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I am a regular viewer of MAA Serial in Star Jalsa. But the following is making me bored and angry when viewing the same

1. Jhilik and Pratima (Mejo bou) seems to have a fully filled WATER TANK hidden in their eyes from which water continously flows as PC Sorcar's "Water Of India" magic

2. Thousands of advertise in between this half an hour serial which makes duration of actual serial short

3. After advertise, repeating the previous scenes again

4. Story getting enlarged day by day. Sometime Jhilik staying in that Masir house (who have tea shop), sometimes in her actual home and now she will go to another home

5. Boro bou has been thrown out of the screen and we find her nowhere

6. Boro chele and Mejo chele is becoming "MANDAMARA & NAKA" day by day who don't have any own decisions.

7. The other begger childs are good looking, have good health, & wear good quality clothes which does not make them look like beggers

8. Although Jhilik plunged knife in HIRA AMMAS eyes, her eyes seems to be OK

But I love characters of "Maa go maa..." and the teacher - what a personality !!!

Star Jalsa, please look into the matter and do the needful

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Sotti ami khubi khubi birokto ja kina vasay prokass korte parchi na ai serial ti din din ato poor hoye jacce...ekgheami repitation ar valo lagcena...ami amar interest hariye feleci 1ta faltu natok deke...stop it pls...&no more...pls!!!
One thing I want to mention abt KAJIRI, the script writer may need to see a psychiatrist to whitewash her/his head...He/she may seek help from us as to how to write a serial...I think he/she can better understand then what a quality writing is...
Day by day the serial is becoming intolerable ..the director and the producer seems to believe that all the audiences are fools and and they think that what they will show the audience are bound to believe it is my request to star jalsa to stop this serial immediately and start new new serials like "GANER OPARE"
starjalsa ebar maa ar bou kotha kou bondho korun er pore ar keu starjalsa dekbe na.maa er T R P ebar down hobe.
notun sereal gulo khub bhalo hocche.maa ar bou kotha kou bondho kore duto nutan sereal den.
i thoght that star jalsa is different attitue about the proved this chanel is same attitude with other chanels . "ma" serial is an example. the thinking scrip writer i of british age. he does not know dna test can jusfy inheritence . he shoud study be a good script writer.i hope in future star jalsa select good story, not for cheep popularity...souraj deb.
teacher of foreign languages
The role of Pishi and Fulki must be ended.They are becoming SOITAN day by day and applying their
new dangerous ideas.The story is being extended without any concerns for the viewers. Let the serial
MAA stop and JHILIK gets exposed as PARI


Maa serial is really a bad one. I do not like it as this serial is mainly dominated by negative characters. Positive characters are only very short stayed. Serial is not moving towards a definite direction. After lots of drama it goes back again in the same position (refer to Jhilik's rescue from Hira Amma) as there is no definite attempt to identify Jhilik's identity.

Dr. N Biswas
Maa has lost its charms.Just because of a popular serial you must not torture the viewers by showing boring & monotonous episodes(with special 1 hour show).You have finished Ganer Opare which was really a good serial ! We have lots of expectations from star jalsa but we are disappointed very much.All the serials are same content with jealousy & conspiracy like Tapoor Tupoor(disgusting!), Sindoor khela.Viewer wants entertainment because everyone has their own probllems.
While I 100% agree with the various complaint mentioned above, I feel that MAA serial based on CHILD ABUSE which hit the bengali TV channel Star Jalsa with a astounding note is now required to be stopped telecasting this serial. The Writer of the serial does lives in a fantacy world and now doing a fantacy work while writing its script...Before viewers start spitting on them for the saddistic thought in writing the script, Producer of this serial should stop continuing telecasting this saddistic CHILD ABUSE and put an end to it. A total irritation has already been generated amongst the viewers of this serial. One just wonder how come a mentally weak writer is accepted by a Producer to make such serial based on CHILD ABUSE. Our request is to stop this serial and in its place try to launch a new educative serial for God's sake.
I totally agree with the above comments. What is going on in 'Maa' at present can be described in Bengali as " Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan and lots of Pan Panani " . What I fail to understand is -

1. How can Arati after being exposed about her telephone to media during the live interview of Jhilik can fool a family of retired judge and lawyers with her dirty tricks.

