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 Nandini S
We three friends decided to hit Tirupthi over the weekend (07/24) and chose the package tour offered by Rajesh travels to make our trip hassle free.
We boarded the bus at Jaynagar 9th block at 7:45 PM and the first impression of the bus was good. Little did we know that it will be the only part of the package we will be satisfied about. The bus stopped some where in Kalasipalyam to get it’s top loaded with stuff to be transported to don’t know where and the whole loading process took 2 hours. I was cursing myself for ignoring my earlier experience of travelling in a private bus where again they had made us wait for almost 2 hours to load it’s top. Whenever you travel in a private bus, ensure that you ask the operators about the exact time it will start from Bangalore; else you will end up wasting time like we did. Anyway the bus headed to Anand Rao circle where we were supposed to continue our journey in another bus.
We waited for around 30 minutes for the bus to arrive and when it finally did we had our first major tryst with reality of Rajesh travels. Around 45-50 people where waiting to board the bus which was supposed to be an A/C Volvo. First of all it was not a Volvo and secondly our seat was second from last and the push back button was not working for one of our seats and thirdly it was not the bus which would take us all the way to Tirupathi. At Hoskote, there was another bus waiting for us and we were woken up from our sleeps at 12:00 in the midnight to embark the 3rd bus enroute to our destination. At around 4:00 AM we reached Tirupathi and the lights switched on and our beloved tour guide welcomed us to Tirupathi and started barking out few instructions in a language comprehendible only by him. It was neither Kannada nor Telugu nor Hindi nor English but all of them mixed up to make our lives worse. As people started getting down from the bus, we thought it would be in our best interests to do what other people were doing and decided to get down from the bus taking our entire luggage. We were in for a reprimand from the tour guide and bus driver for picking up the luggage to buy the darshan tickets. Realization dawned on us; we were at the foot of Tirumala and bus had stopped so that we could stand in the queue and buy the darshan tickets. It was a very wrong assumption we had made that the package tour included all the arrangements required for a hassle free darshan of lord Venkateshwara. Standing in the first never ending queue of Tirupathi yatra, we learnt that all the tickets to VIP darshan were sold out and all that was remaining was free darshan tickets. Wow! What a way to start our day. After standing in the queue for around 120 minutes in the wee hours, we secured the darshan tickets. Coming up next was the “resort” where we were supposed to freshen up and get ready to go to the temple. “Awful” would be an understatement for the short accommodation and breakfast we were provided.
Trivia: Huge tourist buses can’t climb the 7 hills of Tirumala. So after a brief wait of 30 minutes in the scorching sun, we got into an APSRTC bus which would take us to the hill top. Don’t miss the view of the valley on the way. It is legendary.
We reached the hill top, submitted all our electronics, footwear and headed straight to the temple. There were lots of pep talks by our useless tour guide and this time we tried really hard and understood what we actually wanted to say.
There we were in the next never ending queue of Tirupathi and this time we were seated in the queue for around 2.5 hours, . The temple gates were expected to open at 12:15 and we were there in front of the gate by 10:00, so we had no option but to wait. When the gates finally opened, there was lot of chaos with people pushing each other to get ahead in the queue. After going through all the queues we reached the main temple and we had a good darshan of the lord and the extraordinary temple. The sight of the almighty made us forget all the ordeals we faced to reach there.
Our rendezvous with queues was not over yet. To get the famous Tirupathi ladoo prasad we had to go through another huge queue and ultimately when we got out of the temple with the prasadam it was 3:30 PM. Our tour guide gave us the number of the bus that would take us down hill and vanished into thin air. We sat there all hungry and sick for another hour in the bus, waiting for it to start. It did start, but at 5:00 PM. 6:00 PM was lunch time for us and the place was again the same resort. Not sure if food was not bad or we were very hungry to distinguish between good and bad food. We hogged whatever was provided and were finally happy that the long day would be soon over. Wait! Our destiny had other plans. The breaks of the bus ( again, not the one which brought us to tirupati ) which had to bring us back to Bangalore were jammed and the search for mechanic was on. Thanks to all the guys who were part of this unfortunate group who chose Rajesh travels to visit Tirupathi, the bus started after they all gave a hand to push the bus and relieve the breaks.
We reached Bangalore around 12:15 and were stranded in Anand rao circle as it was the last stop and they didn’t have any provision for dropping people to the places where they picked up from. By god’s grace, we found an auto driver who agreed to bring us home in the middle of the night and he didn’t demand unreasonable fee. What a relief it was to reach home after the pathetic package tour.
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self-employed/travel services — introduction of bus route

