Hospital, we wont even know that we existed ? would we?

Why did I get in touch with you? When people don’t have time for their own family and friends, because that is the regard I have for Dr. J S Rajkumar, which was built after seeing his selfless service and care he shares for the humanity as a whole!

I want to share this with all. This is my personal observation.

1.Dr J S Rajkumar, can turn into a Super Specialist, and lead a hassle free life, with far superior name and fame, had he chosen to do so.Instead he chose to serve the society, though the hospital is a commercial Organisation, the trust he has formed in the name of his Grandfather, Rajarathinam Medical and educational Foundation, supports the poor patients admitted into the hospital in a large way.

2. I am not trying to say that the hospital never commits a mistake, but they are few and not garve. The Management constantly endeovers to correct themselves.

3. Dr. J S Rajkumar, is a man who wants to constantly update his hospital with the latest technical advancement, so that he can provide superior health care and perform precision surgeries.

4. The list of what Dr. J S Rajkumar has done: free cancer treatment, treating HIV patients, free medical camps/surgeries, free cardiac surgeries, SNATCHING MANY PATIENTS FROM THE CLAWS OF DEATH ……. The list is very long.

5. I have personally seen so many of his patients infact, some, on whom others have given up hope, being successfully treated and cured .They, Thank Dr.J S Rajkumar, earnestly for having gifted them life.

6. But when I analyse it a little closely, I understand most trains make it safely each day to their destination, this never gets reported as News. But occasionally when a train derails it hits the Headlines. But then, Just because a train has derailed occasionally, for whatever reason, people have not stopped commuting by it, or even thought twice before Boarding a train.

7.Dear Durai, didn’t you at one point of time say that you understood and also the Hospital has clarified that this is not their mistake, and was just your own ill fate? Now why then are you saying something different? Why so much bitterness?

8. Durai. Negativity never gives happiness on a long run, tarnishing someone’s image may not be the right way to vent your feelings. Use this energy outpour to do some productive work, for that matter, join me in supporting Dr. J S RajKumar in his noble Quest to help the humanity. I take this liberty of telling you this, as I am really your well wisher and Believe me, Once you associate yourself with him, you will have a different story to narrate my friend.

9. My write up may not be as sensational as what Mr. DuariVel had to tell you. For my principles has taught me that, nothing is a better sin than keeping quite and refraining from speaking what is right at times when it matters most. Concerned and worried about the consequences of speaking out.
Hi Supriya are u Dr.J S Rajkumar agent !!
"The list of what Dr. J S Rajkumar has done: free cancer treatment, treating HIV patients, free medical camps/surgeries, free cardiac surgeries, SNATCHING MANY PATIENTS FROM THE CLAWS OF DEATH ……. The list is very long."

Is he a fool to do all these as 'free' SERVICE?

SRIPRIYA, Please understand one thing: NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD. The person will have some intention behind his deeds. Name, Fame, Money or some other target.

Duty is important for any person. Nobody should do mistakes in that. Nobody can justify a person's mistakes by the number of corrects he has done.
Dear Friends


I am shocked to see such a blog against lifeline and Dr.Rajkumar.

This is a story about my cousin Master Saran Prasad.

A year back he had spells of giddiness and severe headache. Local Doctors were treating him symptomatically. One day all of sudden while he was playing he fainted and rushed to one of the big hospital in Salem. They did all investigation and diagnosed as cancer from the adrenal gland which is situated above kidneys. The whole family was depressed and we took him to one of the pioneer cancer institute in Chennai. They again did all investigations and finally suggested surgery and said survival is poor and its high risk procedure.

Team of doctors opened his abdomen and they were shocked to see that the cancer tumour has extended and further continuing surgery may result in death on the table.So the procedure was abandoned.

Doctors informed us that he will survive only for few weeks. The whole family was sad and my cousin also knows that he will die shortly. We came to know the surgical skill of Dr.Rajkumar and consulted him.
After detailed examination and going through all the reports he said there is a remote chance to save my cousin. He and his team did for 6 hrs surgery and removed tumour completely.

It was a second birth for my cousin. Now, he is living happily which he wouldn’t have got but for Dr.Rajkumar and Lifeline. So it is really agonizing to see such blind accusations against a doctor who saved life of a young boy and many others. Many good events by Doctors are not recognized but one unfortunate event which is quiet acceptable in medical practice has been blown out of proportion.

This may set a dangerous precedence where even a minor complication may be blown out of proportion which I am sure it will have a negative Doctor patient relationship.

