Reliance Communications — Bill demand and threats to sue for a service that's not provided

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
On 20th of October, 2011 , I have requested for a broadband connection in Bangalore and I have paid the amount requested with a cheque. But I was not provided with any connection and reason that was given to me was unavailability of ports and high congestion o[censored]sers in the particular area. Since, the sales person (Mr. Mahesh) and his manager (Mr. Jyoteesh), who took the application and cheque, stopped responding to my calls, I have registered more than 4 complaints with Reliance customer care in a span of 6 weeks and has seen no action whatsoever.

On 30th of November, 2011, I received an email for bill payment though connection was NOT installed. I have taken it up with customer care and I have also escalated the same TWICE with Nodal Authority of reliance communications then (Mr. Prabhu Shankar, Rcomnodalofficer.[protected] I was told it will all be corrected within 10 working days. After inaction, I have raised the issue and complaints again and I was told the connection request will be terminated soon and on 2nd of Feb, 2012 , I received an email to that effect.

In all this time, I was NEVER given connection and there NEVER was any equipment of reliance installed at my place.

After more than a year, on 21st March, 2013, I have received the email from what named itself as 'Reliance Legal' with an email ID of '[protected]' talking about civil case against me. And this email even talks about previous communications which never happened. On call back to the number given in the communication, Mr. Vinay has no clue about what is being discussed.

Now, 9th April 2013, I am receiving reminders for payment and threats to sue and damage my CRISIL ratings on service I was never given and the grievance cell numbers given in the communication [protected]/[protected] seems to be non-existent.

I have mailed to [protected], RCOMWireline.[protected] with no response whatsoever. Not even a confirmation mail for receipt of mail.

I followed it up with Customer care and Appellate Department Officer ([protected]) on 9th April, 2013.
Ref: Conversation ID provided: [protected]

I explained to this officer about the problem and he asked me to provide with numbers of sales representatives who provided the connection and when I did, he tells me that sales representative or manager doesn't remember me, the customer from 2 years ago, and hence can't help me there. His only reply is, "You gave their numbers. They don't remember you. I can't help". A sales rep meets atleast 100 people a month and Appellate officer says since a sales rep can't remember customer from 2 years ago, he can't help.

I have moved on from Bangalore an year ago. Now, this officer wants me to come down to Bangalore office from Delhi and give written complaint, wait till they get to investigate the case (No fixed timesline there) and I may be provided an answer.

1. When I was given payment reminders and threats to sue, Why can't Reliance commit to a timeline for reply?

He himself on call admits that he doesn't any records pertaining to this account for more than 6 months but states adamantly that I haven't taken it up in 2011 Q4 and 2012 Q1 again and again despite me telling him that I did and I have communications on email and the result was the termination that happened. Appellate officer now wants me to tell him complaint numbers given on phone two years ago. If not, he can't help.

2. When Reliance can't keep the customer complaint data for more than 6 months, how is it that Reliance Officer expect me to spell complaint numbers from 2 years ago?

And finally exasperated, I asked to register this as a complaint and provide me reference number and the answer I got is, he can't. I asked whom can I escalate it to. The answer is, "I am the end of escalation".

3. According to the officer on call, there is no complaint number he can provide me. I don't understand how am I supposed to follow up if they can't pull up what has happened in the last conversation?

I have received a payment reminder on which subject has a account number. When I called the appellate office, I gave him this number. Despite me telling him number of times that I got this number from the recent mail of Reliance because of which I am calling him, he repetitively argues, "Since you have this number, you have to pay the bill. This number is only given once service is provided."

4. Is it even a valid argument to make? Shouldn't reliance move its Appellate office from a call center to a real educated officer?

This is what the implicit summary of the call, "Pay the money, no matter what or we will sue you and also destroy your credit ratings."

