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[Resolved]  Tata Motors Finance — UN NECESSARY CHARGES

SUB:- Contact No. [protected], Customer NO. [protected], Chasis No. 605121ERZP65541, Vehicle Model : INDICA DLG TURBO
Other charges Regarding…….
Your letter no Nil dated[protected] which was received by me in the second week of Januaury, 2009 almost one month after its issuance .

I fail to understand the charges levied on me . Please delete the charges immediately .

I am enclosing bank statement where your ECS is being sent .ECS payment has started from the month of September, 2008 . But in the month of November the amount of Rs 6228/- was lying in my account on[protected] and your concerned person at Jalandhar has forgotten to send ECS for collection of money from my account . This is very much clear from the account statement which I am enclosing herewith . Personally I have spoken to your concerned person at Jalandhar for collection of the payment from the bank. After my repeated calls the concerned officer did not bother and told me an excuse that ECS was returned with a remark of having less balance which is absolutely untrue . Had the bank returned the ECS with this remark they would have put charges on me for returning ECS which they did not .

Kindly do not behave in such a fashion as private finance companies used to act to collect charges un necessarily .I wish that correction will be carried out immediately and I need not to go to any other forum for getting it corrected .
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Tata Motors Finance — PAN CARD NOT RECIEVED


tata finance co. — car

dear sir,
I am daughter of jora singh. we had finance tata safari from dada motors, ludhiyana. the company says that deposit 80, 000 cash after deposit company did not give papers. plz give me my money if not recieve we don, t pay any installment..

contact me- [protected]

Tata Motors Ltd; — Payment option

I have been using Tata CC from last 1.5 years, but now I have stopped it because of lengthy payment option - Unlike HDFC CC you are not giving payment option through Debt card or online. Cheque payment makes process too lengthy resulting overdues/fine/extra charges/recovery agents call. So try to modify such things. Cheque payment is difficult also clearance is long.

TATA indica(vista car) — non-responce of your bank employee

In regards to the purchase of the car mentioned above, I am to say that I met with Mr sujit panigrahi(sales officer car loan) on 8-5-09. He scruitinised my documents care fully and said its OK.Next day he said your profile is likely to be poor. I asked the reason. He said I don't know.Fortunately I got the cell no of your credit manager (Rourkela).I wanted to know the reason .He took me with a cell conference with sales manager(Calcutta).I deeply asked the same .But did not find the answer.He saidits secret and we canot disclose.But the question is where I feel having a good profile, how I was denied to get a loan. Rather I had a loan of motor cycle 5 years ago with your bank.It was cleared on time.If I could get a bike loan, how could I not get a car loan with an Improving profile after 5 years back.If so please convey me the reason soon other wise I will take the legal help against the person /bank who will be responsibble.
Thanking you
Santosh kumar khuntia
How I can check my account online? My contract no. is [protected] and my V. RC no is HR14E 0798.
From :
Susanta Sur Roy
12/61, P.C.Ghosh Road,
Kolkata – 700 048.
Ph. [protected].
The Manager,
TATA Motor Finance Ltd.
5/1A, Hungerford Street,
Kolkata – 700017.

Kind attn : Mr. ARIJIT RAY

Subject : NOC Ref. : Contract Agreement No.: 20887340 Dated 20/6/2006.

Dear Sir,

In continuation to my letter dated 21/05/2009, 02/06/2009, 21/06/2009 and 23/7/200, I would like to submit that I already paid the installments before the maturity date but the account not yet settled. During last two months, I visited your office several times and approached you to settle the account but you failed to settle the account yet.

In this regard, I like to state that I have a bitter experience with you and I think your company is not serious about their customer for those who are willing to pay dues.

The case was discussed with Mr. Donald, TMF National Head, during his visit to kolkata in July/09 and he assured that necessary consent will be given with 2/3 day’s. After that, more than a month is over and I personally meet you in different occasion and you assured me that we shall get necessary approval with 2/3 day’s but no any reply is received from your end till today.

