Twinkle Group — Are the TWINKLE GROUP OF COMPANIES good for investment ?

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I heard from some of the agents about this company and their investment plans (may be their marketing policy). They say that, this company has bussiness in almost all fields like food,clothing,tourism,etc (except finance). They also say that the money invested by people in this company is NOT invested in any finance company or shares etc. so there is least chance of any risk. These agents have successfully managed to collect members from various places(even from rural places ) So any one knowing anything about this company or related to it, please guide me ...guys there are thousands of people who've invested their provident fund, retirement ,VRS money in this company...I would be really grateful to you if you could help me by any means...and definitely I'll alert those people if it's really a fraud one..
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Is twinkle group Trustful ?
I agree with Jiya Gala. i have asked one agent about companies financial report but he say's i am not able to give this report to you, it is to big and confidencial.
If u have any Question call me on [protected].I am also doing same job.
HI i also join Twinkle Group in 2007 MR . S.L.Dhuri Unit. My immadiate senior R.K.Gawade. IN 2010 I am working as a G.M.
Really Twinkle Group is very Best for investment .
Thanks for introducing me twikle group MR. R.K.GAWADE & MR.A.G.DESAI sir.
HI i also join Twinkle Group in 2007 MR . S.L.Dhuri Unit. My immadiate senior R.K.Gawade. IN 2010 I am working as a G.M.
Really Twinkle Group is very Best for investment .
Thanks for introducing me twikle group MR. R.K.GAWADE & MR.A.G.DESAI sir.
If u have any Question call me on [protected].
I am prashant thasal residential at jogeshwari, yesterday i got one agent for invest money. & i agreed to invest money as RD basic . monthly 1000/- for 3 years. I want to know about the business My father was working with this company 7 months ago . so please give me some details.any meeting details in mumbai. so that I can join it again.please provide others information about royal twinkle star group pvt ltd as soon as possible.
This is all chain business n useless. I m workin on India's development project. basically it is not any scheme or chain business. It is total e-commerce based concept. If any one wanted to kno more @ this & if stayin in Mumbai, wants to do somthin diff, somthing new can contact on my mobile :
Dilip[protected]. Come grow with Us !
I have just joined in that group
i dont have too much information about twinkle group
so pl let me know more about our plans.
you can contact with me on ""
if i like your plan, then i will invol in twinkle group.

thanking you
Pritam Deokule
I am a member and every month investemnt is 2000. How to check my account
Please suggest

Arun Tarate
please contact on [protected] SANDESH JDHAV
यशस्वी जीवनासाठी टि्वंकल हा एकच मार्ग PART TIME BUSINESS ANYWHERE IN INDIA
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मला श्रीमंत व्हायचे आहे ? तर काय केल पाहीजे ? टि्वंकल
मुंबईमध्ये राहते घर, व गाडी हवी आहे ? तर काय केल पाहीजे ? टि्वंकल
मग मित्रांनो उशीर का करता ? आम्ही संपूर्ण युनीट आपल्या पाठीशी आाहोत कधीही संपर्क करा ! आम्ही सदैव तप्तर आहोत.त्यासाठी आवश्यक आहे ते म्हणजे !
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रोज काम करण्याची आवड असली पाहीजे.
काम एकटे न करता सिनियरला बरोबर घेऊन करणे.
Hi...I'm Gangadhar N. Sapaliga..from mumbai...I joined twinkle group of company 2006
i fully satiesfied about company's of returns...
my costemers also satiesfied they gave me more polisies i;m in SMM rank...
if any body want to do investment in twinkle group plz contant me my mobile no
is [protected], [protected]
my email addres
Let me tell me facts about the company.

I am in association with TWINKLE for more than 7 years. Many of my clients have got their maturity amount on time. There is not a single case in the history of this Company about default of maturity amount.

Company has got the assets of more than Rs 8000/- crores of rupess. These assets are totally in the name of the Company only not in the name of CMD and Directors. Company is functioning in around 40 branches. All these branches are functioning in their OWN places not on RENTED places.

More than 5 lacs persons are working as full time or parttime basis. Because of this Company, many persons raised from Zero to Hero levels. This company has changed many persons life style in a glorious ways. Company going to invest Rs 400/-crores in hospitality business. There is a challenge put up by the CMD of the company " Prove me a single case about the default of the maturity amount I will pay ONE Lac rupees on the spot" . This challange remains as challenge only till today, noboday dare to take up this challenge.

