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I am a regular viewer of MAA Serial in Star Jalsa. But the following is making me bored and angry when viewing the same

1. Jhilik and Pratima (Mejo bou) seems to have a fully filled WATER TANK hidden in their eyes from which water continously flows as PC Sorcar's "Water Of India" magic

2. Thousands of advertise in between this half an hour serial which makes duration of actual serial short

3. After advertise, repeating the previous scenes again

4. Story getting enlarged day by day. Sometime Jhilik staying in that Masir house (who have tea shop), sometimes in her actual home and now she will go to another home

5. Boro bou has been thrown out of the screen and we find her nowhere

6. Boro chele and Mejo chele is becoming "MANDAMARA & NAKA" day by day who don't have any own decisions.

7. The other begger childs are good looking, have good health, & wear good quality clothes which does not make them look like beggers

8. Although Jhilik plunged knife in HIRA AMMAS eyes, her eyes seems to be OK

But I love characters of "Maa go maa..." and the teacher - what a personality !!!

Star Jalsa, please look into the matter and do the needful

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I like Jhilik but don't like her foolish attitude.
ami ei serial ta pratidin dekhi . amar darun lage . kintu jakhan dekhi je jhilik kasta pay ami sajhya karte pari na. fulki ke taratari dhariye din sabar kache . and pls jhilik ke tar maer kache pathan . or mar bhul bhangiye din . eta kamon ma je nijer meye ke chinte pae na . khub faltu character pratimar . pls kichu karun . nahale sabar mon kharap haye jabe .

mithun from duttapukur
I have started to see Maa from September'10. One thing that I think, that how a barrister and his advocate sons are as fool as a donkey. There are so many question arise in the mind of viewer but the donkey like barrister and his sons are not aware of that.Naturally TV serial are made for the house wives and by telecast this serial I think the script writer KAJARI has thought that a lion portion of these housewives are fool.There are nobody in the house when Maa go maa... met with Phulki.Is not it ridiculous? Maa go maa ... is a character who accept Phulki as her nice but not Jhilik. Is there any aunt like maa go maa... in real live ? If any aunt wants to grab her brother's assets then she should refuse any type of nice or nephew . We do not understand why she accept Phulki but not Jhilik? One thing should KAJARI keep in mind that some spectator are fool for long time, some spectator may be fool for long time but it is not possible to make fool all spectator for all time
I think the Director is telling his own life story through this serial.

The Director was a thief in his childhood.

Somebody must expose the Director

what r u people showing, is this the way a small child is treated, if u cannot show good then don't show the bad things to others where children like jhilik is working for their own self.We didn't expect such things to be shown in serials from renouned directors like u .
i m really sorry to say that but it is true that MAA is a headache for people now a days, Pratima loves jhilik a lot but she never trust her then how she trust fulki??????? when jhilik show them her ginni all the family member said she is lier, but when fulki came with the same thing they trust her, how is this possible?? as we know they all are lawyear but they didn't have the basic sense about fake, or real, pls try to solve this matter it is getting foolish day by day.
Its high time to stop the Maa serial..its doing nothing but only boring us.i guess u all haven't read the above comments.plz go through these comments and try to rectify and improve the serial.don't try to imbibe your mature ideas into jhilik's mind because it is spoiling the childish attitude of her's.the serial is simply loosing its reality.and most importantly ukil barite eto sorojontro kora hocche r ukil gulo naki dhortei paache na??r pishi thamma jokhon phn e jhiliker bepare janalo tokhon tar gola keu bujhte parlo na??emon ki tar chele dipu o na.edike fulki bujhe gelo..hw strange and obasthob..ekta boyoshko manush 'pishi thamma' sorojontro korche tar hatur boyoshi ek meyer sathe(fulki)..this serial is simply shut up with the nonsense
I think the director of Maa serial has forgotten the the last episodes he has directed. There is no connection with the story sequences. I think it is better for Jhilik to work in a charity now. It has no harm to make a serial lengthy but these people are making it boring and they do not have a story to make.Good way of making viewers FOOL.
We don't no why are you making fool to innocent people day by day.
HIRA AMMA has no work except SHOUTING with male voice.

I thought my TV speaker went wrong.
The Police in MAA Serial also behaving like foolish.

HIRA AMMA, who is a "FERAR AASAMI" smoothly came to police station, given bail for Jhilik and took her. What rubbish story !!!

