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I am a resident of Ambattur and would like to complain against the status of MTH Road(NH 205). The road is in a very bad shape, especially from Padi to Avadi. The traffic has increased so much, but the road still remains as it was 30 years earlier. The road has numerous potholes and craters, making motoring, a difficult proposition. It is a nightmare to drive during rain and during hours of darkness. Nobody cares for the road. There are talks going on for several years regarding widening of the road, but nothing has taken place. I want to make an official complaint regarding this, but am not sure whom to approach. Can somebody advice me?
Or make this known to the concerned department?

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Does anybody see these complaints?
I sympathise with the ignorance and foolishness of the people living in Avadi & Ambattur including me. The opinion is so much divided and it is a pity no one realises that this NH 205 MTH road as on Govt. records is a clear 100 ft road and that no one is pushing for alteast creating a road in its legitimate plan of atleast 100 ft without disturbing the genuine land owners. The condition is getting worse, it takes 1 hour to commute a distance of 6 kms from Padi to Ambattur during peak hours and it is death trap from Ambattur telephone exchange to Ambattur O.T. It is really disgusting as no one seems to protest in any form, how many lives are to be lost and how much delay to reach and get back from city. I only hope some one can file a PIL in a court to make the authorities to act...

Does anyone realise that a 200ft road will take years to even plan for, as it requires land acquistion from patta holders and there will be considerable resistance and legal suits filed by affected parties. In my estimate a 200 ft OR 150 ft announcement is just a ploy by the authorities to not even work for a 100 ft road.This stretch in NH scheme of things is just an underdeveloped village stretch with no real reason to invest, as there are no major happenings in Ambattur/Avadi belt with respect to any major residential or industrial projects. Ambattur/Avadi has just some old industrial establishments and low middle class settlers who would take a public transport like train to commute or just stay at home. To add insult to injury is the attitude of Govt. authorities for any development works in Ambattur/Avadi areas which is the most neglected area in the Chennai Metro.

NH 205 dosent look like a National Highway. Rather it is worse than the mud roads which can be seen in very remote villages. Why no authority is taking any action to widen the road???
Hi I would like to complain the below mentioned details but not too sure how to proceed further kindly help if possible.

Dear Sir / Madam


I am Arthi Rajagopalan working in a private firm on the Rajiv Gandhi Salai.

I would like to escalate a concern to you because i do not know where to be informed the difficulty on roads as of now.

When you come from Perungudi and if you wish to reach to any of the companies which on the right side will be a real NIGHT MARE no matter which part of the day you are travelling !!!

It is just becuase you do not have any space to make an "U" turn on the straight road once we cross the signal near Life Line Hospital till SRP Tools

Option 1 - Very safe but not economical, fuel resource wastage, Wastage of productive time and in a hurry to reach office on TIME. But still we will have to go till SRP Tools make the "U" Turn and reach the destination which is happening with people who follow the rules and regulations to an extent as of now.

Other Dirty Options

1. Not to go till SRP to make an "U" turn - make a turn near the Life Line Hospital and try to drive on the wrong side and kill the people who drive properly proceeding to perungudi

2. It is also very sick when u walk and come because these people want to save their time energy fuel to be on time to thier office but one who crosses the road properly trough the over head pavement area for walk and walking to the office but disturbed to the core and getting frightened just because of the horn coming from behind which is SICK.

3. All most only less that 10% of the pedestrians are using the overhead pavement area for walking - Hardly its the domestic animals resting area in the evening. Well educated, Smart and very good earning people are the most common crowd on this road but they cross the roads as if a Buffalo is crossing, by walking on the middle of the road. Fine i am not worried about the person who does not care about their life and doing these activities - LET them eat up their own life and crosses the road BUT i am MORE concerned about the person who is driving properly on the Rajiv Gandhi Salai - LET THEM BE SAVED PLEASE !!!

I am not really too sure if you the right person but TRUST you and hope that you will be able help me to the possible extent or redirect me to the right channel.