2. Why Fulki after being exposed and warned sometimes address Manish and Pratima as Mesho and Mashi and the next moment as Baba and Maa.

3. How Jhilik who is otherwise sharp and intelligent becomes blunt and fool for the requirement of the director .

4. Laslty in this modern world of DNA, paternity etc. a family of a retired judge and lawyers behaving like illiterates is beyond any logic.

This serial is moving towards absurdity and will end abruptly like most of the serials which is not expected from a director of Debanshu's calibre .
Please ebar Maa serial ta shesh korun...ekta chhotto meye k r koto koshto petey hobey-please there should be an end to everything.
Shundor korey ebar serial ta sheysh korun.
Please try give fullstop to this serial. Dont' make it lengthy.
Serial Maa was one of my most favourite serials. We kept on waiting for Maa to be telecast at Maa's time everyday. The story, different characters, value system prevailing till now in joint family and above all the eternal love and emotional binding present between a mother and a daughter shown on each episode used to give us enough satisfaction and patience to wait for the next episode. Maa was really little HATKE and liked by people of good taste.
But this is past now. Hot spicy cooked food even if less in quantity give us sufficient satisfaction and long lasting taste. But Maa serial maker now is busy making the serial impractical to the limit and playing foul games with the sentiments of the viewers. The highly objectionable aspect of few recent episodes is the theme of child abuse which is being used to make the serial lengthy, monotonous and cheap. It is also creating a negative effect on the minds of viewers specially the youngsters.
I request the Ma amakers to be more rational, practical and positive in their outlook. We like to see Jhilik to grow and become a role model for youngsters
Jhilik ke shantitey douroteo debey na. Bhebechilam porasuna na hok, khela dhulo kore meyeta naam korbey... kintu beta bodmash director & script writer ta tao hotey debey na. Sob opodarthor dol. Ekta medal peyechilo setao joley gelo.

Mukhujjey barir address ta peley tala lagiye ditam. Khali CHILD ABUSE korchey. Mukherjee der naam dubiye dilo.

Mukhujjey baritey sobkota psychic. Keu kedey choleche - keu soitani korey choleche - keu paglami korey jacchey - keu bhalo sejey choleche. Sobkota key electric plug point thekey 240 volt er shock ditey hobey, Taholey jodi thik hoye. HIRA tao psychic, cheleder golai chechiye chechiye amar kaaner barota bajiye diyechilo. Jak beta ekhon bidaye hoecche.

HIRA'r saathey director aar script writer keyo jail a dhokan, ekmatro taholei Jhilik er jiboney shanti aasbey.
Judge saheb, khali mamata mamata korey pechon pechon ghurey beraley hobey ? ektu buddhi ta khoroch korun. Joru ka gulam hoye jacchen je !!!

Khali sada panjabi aar dhuti porey ghurey beracchen. Ektu different colour er dhuti punjabi porun... mooney ebong ridayey notun ful fotan...dekhben decision nitey aar problem hobey na !!!
Perhaps in a bid to extend the number of episode, all the negative characters are given undue preference making this far away beyond reality.Once rated highest among all the serials in all the channels, 'Maa' is losing glamour day by day.Let it be concluded now.
Arun Kumar Banerjee
"MAA" serial STOP karte anurodh kara hochhe.
MAA serial a director sobai ke bidayey korey dicchey

boro bou out
choto bou out
monish out
subratababu out
ebar mamatao out

sobaikey out korey ebar ki director aar script writer ovinoy korben ???
bhetorer khobor : je besi taka chaiche sei OUT

mamatar takar demand bere jacchilo tai director ebar takeo out korey dilo

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