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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The mail is regarding the activites of JP Nagar 7Th Phase Little Millenium (Muktha Institutions).

The Performance of the school was very excellent for the first Three months and later Kids are picked up very early in the morning and no teacher turns up until 9:30 though the school timing is 9:15 A.M-11:45 P.M(First Batch) and 11:45 A.M - 2 P.M

The first batch kids reach home by 11:35 though the school timing is till 11:45 and the second batch kids are sent home at 1:30 P.M and by 2 P.M if parents go to pick up the kids the kid would be alone in the school with no teachers or attenders with them.

The Structure of the school Fees included RS 1800 for field trip and till date only 2 feild trips are been taken and the remaining field trips are been shown to them in the school ( eg tress , plants , colors) eventough amount is been charged seperately.

Also a Seperate excursion was arranged this year and 100 rs was collected individually from each student inspite of rs 1800 collected intially.

Also the money collected for the uniform are not been refunded as the school had changed the name and wanted the uniforms also to be changed and 500 was collected for the uniform and only 300 rs was refunded and when we asked for the balance 200 the principal of the school said that they will have to arrange the school logo and ID card but none was provided till date.

There are lot of discrepancies in Transport and kids are been charged based on the status of the parents( few kids are not been charged at all and few are been charged very less even though kids get picked up from the same locality).

Regarding the behaviour of the attenders in the school , each kid is been treated differently ( Eg if parents are rich the kids are been treated differently) .
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Dear All, I have my daughter completing her nursery in this preschool and my daughter has been studying there for the past 2 years. Accidentally I saw this complaint on the net and am really wondering why this parent has written false information. It seems to me that some competitor has written this complaint. That may be the reason why I see the same person writing complaint and then putting in a comment 'I agree'...

The timings are wrongly mentioned. The second batch starts at 11.30 am itself and not 11.45 am (each batch of 2 ½ hours for playgroup and nursery). The school has a policy that the window of transportation for student pickup is 1 ½ hours before the respective batch begins and for drop it is 1 ½ hours after the batch ends. The school tries hard to provide the best value possible in the 2 ½ hours and kids starting from the school before time is just impossible.

I find this school quite organized. They share a calendar of events for the entire year before the beginning of the academic year, which includes all celebrations at the school, annual day, sports day, etc. Tell me which preschool celebrates grand parents’ day? It is a family-like environment in the school.

As per the calendar, they have taken my daughter for 7 field trips and one more to come this month. They have taken my daughter to places like fire station and gave the children one hour of complete fire drill. Tell me which preschool does value added field trips like this? Regarding the excursion, it was not a field trip but annual educational excursion to Gerry Martin’s farm on Sarjapur road. Tell me which preschool does annual educational excursion like this so that the children can see and touch various domestic animals? My daughter recalls the experience even today. This excursion was something not promised in the annual calendar but the preschool went beyond the committed events and arranged this. It was on a holiday, completely optional and the school arranged the transportation. Only the entry fee of Rs. 100 was collected by the parents.

Like this, I can not just go on responding to this false complaint in detail. Basically, this is an Institution which focuses on value to children and equality of treatment. It seems it is the largest preschool in south Bangalore. My daughter just loves the paintings in the school which make it a very beautiful place. This week I received a circular that they are starting a K12 CBSE school also from June this year. My daughter is into LKG from June and I am planning to have my daughter continue her schooling till 10th or 12th standard with them.

Vivek S
Dear Sir,

Thank you for writing to us. Following your complaint and some other complaints from different set of parents we have terminated the centre as our franchisee. Now this centre is not affiliated to Little Millennium in any way. The trouble caused to you is deeply regretted.
You can visit our nearest centre Little Millennium, No.719, 21st Main, 14th Cross, J.P. Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore - 560078 Karnataka

Team Little Millennium
Dear sir/Madam
My daughter 2.5 yrs old put in developing roots in Little Millennium for 2 months.
Little millennium in Kengeri satellite town which is located near the main road, which is located in a bad locality and pollution due to vehicle movement is more and also my daughter got pneumonia due to this pollution and also carelessness and the unhygienic condition in the Day care facility provided by them and also my daughter was allowed to play always outside, where the climate is cold. Mr. Tarun is also having a kid always running nose, because of her all other kids are getting the infection where my daughter is first in that case.
My daughter was very cute, bold and active when I made her join to the school. But day by day she became ill, always suffered from cough and cold due to unhygieness and lost weight and became inactive.
Daily she use to get scars on her face, if it is questioned Franchise (Mr.Tarun & Mrs. Tarun) answers these are common in the beginning which shows there carelessness.
Space is very insufficient (Congested) there, when childrens are inside it looks like a fish market.
Activity being conducted is very poor.
Franchise is only bothered about money and money minded, always they use to write in her dairy fees should be paid before 5th of every month, though we are the parents who use to pay fees on 1st or 2nd itself.
September month she has not used the day care facility not even for one day, but they had collected Rs.2000 for that, which they are not ready to repay.
And also school fee we have paid Rs.20, 000 which also they are not refunding. We too know refunding option is not there, but what to do now when the centre is not available at Mysore.
Finally, I lost both my kids health and also money
Now we made her join in the other school by again paying Rs. 12000, where she is enjoying without getting any cold, cough and scars on her face.
But what about the Money we lost? We have not put any money plant in our home…Mr.Tarun
Simply they are looting money in this centre. We are cheated here, atleast the day care amount Rs.2000 they could have refunded and also some Rs. 8000 out of 20, 000 could be refunded.
They are running the little millennium only for the sake of their own KID Where always ayyas are taking care of only Taruns kid.
This is a very bad experience with the Franchise in little millennium in kengeri Satellite town.
He is also having a kid; definitely Mr. Tarun will pay for this…in future….
Little Millennium - Kasturi Nagar