Please advice me on how should I proceed on this.
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Reliance Communications — Charging for non-existent connection

This is the mail I sent to Reliance on 20-oct-2007. No response till now.
I am Anandji Varadarajan. I have a reliance data card with the number ([protected]).This data card has stopped working from May 2007. This was bought to the notice of your customer care executives and given for servicing. I was charged Rs500/- for the servicing, and afterwards I noticed that the card still did not work. I have not used the card from May 2007 onwards at all (obviously as the card was not working). I still have been charged from that time onwards. A bill collector came to my house when I was not there and harassed my wife and took Rs 2300(June & July bill) check from her. I personally complained at your R.T.Nagar branch and gave them the check number and asked them to ensure that it would not be credited. They did not give any assurance on it.
Past two months I am still getting bills(August & September) from you. I have also received a letter that my services will be discontinued if I don't pay these bills too!!!!
I am astounded to say the least. You have not heeded any of the messages and are arrogant enough to say that (non-existent) services will be discontinued.
I look forward to interacting with someone with authority, who can ensure that my case is handled properly. Please contact me at 99865xxxxx.
I am using Reliance prepaid card ( Cell No.[protected]) since last few days the Balance gets reduced automatically. I have also applied for "Do Not Disterb)

Before 2 Days I got message that Your subscription to INDIALEDU is due for renewal.You will be charged Rs. 30 on[protected], To Deactivate call[protected]toll free) ????????????????

What a surprise !!!

I have never applied for INDIALEDU. Even I don't know what it is. When I am traying on give No. its getting engaged

This is one kind of Black Mailing. When I have not received any services how you can activate the services Automatically. Please stop this kind of mal practices.

Ramnik Bhavsar
My mobile no. is [protected].Since last 4/5 months you are billing me for Callertune @Rs.30/ p.m.This was not authorised by me nor even known to me.Pl. immediately revert these charges and advice me.

Reliance Communications — Reminder for payment

Although I have surrendered my connection & instrument for MDN [protected], CAF [protected] on 6th July 2008, I still keep receiving bills and payment reminders for this number!

Reliance Communications — Not closing the mobile no & raising bill every month

Dear Sir/ Madam

I Pankaj Sharma using two reliance mobile nos [protected] & [protected]. I had reuested to closed these nos on 15th March 2009, in writing at Jail Road Tilak Nagar that time their customer lounge represntative told me that now you won't have any outstanding & these nos got dissconnected by weeks time she give me reference nos also[protected] &[protected]. After all this they are not able to closed these conncections & again-2 sending me the bills. Hence this issue was again & again raised to you & your customercare on 17th April, 2009, 29th April, 2009, & 20th May, 2009. Then one of your reprenstative cal me & berif me that all this process took atleast one months time so you have to pay the bill of April month & then give us the application again to closed these connections but when i submitted both the bills along with application for closing the connections againg at your lajpat nagar reliance web care they again asked for may month bill charges to closed this connections. On again & again tryin to communicate through mail they are not responding & their nodal officer nos are not working.

Looking forward for your positive & earlyresponse.

Reliance Communication — correction in middle name

My PAN card detail is not matched with your system deta. During Registration it is shown that middle name is not mattched with your system deta. At PAN card middle name is "OMPRAKASH"

Reliance Communication — Receiving bills for untaken connection

I am karthic. Frequently I am receiving mail from rcomm to pay my bill. but the thing is till date I am not even entered to rcomm to enquire any details. I am no way connected to them. I gave them a detailed mail explaining them that I had not taken any connection, but still I am receiving mails from them to pay the bill. The mail from them states below:
Dear Customer,
With reference to services for your Reliance Mobile number [protected] for Account No [protected].
We like to inform you that your Current Bill of Rs 729.67 is due on 23-NOV-2009 .
We request you to kindly make the above payment Before Due Date to avoid late payment charges & stay connected to you near and dear ones.
You can also make payments online by registering for our Online Bill payment services at
For more information on our wide range of products and services visit us at
For any assistance, contact us at [protected]
Thank you for choosing Reliance, India's No. 1 Network.
Customer Care
Reliance Communications

This is the mail i receive from them.


