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[Resolved]  Lottery — sms & email fraud ??

I reiceived an sms from nr: +[protected]... - saying that i have won $ 2, 800, 000.00 in 'our random cell number lottery draw', to claim contact f. jackson on email : [protected]

i then emailed mr. Jackson (Dr. Frank R. Jackson) inquiring how to reiceive my winnings. he sent back an email stating a,, security code, winning number and bonuses. his email also stated that i have 1 of 2 options in claiming my winnings:

1) go to london {from half a world away} and claim my winnings in person {after i did a list of things including obtaining a 'Oath of Affidavit from the London High Court' & many more}. or

2} use the services of an attorney to represent me & if i choose to use the services of an attorney, i should contact 'Advocate Mike Hooks' a so called reputable legal practitioner - with my personal & winning details.

i was also informed that i had only 28 days to collect my winnings.

i suppose this is a scam - please advise

thank you
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Aug 14, 2020
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legit lottery — this is a scam

hye everybody i too got a email saying that i have won a ottery of a million pounds and they said me to send my verification details and i see that is a fake and i want to say that if they use my id for bad purposes so i use the emails which they sent me.
I also received the same sms on July 5, 2009 & I chose not to respond no take action. the sms reads: Congrats!!! As part of our Random Cell Number Lottery Draw, you've won $2, 800, 000.00, to claim contact F.Jackson but the sms comes from a different nr. +[protected].
I also received this sms last night from a SA cel number [protected] and was asked to send an email to a Mr Brown at [protected] I also chose not to respond as I am sure this is a new hoax!
You have to contact the Winning Processing centre, dont just put your information online it is not advisable
The only true Lottery in The UK is wp.[protected]
I paid only Rs 38, 000 and today i recieved my demand draft of 8 kroes
Verify your winning from wp.[protected] if they verify you, you will pay Rs 38, 00o for courier

Thank God!
I just received a similar sms what must I do?do you suggest that I just don't call back or do I first listen to what they have to say and then take action accordingly.
It is most definitely a scam. I have received a similar email - this time I have to contact Mr Wilson at [protected] - no doubt will come a request for bank details and for other personal information. I'll send them hoax information and see what happens.
Yes its a scam! Same E-Mail to contact Mr Wilson at [protected] Why is not doing anything about this??? Never give out your Personal or Banking Details (more important never send a copy of your I.D.documents) this leads to identity theft and bank fraud. You could loose all your money in the account number you give them.

Secondly never call anyone in this regard, as often their mobile line is billed out at extremely high rates, and they will keep you on the line - as long as possible. I have a case of a bill being R 5250.00 ($ 700) most of these scams come from Nigeria and are called - 914 SCAMS. We run a Task Force in South Africa, to try and protect the general public...
I am bemused to receive this scam. How do they actually get your details?

I only participate in the UK/Euro Lotto through the official site and they seem to be very private and strict about their information! I do not usually use my credit card on the Internet!

Who else could have given both my email and mobile number out and am I actually secure there? Is it just by chance they got both my details and used both email and phone number systems to contact me? They don;t say "Dear Mr ...(me) so it is possible this is just a rampent scheme affecting loads of people through sifferent media.

Got an email message a week ago claiming that the British Prime Minster has alocated money to me in the amount of £ 2000 000 and that it would be paid in twice weekly amounts. I chose to ignore it but this morning I received a sms as well and I cannot understand how they got both contact details. It's a bit worrying! The messge reads as follows: "Congratulations. Your number has qualified for 2, 000, 000 pounds Irish Lottery. Contact Mr. Wilson on Email: [protected]"

I have sent through questions to this scamming organisation and wonder if I did the right thing by responding? I did it because they managed to contact me on various systems!

How does one report such risks. My email I just sent reads:

"How did you get my details Mr Wilson - both email and mobile!? How did I get selected to participate on your draw and what number was selected? My mobile - why? - I am not even British. Who are you affiliated with and what information are you actually looking for from me. Why did the Prime Minister sanction such a thing and who is getting this for what reason? Let me read about it! Where can I check the validity of your claim and what is the website I can visit to see what this is all about and to pass it through my check system. You can understand that I am very sceptical in this modern era of the Internet and really wonder who you are and how legitimate this is and whether it is a scam to get information out of me! Show me what the Prime Minister said on a government site!"

Can someone help me report them and what site do I use to check scams out? Thank goodness I stumbled on this site for sure!!
i also recieved the same sms today telling me that i have won 2000000.00 pound and i must contact Mr Wilson to claim my winning .please guys stop wt you are doing cause you wont get away with it.
if wt you saying is true you must stop sms or sending e.mails just call us and tell us what you want us to do ...
my nanny received the same sms last nite. when i got home she told me to look at it. she was a bit excited but i could see by the draft of the sms tha its a scam. iw ent to my pc and tried to open the website, it does not even exist, you hvae to create profile and log in blah blah blah. i work for a TV station, i am going to talk to my boss about this, maybe we will know who they are, i bet there are millions of victims out there who fell for this scam. i sked a Nigerian guy how this thing works and he said that first they will tell you that you have won a lot of money. then you confirm your details with them. if you fall for it they tell you to open a new accound and deposit R50, they know that people are aware of the scams now so they wont ask for your present account. then they deposit a fraudulent cheque of the amount then contact you. you go to the bank and you can actually see the balaance but here is the catch. they tell you in order to ba able to withdraw the money you must pay a certain percentage of the money to unlock it. you can calculate 10% of R2000 000, R200 000, THAT IS HOW MUCH YOU WILL LOSE. They also then after seven days all the money is gone and the account is empty.. careful
I've also the same sms today it say congratulations your number has won 2, 800, 000.00 pounds from Irish lottery Draw, contact Mr Wilson on Email;[protected] to claim your winning.
First i don't understand what happened i want to ask about it then i come to my comp and search about it and i found your emails and i will not responding on this message you all have the same and you all right
Thanks guys
P.S the message come from GPT not anumber
we got sms from u that we have won 48, 000, 000, 00
is that true
i have got sms from u that we have won 2, 800, 000, 00
is that true
i am ahmed i have a msg which say that i won
an a lottery of[protected] pounds from irsh lottery aand they saif to contect mr wilson what can i do
received on 28 / February / 2010 Congratulation to digital won $ 2, 800, 000, 00 pounds of automatic share of Irish. I have to call Mr. Wilson to claim the prize on E- mail [protected]
all us have same so whats up...
i want to to know more about ur lottary. Please notify me as soon as possibl.
Thanks a lot.
my number is +[protected] i recivied msg iwon[protected] pounds

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