Dear Sir,
At least 1 lakh people travel every (ladies+aged+children)day from Khanpur to Nehru Place, but it is very unfortunate that there is only one bus (427).The service of this pvt bus is very irrugular.people r facing huge problem every day.Chartered bus run only upto 0950 and charge more.While returning after office hour, it is a painfull journey.534 green line only on Saturday andsunday after 11 am.It will be a great help to the people of this area, if u introduce it (534) on regular basis .It will be a profitable route as people r eagerly waitting of such action from DTC.It will be a great help to the people of this area.your business will be more profitable if u run it below the fly over of Nehru Place.
I hope that u will consider my proposal seriously and take positive step on this regard.
Thanking You,
Satyajit Roy
Show Bus Facility
My experience was different.Myself and wife started on 11th aug by non ac bus to Tirupathi.We boarded the bus at indiranagar at 10.30 pm.Journey was comfortable.After reaching tirupathi we stood in the Q for 3 hours to get the tickets.It is inevitable because photo and fingerprint has to be taken for each pilgrim and nobody else can get it for you.The accomodation provided was reasonably good and the breakfast was sumptuous, clean and hygienic.The guide was excellent, and helpful and he took a lot of pain in explaining things in 3 different languages.We had a wonderful darshan after standing in the Q only for 2 hours.After a good lunch we left tirupathi and reached Bangalore at 9.30 pm.Unlike other travels the guide did not expect any tips from the pilgrims even though i would have gladly given it provided he asked for it.He was a true professional.On the whole we enjoyed the trip.For 600 Rs it is a bargain.Congrats Rajesh.Keep it up.
I would like to make a few clarifications to your absurd and irrationally described complaints:-

1. If you are so sensible and had value for your time, you should not have taken the shuttle pick up service as it is clearly mentioned in your ticket that the dep. time would be 9 pm from Kalasipalyam, 9:30 pm from Anand Rao Circle and 10:30 pm from Indiranagar. You could have picked up tha last point if you were sensible.

2. Little do we also know about the timely changing darshan allotment procedures of the Tirumala Trupati Devasthanams. There was a change in the darshan system as known to everyone. To facilitate timely darshan to the ongoing piligrims, we facilitate a spare bus facility for changeover enroute to reach Tirupati by atleast 4 am to get the token for darshan. So it was a complimentary for your speedy travel which you need to apprerciate.

3. There is nothing called LIKE VOLVO owned by our company. It is a VOLVO or a Hi-tech luxury vehicle. So your claim is a false one. Since you have travelled by VOLVO there is no luggage carrier on top of the bus as evident anywhere in the world. Might have the bus stopped to pick up the passengers at Kalasipalyam. The luggage boot in the VOLVO bus is just sufficient to load the passenger luggages only.

4. You very well new that the seat allotted to you while buying the ticket, so better don't complain about that. We cannot give a front seat to every passenger. You might have as well travelled on a later date when the seat of your choice was available. You are selfish or self minded in stating this.

5. The tour iternary had been explained to you while booking the ticket as to darshan at Tirupati is not so easy. Looks like you are a first timer to Tirupati. Reality always bites. For mere Rs.750 out which Rs.50 is for your darshan, Rs.54 for your up & down fare to Tirumala, Rs.50 for your accommodation fresh up charges, Rs.65 for lunch & Rs.40 for your breakfast. The left over is mere Rs. 490 which is just your one way weekend fare cost in any of your state govt. operated VOLVO buses. So please expect for only what you have paid. Mind you that this was not a luxury tour and it was just a economy package tour. All piligrim tours or places of high population density would have complicacies at its peak.

6. There is no shortcut darshan method to Tirupati. You will have to stay in the que to get the ticket first which comprises of a fingerprint token system and which is inevitable for any tourist and Lord Venkateshwara darshan is at his and TTD mercy. No vehicles of more than 18 seater capacity is allowed to travel to Tirumala and you will have to travel only by APSRTC buses which is a known fact and there is no requirement for a hue and cry over this.