At last, I request you to issue a letter intimating your incompetence or anything else so I can go to the concerned forum for justice.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
(Susanta Sur Roy)
Date : 20/08/2009

Copy to :
Mr. Donald, Nation Head, TATA Motor Finance, TATA Motors Ltd. Bezzola Complex, 1st floor, V.N Marg, Chembur, Mumbai – 400 071 for information and necessary action please.
plz. send your co. tmfl pan no. and address for TDS issue to

thanking you

for, shrine engineering pvt. ltd.

TATA MOTORS LIMITED — Unnecessary dues

Dear sir,

Last year HSBC has issued the credit cards for TATA MOTORS employees. I am one of the card holders no.

[protected] valid from 05/08 to 09/11. I have used this card once only.& I have paid all my dues to this account through vide ICICI bank cheque no- 143951 dated 18/09/08. Even HSBC has never informed me any additional dues to the bank from me through mail/post after 18/09/08. As I am not using this card from long period I have received the letter from the bank that Card is made Non operational.

But four days back I received one phone call from you that many dues are pending from me from quite a long period. Sir, when I have not used this card after 18/09/08 how dues will remain pending from me? I am quite surprised & shocked with this phone call hence, I will appeal to all TATAMOTORS employees for not using this card as Bank has failed miserably to gain trustworthiness of their customers.

I therefore kindly request you waive my entire dues to the bank & confirm the same through mail/post.

Waiting foryour reply immediately.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

S d kale


Res. madam Reena

we buy a car loan from your respected co. on dated 11 dec. 2006. and our contract no. is [protected]. vide our car indica dlx regn. no. HR 02 Q 2508 in the name of mr. suresh chand jain R/o v.p.o. buria near buria fort jagadhari yamuna nagar.

now i get many mistakes in my account with you.

1. one of my ch. of sep. 2007 cleared from my bank account but in your hand no deposit in our account with you but its in credited with you.

2. In the m/o nov. 2008 you have cleared 2 ch. from my account instead of 1 ch.

3. As per when i come to your Ambala branch its come to my notice that in the month of nov. 2008 1 ch. cleared on 30th nov.2008 your staff give the credit to another party. and 2nd ch. cleared on dated 9th dec. 2008 in my contract. Sir/madam how it possible my ch. deposit in other party a/c and i have to pay interest.

4. Due to this reason our dec. 2008 ch. go bounce as per your record not on our behalf. because we deposit money for dec. ch. on dated 4th dec. 2008.

5. I have deposited my all passbook statement to your co. staff mr. kapil at ambala office and mr. rajesh arora at karnal office.

6. As per my bank passbook statement you get the position of my account that in each and every month no less balance for our ch. that comes on dated 11th of each month.

7. As per our telephonic talk with mr tripathi he said we are busy in sep. closing of accounts.

8. Sir/madam, one more thing is that july, august, & sep. 2008 your staff don't deposit the ch. on current date when we call many times then from your co. some body is comes to my house and they returned our ch. and we issued 1 ch. of rs. 29250 instead of these 3 ch. for this why should i pay interest.

9. Sir/madam, this thing again happen when jan 2009, feb. 2009 april 2009 and may 2009 ch. they don't cleared and in the m/o may we issued again 1 ch. of rs. 39000 for all this 4 cheques.

10. Sir/madam, i am N R I and i have this car for my family use in india. and from 29th march to 8th april 2009 i call to your staff too much time then they search all these 4 ch.

11. Sir/madam, i deposit my bank statement passbook in which you see that in every month my balance is not less.

12. Sir/madam, i request you again please credit my sep. 2007 ch. which you have in your co. sundry a/c and nov. 2008 ch. which entered in other party a/c. and also credit all interest and other charges due to this mistake by your hand at your earliest.

13. Sir/madam, on dated 11 nov. 2009 we paid our last instalment also, then we talk with mr. tripathi at chandigarh and he assure me we get our noc before 15th dec. but now he is not help us also.