I want to request only onething, Before going to Hospital please try to enquire about the hospital and doctors, Dont blindly believe the hospital building.

Please note the points given by Durai.

My sincere advice to all is
a) Do not get carried away by advertisement / TV shows / big buildings
b) Please do not rush
c) Do your own due diligence, particularly when things are not an emergency
d) Try and understand the medical terms, do research prior
e) Please ask questions, at every stage.
f) Don't say "I can spend anything"
g) Know patient rights

This is not to hurt others, But to know the importance of the patient condition.

Life goes never revert back.

I feel sorry for the guy . Although i have heard similar incidents, I have a lot of faith in DR JS Rajkumar from a personal experience. Infact we had good experience twice involving major cancer operations.My mother Saraswathi was operated upon by Dr JS Rajkumar at Rigid hospital 9 years ago for a cancer in the food pipe involving the lower part near the stomach. We consulted many surgeons before going to DR Rajkumar . Those doctors dilly dallyed a lot and were referring to many other places for investigations, tests, CT scan etc. nobody could give us a guarantee about the success of the operation.We were happy to find everything under one roof at Rigid hospital as my mother could not travel much and they got her ready for the operation very quickly. our duration of further waiting and anxiety was shortened.We explained our situation to the billing department that we may not be able to pay mucn as we had already spent a lot. They said dr had already told them to reduce the package as my mother was suffering for quite some time. The operation went on smoothly. Dr removed the lower part of food pipe and upper part of stomach and re joined it. After the operation my mother could not eat for some time. we were all worried about the tube in her nose. slowly the swelling in her stomach came down and she was given water. she stayed in hospital for two weeks. at one stage dr said we may consider operating again if the swelling did not reduce. but it reduced with monitoring after a few days. By god's grace she was fine eating normally and put on weight. we were all happy. Dr further reduced our bill when we went home at our request. we regularly went to him for follow up for some time and then stopped. this year after 9 years we found that my mother had cancer in the mouth and it had spread to her neck ( lymph node). many of our well wishers and family friends said we had to go to cancer specialist. so we visited 2 specialists. both were good surgeons who said the old cancer had not recurred and this was a new cancer.but they were afraid to operate on her as due to her advancing age ( she is above 60 now). my mother lost faith and refused to see any doctors and the surgery. a doctor who is a surgeon himself near my house in mogappair suggested we go back to dr rajkumar to take an opinion as dr rajkumar was being invited internationally to demonstrate surgeries.. we met him at his new hospital at perungudi . dr rajkumar remembered my mother's name and was upset to know she had another cancer. the operation would be complex he explained and required long operation to remove the cancer both from the mouth and the neck.only sir could convince my mother easily for the operation. the operation took 4 hours. the cancer was removed from both places and a temporary plate was placed in the mouth to cover the hole after taking the cancer out. after some time it was removed once the hole closed. she is on follow up with the medical cance specialist and doing well.(touch wood). we know that dr goes to both rigid and lifeline nowadays. he is a busy man because so many patients come to him from all over India and abroad for help. it was difficult to meet him many times . so when we used to phone him he used to come and visit at night 1130, twelve etc to see my mother after finishing his evening consultation. once we explained that we may not afford the operation and asked him to do the operation in 2 stages - one for the mouth and another for the neck. he said he cannot compromise care. so he did both stages in one setting ( 4 hours ) for same charge. for a few days he went abroad after my mother's operaion during which time his assistant doctors took good care of my mother and got opinions from sir over phone.
I have also heard of bad stories about sir. I do not know how it happened.but still went to him. I really feel sorry for their relatives. trusting a doctor comes only with experience. we have good experiences twice involving high risk complicated operations with good result.
let god be with mr durai in his moments of despair.
Now that I have been a witness to many positive incidents, let me take the pleasure of sharing a few.

My maternal uncles live in Salem. I often visit them. Recently I had been to Salem to attend the wedding of my cousin.

During the my stay there, I happened to see a lady living in the neighbourhood literally roll in stomach pain. Got a little curious and enquired about her health. I was told that she is suffering from a condition called Ulcerative Colitis(fairly grave condition can turn malignant) and has been undergoing treatment for a period of 10-12 years without much relief. Since I was frequenting Lifeline Hospital, spoke to Dr.J S Rajkumar, he consented to meet her. In the initial diagnosis itself Dr. J S Rajkumar suspected that she has been unnecessarily being treated for Ulcerative colitis . The drugs administered have severe and damaging side effets.So she was asked to undergo a conclusive test called Capsule endoscopy(which is a very sophisticated test that not many hospitals can boast of) to rule out the possibility of Ulcerative colitis.This is a 11 hr exhaustive study of the digestive tract. She was diagonised to be suffering from a relatively simple Irritable bowl. I still cant forget the happy and the gratitude filled eyes which thanked the Doctor. She was so happy that she did not suffer any major ailment and can lead a normal life like others.I personally felt so pleased in bringing relief to a person. Now on one hand the people a so angry and sensitive . Nostalgic indeed!

