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[Resolved]  Ryan International School, Nasik — harassment for fees

Ryan International School, Nasik has no principal since the past five years. The school is being managed by a lady headmistress who seems to be very political. The school initially had a principal, but due the politics played by this lady headmistress, he had to resign within a month & since then there's no principal. The school assured a lot about the grooming of the children at the beginning but is lacking in providing quality education as well as does not have well qualified teachers. It was a heavy mistake on our part admitting our child in this school. They have no concern with the students as well as the parents. Its just a money making institution. Chidren here at Ryan are not groomed upto the mark & lack in confidence. The teachers here have no knowledge of how to provide an answer to a question in a particular subject. Wrong answers are given a tick mark while correction of the books. At the end of the year, the school is not bothered for correction & stamping of books. Its a third grade school as compared Municipals schools maintain decorum & perform in a better way. Children do not have sports oe activities on the contrary about Rs.2000/- are charged as activity fees. The staff is not at all bothered. If the authorities are questioned are, the only answer we get to hear from them is that "nothin is in our hands." Now-a-days most of the parents as well as the students are terribly harassed by the school authorities for the fees. No sort of oral as well as written requests are considered at the school. The torture/ haressement is such that it is informed to the parents that the child shall not be allowed to sit for the exams if the fees are not paid today itself and the parents are forced to leave their jobs & come to the school & immediately meet the headmistress & then the way the speak to the parents & insult them & ask them to get out of the school. Their behaviour with the parents is very rude & are no way ready to understand the problems of the parents as well as they do not consider even after repeated requests. They are just after filling their pockets. They do not even support for making the parents teacher association. Can they harass & insult the parents as well as childred in case of delayed payment of fees. Please guide us immediatedly so that further action can be initiated against them Keeping in mind that the child should not be harassed by them.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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according to my view Ryan Nasik is a very good school
I disagree with the views posted. seem to be lopsided view of an aggrieved parent exaggerating facts and trying to accumulate sympathy and encourage sentiment against the school and the staff. must be read with a pinch of salt.
I totally agree with the above complaints. As far as i know, no proper records /experience certificate/ PF is provided for staff, almost all of the staff member are politically harassed by the supervisors. I totally agree, that the teachers are appointed without any knowledge or any sense of teaching
as compare to another Ryan schools in Maharashtra, its the worst school for any child. I am 100% sure, this is absolutely not the right school for any child, and will suggest everyone, not to admit their child in this school.
i totally disagree with the views posted above.
Ryan international school is one of the top most school in nasik.
I[censored] wanna see our level of confidence then try to beat this year's 10 std in board exams.
In feilds of sports no one can beat us, i give an open challenge to any school in any sports to come in the field and beat us.
Sanchit I totally agree with u Ryanites r d best nd disagree with d above complaints
WRONG WRONG WRONG INFORMATION...our hm is not political but she is gud by hart only we noe tht...and teachers, thy r highly qualified and gud ...infact bst...and jst wanna say...i can i will and i must be a winner and achiver and a successful child of ryan
yes rishi i totally agree with u
n will try my best to make ryan nasik the top school in india
who ever this is...i think u cannot afford the school fees ...instead of wasting time and money on internet and commenting on others, pay your childs school should be your prime a parent i am very much satisfied with the school...both my kids are very happy with the school...its really shameful that because of parents like u grow up!!!
I being a parant of one RYAN student agree with u, management of school is realy worst . According to a rule class strength should not be more than 25 but here in this school it is more than 45 to 50 students .In this year they rised the fees more than 10%.
excuse me but the facilities are also raised ok
i[censored] hav ny prob pls u should leave...nobody is forcing u to stay here...n find some municipal school...dont spoil other parents name...pls its a request...
n i[censored] r telling its going on for 5years... what were u doing these many years??? I THINK U WERE SLEEPING! RITE?
it soo soo so bad mr or mrs whoever, , u need to go 2 a doctor...get well soon!!! according to me all the schools have raised fees this year upto big deal..please read newspapers...i think u cant afford newspaper ...its ok...n dr samta ghore the spelling of parent is stop blaming the tearchers...m son is learning a lot ...all thanks to my respectful TEACHERS...
@dikshaluth whatever your name is u dont have any right to say all these things about our school
i[censored] dont want ur child to study in ryan nasik u can send himher to any muncipality school
my parents can pay the fees that is y m studying in RYAN.ok
hey sanchit goyal comment was not for u yaar was for the above it properly...hey chill!!! even i like my school RYAN...
@anu1979, , i think you r a how can you say that "the teachers are appointed without any knowledge or any sense of teaching" ...that means even you dont have a sense of teaching..."...
karvelli ji...wenever i fail 2 pay the fees i get a dairynote reminder or a phone call from school...but always in a POLITE way...i think its NOT A HARASSMENT...its always our mistake ie parents mistake of not paying the fees...we parents should be sorry...IT OUR RESPONSIBility...and people like you blame the school for your mistake...this is should be ashamed of your [email protected] r correct...ryan is the best!!!
guys please answer my question. Who will b d ryan prince of d montessori section in dis year? d answer is, ''son of d montessori supervisor''.he gets 1st prize in al competitions. is he so competant?last year, in fancy drees competition, two 1st prizeswr given. one d supervisors son n one to a birthday cake girl.why? why not give al d certificates4 d whole year 2 him and den dont tek any competitions 4 d whole year...wat is dmanagement doing ?IS"NT DIS PARTIALITY GOING ON? r other children hopeless in d school? please parents wake up... dis might continue till d 10th std ... n other students who r realy competant wil loose their chance...i know RYAN IS D BEST... but people like d montessori supervisor r spoiling its name. i m surprised, in d school of such highly acclaimed MADAM PINTO such incidence should take place.d supervisor does'nt talk properly wid d parents. i hv seen her yelling at d teachers as if de r her servants ... poor teachers must b feeling humiliated but 4 d jobs sake de keep quiet...i hv no other complaints abt d school.. BUT I EXPECT SOME ACTION AGAINST DIS... before any further complaints to d higher authorities are done... i hope most of d parents will agree to dis ... i need ur support 4 our children...
jingle bell ...i think u hav lost ur do u knw all this things 1 thing ...plot no. 3, apsara bldg nashik, ...go to this address ... i have booked an appointement for u with the physiatrist...u need it...

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