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Tamil Nadu, India
i am attaching the mail sent tto you

I am Dr.K.Balaji, I visited Titan eye plus for the first time during 13/7/2008 and was very pleased with the services offered by the shop (on shanthi colony, annanagar, Chennai).I had ordered and received spectacles worth rs.12000/- at that time and further purchased lenses for about Rs.4000/- by way of lens changing etc.
Impressed by the services and seeing that it’s a company owned by the TATA group I recommended the shop to several other friends of mine,I decided to get a new sunglasses done at the same shop after the pleasant experiences and hence visited the outlet on 13/6/2011.firstly I was not received by anybody. All the workers were busy working on some paper works .Inspite of the lady at the counter informing one of the attendants to take care of me, that person did’nt respond, instead he recommended somebody else to take care of me, but still with old fond memories of titan I ignored it
This timei made a purchase of Rs.12000/-. I was attended by one Mr.sadik. The entire payment was made and the person said that he would deliver the two specs one new and the other for lens change by Saturday, but the sunglasses from RAYBAN will be delivered after a week ,on asking him why should it take so long ,since usually its given in 4 working days, he replied that I had ordered crizal lenses so it will take that time, hence I agreed and left.
On Saturday I receive a call from the outlet so I go there to pick up the specs, now only one specs out of the two which was promised was given and person said that he would give it along with the raybans, so I didn’t make an issue and left. Now I receive three phone calls on Saturday and Sunday from your outlet ,to come and collect my specs, I told them that I collected it, then later I called the outlet and mr.sadik apologized saying that the person didn’t know that the delivery was done. This shows the inefficient coordination in your outlet.
Now when the day came for the delivery ,no one called me from the out let, hence I waited and then when I called them, they said that mr.sadik is on leave and will call me once the specs were ready. the next day mr.sadik calls me and says that the lenses coating failed hence it was rejected and new lens will be fitted and given in three days, so I agreed to wait. Here I want to say that if somebody is on off in your company no one else will take care of the customers that person is attending?
When the day came for delivering my specs, Mr.Sadik calls me and says that the coating failed on fitting the lens so I need to wait and says by Wednesday the 29th it will be delivered, this time I was little annoyed and I told him ,it better be done on that day. Now on 29th i.e today I get a call at about 7.15pm that the lens failed and I have to give them some time. Now I was really upset, so I went to the outlet and asked the people ,how come only my lenses fails and why such a delay.
I have few questions here
Why a reputed company like titan has employed such unethical and inefficient people at the outlet ?
Why our lenses are given to substandard vendors for manufacturing?
Does it take more than 17 days to make lenses for the sun glasses?
Why there is no coordination among the workers in your company?
For regular customers like me( a doctor) there is so much of trouble then what happens to the other lay person at your outlet?
I have lost faith and hope on your company, I am sure I will never return to your outlet. I am sure in this competitive industry if this is going to be the attitude of your employees, your company sales is going to decline.
I demanded at your outlet for an explanation for the delay in delivery. The answer I get was that they wanted to give quality work , quality at the expense of precious time(17 days).I am asking them to show the entries of my specs being sent to the vendor thrice. They were unable to provide me any written documents supporting their theory of sending it to the vendor 3 times.
There is absolutely no co ordination between the people who are managing the outlet ,that was very clearly indicated when mr.sadik was not present at the outlet and I got an irresponsible answer that once he comes I will get my information about my specs.
I am completely annoyed with the entire episode and I hope something is done about the whole situation .Now the outlet in-charge has asked me for 4 working days to get new lenses done for my specs. You just tell me is it really right to ask this many days again.
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    Titan Eye - not happy with the services