Crossing fingers and keeping loads and loads of hope for a resolution to enable a median cut and make a way to make a "U" Turn on the Rajiv Gandhi Salai which will surely save in lot of fuel, time and Human LIFE.

Thanks and Regards

Arthi Rajagopalan
Sir my residence is at avadi there are three lakh people who are doing buisness from padi to pattabiram. Sir you are telling for last three years so we cant sell our house it is orginal patta so pls tell when will u mark . Pls mark for 80ft or 120ft
I had written to NDTV-Hindu regarding this and they had come to Ambattur to shoot the road and interview the users of the road. I had also given a short interview. That was telecast in their channel on 19/03/2010 in the morning. I had recorded the same and posted it in U-Tube.

The link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4594ZFSTxU
The number of vehicles moving increased a lot and Traffic congestion due to MTC buses. Due to less space vehicles coming in opposite direction come to extreme right so accident increases. When the road is widened to 200ft with divider and barriers at edges Traffic flow will be smooth and Happiest time to all.Lets see what Government does.
Travelling in mth road from padi to avadi is like travelling in hell..road condition is very very very poor worst i have ever seen..I dont know wat the national highway authority department is doing.In this year 2010 til march many accidents have occured.Atleast widen the road to 100ft.It wil b needful for the people passing through road..From padi to avadi is nearly 15kms bt i takes more than 1hr to reach avadi from padi.So please take immediate action to improve the condition of the road...
Good effort by Mr. Prakash to bring in the media to highlight the mess on NH205. But nothing seems to move the local administration as I see new renovations and construction happening all along the MTH road corridor which gives a feeling that no change is expected in near future.

With talk of local and state elections I do not think the Govt. will risk to anger the encroachers/traders who are a strong lobby and vote bank. As usual the happless residents of Avadi and Ambattur will suffer endlessely until some bold guy files a PIL or some major project gets underway in this stretch which again is very remote.
I am resident of Guindy. We have an all time busy road in Guindy.. People especially pedestrians suffer a lot to cross the road from the Guindy Industrial estate side to MKN road junction and vice versa.. This problem have become so big to everyone, when Guindy is made some one way traffic arrangements in various places... Hence Guindy is one of the busiest area of Chennai.. and many IT companies and many large scale, medium scale and small scale industries were located here.. About more than Five lakh people pass by the Guindy Route.. And Guindy also acts as an Centre place for the public to change the Routes from Tambaram, Adyar, St.Thomas Mount, Velachery, Vadapalani, Ambattur, Avadi, Saidapet, Madipakkam, Porur, Poonamallee, MountRoad etc or even to mofussil palces..and get into another bus or train here... But there is no possible place for the pedestrians to cross the road and get to the other side of the road..The Subway near to the Guindy Railway station is located so long from this place, so the people avoid using this... Today many people, even ladies and oldage people were seen to jump the centre median and cross the road... Hence, I request NHAI Officials to make an FOOT - OVER BRIDGE for the pedestrians across the Guindy main road, Connecting MKN road junction to the Thiran Chinamalai Statue... And i seriously assure that this Foot- Over Bridge will be surely useful for the Pedestrians henceforth... Im very thankful to the Autrhorities, if they act soon towards my request and do appropriate action immediately...
Regarding widening of the NH205 the govt. is cheating the people. Because they don't wide due to the pressures of the politicians and businessmen who are sitting in the middle of the road. They want to earn money, they don't worry about others. These encroachers do not understand the agony and the sufferings of the family members who lost their kids in accident on these bad and worst national highway of india.
The encroachers are selfish, they don't worry about the national growth and they are not at all worrying about the travel time we are spending everyday to pass this NH. They are sitting on shops and watching the accidents only.
It is only the govt., which has to take the firm decision and to wide the road to the maximum so that it would be sufficient for next 100 yrs. Till then, people will lose lives due to accidents, our poor working men and women will come late at night due to traffic congestion in NH205.
Whatever it maybe, govt. will be silent encouraging the encroachers and the selfish polluted politicians. Who is to going to help us. Only God knows.
Nobody is worrying about the NH205 roads poor condition. Especially in the Canara Bank there in no road. only 20 to 25 ft road is there. The officials are blind and not taking care of the public interest. Are NH authorities and working or taking rest to get the salary.
The NH authorities are not at all taking any steps to widen the NH205 MTH road. 30 yrs back what we had as the road the same thing existing without any single inch extension. From Ambattur estate to Avadi there is a foot path only, through which millions of vehicles plying.
The encroahers and merchants are mostly corrupted politicians who are opposing the widening project of MTH road. They want to make money, no worry about the national growth. Govt. also supporting them. How many families are in tears and in mental agony after losing their beloved in accidents in the same MTH road. But no one is caring. Is there any NH authorities? Are they alive. Everyday how many hours we are standing in the metro bus to cross Padi and canara bank, do they not know?
Because of the narrow road how much congestion, how much diesel waste, how many commuters time wasted. Do anyone understand. The encroachers are sitting in the middle and earning money. Govt. is handicapped. In canara bank stop, only 20 ft road is there, but this is a national highway. How many lives lost in this corner. Do they think about it? God only has to speak with the authorities and to bring a new dawn to this NH 205, a village low way(not a national highway now). Now they are trying to wide 1.5 m, that also an eye wash only. Also it is going to be of no use.
Every day we go through great pain and agony crossing Avadi and Padi road, we are badly suffering during the hot season and raining season, it takes almost one hour to reach from avadi to padi just 15 Km.Last raining season, I and family has gone through greatest pain in our life, my wife and me caught up in huge traffic almost 2 hours, she delivered the baby on the way, it took almost one hour for the us to reach the hospital.It's hard to express our agony and pain...many lives has lost in NH 205...I have witnessed twice the same incident like us. Everyday we witness accidents and people die ...for the selfish gain for the business man and politician, thousand and thousand of the people suffer everyday..the time they need to spent with their children and family, they spent in the hot sun or rain in the roads...it's terrible...Please do needful help to widen the road, the 1.5 m will not help us in any way...it will help the shop keepers and it will benefit for them not for the common people.

