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Dear Sir / Ma'm,

Please help me out, as my overall earning is in mess as I invested approx. 2.25 Lakhs in the project introduced by Orior Developers (website www.oriordevelopers.com). The project is behind schedule as it's been 2 years now, & as promised there is no clue of possession on the property. As I opted for part payments on the project the initial booking amount was of Rs. 99, 000 & another 1st installment of 1.22 Lakhs. Now, when many a times tried to contact them & confirm regarding the status, they have responded detrimentally & have been claiming that the project is on schedule. Making repeated reminders on the possession & development the efforts went in vain. After loosing my interest & hope in the project, I asked them to return the investment, they've been asking to go into a Surrender Agreement, where they've claimed a deduction of 10% on the total payment made by me so far. If the clause was updated on the application form, it was never intentionally brought to my notice. It's illegal, if any deduction is made on the investment, rather seeking any return on the investment the deduction was a shock of a lifetime. The way they've been performing on their projects should be questioned by the Govt. & the illegal terms & conditions should be sorted out immed. for consumer benefit. I imagine if the investment could have been done elsewhere like FD's, I would have gained a few. Here a loss of more than 20, 000/- overall is unbearable, I'd been saving throughout to make payments for the land & now I don't have land, nor any money.

If there is any possible way to get back my hard earned money, then please suggest - email - [protected]@inbox.com Phone - [protected] / [protected].
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Aug 13, 2020
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I agree with Akash. Orior Developer is literally doing fraud with a hundreds of common people. I hope that the administration/Police wakes up and take necessary action against them.
I have also been cheated by Orior Developer in Bhaskar Valley. I had booked a plot in Bhaskar Valley. They have already collected more that 75% of the plot cost from me in the last 2 years (3 installments and booking amount) since I booked. But till now, I do not see much progress. They have not even made plot allotment. Few months back, they had come out with a new project "Orior Greens" without making much progress on Bhaskar Valley. God save people who are booking in Orior Greens. I think that it high time Government wakes up and take strong action against builder like Orior Developer who are cheating common man by giving full page fraud advertisments in newspaper. But Government is not seeing it?
Dear All,

Please be collaborative on the issue & would like you to contact me for legal proceedings against them. I'm keen to file a petition in Consumer Court & those who want to act as a petitioner, please contact me. The reason on which we'll act, are listed below -

a) Misrepresentation of Product
b) Delay in Pocession
c) Misleading Terms & Conditions

Thanks & Regards
Akash Sharma
[protected] / [protected]
I too feel cheated by Orior Developer. I had booked a plot at Bhaskar Valley around around 2 years back. Till now there has been very little progress Even plot allotments have not been done. I think that not only owners of Orior Developers but also all its Sales employees (as they were equal partners of the owners in this crime) should also be put behind bars for this fraud. I request the relevant authourities (Police, District Magistrate, Judges, Consumer Forums ) to take relevant action gainst them. I especially request the Gurgaon Police where Orior Developer is Headquartered to book a criminal case against the owners of Orior Developers. I too plan to join Akash in taking direct legal action against them if things do not improve in couple of months. Also I thank Akash to start this activity of bringing together victims of Orior Developer together. Once all victims of this fraud by Orior Developers are united, I am sure we can do something.
Akash, I do not think that Orior Developer (although I feel like calling them "Orior Cheater & Fraud Pvt Ltd.") can deduct any amount for your asking refund as Orior Developer was supposed to give you plot within 16 months from the date of booking. Else they should return money with 8.5% interest. Since they did not give you plot within 16 months of booking, they should return you money with 8.5 % per annum. I am sure if you go to consumer court, you will win.
I am also a bit worried about their slow progress. Hope their intentions are right.
Dear Friends,
I am also a equal sufferer. I have paid 60% of the total cost of the plot and being asked for balance payment without any fixed deadline of possession. The work at site is not going on and the developer in only interesting in collecting money.
Let's get together and put pressure on them to finish the project and then only collect the balance money within a fixed deadline.


Mohan Goel
I am agrre with Akash. Orior is collecting money from common people and putting in some new projects . Compny is trapping people by showing rosy pictures and not completing any of the project in time. I had also booked two nos of 200 sq yds plot in Orior Green Valley. They are claiming project is in time, and will allot by Dec 2009. As per the Dealer who was involved in the booking told us that plot will be handed over with in 16 months. But orior has different explanation. As per orior, Project Delelopment work was to be undertaken/ initiated with in 16 months from the date of registration and not possession of the plot. Orior did Bhoomi poojan in April 2007 almost a year back. If you see the web site, same photos which were taken during Bhoomi poojan. No further development is seen . That is the cause of worry and no communication since last six month. Still they are maintaing that possession will be given by DEC 2009.

On asking refund, Orior is saying to deduct 10 % of sum deposited . This is rediculous. I think we should unite and file a case against him in consumer court for refund with 8.5 %. rate of interest on sum deposited.