I think the director & story writer used to be a thief and worked in tea stall before writing and directing this serial.

Please STOP MAA and start some good serial like BABA !!!
this is very unrealistic serial. I think director has so many fault. I have some question to director.. how hira amma can say so fluent bengali in time of releasing jhilik? And pratima(mother india) has awesome character she only know how to cry and nothing else. It is totally bogus serial . There is only one attraction due to jhilik she is very bold and inosnt . but if the serial streched so long then all attraction comes to an inn.. so dear director do some thing new and stop penpanani
Aroonok Dasgupta
I thought Ma serials director was not a brain or he had got a huge price. All Chanel are running for the price. If the audience stop to see the serial then they are understood how people stop to watch the serial.Any serial gave us no idea and they gave us a wrong information.So intelligent people join with me and gave the idea all the people watch to stop the serial and this time all people spending with their parents and children.If we go to the court against any channel didn't solve the problem because they have lawyer and heavy price.So please think about my opinion. I am not write good English.So please understood my opinion and forward to all of your friend.
This serial has become boring and monotonous. Some unbelievable actions on the part of the actors is the main drawback of this serial. How fulki always appears at the wrong moment and talks some nonsense. How 'pisi' appears from nowhere and passes her comments! How pratima can't recognize her daughter? How hira amma appears at the police stn, nicely dressed with a sunglass, and speaking fluent bangla and signs on behalf of pratima? Whereas in presence of her henchmen and jhilik she speaks broken banga mixed with hindi words? Probably the story writer has been told to extend the story as far as possible by the producer.Pse stop this.Inmy family we have stopped viewing this serial.
Dear Sir,

Hi, I am Adnan Adi from Dhaka Bangladesh. I want to an information from you. Your channel's drama of maa is a very nice drama. This drama's actress jilik is my favorite actress.I want communicate with her. She is not only my favorite but also my all room member. We are along with see this drama only for jilik. I don't know jilik's real name but we are every body like her. She is soul of us. I kept on my study table her a picture. I want her e-mail address & facebook ID & contract number. Please help me. Obviously you will send this 1 (One) copy to Jilik. I will hope that. Thank you so much Star Jalsha & all member of drama of Maa (Obviously Protima)

Md. Adnan Adi Adnan
C/o: Solaiman Chowdhury
Hotel Purbani International Limited
That the television is perfectly an box is once again proved by the diligent 'Star Jalsa' especially the 'MAA' team because for no good reasons the millions of Bengalees starts sitting mesmerised in front of this 'box' for 'this and that'[protected] nothing to object!!! But is this fair enough to pamper the evil spirits incarnated in 'Maa Go Maa' Pisi, that Nili, Heera to name a few because we all know that the Good will prevail ultimately over the Evil? But what about its average mesmerised ones who including minor ones sits squatting in front of the 'box' to see day after day Good being tormented and hence being victimised by the whims of the evil? What message does the production unit want to bring forth to its spectators? Oh, another word about the latest development in the episode. It's beyond cognisance about the abduction of Jhilik for the second time as we've already seen that Heera had escaped from the police- custody, and an absconding criminal is most unlikely to venture another police station because that pinpoints to the administrative failure; moreover, she had informed Pratima about her fleeing back to 'Desh'. So, this abduction drama is totally befooling! Finally, I see the eventuality of this popular serial as in the fate of 'JANANI' another most popular Bengali soap during the monopoly of 'Doordarshan'...!!!
This serial is just making me crazy. My mother use to see it and I joined her. For first few days..liked it, then got bored, then got angry.After seeing this serial everyday my blood burnt and I wished I could go inside TV with a dagger and make good use it.
So many absurd things? So many irritating scenes?Here is the things that made me write this.

1. The absurd base:
JHILIK: I am your daughter, see this ginee.

PRATIMA and Co:I dont trust you.Go away.

JHILIK: Why dont you trust me?

PRATIMA and Co: For sake of serial.

PHULKI:I am your daughter, see this ginee.

PRATIMA and Co. OH my daughter! I trust what you say for the sake of serial.

A normal response would be a paternity test.Blood group analysis then DNA test( Restricted fragment length polymorphism).Total cost 20000Rs maximum.
Then Phulki keeps on blackmailing Jhilik as if to keep Phulki happy in the house as Pari is Jhilik's responsibility. Jhilik listens to her as if Phulki (or Deepu) has pointed a M16 carbine at Jhilik's head.