Please do needful help
The road widening is unofficially called off as we can witness new modifications and developments by enroachers all along the CTH road. The traders have been very successful in paying the right people and partnering with the powerful, the losers have been the helpless road users.

It is a pity that no one (the elected representatives) seems to protest and raise their concerns to the authorities who prefer to look the other side. The best instance of authorities turning a blind eye is the stretch from telephone exchange to TI cycles, despite the presence of the Ambattur poilce station and the office of Ambattur Municipality with an IAS officer in charge who care a damn for the state of the road !!!

There is no hope for this road to improve as the Govt. is announcing elections soon and things will be sealed for ever. The message is clear, the locality of Ambattur and Avadi will remain as a dusty underdeveloped dusty village only as the locals prefer the same primitive status forever. In case anyone wants to move to modern civilisation they could move out of Ambattur/Avadi !!!
I am resident of Surat ( Gujrat ).I travel twice in a week from Mumbai to Surat and sometime to Ahmedabad on NH 8.On NH 8 80% of the trucks and buses dont have brake lights.Who is going to check this thing and I had never seen any Highway patrolling.Who is going to see all this matter.
had written to Ambattur Municipal Corporation regarding the removal of encroachments, but they had replied that the road comes under NHAI and so these people have to remove the encroachments. When NHAI is asked, they reply that the local body has to remove the encroachments. I think that the public is being made fool by these people sitting in their AC rooms and travelling in their AC car. They are least bothered about the users of the road. All they care is about how to fill up their pockets and increase their bank balance. Who is going to listen to our problems and solve them?
The sudden rain has cut off the residents from Ambattur to the rest of the world. It took 1 hour today to reach Padi from Ambattur. What a national waste of time and fuel ??? Only hope no one needs any urgent medial help.. else they have to die on the dubious MTH road, which is kind of a death trap already!!!

When will the administration - state or national wake up??
nobody is able to tell the current status of the NH205 road, has the project been dumped ?
somebody respond thanks in advance.
mohan bhupal manapoti

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