14. Sir/madam, you have to tell me that we gave the adv. ch. to your company afterthat, this is the responsibility of the your co. to deposit it on time. and our responsibility is that we have to deposit money in our account. If money is there in our a/c and you don't deposit ch. who will be responsible, who pay interest and other chgs on this.

15. Sir/madam, i want my N.O.C.

16. Sir/madam, i am sorry to say that in a private co. the staff is lazy like this customer is telling you deposit ch. and they ignored, it happens only in govt. co.
I am suffering too much because of your staff mistake again and again.
so please do the helpfull with us and obliged

amit jain
on behalf of
mr. suresh chand jain
buria jagadhari


Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your notice the usage of faulty meters in Auto rickshaws in Mumbai city. Today I travelled from Ambedkar garden,near chembur station to Chembur Tilak Nagar colony. The kilometers in the meter showed as 2.5 kms and meter charge showed as Rs 24/- This is definitely a malpractice , for which the concerned traffice authorities should definitely take an action.

I travel in this route daily and the meter usually shows Rs 12 -13 . And this particular auto meter was showing 24/-, which is definitely a faulty reading . The meter was definitely tampered and when I told the rickshaw driver that his meter was running too fast and I will not pay him according to this faulty meter, the driver started shouting saying his meter reading is correct.Finally I had to pay him Rs. 15/-
I warned him that I will definitely raise a complaint against such illegal practices.

The Auto rickshaw no: is : MH 03 M 8885

I request the traffic authorities to take the necessary steps against these tampered meter reading autos and their rude drivers.
sir iam d.s.a tatamotors finance ltd .aasthafinance but .

Dear Sir,
Pl. pay attention to following problems:_

Mr. Tribhuvan Shukla from RS Associate of Tata Motors along with Mr. santosh from TMF, Lucknow has collected self chq no 472910 for Rs. 19200/- dated 19/02/2008 at my office in Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Fursarganj Airport, Raebareli on behalf of TMF. This amount had withdrawn from my account on the same day, mean while the contract of TMF with RAS Associate has been stopped and my amount could not rached to TMF, this fact is known to almost every concerned of TMF Lucknow branch. Further I am paying regularily my installment till date. In between I am getting numbers of legal notices from Mumbai for which I have been asked by TMF officials from Lucknow branch to just ignore this, Now today I have recieved a Notices of Arbitration proceeding case NO. LOT 99/ R7354 of 2010. Why I am getting all these ???????? and what are the salutions ????? to whome should I approch for solving my case ???? shall I file case in the consumer forum ?????? Pl. advice me for solving problems. I am not going to pay again Rs. 19220/- for which I have already paid...

Mradul Kumar

Copy to :
Mr. Donald, Nation Head, TATA Motor Finance, TATA Motors Ltd. Bezzola Complex, 1st floor, V.N Marg, Chembur, Mumbai – 400 071 for information and necessary action please.
The Manager,
TATA Motor Finance Ltd.
5/1A, Hungerford Street,
Kolkata – 700017

Ref : Vehicle Registration No. WB-25B/ 8989 having Chassis
No. 457251DR2718826 Model No. LP 1112.

I Sri Rajib Bswas S/o Debabrata Biswas of 127 Kali Bari 1st Lane, New Barrackpore, Kolkata-131 had purchased the above vehicle after taking financial help from TATA Motors Finance in the month on July/August, 2008 for the Bus Route from Baburhat to Barrackpore. The above vehicle was plying on the proposed route since Octobar.November, 2008 but the said vehicle failed to run on the route every day. The vehicles also not yet ply on the route continuously 7 days in a week. The computerized data of Bhadari Workshop will focus every thing. The EMI of the vehicle is Rs. 19366/- pm and till yet I paid the said EMI from other sources pm as the vehicle failed to ear the minimum money.

