sri ganapathi engg — case of cheating

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 piyush srivastava
unlike deccan engg and ssi engg both from coimbatore and including sri ganapathi engg have tried to cheat many innocent people,who are totally un aware about the fraud companies that are trapping the people into their nets.
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hey thanx guys i got the mail today n i was planning to send is fake company just collecting money from freshers
see how dare those put their address!!! if i am in coimbator, i'll surely give them a couple of punches,

dear friends don't believe like these ... mail from Elmac engg, Sri Ganapathi engg, Deccan engg,
some one asked how to find fake emails, simple thing, NO ORGANISATION WILL ASK MONEY BEFORE APPOINTMENT ORDER, if u have doubt google and verify, NANBARGALAE daivusaidhu ippadi patta thiruttu ____ pasanga kitta waste ah panatha koduthu yemandhudadinga!!! tha yendha industryum money kekka mattanga!! koovi koovi vela kodukka mattanga (except BPO and Call centers)

so pls pls pls appa, amma Kashtapattu sambadhikara kaasa oru dhadavaiku nalu dhadava yosikkama waste pannadinga!! mudinja andha kamminattingalukku PHONE panni asinga asingama thittunga!!!
i too got the same mail to send Rs2000/- for software job.its a plan cheating..beware of these kind of job applications..
thanks all for ur kind information...i got that same mail yesterday only
I also have got the same job selection order.Its a fraud company

sri ganapathi engg — Sending Job proposal on basis of resume

Sri Ganapathi engg promises to give job on the basis of resume asking for Rs. 2000 alongwith the xeroxes of all your marksheets and what not.They promise to give the appointment letter within 3 days after which they take a small interview and hand you the job.Is it really possible in this world of recession.........please check everything and then move forward. also is helping in this bad thing with them..........
For all job seeker ..."Beware that type of FAKE company which is situated in COIMBATORE "...its only use your mind ...don't send money...hw can a cmpany take a person without even an interview...they make us fool...
I received an e-mail from this company regarding job. It is totally absurd.
Thank you for alerting the freshers!!! Me too received the mail today.and got here by searching in google.
Don't complain here. Lodge FIR with the cyber crime unit of your state police.
Jai Hind!!!
i also got such kind of mail. i could nt understand hw could a company gv job with out any interview. peoples are not so much fool & plz stop this .its totally irritating
i got it yday...Govt. should take legal action against those frauds...this is only on of the thousands of fraud consultant agencies!!!
this companies need to be checked by government. all domains should be monitored and government should take strict action against such bank accounts. i too got a mail from the same company today...
IT IS ALL FRAUD, , , , , , , , , , , ,
My 1st impression was this mail is fraud by just seeing the mail. Because it is too colored.No one From Professional world send Colored Mail...

Even they are not good at cheating too.

Need to teach some lesson to them.
i too agree wid every1 s comment.i think they should be sent to life tym imprisonment.for playing wid the emotions of freshers and demoralizing dem
Government of india is keeping it's eyes closed! I pity on its inability!
I received the mail yesterday, and on the first view i could make out on the first glance that it is Fake!
these might be those Nigerian citizens who are trapping engineers already struck by recession!
Thank u i have was about to send the money even i called them hey said that only after sending the money they will provide the details of the job so, i even iagreed to this than i askled them time till one month but later when heard that the company will directy pay the amount to the consultancy and we are not needed to pay them i kept quite, thank u brothers and sister for the information given by u lets joint together and fight
thanks my dear all friend . i got the above message 2hours before.
i was so happy then i check the site for same but i found this.
once again thanks.

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    sri ganapathi engg - case of cheating

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