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I am a regular viewer of MAA Serial in Star Jalsa. But the following is making me bored and angry when viewing the same

1. Jhilik and Pratima (Mejo bou) seems to have a fully filled WATER TANK hidden in their eyes from which water continously flows as PC Sorcar's "Water Of India" magic

2. Thousands of advertise in between this half an hour serial which makes duration of actual serial short

3. After advertise, repeating the previous scenes again

4. Story getting enlarged day by day. Sometime Jhilik staying in that Masir house (who have tea shop), sometimes in her actual home and now she will go to another home

5. Boro bou has been thrown out of the screen and we find her nowhere

6. Boro chele and Mejo chele is becoming "MANDAMARA & NAKA" day by day who don't have any own decisions.

7. The other begger childs are good looking, have good health, & wear good quality clothes which does not make them look like beggers

8. Although Jhilik plunged knife in HIRA AMMAS eyes, her eyes seems to be OK

But I love characters of "Maa go maa..." and the teacher - what a personality !!!

Star Jalsa, please look into the matter and do the needful

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Aamar mone hoi darshakder motamoter(opinions) kono value nei ta na hole eto gulo manusher complain aapnara nishchoy bhebe dekhten.Maa serial ta aar tolerate kora jachchena.Bhebechhilam Pori tar aasol parichoy fire peyechhe ebar nishchoy serial ta shesh hobe, kintu ta hober noi Hingshs aar conspiracy bondho kore darshakder bhalo kichhu upohaar din.
please end the serial of MAA & Bhalobasa.Kom kindly announced when it will be end?
I don't know why DNA test is not being done for proving that Jhilik is indeed the daughter of Pratima Mukherjee and Manish Mukherjee. If this is done neither Pishi Thamma nor Fulki will be able to raise any doubt about Jhilik being the real Pori. I think as this is a story of this age of scientific advancement, the author should think about this scientific modern method.
I think, "Maa" serial is one of the best serial in the world. But why Jhilik can"t stay with his family happily. Jhilik is original Pori & Jhilik always try to solve family members problem, but why Arati & Fulki's behave is just like enemy? And why Dipu can't tell Jhilik is Pori? I think Arati & Fulki should get their punishment.& They should always understand that, Jhilik/Pori is always try to help them. I liked "MAA" very much but now it makes boring for me.I hope this serial will play positively.
The characters in Ma are all flat characters, either good or villainous. To make the story more interesting the characters should be made more complex. Jhilik or Pori is a simple, innocent and truthful girl. Her character or nature is apparently ok. But the ordeal she has passed through while staying away from her family should have taught her much more about human nature. The experience of cruel reality she has had during this time should have enabled her to see through the sly and cruel design of Pisi Thamma and Fulki.
The serial Maa is really becoming very boring and we are all waiting for a happy ending. Please do not extend the serial any more and a more interesting serial may be shown in that slot. Please do not change the time of 'Roylo ferar Nitmantran . It suits our time. 05.30pm will be too early.
The serial Ma is proving boring because the story is continuing in the same line---getting Jhilik or Pori into trouble through the conspiracy of Pisi Thamma, Fulki and Hira. This running into trouble is followed by her suffering the trouble to the fullest extent, making the audience come to tears and then she is rescued out of her danger. This story line is being followed repeatedly, making the story line a boring one. It is becoming predictable making the viewers losing interest in it. I think in order to make the story interesting the focus should be shifted to some other character and making Jhilik play a vital role in it. Jhilik is being shown as being too weak in the face of conspiracy hatched by Pisi Thamma and Fulki. Developing the character of Jhilik is one of the keys to making the story interesting. Jhilik, by this time, should have been shown as having developed into a very intelligent character well capable of facing the challenge posed by the conspiracies of Fulki and Pisi Thamma. On the contrary she is still being presented as a character fully vulnerable to the malice of the villainous characters. In a novel the characters move, they change, they develop. But here everything remains constant. The treatment of characters is much like the one we find in short stories where there is not much scope for the development of the characters. Ma is thus a story based on some interesting incidents which though interesting and absorbing are proving boring because they are of the same type and present themselves quite often.
The sweet relationship between Pori and the other members of her family is one of the chief attractions of the story.
PLZ ei serial bohdho korun...
r nekamo nite parchi na...
day by day JHILIK asohyo hoye uthche amadr kache...
so as soon as possible eta bondyo korar babostha nin...
I think making Jhilik or Pori act more intelligently will make the serial "Maa" much more interesting. It will initiate a contest between the intelligence of Pori and the villainous conspiracy of Arati, Fulki and Heera. Showing Jhilik equal to task of dealing with the threats posed by the villains will make her a more attractive character. The audience will always remain on the tenterhooks waiting to see the outcome of this tough fight between the good and evil.Jhilik will become more lovable as a character.
Jhilik aar Mejoboudir nakamo bondho hok.