7. If you think that tightening the brakes was a breakdown, then kudos to your knowledge about the world around you.

None of the other piligrim tourists have complained about the tour as things do happen out of control in the weekends in Tirupati. Accept facts what the other co-piligrims have done it acknowledging the situation and learn to live with things as done by others.
The staff are very rude.

The seat No R3&R4 are have a very comfirtable back rest which can go up to 160 degrees. However to my bad luck I did not know this and this proved very unconfirtable for me.

I will register a new complaint on this website with full details

Bangalore — Package not yet reached

my family members given a package on 24th feb from Ambajipeta(andhrapradesh) to Bangalore, Karnataka. i waited till 4th march 2010. but there is signals of getting. when i contacted the courier service( rajahmundry looks like from rajahmundry only they will be redirected to respective destinations)by conversation i came to know that first it wil go to hyderabad and then to bangalore. surprisingly the guy from rajahmundry says he already sent to hyd. when i contacted hyd guy they says we not yet received. its so pathetic that they don't have system to check the invoice that they send and how many receviced.
the service is ugly particulary they don''t have any proper answers for these questions and all are very wage answers like just now we came to know that sir / we will investigate/.

I did a big mistake to choose Rajesh Travels. I reached Tirupathi at 4:00 AM. The Agent(Ramana Reddy) told us to get the tickets and will wait for you until get the tickets. It has a big crowed to get the tickets, that it is the reason it took 10 min late to get the sudharshan token.

With out informing the left from the pickup point. I called Rajesh Travels Agent ( Ramana Reddy).He told already bus left you should come by Auto. I got angry and told I need my money back or arrange the transport to come to place because I am very new to tirupathi.

That agent( Ramana Reddy) told me, we are not responsible for that, If you come by auto come otherwise leave it( That too he used very bad words. He is a worst guy. I never saw such a vulgar guy)

I spend RS 200 to reach that place.I was so disappointed because of their service( Rajesh Travels, (Guide Ramana Reddy).


The staff are very rude and worst people particularly Guide Ramana reddy. Rajesh Travels owner also supporting them.They will never listen tourist's complaints.As per my advice please don't choose this travels.


If the other person don't know Telugu, he( Guide Ramana reddy) will speak very rudely with bad words.

I took the tirupathi package tour from Bangalore on 2nd Jan 2011. My dad and my mom, who are above 60 years old were accompanying me. I had booked the bus tickets some 3 weeks ago to avoid the rush as I was to take my parents safely. At the time of booking there was naturally no seats booked. I was the first. I took a 2 seater and 1 window seat next to it so that three of us could stay close during the journey. I specifically told the agent that there should not be any confusion with seats at the day of journey. Rajesh travels always do this seat confusions. They will allot the same seat to 5 different customers and then let them fight with each other while they will raise their hands. The same crap incident happened with us at the day of journey. We boraded the bus from tin factory and at that time the bus was fully loaded with passengers. Only our seats (3 in number) were left and shockingly the 3 seats were at three different positions and all towards the back side. When I demanded my seats showing the tickets to the other passengers who by that time had captured our seats, they also showed me the ticket with the same seeat numbers. Another passenger seating next showed the same seat numebered ticket. I called the helper. Fought with the helper, the driver, their office guys (over phone) and finally with the passengers. But alas nothing was happening. Then I requested 2 young lads to kindly give their seats to my parents so that at least they can seat together through the journey. They thankfully agreed and we settled after cursing the driver and the helper who were saying that they can't do anything, they are not responsible for these stuffs. However the journey started. The bus was old enough and it took several hiccups. Most of the seats had bad push-backs. Either they will not move back or they will just fall back (Not at all comfortable). Thankfully the seats where my parents got to seat were good. The quilts were old and smelling rotten eggs. The AC was working. The outer side of the bus was not at all what they show you during booking. However, at 2am they suddenly stopped at a under-construction inn in a no-mans land and asked us to take bath and freshen up. We had to abide by their rules as they have taken the whole money for the trip hence were then the king and we were the slaves. After brushing our teeth we boarded the bus again. As promised that it will leave at 2:50 am, contrary to that they left at 3:15am. After 5 minutes they moved the bus through a narrow lane which was just as spacious as the bus needed to push through. At the end of the alley was a utterly smelling shop (if u call it restaurant then it will be a disrespect to the beautiful French word). They ordered us to take the breakfast in 15 minutes and warned us that the breakfast was limited and that if we dare eat an extra ice-cold idly we will be charged. We barely took our brekfast at 3:30am (first and last time in my life). The journey started again and we reached a temple prior to Tirupathi where we ourselves stood in the Q and took tickets for entrance @ Rs. 25/- per head contrary to what the package promises. Anyways at 4:30am the temple was empty and the environment was awesome with mantra chants and an amazing smell. We saw the arati and then went up-close to Bhagwan's murty. The experience was fabulous. Then after about half - an -hr we went towards Tirupathi. In between we had to leave the Volvo and board a worn-out government line bus. We reached at 5:30am and then after keeping out chappals, mobiles, cameras etc. at a shop which Rajesh Travels personnel calimed to be their own, we went towards the special Rs. 300/- Q as per the package. The morning hussle free ambience brought in peace to the over-disturbed Rajesh journey. The Darshaan was verry good. Up-Close and what one wishes to have. Then after Darshaan we started our return journey. We went back to the same posh den for lunch and it turned out ot be the worst ever lunch I ever had in my life. Finally we left for bangalore and landed at around 5pm in the evebning.

