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[Resolved]  Pune Traffic Police — complaint agaisnt a traffic police officer

Place:- Rajaram Bridge, Pune
Time:- 07.00 p.m.
Date:- 09/03/2010

The Commissioner
Traffice Police
Pune City


Sub:- Complaint against an officer Shri. R.M. Bhapkar. Asstt. PoliceSub Inspector for misbehavior-reg.

Please refer the following sequence of event .

1)I was passing in my maruti 800 car from rajaram Bridge to sinhagad road.
2) I was just passed the White line and the signal turned Yellow.
3)I thought this is the indication to be slow to my followers and I did not stop for signal.
4)The traffic Ploice Shri. Ramdas M. Bhapkar , Asstt. Police Sub Inspector stopped me and asked for driving License.
5)I produced the same and immediately Shri. Bhapkar replied that, I have jumped the traffic signal so I have to pay the Rs. 200/- He did not mention the term Fine and did not talk about the receipt of the same
6)I showed him an article published by RTO Authority in which the amount of Fine is Rs. 100/- I paid the same and Got the receipt.
7)After getting receipt I asked him under which rule this fine is charged? He said “who r u to ask me that?
8)Secondly I asked him to produce the I Card being a Government servant. He failed to do so and started to shout at me with a rubbish language.
9)The poor policeman created a seen by saying and challenging me to do whatever I want? He will not produce the I Card.

I have a audio recording of all this as a proof on my mobile. The officer is so smart that knowing that I am recording everything he continued to reply arrogantly.

I would like to know that, is this type of officers tolerated in police department. Is it is not necessary to produce the I card being a Citizan of India. ? are they working to safeguard the public interest or screw the happiness of the common man? Do the officer is authorized without carrying I card to collect the Fine? Who will prove the actual situation whether one has violated the Rules or not? Only having a Uniform is sufficient for the officers like Shri. Bhapkar to bend the Law as per there whims and fancies?

Sir, if asking for an I card is an offence and not providing the same is a privilege for the officer in the Democratic country like India, then it is okey. But I think this will not be a case. And hopefully your honor will take suitable action against the officers including the above one Shri. R.M. Bhapkar. I think this is the pity of our system that, the police are misusing there powers the maximum extent they can. The victims of the same are general public, the citizen of India. Which are living in a largest Democracy in the world known as India.

In anticipation of an early reply.

(Ajit S. Limaye)
D1/5 Manibandha Complex
Hingane Khurd
Sinhagad Road, Pune -411051.
Mobile :- [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I completely agree with whatever happened with you..i just dont understand what these police people think of them. Arent they meant for public help, instead of torturing general public.

I have gone through such behavior today itself.
I was on my sales, getting late for the meeting. We heard of some horn from the right hand side, so the person with me, took bike little ahead. Two minutes ahead one bike overcame us and asked us to take side...we took..then we were told; "Police ko overcome karta hai..police wale ko overcome karega...shaana samajhta hai khud ko..." after every two sentence he was saying..she is like my daughter..i dont understand, , why they wanted to say like this...still not over with this , they asked for the license...we showed and then they told, , "tu jaanta hai na, chaar tarah ka aur case kar sakta hun mai tere pe.."...i just dont understand, what they had in mind..this was limit..truly..and wat we did to answer for so many questions...

On Rajaram brigde signal policeman is busy other work rather than controlling traffic and avoiding traffic congestion. They are list bothered about the six seaters stopping next to the signal and creating blockage. Also six seaters take U turn from extreme left lane creating problems people who follow the signal.

Sir, please look into these things and we expect some action being taken.
Only we people look into these forum. Just to express our anger, we do post heree. Nobody from concerned authority see this. No action will be taken...
Here is the solution!
we have founded Two wheeler association. to counter problems faced by the two wheeler riders in the state. now we are working in pune, city with most 2 wheelers in the world.
Pay n park on d road, harrassment by the traffic police, accidetns, vehicle insureance claim settlement, vehicle theft, awareness of trffc rules, lot more things, plz email ur names n cell nos on [protected] to register. plz be member at d earliest. Spread this meseg to ur frenz, we can gather every sunday to discuss our probs. n take action.
Hi Frens,
Please refer below amounts..for any details regarding the fine which you gave to the police...its not more then 100 in any case..

Please call to human rites if somebody take your license or money (more then mention above) without giving receipt.

Here are many other charges as well / so enjoy be safe n conscious from Pune police..they are beggars..they can charge you if you do not speak Marathi n if they misbehave or talk rudely just call to below numbers from human rites and launch FIR in Human Rites then in Police station..
According to Human Rites you can see his ID, so Please check and Note down ID of every member who make you fine without any reason..
There are many case of fake ID of Police as well... be aware ...Pune is not so safe now..Police is on street only to make money...