Then Hira Amma gets a headshot, did not die. I assume she is an alien.(This explains her voice change.)Or the .32 shot was in the orbit.However, she needed help from an ophthalmologist for Surgery, very easy for police to track. They could not do it.(On top of that, she is still having a brand new eye patch!?! On 2011 ??? She was shot about 6 monthes ago?!?)

Lastly the truth that Phulki is not Pari is broken. World did not end .But the blessed family DO NOT WANT TO HEAR WHERE THE REAL GIRL IS? May be fake, but YOU CAN TEST IT YOU !

Then Jhilik flied away.At a home she is getting shelter, going to shine as runner, well and good...BUT NO! The voice told "Jhilik is a thief" and Jhilik did not mention she was forced to do so, and shelped police in catching them.The wife of Subrato, Neeli, had to frame her!Then taken to police station to frame her.
Subrato tries to file another FIR on Neeli, Jhilik_Oh_so_good jumped and admitted the fake complaint.

Then she phoned home. The sympathetic police COULD HAVE REDIALED.HE DID NOT.

Then the Court gave Bail for Jhilik (a single case) TO THREE PERSONS, One of them is a "Criminal on the run" Also by a name by which another one had taken Bail for same case.

Then Hira amma kidnaps Jhilik from Police station. Jhilik suspects, but police do not help her.
This day they did it. Todays episode gave a message:

"Girls must obey their SASURBARI, at any cost, no question of morality.
Girls are like a stone on chest of their parents after marriage.
After marriage it is Ok to tell lies in court to make an innocent a criminal."

Aili at first stood for justice, but then NO ONE IN HER HOUSE supported her. Not even her parents. Maybe this is how it goes on, but showing this on serial just gives a booster to this. The media can be a platform for protest against these medival behaviour.

So this shows, No matter how vile, how wrong, how criminal sasurbari decision's are, a BAHU(and her family) must OBEY that and everything the Sasurbari imposes on.Sasurbari comes first, justice to an innocent, law, all comes second.

All the Jhilik's family are spineless, cause being a JUDGE HE IS CONVINCING HIS WIFE TO NOT SUPPORT TRUTH. Later he will tell, " Ashchorjo! Tumi ektu miththa sakhkhi dite parbena?"
Ekjon Judge mithya sakhkhi dite bolche? Kemon judgement die esechen dadu sara jibone?Barita eto boro kivabe holo valoi bojha jache.

And Aili 's Sasurbari: The Earning member and Aili's Husband's say DOES NOT MATTER FOR AILI?

But lets dont get distracted. The serial has taken a bad turn. A completely negative, insulting, detoriating message to the married Bengali women.
" You, Married Bengali Women, are TOYS, PUPPETS, to the Sasurbari.You are a slave. You are not allowed to take decisions. You are not supposed to have an opinion. You are supposed to talk what you are told to.You are a pet. When Sasurbari says jump, you should ask how much high? If sasurbari does a crime, you and your family must support the sasurbari, OR ELSE..."

So if a Sasurbari says "Choto bou, ei Boma take oi garite rekhe eso to?" Tai korte hobe?

Ajker episode ta meyeder swadhinotar birudhdhe. Medival mentality ke proshroy dei. Meyeder Sasurbarir Putul hisabe dekhieche. Er birudhdhe protibad howa uchit. Eder Email ID joger korte hobe.
Ora eta pore ne. Facebook group thakle dekhte hobe.

By the way I am a 24+ Bengali Indian man. I found this demeaning to women. If women find this"You Bengali Married ...OR ELSE" OK, then they are spineless to their Sasurbari.

Write here if you agree.

PS: Dont say nonsense that "this is the reality" This is not reality.This is serial.They have no bindings to show this . If it was reality business then Jhilik would have been exposed as Pari long ago.
And this is not reality as well.
Many married women have guts and spine as well as their families. And to drive away the evil, we need to drive it out from everywhere.From our mind, from our culture, FROM THE SERIALS AND CINEMA.
This is the page to contact star:[protected]bed3fd7e8aa7c66

This is the page for star jalsa: they dont let us select maa, but I plan to file it under Tare Ami chokhe dekhini and in the writing mention the same for cause.

By the way, does not Hira amma have any jobs other than taking unnecessary risks by going to police station?

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