Reliance Communicatinos — Non-Sense Bill

I had purchased a Reliance Data Card in the year 2009 (Initial), 2 months later, I used the internet service for 2-3 months happily and paid the bills on time.

In the 4th month i was out of city, but got the bill worth >1300, eventhough i didnt used the data card in that month at all. I requested them to provide the bill details, they sent the details after a long period of time that too absolutely non sense, the details were not correct at all. I didnt used the service in that month but they had full details of the usage.

I tried to have some waveoff, but they didnt allowed at all, moreover they were talking abuse.

And whats shocking is that now days they are Harassing me by saying u need to reach at Patiala house within 2 days as Reliance has claimed a damage of 13000 (Thousand). Now i want to claim Reliance Rs100000 for De-Prestiging me.

Please assist if you can.
my bill not send at my home last 15 months. i have given many complained to reliance customer care.u can check my feed back in ur complain id my number is [protected].

Reliance Communications LTD. — Bill for unused mobile connection

I was alloted a reliance postpaid connection I the month of february 2011 as I am using a reliance broadband connection. The monthly rental was rs. 199/- And 200 free minutes of talk-time for first three months. I hardly used it for 3 days and the connection was disconnected after 7 days. After several complaints over the phone regarding the connection there was no service. But over the period I kept receiving calls for making payment and the bill which I didn't pay. In the month of may 2011 I was told that my address was not verified and that is the reason my connection was disconnected. Then how the hell they were able to send me the bills and why would I pay the amount when I had not used the service. The bill has not yet stopped. This is complete cheating. I am fed up of this kind of service from reliance.
You can reach me at [protected] and [protected].
Dear Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. This is to inform you that your concern has been noted. Please provide us your contact details such as Full name, Subscriber ID, and the type of Inconvenience you are facing, so that we are able reach you. Our team is eager to help you.


Name: Ashok Bommisetti
Mobile: [protected]
Type of Inconvenience: Money Demands for services that's not provided at all.
Sub ID: I dont have any information about subscriber ID. I do have A/c No. [protected] from the bill demand recieved
Dear RComcare,

Do you actually do something other than just posting comment "We are eager to help you". Reliance is basically coming after me with escalating legal words

Ashok B
Its all too common for Reliance. They are trying similar stuff with me. Since, I don't give a damn, my current status is that they are threatening to file a civil case against me. I have prepared myself to fight Reliance in court.
There are bunch of in their recovery team, two people by name Vinay and Deepika and their head Cyril Jayaraj.

It is a common strategy for Reliance to not cut the connection in time, allow the dues to accumulate without the knowledge of the customer and then when the sum become substantial start this legal non-sense.
May be all o[censored]s, who are facing similar issues of being subjected to bill defaulting for unused connection, should team and file a joint complaint in the consumer court. They only the scam of Reliance would be exposed.
Hi My Name is Jaiganesh I am from Chennai, few month back I used reliance broad band, I paid advance payment option 1000 rupees one day it’s not working I raised request for reliance customer care, first time they close the request said issue has been resolved by server side, but it’s not resolved not even working again I call customer care department and gave request they said issue resolved I informed its now resolved please re-open the case they no option for re-open we will open new case, then I raise new request and I said don’t closed without my confirmation again they closed state issue has been resolved server side, like that I raise 4 or 5 request, finally I escalate some higher department that time, they send local service engineer, engineer said wire is break some person not allow to lying their building they said its happened when I raise first request, that time they said you need to pay for that they cancelled the connection, but today I am receiving call from Delhi legal in need to come Delhi and treating me, but I am not received any legal notice this not correct way to talk like this my very stressed because of this, can you some to help on this I am not even use the connection I already paid one month bill without using the connection.

Bill Account Number: [protected]
Can you someone please help on this. Treating

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    Reliance Communications - Bill demand and threats to sue for a service that's not provided