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 paramvir singh
Unitech limited has failed miserably in meeting customer expectations and fulfilling their promises as far as delivery of apartments is concerned in the ncr region. The worst part is there has been no update from the company and from the complaints being recieved unitech is not even honoring its commitments on the allotment letter and using devious means to actually levy additional charges on its customers despite more than 2 years of delay on most of its projects. Therefore all individuals who have been duped by unitech are combining to file a public interest litigation (Pil) against unitech. We will not tolerate this" gunda " attitute of unitech and will ensure law of the land is upholded and justice is done to all the customers.

If you are a unitech customer and wnat to take corrective action, please join our group.

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Unitech has reached settlement
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actnow_unitech@googlegroups.com group doesnt exist . pls help !
Dear Sir,

We all should unite and fight a strong case against Unitech for these delays and cheating consumers.

I have same issue .


Hey, a PIL is exactly what I've been waiting for! I posted a similar suggestion elsewhere on this site. I didn't know a group had already been formed of ALL aggrieved UNITECH housebuyers. Thanks. This is very valuable information indeed. Please post it on other websites (wherever you find complaints about Unitech. Believe me, there are loads and loads) and on all yahoo groups for Unitech aggrieved buyers. For example, you could try gurgaonscoop.com, noidascoop.com and a website called something 'floors' (I don't remember the exact name. floorspace, perhaps?).
Here's the comment I'd put up on this website:
To quote
'Millions of others, have had the same experience as you. Just search the internet for all the scams Unitech is involved in all over the country. You'll be horrified!
Incidentally, the one amongst you who shouted in the lobby (well done!), was the fallout a positive one? I haven't had a single, positive interaction with any Unitech employee. All of them are masters at the art and craft of deceit. They stiffly deny any wrong-doing, refuse to listen to you, start accusing you instead and threatening to cancel your allotment, and continue billing you exhorbitant sums of money that are totally unjustified.
Whenever Unitech is caught in an illegal tangle, they blame the recession. When they want investments in their group of companies, then they boast about how well they are doing. They divert funds, they indulge in fraudulent practices. They have tremendous political clout (so if they 'have no money' how do they keep their godfathers happy?) which is probably why they get away with everything possible under the sun.
They're nothing but a bunch of scamsters!
Aggrieved Unitech buyers have formed groups (project-wise) in google . groups and other buyers' forums (I personally think an umbrella organization englobing ALL aggrieved Unitech buyers should be formed. We should file a PIL and ask for cancellation of their licence to build or have anything to do with the construction industry. There's strength in numbers. Join up. Perhaps one day justice will prevail.
P.S. Please inform other Unitech complainants on this site too about your group and the action you intend taking. Thanks
I am a Unitech customer myself and I have no clue where all of this arose. I mean this is being blatantly blown out of proportion. Yea I do agree they were at a plateau stage for a while but so were other hundreds of other real estate companies…courtesy THE RECESSION.
Unitech and others went on a stand still on account of the declining rounds of the economy, on approaching them personally; my queries were well answered to and were also resolved. Good customer servicing skills I must say.
Unitech and all similar builders are "corporate thieves" who play on the emotions of unsuspecting investors who yearn for a house in the typical Indian scenario where a "roof on head" is key to social security and reckoning. Most of the time the sales begin when even necessary approvals and permissions are yet to be obtained from government agencies. These corporate mafias who start as government contractors bribe their way thru bureaucratic corridors to get away with legal murder.
The hapless victim who struggles thru banks and financial institutions and invests in these schemes to secure a house will end up crying most of the times and face a wall of deceit and misrepresentation. Poor construction, inadequate facilities, cheap materials. The list is endless. Very soon the dream crashes but no exit is there for the house owner. Money is blocked, banks need to be paid and the fine printed contract has no exit. Battery of lawyers and legal consultants play a pivotal role in keeping the hapless victim tied up.
To be fair all builders are like that but considering that UNITECH is the number 2 ranking builder in the country it has fallen to new lows. Height of unprofessional conduct in building standards and dealing with the customers...anybody listening???? Unitech is cheating its customers...help please.
Any constructions be it small or big, not necessary will be finished on time, minor hurdles leads to the project getting affected, but that doesn't mean that we press the panic button. It's true that they have missed the deadlines, but not to forget that they operate in the industry, which is just recovering from the recession, as far as the penalty on defaulting the payment goes it's a general practice by companies and I think you should have cleared the terms and conditions before signing. Unitech is the second largest real estate company in our country they won't take their customers for a ride. Have faith and patience.
Dear Unitech customers, there is no use waiting for others to join and make a large group to complain against Unictech. Each one of us can do it on our own and it does not cost a fortune. It may cost you anthing between 20 000 to 50 000 Rs depending on how good your lawyer is.