OVERALL -- Darshaan was awesome. Rajesh travels was crap. Try to avoid it.
As decided from my lord venkateswara i want to go to tirupati.i decided to take a package tour so i tried APTDC, KSTDC, & ITDC all are full at last i can able to opt rajesh travels.so i went on[protected] i alone.they mentioned the bus is at 9.30 departure from indranagar but the bus came at around 10.00 pm only.early morning it reached tirupati by 3.00 pm the room where they had given for freshup and timing also they had given only 20 minutes the room is very shabby and full of water logged in toilet the hotel name is seven hills.then had breakfast at around 4.15 am and went to tirumala and we are in the queue for around 6 hours and i had good darshan of my lord and taken laddu and we came to the shop and we waited for nealry 1.30 hours for pick up bus to tirupati.Then had lunch in tirupati and we started to bangalore i told driver and guide to put the AC but the AC also is not properly funtioning and the driver and guide also not cared much there is full sweating for me and guide is also behaving very rude.so in future i planned not to travel in rajesh travels and for everyone please dont prefer rajesh travels please try kstdc, apsrtc.and itdc only they are good.
To All the stupid people who are complaining about the service they received from Rajesh Travels.

To Begin with, we booked a two tickets with Rajesh Travels for 12/3/2011 Trip to Tirupati. for the Package of Rs.1450/- per head, for a Volvo Bus and the Rs.300/- Darshan Ticket.

The Bus departure time was at 9:30 PM from Indranagar Bangalore. It was dead right on time. 9:30 PM the Bus left the spot... After say 10 -15 mins the Cleaner/Helper of the Bus distributed 1 litre bottled water to everyone and

We reached the Rajesh Travels owned hotel called the 7hills at around 1:30 AM, we were given a really good room to get freshened up. and were told to get back at 2:40 AM.. which is really an ample time for a family of two...

We were down in the Bus at 2:30 AM itself... with rest of the Group Joining us in 5 mins time... Our Guide was really a Nice person, once he saw that everybody was getting in the Bus he requested everybody to get to the Breakfast hall to have the breakfast... We had a Really awesome break fast at 3:00 AM. it was fresh and just made for us... they served us Two Idlis, one vada. one big scope of Pongal, and Fresh and hot Coffe...

He politely informed us that since this is big bus ans more over the bis buses are not allowed in the Ghat section... we will travel in a State goverment... we left our footware in the bus itself... he also told us carry on the necessary things and a bottle of water with us. We boarded the Govt Bus at 4 AM ... we reached the Temple Complex at around 4:45 AM, he made sure that the entire group is together and made us stand in the Special Darshan line at 5:45 AM, it was big line though... the line was opened at 7 AM, we finished the Most Awesome and Ever remembering Darshan at 8:00 AM without any hassles... our guide had informed us not stand in the Laddu line as he will get it for us... we back in the Bus again at 8:45 where he distributed the Laddus ... after that we headed back for the Padmavati Dardshan... had a lovely Darshan of the Goddess. We reached the same Hotel back at 12:00 PM noon... we had a lovely Lunch which was full course meal, of rice dal, sambar, rasam, papad, roti, sweet, curd rice etc...