I am waiting for the patients consent to reveail their name.( who underwent stemcell therapy)
The person in the above stoty is Ms. Jyothi, a resident of Salem, Mobile No.9443621215.
Spoke to her, she is willing to clarify, doubts, if any.
Please ignore my comment if you feel it is not authentic without the name of the patient.
I don’t have the permission to disclose.

Another memory that still lingers in my mind is that of parents whose daughter underwent a Bariatric Surgery ( Fat surgery) performed by Dr. J S Rajkumar.

A girl from pune, fair, pretty and tall looked massive and gigantic with a whooping 135kg body weight. Though an affluent family could not find her a match.

The dejected parents came to Life Line Hospital after being refered by a local surgeon.Underwent the gastric by pass surgery. In less than a year lost 57kg weight.

The parents flew all the way to hand Dr Rajkumar to hand him an invitation of their Daughter’s wedding, saying without him their daughter didn’t stand a chance to become a bride.
One little remark by the father that still lingers fresh.

He said I had a very pretty daughter, was always feeling very bad that I couldn’t see her dress in many different outfits like the others of her age. With tears in his eyes said, “Doctor, today even that little desire of mine is fulfilled. Thankyou!”
Very touching indeed!

If any of you wonder as to how I have information to what is happening inside the Doctor’s consultation room. Since I am trying to help the hospital, try to be benevolent and courteous to the patients coming from other stations by fixing an appointment and coordinating with the hospital on their behalf. Some insist that I accompany them to the consultation room too!
The more information you accumulate, the more you are burdening your self and also run the risk of losing your freedom . If Hypothetically, I decide to get a microbial test the of the water I drink and the bed I sleep. The list of impurities and microbes understood with the help of the useful NET, I am sure that my finding is going to steal, my freedom of my enjoying a glass of chilled water or having a Good Nights sleep.( I can say that even witout a test).

However smart you are ! However calculative you are! Even if you make Plan A, followed by contingency Plan B and Plan C, Hasn’t life taught us by experience, that unexpected always happens?

Ignorance is Bliss! That is how our previous generation were without too many unwanted information.

Little knowledge is dangerous ( Beware Net surfers!)

Total understanding gives Clarity.

Aristotle said, It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, rather than open your mouth and remove all Doubt.

One should speak only if you have complete knowledge, Amused, some many people write so many comments on just Hear Say!

Aristotle also said: Any one can become Angry, and that is easy, but to be angry with the right person, at the right time for the right purpose in the right way- that is not easy.

Give it a thought!
first of all my sincere sympathies to mr.durai.i feel only the loser from the family knows and feels the loss, because his wife has left behind young the father has to act as mother and a practising surgeon over 4 decades, i would like to offer some suggessions to the ailing patients.please do not be carried away from advertisements of hospitals and doctors.the more experienced the doctor, more he knows not only from medical point of view also from patient's concern."a good surgeon is one who knows when not to operate than to operate on any patient", that too in a hurry when not indicated.choose your surgeon and get second opinion, if you have doubt.negligence can be sued and reported to medical authorities.
leaving sripriya who acts like an agent to Dr Rajkumar and the victim of this doctors surgical mistakes, let me clearly tell that this is not the first such problem dr rajkumar is facing are committed. he may be a good talk host in the TVs but his attitued towards commercialization of medical practice has been very aggressive and beyond ethical values as I have got personal experience of people who have suffered. I dont blame him alone but also the commercializaion which has taken a toll of the medical education. MBBS seats are sold for 10-30 lakhs and then MD, MS seats for 50-90 lakhs and then McH and DM seats for 40-60lakhs. After paying close to 3 crores (close to 0.75miilion USD) and 12 years of one life how can you expect someone to simply keep himself at home and practiciing medicine for 50 rs or 100 rs. My two children; one is a doctor luckily got free medical seats at MBBS and MD and after 10 years of training he is making 40 thousand rupees per month whereas my younger son is a manager in a BPO firm with BE in electronics makes same or at times even more than my doctor son. Do you think if I have a third son/daughter send him/her to medical school? Sociey has to think about this as well.
Hi Mr durai, I am SARAN from salem, I think u have seen the the message of my uncle above this, its real, i am very much worried about my life, but the Dr J S RAJKUMAR saves my life, he is a well talented person, u cant blame him, I say my life history, my native place is salem, once i went to unconsciousness and the drs from salem dont know what happens to me, after a few weeks later my recovery happens, but i got blood pressure, so they told to take a ct scan of abdomen and it seems like a cancer and they told us to go to adyar cancer institute, The Drs from cancer institute dont know what is the tumor, finally they planned to done surgery and they call a vascular surgeon from vijaya hospital vadapalani and he also came for surgery, they operated and finally they closes as it is a high risk of life for me, my family members were very muck felt sad about my life, Finally we met Dr J S RAJKUMAR who is a god for me and he says i will done the surgery with high risk and saves his life, he opens my abdomen and he done the surgery for more than 6 hours and he removes the tumour completely, now i am allright, nothing problem to me, so every day morning i am praying to the living god that is dr j s rajkumar, so please dont take a bad complication of any body, god gives a life time as when we born itself, so please dont say a wrong message like this, bye from saran, salem .
I'm really sorry for your loss. Keep up up the fight, and don't let this fraud Dr. Rajkumar get the better of you. I know it'll be really tough to nail these greedy crooks down but at least yo should do the best you can do. Write to newspapers, write to media agencies. I know many people in NDTV - contact me and I'll get you in touch with them.