When many single complain come in against this builder then the court will have to take action too. I am also one of those misfortune buyers that invested in Unitech and paid the entire money up front, , but when I realized nothing is happening I knew that even one day they start buiding it is going to take many years to complete the project. So i filed my complain against them.

They lure you in many ways:

1) Super Area. You never know what would be your super area or carpet area before you get the posession and then it is too late. They will come up with something or the other to charge you more for the super area and that means you are paying for the area that you are not using.

2) Premium location: They charge you for the location that you had to get it anyway. For example there are only 4 flat in each floor and all of them are a corner flat. So they charge you extra if you wish to get a corner flat, just think of it.

3) Payment of Rs 5 in per sqy in case of delay. Imagine how much money they get when they just put the money in the bank of fixed deposit. If they pay you Rs 10 000 a month they will receive minimum Rs 50 000 from the bank interest, so why should they finish the project??? And they will never pay you that Rs 5 either, you get the message that at the time of possession they will calculate it, so most probably they increase the super area instead of paying you a dime.

4) While most builders use almost 20 to 25 percent as super area, Unitech is the master of all, so if you just calculate the size of your carpet area by checking your map, you will find out that almost 40 percent may be a part of your wasted super area.

This is an advise to all the new home buyers no matter whom you buy it from.

a) check that all the papers are in order and all the permissions are given before you commit yourself. It is worth paying few thousand to the lawyer to check it for you.

b) find out exactly how much is your super area, parking area, balcony, and specially your carpet area. This is what we usually are intereted to pay for Carpet Area. If you know in advance then you will not be shock when you buy a 2000 sqf of flat and you only get 1100 sqf of carpet area.

c) make sure what they pay in compensation for delay. Instead of Rs 5 which is nothing ask for 10% interest rate or more from the day you signed up for the project.

d) Just get a lawer to check the contract and lock all the loop holes. These builders are very smart in writting many pages of information so that we get confuse and in the end we feel as if everything is covered up to our interest.

e) If you care please forward these information to everyone you know so that others should not be lure. And when this happen they have to come with our laws and regulation if they want to sell something in this market.
Hi Mr. Singh,

As the actual construction works in any real estate projects are sub-contracted to different other companies, some delays on their part can result in big delays in overall project. As all these construction works are interlinked, the smallest of delays can snowball in bigger delays. Still Unitech is a very reputed company and I am sure they keep these small delays are in check. But the real estate construction work is also very sensitive to other factors like inflation, recession etc. So I would suggest you to be patient. I am sure your home must be in possession already.
I agree must do this. Let's not talk.
Have you people been refunded money by Unitech. What is the status?

Amit Manna
I a facing similar issue...countme in the PIL
Dear Friends,
I am also riding the same boat as most of you guys, i booked a flat in UNITECH CASCADES, greater noida in 2006 AND still the apartment is no where near completion.Despite the fact that they have taken 95% of the payment.I was wondering if there are fellow UNITECH CASCADES owners who can combine and take legal recourse against the builder.
Please contact me if you are a flat owner and want to take legal action against the builder.

Approaching 10 years from booking and paying 95% of the apartment value in Cascades. No sign of delivery and no replies to emails any more. Just noticed this forum. Did anyone make any progress on PIL?
How are your concerns today?

Vikas Anand
Recently for identical grievances of the customers who have paid more than 95% of the sale consideration way back in 2006 but possession has not been handed over to them, consumer complaints have been filed before National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission thereby claiming entire amount along with interest and compensation. The first and foremost objections raised on behalf of Unitech was of limitation and arbitration by pleading that the complaints are barred by time since the Consumer Protection Act provides limitation of 2 years so the complaint could have been filed by the year 2008 only and since the agreement contains arbitration clause, consumer court has no jurisdiction.

While rebutting the said objections, it was pleaded on behalf of complainants that this is a case of recurring and continuing cause of action as the second part of the contract is still to be completed by the Unitech and as regards arbitration clause is concerned, Consumer Protection Act is in addition to all other remedy and accordingly the said pleadings on behalf of the complainants have duly been accepted by the Hon`ble Commission.
Join me
I tried to Join Group 3 Times. But Membership was not Approved

Anil Chaturvedi

I a facing similar issue...m/s unitech ltd is also selling defective title in matter of independent floors like south city 2, nirwana etc etc while common areas against the haryana govt policy 2009.

I booked flat in Unitech Horizon in G noida in 2006, possesion was to be given by niv 2008, till date there is no committment from Unitech for handing over, i had made 95% payment and still await in darkness.

i am filing a case against them in Noida, in case if any one else is interested please join in.

Amit Kapur

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