We were back in the Bus at 12:30 Pm... the guide bid us farewell... without asking for a single ruppe as his tip...

We joureny back was really good... they switched on a TV and a nice movie was shown... the driver had the courtesy of asking people where they wanted the drop and dropped accordingly...we got down at the Old Madras road Big Bazzar at 5:30 PM and were in home at 6:00 PM...

It was really a nice experience...I would really recommend people to go with this travels...

Rutuparna Joshi
Hi Rutuparna:

I agree with you, these guys have good buses, facilities and would provide nice accomdation.
However, they should know how to behave with the customers and they are extremely rude.

Indira Nagar branch guys don't know how to behave with the customers. It was a pathetic experience for about 20 members who booked Tirupathi package on 22-Feb-2011 (it was a bad friday for all of us, Eventhough it was Good Friday). The gentleman who sat at the Reception was barking like a mad dog and not willing to provide any kind of the info such as bus timings, delay info. Tried to threaten a couple of other co-passengers. You don't even believe one cop came into the picture.

I would strongly recommend the Rajesh Travels team to learn how to behave with the customers. I guess you might aware that without having customers or rapport, you guyz are ZEROS.

Are a part of Rajesh travels. If your experience is good, that does not mean that, all other are stupid. learn how to blog first, and then post a comment next time. Rajesh Travels Sucks.
Hi, I had booked 6 Tickets to Visit Tirupathi with Rajesh travels online(rajeshtravels.in). It was a Non A/C sheegradashan. The Ticket said, we have to board the bus by 8pm on 26th Nov 2011. My family and i reached the travel office where we have to board the bus exactly by 8pm. Upon enquiring, they said, the Bus will reach the office only by 9:30. I had already called them to confirm the timing by 6PM, because i knew these pvt travel agencies dont keep up thier words. but still the agents insisted on 8pm. and finally the bus arrived by 10:30PM, which is insane. And then, the Bus, which they call it as HiTech Non A/C was in a pathetic conditions. I was in the last seat and the push back did not work. Had a tuff time all through the journey, and before reaching Tirupathi, the driver lost control on the bad road and ran over 3 humps and all of us in the Bus had to take minor injuries due to that. And upon reaching tirupathi by 4AM in the morining, we did not get rooms as they promised, rather, had to wait till 6AM on the road with mosquito bites. After getting rooms, there was no hot water facility, but rajesh travels had promised that the rooms have hot water facilty. After all this, because of the unavailability of rooms, the travel guide said, there is no time for padmavati temple. And did not take us there, rather, we had to go directly to thirumala. Then, the travel agents promised, the darshan tickets will be given and we can go directly, without standing in the que for tickets, but that didnt happen, rather we had to stand in the que to get the darshan tickets and do the darshan. and finally, they were 31 people in the bus from one family from doddabalapur, and because, they all wanted to get down, the travel agency wanted to divert the route from kolar to doddabalapur, after having an heated argument, they decided to drop the others in bangalore and then take the 31 member family to after dropping us. So people who ever are reading this story, plz do not take Rajesh travel looking at the fancy deals. They are horrble. I would rather recommend ITDC for smooth Tirupathi yathra. To be honest, when u take the responsibility of taking your family along with elders, its an embaracement for us, that we didnt meet their expectation because of these bafoons.
Hi Rituparna,

Are you employed with rajesh travels or own a part of it. Madam, if u had a good experience, share it, but you have no freaken rights to call others as "STUPID'S". First learn how to comment or blog. In reality Rajesh Travels SUCKS. Thats the fact.
Dear All,

I would like to share a horrifying experience we had with Rajesh travels yesterday. We had booked Tirupathi Balaji Darshan on 18/5/2012 (friday) from bangalore.

First things first, we were supposed to start from bangalore on friday night at 9.00pm, but started only at around 12.00am coz the bus simply wasn't there. The officials present in the Rajesh Travels office situated near Race Course road, were rude & didn't bother to update us / console us.