Mr. Director...Mejoboudi jehetu Pori ke peye geche, tai ebar serial ta bondho korun ebong amader shanti te thaktey din.
What is the final point the author of Maa wants to show? Is it just to show to every character that Jhilik is real Pori or is to initiate a more interesting phase in Jhilik's life after she has been recognized as the real Pori as we find in novels. It is a biographical novel like David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. David passes through the initial stage if his life in great hardship and moves into the new and other interesting phases of his life. I think Jhilik's life is also going to move into more interesting phases where her identity crisis is no longer the issue, it being resolved to everybody's satisfaction, but where she is faced with new types of challenges which will engage all the attention of the audience.
Regarding Ma serial, the producers appear to have little respect to the intelligence of the viewers.
It is just stretched without any logic or reasoning to make it a megaserial.
Every episode is the repeatation of earlier episodes in slightly twisted way.
Producer has no idea about judicial, police system & latest medical updates.
It's so boring, that I stopped seeing it at 8PM, instead seeing "Kanya" at Zee Bangla. I asked several people & all have the same opinion. If time permits i see it during repeat telecast & stragely I found that I have not any thing, even I niss 2-3 episodes.
Last but not the least, Jhilik's identity can easily be proved by "gene" testing or analysis, which appears not known to the retired judge, the lawyears & other big police personal or college professor.
I feel sorry for the actors & actress, who have to perform in a baseless, idiotic melodrama, having no logic.
- K K Basu, age 69, a Retired senior manager of an engineering company.
I strongly agree with KK Basu . It is CRAZY
I like Star jolsha serial MAA but now need happy ending with jhalik identity as soon as possible. please make it.

leave alone to poori and his family. start the new topics.
I liked 'Maa' very much but now it makes boring for me.

Kindly stop showing Maa at the earliest and bring the serial "Railo Ferar Nimantron" Thanks.
Its very bad and just irritating serial.The story is not only impossible but also revealing the destructive nature of the society. It is creating a negative impact on child psychology. Please immediately stop the broadcasting of Maa serial if the intension of the director is only show the harassment of an innocent child. The jhilik is most irritating character. Please immediately stop. Govt. should take necessary actions in this respect.
Arijit Chakraborty
Student. M.Sc. in Geography
Barrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College
This is to the script writer and the story maker of Maa daily soap. You have done a commendable job by streatching the serial so far like an elastic. You are planning to take it to square one. Please sit back at home as you cannot create a climax. When Dipu kaka knew everything dont you think he should have atleast told the truth at last that Jhilik is no one else but Pari. Even if the story some how got an edge again all are trying to pull down the daughter of Pratima Mukherjee to Jhilik. Everyone by now knows that Jhilik is Pari why again trying to make her Jhilik just for the sake of running the soap?
Playing with our emotions throught. Have you all thought how its creating a bad impression on the kids. They are all learing bad tricks from the character Phulki. Elderly people have stopped watching it as its hurting them. The kid Jhilik was not getting justice for so long. She had to suffer so much. No one belived her, but now when things are settled y again try to prove that she is only Jhilik and not a daughter of Mookherjee family? Conspiracy of Pishithamma and Phulki has crossed the limit. Its a real torure now. We watch soaps to be entertained but not to suffer. If this goes on we all will stop watching this serial. Its just becoming like soaps of Ekta Kapoor. All melodrama.

best wishes


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