There is no need to worry about the company. Untill SUN remains TWINKLE also remains.


S Balakrishnan
dear sir

what is this ?????

Dear All,
first of all why this post is here under colmn "Complaint"? when one Mr. Santosh is enquiring about the company?
Let me explain you, the one who approached Mr. Santosh must be a Sales Representative called as "Marketing Executive" as per Royal Twinkle Star Club Ltd.'s career chart. Friends, where as language is concern nobody of us are master in any language. Question is he is trying to explain you what he knows. People who are educated and thinks they are most sophisticated are most dangerous one because they know how to manipulate things as they like, where as Twinkle Group has no bar on education merely SSC pass person above 18 years can join the organisation for earning his/her bread & butter. If you are ready for sincere and hard work no education should come in the way... Am I right or wrong? so pls don't abuse anyone just because he is not so fluent in English or any other language. The one blaming for the language can speak chinese or hibru language... so just respect others you will get respect.

Let's come to the main point that did Twinkle Plans offer you Tax Rebate? Answer is No. Because these are Holiday Plans and customer is offered Club Membership for a certain period according to his choice. The Only difference is these plans are refundable one.
Lets take an example: If some apllied for 9 year membership of Rs. 1 Lac... then the person is entitled to use room night of Rs. 33, 333/- Every year till the date of expiry. Suppose the client use a nights costing Rs. 50000/- in his 9 years tenure.. At the end of the plan or you say at the time of expiry a client is entitled get his Balance Night rate refunded i.e. 250000/- in this case.

Those who are seeking for Tax Rebate... Here is good news: RTSC has aquired Corporate Licence from Bajaj Allianz and Iffco Tokoyo for General and Health insurance respectively.

My self is Mahadev S. Mhaskar a senior chain agent working with company for last 7 years and let me assure you Twinkle Group is in safe hand of Mr. Om Goenka, you can have further information about group at or just type 'citrus check inn' in google. For any kind of more details you may contact me on my cell no. [protected] or sms me on [protected]. Please free to ask... as knowing is learning. Have a nice day. Love you all. :-)
Dear friends...
I 'm Gangadhar N.Sapaliga..from Mumbai..
I joined twinkle 2006., and now I 'm in SMM post...good earning...
realy good comany...
you can get good return..
if any body join this company..pliz contact me at
my emai addewss
To become an agent for twinkle is a worst thing i have ever gone through, they say its a free business you will get full freedom to work the way you want, but this is false statement, dont get into this words dont belive them, because once you joint as an agent you will suffer and will be force to do work which you dont want to do. Even they wont pay you your commission properly which you have earn from your own hardwork. you will force to make a chain or you wont get your commission.if you dont make any recuritement or dont bring any policies for them they will treat you as a dog, even the higher authority wont take much interest in your problem and they will blame you are everything. Twinkle Group Sucks.
One of my friend is an agent of the twinkle group and he wants me to invest there.
I would like to know if the company is legitimate. I have read the posts and realized that the people praising or bragging about the success of company are either agents or employees of the company.
It will be very helpful for me to make a decision if they can provide financial statements. Please reply on following e mail id or to this post if the company is really legit. Mr. Goenka's name should be there on these financial statements if he really wants himself to be associated with the group.
Please give me your contact number so that i can call you.
Thanks and regards
90% of we common Indian (This includes so called educated degree holders also) that there are some regulations by RBI & SEBI for Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC). no where in their license holder's list 'Twinkle Group' is listed. Besides how can they offer Insurance, IRDA requires minimum 100 Crores as an Equity to be am Insurance Company. total turn over of Twinkle group itself may be not more than 100 Crores forget abt equity...
This people do chain marketing aggressively & take more & more new deposit to pay up old deposit. What they earns from business goes to their pocket & shows goes on until new deposit comes in. once new deposit dries up & redemption pressure comes from is gone...
Invest at your risk...

Dr. Shailesh Patel
Anyone can get the annual report of the company & it is not confidential for a company.Just ask ROC for annual report under right of information act & you will get it after paying the fee to ROC.You will find most of the companies spending on commission & marketing expenses(new word for incentives) & the whole transaction is nothing but money circulation.

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