Few months ago within the warrantee period the piston ring of the said vehicle was changed by Bhandari work shop, Sodepur for gass problem of the vehicle but after such work the said vehicle was not in a position to ply on the route for sucking the huge Mobil every day. On reporting Bhandari Work shop down the engine of the said vehicle and after two/three weeks later i.e few days ago they hand over the vehicle for ply on the route. Now the vehicle is not found ok to ply on the route as because the same problem found (sucking mobil & fuel) in the said vehicle. Already directed to my driver to keep the vehicle at Bhandari Work shop to day (23.04.2010) as it is completely unable to ply on the route. My patience has already been exhausted and this stage without the earn money from the vehicle I am unable to pay the EMI to TATA Motors Fianace from May, 2010.
At this stage, I would request you to kindly verify the same from Bhandari Work shop and pass necessary order to change the Engine of the said vehicle as the engine of the vehicle found with mechanical fault within warrantee period. Your sympathetic consideration will save me and my family.

Yours faithfully

Rajib Biswas.

Copy to: Tata Motors Commercial Area Manager in Kolkata
Tata motors finance is worst and customer services is pathetic.
Dear sir,

I mrs *mariyam rafik shaikh* having loan on my *MHO4DE
3965*. Agreement no [protected].

Due to some reason I am not paid one installment . and for
that I got a call from thane branch office

Mr. rahul told me your overdue is more than 4000rs. But
there is discount if you pay your due in this month

So I paid cash of settlement amount of 3304rs. On receipt no
*64474* on dated 26/09/2009 to Mr. laxman. and closed the overdue
amount.after that I am not Due any installment

But now I got a call from customer care there
is still due amount of more than 2000rs. I given call to rahul but he is not
given any satisfied answer . even manager bugade also not give any attention in this I don’t know what to do next and feel like
cheet. Please help me out of this.

Please do the needful.


Mariyam R.Shaikh
The Manager
Tata motor Fainance Ltd
Faridabad (HR)
I have financed my vehicle Tata indica bearing regd no HR51 Z 4071 by tata motor finance ltd in the month of july 2007 and from that time i am regularly paying my installments due to some financial problem i was unable to pay the 5 installments for which i have also given a written letter as well as oral request that i can make the same as early as possible and after that regularly paying the installments but after that you snatched my car illegally and forcely want to auction the same as i have also written a letter dated 30/10/2010 that i am ready to pay the amount of the dishonouired cheques, i have also given many request (written and oral) to provide the copy of agreement commenced between T.M.F.L & me but they are not giving any heed to any of my requests as such i call upon you to kindly return my vehicle or return my money alongwith the future E.M.I cheques.
Yes, I am also searching for someone to lodge a complaint against Tata Motor Finance Ltd., We have paid the whole amount and we have evidence towards such payment, but for the past two years they are asking for money amounting to fifty thousand rupees from me! We sent a registered letter with acknowldgement due to the Tata Legal at Mumbai, but they won't reply what happened to the money we paid. Instead they keep calling me in my mobile and say fifty thousand rupees is pending (they won't call my husband and won't reveal identity but I have the numbers) . I think there should be a co-ordinated movement against such private firms who keep cheating their customers! Don't know if Mr. Tata is listening even! Why should he care for the ordinary people?

Tata Finance — instalment by ecs

after cheque and ecs form there is no installment going from bank from chatrpati bank indica petrol xeta mh-14 bx 1737 taken loan on 2009
Please send all your complaints against Tata motor finance to Kumar.[protected] or [protected]
TMFL is looting every customer and Mr. Ratan Tata should look into this and they charge unnecessary charges like Retainer Charges, Collection Agency Charges, Insurance Charges which they charge while financing and still charge every year when we do the insurance with our choice of Insurer. TMFL should know that a RTO does not pass the vehicle without an insurance copy. The company claims that if the party does not Insure the Vehicle and pay the finance installment they are making customers fools
star150's reply, Feb 27, 2017
सही कह रहे है भाईसाहब

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