Chandrabhanu Singh
As per the law of the land (and consumer court interpretations), the possession of plot/flat should be given within specified time. In case, no specified time is given, it is assumed to be 2 years from the date of booking. So whatever the Orior Guys are interpreting does not have any stand in the eyes of the law. The law is on our side. It just requires some action and I am sure that by going to consumer court, we can claim a substantial amount of money as compensation for mental harashment besides our original money and 8.5 % interest.
I also had a booking with Orior and i to was a little worried over the issue so i also had applied for my refund, the initial process was a mess but later things started taking there shape. They had also told me that there will be a deduction but after a litlle pursing of my problems they refunded me my full money which was about 2.25 lacs which ofcourse is my hard earned money, but one thing i will like to share that during the process i came to know and i am saying my own fact finding that the Company has good intentions and are not trying to cheat there investors, as they also have there own limitations like practically dealing with the governing bodies etc. and also there are people who book but have no money or intentions to pay the company and vice versa the company is on there behalf pursuing the work. Akash i would recommend that you also try to approach them they would definately try to sort out your matter rest i shall pray to god that you do not suffer .

I think that Khushboo has been very lucky.

Let me share my experience with Orior Developer. We had booked 2 plots in February-2007 over 2 years back. Since Jan-2008, whenever I visited ODI's Office or called them, the staff at ODI always told me that plot allotment would be done in next 3-4 months. This happened for close to one and a half year. 3-4 months from ODI's perspective never came. I mostly communicated with ODI verbally till Feb-2008 and then I started loosing faith on their verbal assurances. Then I began written communication asking ODI to give me in written when allotment/possession/registration would be done. Verbally they again started assuring me that in few months it would be done. On asking ODI to give in written, they said that they sould be soon sending the reply. But the reply never came. I met Gaurav (GM-Sales at Orior) in his office and handed him the letter asking for the date of allotment/possesion/registration. He promised me reply within next 72 hours but the reply never came. I have already written 4 letters to them ( 2 send by registered post and 2 personally delivered at their offfice) asking for date of allotment/registration/possession. Howerer, Orior has not replied to any of my letter. So if Orior's intentions were right, weren't it there duty to reply. How can we believe that their intentions are right?
How can Orior Developer collect 3 installments or 80 % of cost of plot (by issuing demand letter) without having proper approval for the project. Orior Developer will have to answer these questions in Consumer Courts once we go there.

Don't you think that if ODI had limitation in dealing with Government bodies (and getting things done), ODI should not have asked for second and third installments at the minimum?

My suggestion to everyone is to start communicating with ODI in writing and keep record of written communication so that when we have to go to Consumer Court, we have enough proofs. It is not that our case is weak. It is very strong (even without written communication proof) but still having written communication makes it stronger.

As per the law of the land, any letter sent by "Registered Post" or "Under Postal Certification" is considered as a valid proof in the court of law (and Consumer Courts).

In my last mail, It should be " I mostly communicated with ODI verbally till Feb-2009 and then I started loosing faith on their verbal assurances." instead of Feb-2008.

Dear All,

Subsequently when I raised the issue on the consumerforum website, there had been continous messages pouring in, raising concern over the project & illegal practises of Orior. To be honest, I'm not sure what the future of the project is, however, I was called up by Gaurav Dondi today & he was humble to released all the payment i.e. whatever deduction they made, I've received the cheque in lieu of it.

You need to know further, then you're always welcome to call me at [protected].

Also, want to thank you all for coming forward as a support in this regard, which really helped in putting pressure on Orior & getting all the money back in no time.

Thanks again,

Akash Sharma
Dear Akash,

You are a super man..mein to kehta hoon aap purush hi nahi ho...maha purush ho !


Jaspreet singh
I'm reluctant to put this to an end ... It was all difficult to bear a loss on hard earned money...

Though I've found my peace & money. I pledge to be a regular visitor to this website, to help anyway that I can, to those who're in need. I'm just returning the favor, to my unknown friends (above) who helped me in my difficult time.

"Jai Ho"
Waheguru ji ka khalsa tey waheguru ji ki fateh..
Dear Akash,

Also if you can help to find any good russian's number please

Dear Akash,

Sorry for not been able to view updates for last 2 days as i was busy, i am happy that you have got your money back, see as i told you and was very sure that the company would help you out and that they would indeed understand your plea and give you back your money. I would also like to say that people working at Orior are actually very generous and helpful speacially Mr. Gaurav Dhody who in my case also helped me out.

I would hence tell all that you should first go and disscuss your problems with the company before taking any steps that would in future get you nothing but pain.


Khushboo Mohindra
To Khushboo -

I've not understood your point completely. It's my money, which I invested in good faith & intention, considering that the investment will generate some returns in near future. Now, when in this case, forget about any returns, I was not even able to get the actual invested money. I don't know what plea you'd have put infront of Orior to consider your case special. Firstly, why one should plea or beg for their own money & have to potray a case or justification infront of them, to get money out of their pocket. Secondly, when you're advertising your remarks in favor of Orior, pl. understand that it's still illegal for them to hold or delay the allotments of other investors of this project. The projection & well to do outcome, towards their failed commitment has been shared by Sudhir, Chandrabhanu & Vikash above.

My case was similar to what Vikash's experience that he's shared above. I know the whole episode has left bad taste in the mouth of Orior as they would have never expected such an outrage would emerge after my post. Future definitely was looking painful, only when I thought I was alone, suddenly, it diminish when I shared & it was felt by all. I would be glad if others also get their allotments ontime & subsequently an opportunity for Orior to prove their metal & raise standard infront of all.

What say Mr. Dhody >>>> (i mean khushboo mohindra)

Akash Sharma
I have booked 2 plots in Jan'09.Since then i have deposited 2 instalments other than the initial deposit of Rs 45K.Only way to control this type of asctivity is to be united and don't pay further till we get any convincing commitments about plot allotments.pl share your contact nos so that each o[censored]s can talk to each other before making any payments.


Subodh Manchanda

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