Human Rites
F14, World of Mother Jai ganesh Vision,
Pune - 411035
# 91- [protected]

S. No. / Offenses / Motor Vehicle Act Sections / Charges Rs.
1 . Parking in 'No Parking' Zone. /MVA - 119/177 / 100
2. Parking at a corner/turning. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
3. Double Parking of Vehicle. /MVA - 119/177 / 100
4. Vehicle entering in a 'No Entry' Zone. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
5. No 'U' Turn. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
6. Obstruction to other vehicle or Pedestrians. / MVA- 122/177 / 100
7. Driving on the wrong side. / MVA- 119/177 / 100
8. Overtaking a vehicle from left side. / MVA-119/177 / 100
9. Disobeying traffic signs or signals. / MVA-119/177 / 100
10. Carrying passenger on footboard./ MVA-123/177 / 100
11. Licence not in possession. / MVA-130/177 / 100
12. Owner not giving information about his / her driving License. / MVA- 133/177 / 100
13. Using unsafe vehicle. / MVA- 190(1)/177 / 100
14. Driving under influence of Alcohol. / MVA- 185(1) / Non Compoundable
15. Driving two wheeler without a Helmet / MVA- 129/177 / 100
16. Carrying passengers on Bonnet/Cabin/running Board. / MVA- 123(2)/177 / 100
17. Driving without Licence. / MVA- 3(1)/181 / 300
18. Giving vehicle to a person who has no driving licence. / MVA- 5/180 / 300
19. Rash Driving./ MVA- 184 / 500
20. Underage person (below 18 Yrs of age) driving geared vehicle. / MVA- 4(1)/181 / 300
21. Underage person (below 16 Yrs of age) driving non- geared vehicle. / MVA- 4(1)/181 / 300
22. Speeding or Lane cutting. / MVA- 112/183 / 200
23. Driving or giving out for use uninsured vehicle. / MVA- 146/196 / 300
24. Triple seat driving. / MVA-128 / 100
25. Driving or giving out for use unregistered vehicle. / MVA- 39/192 / 1000
26. Unauthorised transport of passengers or goods without valid permit./ MVA- 66(1)/192 / Non Compoundable
27. Ignoring Traffic Officer's Signal. / MVA- 132(1)a/179 / 200
28. Parking Rickshaw/Taxi not in an Authorised Rickshaw Stand. / MVR-21(5)/177 / 50
29. Demanding excess Auto / Taxi meter charges. / MMVR- 21(12)/177 / 50
30. Auto or Taxi driver refusing to carry passenger(s) to nearby destination. / MMVR- 22(d)/177 / 50
31. Demanding Auto / Taxi fare beyond the Meter Charges applicable. / MMVR-21(d)/177 / 50
32. Dazzling/Glaring Light. / MMVR- 235/177 / 100
33. llegal/Fancy Number Plate./ MMVR- 235(2)/177 / 100
34. Parking On Footpath. / MMVR- 237(1)/177 / 100
35. Auto / Taxi driver deliberately not taking the shortest route to a passenger's destination. / MMVR- 21(8)/177 / 50
36. Auto / Taxi drivers soliciting passengers. / MMVR-21(13)/177 / 50
37. Auto / Taxi driver smoking while driving. / MMVR- 21(16)/177 / 50
37. Auto / Taxi driver not in uniform while driving. / MMVR- 31(1)/177 / 50
38. Carrying persons or articles causing obstruction to the driver's seat. / MMVR- 23(1)/177 / 50
39. Blowing horn in a Silence Zone. / MMVR- 231/177 / 100
40. Driving Auto/Taxi without valid badge. / MMVR- 24(2)/177 / 50
41. Carrying Goods of more than 12 feet in height. / MMVR- 229/177 / 100
42. Driving heavy vehicle with Back Door or Latch Open. / MMVR- 229(2)/177 / 100
43. Not having Light on Number Plate / MMVR- 236(1)/177 / 100
44. Negligence while reversing your vehicle. / MMVR- 233/177 / 100
45. Filling of less petrol by Taxi/Auto driver while carrying passenger(s). / MMVR- 21(14)/177 / 50
46. Not keeping Auto / Taxi Clean. / MMVR- 21(29)/177 / 50
47. Carrying excess passengers in Auto/Taxi... / MMVR- 21(20)/177 / 50
48. Not having side or rear view mirror. / MMVR- 161/177 / 100
49. Keeping TV set or Video on Dash Board. / MMVR- 162/177 / 100
50. Using mobile phone while driving. / MMVR- 250(a)/177 / 100
51. Stopping on Zebra crossing. / MMVR- 237(1)/177 / 100
52. Driving without Mud Guard. / MMVR- 165/177 / 100
53. Driving without wiper in rainy season (3/4 Wheelers). / CMVR-101/177 / 100
54. Driving with worn out or torn tyres. / CMVR-94(2)/177 / 100
55. Driving without reflector light. / CMVR-104(1)/177 / 100
56. No Head/Tail Lamps. / CMVR- 105/177 / 100
57. Vehicle stopping without flashing parking light at night. / CMVR- 109/177 / 100
58. Blowing or installing of Pressure/Multisound Horn. / CMVR -119(2)/190(2)MVA / 500
59. Dark tinted glasses (less than 75% Visibility from outside). / CMVR-100/177 / 100
60. Not displaying 'L' Board (Front & Rear) incase of learner's License. / CMVR- 3(c)/177 / 100
61. Offence under Emission Control Act. / CMVR-115(2)/190(2)MVA / 500
62. Parking on wrong side. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
63.Parking or stopping within 10 mtrs of a Bus Stop. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
64. Stopping on a Bridge. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
65. Stopping within an Island. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
66. Driving on wrong side. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
67. Lane Cutting while driving. / RRR-18(2)/177 / 100
68. Ignoring rules of Road Marking or Lane Marking. / RRR-18(2)/177 / 100
69. Parking in front of a Gate. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100


Sr. No. /Type Of Vehicle / Lifting Charges (Rs) / (Charges for 'No Parking' are not included)
1. Heavy Vehicle (Truck /Tanker/Trailers/Bus) / 1, 000
2. Medium Vehicle (Tempo) / 500
3. Light Vehicle (Car/Jeep) / 250
4. Three Wheeler Vehicles / 100
5. Two Wheeler Vehicles / 50

Gaurav Kumar
# [protected] (only Mess)

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