Initially it was good for 3 months, every week they will be charging some amount for some thing.
We have paid fee at the time of joining itself and asked is there anything which we have to pay, i mean to say any additional/hidden fees. Pricipal(she) told that nothing you have to pay extra. They just given School Kit.
Parents have to pay school Adress
They will take students for outing, for example some time back they have taken to Snakes & World a the time of Nehru Birthday.
Even for that they have collected 100/- from every student. when we ask they says that parents have to pay for transportation and snacks
Recently these school celebrated Annual Day. For that they have colleted 500 for dance, 400 arrangements which includes dress material and snacks, water...etc
It is school anniversary, why any paretns have to pay 900 for is minimum sense atleast annual day celbration they have to pay.

Now they are coming up with LIbrary it seems, for that parents have to pay 5000 extra apart from schol fee.
Dance fee also we have to pay extra every month. Other than Dance they wont teach anything...non sense school.

My Humble request to all parents do not join you kid at this school, speciall Kasturnigar Branch.

Principal did not say anything during Joining time. Now only we are feeling that this is some thing only Money Orineted school.

Some times they send Dairy, they never says what they have taught in school in daliy, they only mention in the dairy only some thing we are going to celbrate, parents have to pay some amount.

Parents meeting also wont happen, am writing on behalf of many parents who had discussion at the school premises. Every other day they will send pay this amonut of money for this thing/that thing. STUPID...

Why we are posting it here is atleast EDUCOMP might read this and take action on this managememnt.

Little Millenium - Kasturi Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka

My kid joined last year for nursery. we have paid fee 34k. They have given school kit ( which includes School BAG, ID Card, Set of Books).
Apart from school fee, we have to pay School Unifrom fee extra ( 800/-), School Outings (150/- extra for each outing), couple of months back they have celebrated School - Annual Day, for this every student have to pay 900/- extra (for dress and dance master fee) + 150/- extra(Video and Photos). Recently they have collected 50/- for Class Photo. Every month they have started colleting 200/- for dance fee.
they have collected 7k for activities during joining time . They have clearly said at the time of joining, Dance is one of the activity for which we have paid around 7k at the time of joining.

Every other day School Management will mention about some fee parents have to pay by next this in a month parents have to pay around 500/- extra monthly on average. If paretns do not pay this fee, we know it will refelct easliy on our children. so with interest/ without interest parents are paying it.

This school managemet knows one thing really very well, how to collect M O N E Y. Apeart from that parents really do not understand what actally they are teaching day to day, no parents meeting...we know if we ask all these things, again they will ask money from parents...:) to conduct such things.

I would strongly suggest this school is not at all good for money what parents are paying it. It is good only for the parents who have money and they can not spend time with thier kinds, instead of that they are giving it school and these people spend on behalf of their parents.
So Parents, becareful for this type of schools...we know to run a school many things required. however these people does not have minimum responsibilites.
Comments on Little millenium school could be helpfull for parents. So, Please mention good school name and bad school name and there review. It is very helpfull for parents who's not having large amount of mony or having low pay scale.
I as a parent didnot like little millenium in kpc layout.The day care is hopeless.They always run short of staff.They portray wrong pictures to parents .The centre head most of the time is not aware of what is hapenning?Pg and Nursery classses ar conducted together somtimes.When questioned they give unsatisfactory answers.They put the blame on children saying that they have informed the child.Overall it was not a good experience .I am not aware whether Little millenium head office is aware of this.I have very high opinion on little mellinium chain.but it is disappointing.
My son has completed one year in LM Hsr layout. The centre is fabulous and the teachers are great ! Special mention to Ms Chandrika Bharath(centre director) for the great work the team is doing!
Whatever is mentioned about little millennium kasturinagar is absolutely wrong.That school looks into the quality of the education. The teachers are really good and everything what is taught is in the class is mentioned in the diary and also home works are given. Lot of revision work is done by the teachers.
The teachers teach many things orally such that they are in par with the formal schools. Parents have to see to the quality given out by that school. They dont collect any extra money for any activities. They bring up the children in such a way that everyone is a born talented.
Please put your children in such schools where the parents are totally happy with everything and there is no tension of preparing your child for formal schools.
Dear Praveenshiraguppi, kidsparent, chilakam,

We sincerely apologise for your bad experience at Little Millennium Kengeri Center.
We have taken proactive action on your complaint.

We would like to share, that we try to keep our schools in an approachable area. But we never compromise with kids’ health or comfort. All our preschool centers follow standard guidelines for preschool environment, and preschool infrastructure, to ensure holistic growth of every child in a nurturing environment.

And also we give equal importance to each and every kid in our schools. We keep a good attendant/teacher to kids ratio, so that each and every kid gets special and equal care as they get at their home.

We assure you we have taken corrective action for this center and now the preschool is well maintained as well as properly managed.
Thank you once again for your valuable feedback.
Dear Parent,
We sincerely apologise for inconvenience caused to you at Little Millennium Kasturi Nagar Center.
We have taken a note of your feedback and we have initiated a corrective action to take care of your feedback. We assure you the same will not be repeated.

We would also like to share that our preschool curriculum has been scientifically researched and developed to ensure holistic development of every child. To facilitate same, we organize multiple engaging activities for all our kids on ongoing basis. Further to that we organize regular field trips to facilitate the same.
We assure you we have taken corrective action for this center and now the preschool is well maintained as well as properly managed.

Thank you once again for your valuable feedback.

Little Millennium Managemnt

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