We were told by the travels people that once we reach tirupathi, we will be given room for 2 hours to freshen up & get ready. We reached Tirupathi at around 6am & to our shock, the agent present there started telling us to get ready in 30mnts, coz we were late!!! ( was that our mistake that we reached late for that matter, started late???????)

The Multi axel bus, as he claims, isn't a bit comfortable. The seats hardly reclines, no proper leg room & very bad shock observers!!!

After reaching Tirumala, we were asked to buy our tickets for special darshan ( of course, he gave us money for buying 300rs tickets) but instead of giving us money & asking us to buy tickets, couldn't he have purchased the tickets before hand & there by saved us couple of hours ( 5 & 1/2 hours to be precise)!!! Yes! we had to stand in queue for more than 5 hours, only to buy tickets for darshan!!!
Earlier in the day, we were told that since it was weekend, we will have our darshan done in max 5 hours!!! Then what about the time, we spent there waiting in queue with our kids, without proper seating arrangements, no food nothing?????

Due to their negligence, we were denied to visit Padmavathi Temple also, as the agent went on insisting from time & again we started late from bangalore!!! Now will they refund us certain portion of the ticket amout coz one place haven't been covered by them??? UNANSWERED!!!

Finally, when we had Balaji Darshan it was 7.15pm & when we came out to our pick up point, it was 8pm. One can easily imagine our condition after standing in queue for 9 long hours with out food & rest. To our utter shock, our agent hadn't even arranged us a bus to get down to tirupathi from tirumala. He went on calling some / the other guy about the bus. Finally when we reached tirupathi, & had our dinner ( yes we were atleast lucky to have dinner), it was 10.40pm! When we started from Tirupathi to Bangalore, it was 11pm. Leaving all the unpleasant things behind, we all slept hoping to get back to our home early in the morning!!! But that was not what Rajesh travels had in mind...

We were all woken up rudely at around 2am only to be told to collect our luggage & get out of the bus & board another bus!!! Very Very Rude!!!

When we all started questionning, he started giving excuses saying he had another pick up from Kolar, yes we were all stranded in such an untimely hour in kolar. Naturally all of us got upset & started questionning him about the mismanagement, then we got the real taste of Customer Service from Rajesh Travels!!!

Few goondas, Tirupathi Balaji only knows, from where they appeared, started abusing us, & even man handled few of our co-passangers!!! Such foul language & hoogalism in the presence of elders, kids & ladies is highly disgusting!!! They started threatning us to leave the place immediately or else face dire consequences!!! Some people amongst them, started holding them back & allowed us to move from there!!! We couldn't help but wonder, was it all an arranged drama???

We were told that 2 mini buses waiting for us in kolar would take us all. & one would head Jayanagar & the other towards Indiranagar, & we can take drop in the nearest places. But when we reached bangalore, driver started saying that he didn't had any such instructions, & was only told to drop us in majestic!!! There they go again...testing our patience to the core!!!

All of us in bus started praying for our safe return home after such ugly incident took place. Finally, we reached bangalore majestic at 4am & from there took a taxi & reached home.

We felt cheated & helpless! What with goondas attacking us verbally, we stranded in an strange town & added to that, at such an odd hour!!! What more reason you need to file a complaint in consumer forum????

We had read about some negative reviews about rajesh travels. But since we had already booked the tickets, & the cancellation charge is also pretty high, we decided to go this one time. But I have leart my lesson, & so have all my co-passengers, after this bitter experience today. Never Ever book your journey with Rajesh Travels.

Forget about consoling the already fed up passangers, they threatened us through goondas!!! How can anyone trust such people & travel peacefully then????

Share this info with all your friends & relatives & advise them to never travel with these people. You never know, when & where they will strand you in the middle of the night????
I travelled in rajesh travels 2 times, 1 to nellore and second trip was to tirupathi. Excellent. Travelling performance. Gud keep it up

I'm a frequent traveler from Bza to B'lore. I choseed rajesh travels becoz i had a bad experience interms of punctuality but I'm very upset with the staff behaviour and their punctuality. They are least bothered about the clients and more over infornt of co-passengers they are abusing like anything. Somehow Iam not happy interms of service and the staff behaviour. If they can overcome with the issues, iam sure they are going to rock and Iam awaited on the reply from Rajesh travels

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