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[Resolved]  Mahindra Logan — Faults & Poor service by Mahindra

I purchased a mahindra Logan DLS last year which was delivered to me on 14th Feb 08.The car ran without any problems till June08 ( 4 months ) and started giving below mentioned problems:

1) Power windows getting jammed
2) Dash Board making Squirking noise
3) Door Latches making noise
4) Poor mileage
5) Engine Raising

Problem no 1 to 4 were resolved for time being and kept coming up repeatedly.Although the service staff assured me that the work is done i have to take the car to their workshop atleast once in a month.

The latest complaint (Point 5) which i had in May 09 was for Engine running fast and raising at a particular speed.When I took the car to the authorised workshop they told me that I had to replace the clutch cable and the same was done, However the problem continued and today it was told to me that the Clutch plate whcih is a wear and tear part hasd to be replaced.My car has run around 38000 kms and i am been informed that every 30000 to 35000 kms the clutch plate goes through wear and has to be replaced which is costing approximately Rs.12000..The car is been serviced at Glabal Gallerie workshop at Thane.The technicians here are not able to give me a correct and timely diagnosis of the problem nor a solution.

Also the colour of the car which i believe has some warranty is faded in some parts.I am overall with the entire experience with mahindra and need some legal help on the same.

Over all it was a biggest mistake for
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Aug 14, 2020
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To Whom It May Concern:

It is with extreme disappointment and distress that I am writing to you, I purchased a Mahindra Renault Logan(GLX 1.4 Petrol) on Oct. 26th 2007 Registration No. HR-26AN 8790. The booking was made through Sterling Motor Co.(Gurgaon). At the time of booking, I was told that there will be full support and customer friendly approach, but it was totally missing after i had purchased car from them. Dealer was so customer unfriendly & Rude that it had given me the doubt as if I had done a mistake of buying car from Sterling motor co.

Another issue was car is facing lots of problems and Sterling motor co are not capable to rectify the problem . All the issues are mentioned below:

1) Unavailability of parts at the time of servicing of the car.

2) Lack of product knowledge with all the advisors and managers.

3) Use of illicit language.

4) Misbehaving with customer at every step.

5) Mishandling of our car which in turned deliver car in very bad condition.
6) Absense of staff on daily basis.

It is very surprising that my car(HR-26AN 8790) was ready for delivery after 10 days without any quality check and coz of this I had been suffered a lot and heard lot of abusing language from the staff of Sterling motor co. and above all I explained all these issues to General Manager gurgaon workshop (Mr. Madan pal) and I was shocked to hear the kind of language and justification from him coz even GM of the workshop don’t have adequate knowledge and awareness about the product .

It was very clear to me that people who are the employees of the company carry no fear from the top management as It had been told to me that my car has some minor problem for which they want to keep my car in there workshop for one day to solve the problem for which I agreed and send my car to there workshop on 29/6/2009. I don’t know that after this day my life will b changed as there was no revert back from company about my car till 2/07/2009 and then on 3/07/2009 I got the call from company side that it has some problem with throttle body cost approx. 13000/- and then I visited to sterling motors and asked them to explain me about this part and why this happened and there were no justification from any staff member and then after seeing my knowledge about the faulty part they changed there statement that we will check again and let you know whether there is problem with this part or some other part.

On 4/07/2009 company called me again and told me that throttle body is fine but problem is with fuel pump cost approx. 10, 000/- but that was also not sure and I again questioned the staff that why this happened and what is the life of this part and how come suddenly in first time it happened and as usual as it was expected there was no clear justification from any staff member and different justification from different staff member.

On 6/07/2009 I visited workshop to check the current status of my car and met the supervisor Mr. Manoj Rana who was looking after my car . I asked him about the problem and this guy replied me in a very wrong language with no clear justification about the car as he himself doesn’t have adequate knowledge about the product and told me that both your parts throttle body and fuel pump are not in fault and later on after few minutes he changed the statement that I have to check it again.

On 7/07/2009 when I shouted on the staff that please explain me the problem then they used rude and illicit language and told me to meet Mr. Madan pal (GM) or Mr. Ravinder Rana who particularly looking after all the Logan problems and both of them agreed that our staff misbehaved with u for which we are sorry and about the problem we are also not sure, so u have to give us one more day to check.

On 8/07/2009 company had made the bill amounting 12-13k and also damaged my car from all over. On asking about the dents in the car they refused that this had not happened in our workshop and told us that we can’t help you in any above mentioned matter but you have to pay the bill amount and take your car.

Finally when again I asked them the justification about the bill and reason of faulty parts they people refused and left the room and used rude language and misbehaved. People from top management told me that go where ever we don’t care and now we will not deliver your car.

I request you to please look into the matter personally and do the need full else forcefully I have to go to consumer court or media to question Sterling motor co . about my car.

Warm Regards

Dr.Kartik nanda


Yes, i agree with you on two points, one is low mileage, and the other is the noise in the dash board and no solution for the same with repeated visits to the service center. I use a diesel version. I also had a lot of problem in the clutch which was to hard and the same was replaced with out any additional charges at Sirish Auto, Bangalore.

And, yes we are told that we would get a retrofit for the wiper as the wiper throws the water back in the opposite direction while wiping the glass and is just too unfortable during heavy rains. Waiting for the retrofit...

Over all, though i am satisfied with the driving comfort, i am not at all satisfied with the mileage. The logan team claims that we should be getting atleast 18KMPL in city limits and I hardly get 11KMPL which is too low. When asked, the sercive advisor says, i have to change my driving style. I took the service advisor along with me for a test drive and he then, says my driving is just perfect. But no solution till now..

And, yes i also have an esteem car where i get a very good mileage. I am not sure if there is some jadoo in logan, that my driving just changes to get a bad mleage!!!

Yashwanth C
i have purchased your esteemed vehicle Logan Renault DLS with chasis no 7ZJ24981 and Engine no DO15459 and registration no MH-20 BC 1913 from M/s Ratnaprabha Motors Aurangabad in the Yr.2007

I Have Maintained your shedule of servicing which indicates for every 10000 km servicing and Oil Changing for every 50000 Km to be done by Authorised dealer- M/s Ratnaprabha Motors Aurangabd.
present speedometer shows reding is about 82000 Km.

I regrete to state that your dealer has not taken enough care of changing the gear box Oil, though he has charged for the same.

Further my Veh. Failed on Sangli road due to damaged Gear Box I Transported Veh. to your Authorised Dealer at Sangli (Maharashtra). He Examined the Veh. and confirmed that the gear box of the Veh. is totally damaged due to non availability of gear Oil and confirmed expenditure of Rs. 90000.00 (Rs. Ninety Thousand) for replacement of gear box .

I am very much upset for such type of sudden breakdown due to neglegence by you authorised dealer.

Kindly let me know who is responsible for such type of carelessness.
I was stucked in my logan far from my home due to some problem in fan belt and then came to know that there is some fault in alternator .I gave the car to sri durga auto delhi last week.But I am sorry That after so many messages, mails, it has not been repaired with the reason that they have not recd. approval from the co. to cover under warranty period. This is strange on the part of co. that for what they are waiting for . This should the internal matter of co. and dealer not ours to get in followups for approvals. I want some fast positive action from the co. for which I am facing the problem without car.This is giving the bad impact on the co. to rethink before buyiing or suggesting any new car. My car No. DL 1CJ 6800 with VIN. no. 29624 and waiting at workshop for MD, CEO`s decision.

Should I have to go to internet circulation and inform there and highlight my problem with the car for the type of service and response I am getting.


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