Both posters Sripriya and Saran seem like fraud posters - I won't be surprised if it's Dr. Rajkumar himself.

The things people do for the sake of money.
Hello Mr Siddharth, Please control your words, If u want to contact me means send me a mail to, ok, Dontmake nuisance like this, there is no body in the world to gave a death or birth, so what the doctors do for that, please control the words siddharth, Hi sripriya aunty if u want to contact me means send a mail to,
Mistakes can happen but not at the cost of a life.

Doctors shouldn't be greedy by should have a service motive.
Hi All,
I feel sorry for Durai and I personally had an experience with JSR.
My cousin went for a laproscopic surgery for a problem in the pancreas(chronic pancreatitis) and JSR saved him.
I think JSR is a good man.He genuinely takes care of the patients with a human touch, which we experienced.
However, my cousin died after a year as jaundice spread all over and resulted in multi organ failure!

Though they did their best ..I still wanted to know if the earlier surgery was done perfectly or not...

did they diagnose it propoerly and did the right operation!!?? Only God knows!!

However, I still think that Dr.JSR is a good man.May be he can correct the mistakes pointed out by Durai, so that such incidents could be avoided in the future.
Dr Rajkumar is money motive person. Last week my aunty had undergone surgery, after three days she passed from all my family. It is all because of Dr Rajkumar treatment. Now i have lost my beloved aunty. Please dont believe TV information about him. Before admit into hospital my aunty had only obesity problem, her heart conditon and other things are ok, . After series of diagonis and consultation from various doctors Dr rajkumar advice for operation, After 3 days from operation my aunty died. It is all due to JSR . Please save humman value. Dr like jsr are only knows the money value, please save all our family ones from these kind of doctor.
I just wanted to express to this wounded man a compassionate word. Your story is so sad, I am so sorry that you had to endure this terrible loss.
I really feel sorry. & i pray that padma's soul rest in peace. When I go threw your mail i cld understand the pain u've suffered with the life line hosptial,
There are lot ot appreciation coming for rajkumar, ther is no doubt it is all his own comments,

if the people who have supported rajkumar is true do u people have any explanation not the treatment, but about the service they have offer, torturing for payment, that idoit will not give clearance for a second surgery if payment is not paid. I wld have given my slipers to him. they shld provide full support to the family. What is the necessity to do the surgery why padmas's husband was not informed a bt the complications earlier with all the test performed. HELLOW RAJKUMARif u r reading this or somebody close to him read this pls tell thim to STOP DOING SURGERIES there are many opther ways to earn money not at the cost of other lifes.


Yes Dr. Rajkumar is and Life Line Group of Hospitals is number one Faurd... All the posting on favor or rajkumar are not true and should have posted by his keeps or agents... I will tell my personal experience happend last week... i was asked to take a surgery for a small fissure in my annal... thank god i had 2nd consultation with apollo hospitals and got to know that this is so common and can be cured by an gel or tablet... that in life line hospitla told that its and emergency adn it would cost around 45K and need not worry as u have insrance...

please avoid lifeline... please... life is not a game...

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