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 madhucheloor on Sep 30, 2017
As a fresh passenger in air transport, i suffered the most crucial suffering from goair staff on 28/sep/2017. My ticket was booked for lucknow to cochin. Lucknow mumbai flight was late for 2 hours g8 402 flight. My seat was 16f. From lucknow i enquired the goair staff there on gate about is any problem to get mumbai cochin connection flight. He said it will wait for the passengers and you dont fear anything. When reached mumbai i showed the staff in g8 402 my bording pass mumbai to cochin and seek assistance to reach my cochin flight. I am poor in hindi as a malayalee living in kerala and have little english to speak. They directed me to go left and checkin and note gate number from go air counter. From a mobile message i was known gate 21 is my gate. After cheking my handbag the staff there directed me go air counter position. I ran fast to get my flight and from counter also your staff wrote 21 as gate number. I ran fast to gate 21 and was a que, where i asked the last man on the que is it cohin flight. He said it is to jaipur. I urged to display system and found gate is 23. I ran hardly to 23 and there was only a security staff a man and a lady. I asked them showing my pass to help me to get my flight, the said the go air staff is to check the pass and the lady officer ran to some places and bring your go air staff. He was on talking in mobile phone with laughing etc and lady officer received my ticker from me and asked him to verify and allow me to go to flight. But your staff showing hand to wait against lady officer and continued his joking in phone. After about this stage for some minutes he took my pass from lady officer and looked back to airport. Now we saw the entry to flight was moving back slowly and my heart beat collapsed me and your staff said it is disconnected. Then i begged him to call them or do any thing that you are making such a situation to reasoning to lost my flight. He said he announced several time and the fault was on my side. The lady officer raised him and then he called another go air staff named selvan, to go counter and give me another ticket. I was helpless as it is a first visiting mumbai, selvan asked me is i am a malayalee, i answerd yes and i can't know hindi. These two staff directed dhanya mathew a malayalee staff, called her to arrange my journey, and selvan guided me to dhanya saying she will give you new ticket sir. I relaxed on it even if i was ran and get the gate and all such happened was not on my delay. I kept my mind to be calm, because i was starving, as a diabetic i should kept myself not to lose mind in such a situation, it prayed god to look on my situation to get relief.
Dhanya mathew on hearing selvan about situation talked me in malayalam don't worry sir, it is to be paid an amount of rs.3423 to get a new ticket on morning flight. I become upset knowing tonight stay here and will go only on around 10 o'clock morning. She asked my to wait for half an hour and she will meet me on preparing ticket because she was working for the customers before her. I wait for more than that time and reached her and she said there is not seat available for morning flight and will be arranged for next day evening. I got disappointed and sad saying her to do anything better and i called my son to prepare any other way to get a ticket. After some time i met dhanya and now she says fare will be very high, the rate is unknown. Wandering through the counter i met indigo the also have no seat available. It was the answer in all the companies there. I back to dhanya and asked her the rate is[protected] range in web booking as my son called me and i seat is available on morning flight, she walked into the go air office nearby and back after few minutes and said no seat sir. I lost my body health and tired hereing this and asked her to show airindia counter. She said it is far away outside place and i was for first time in air passenger and no knowledge of mumbai and i tried to akber travels counter nearby outside. The security blocked me go outside as i can't permission to go outside.

See, my ticket is cancelled now, no permission to get outside to take a ticket, they now changed their offering ticket on rs3423, now said no ticket will be issued by them here.
I felt i am dreaming, i knocked the walls and wispered at the security point where passengers get inside, i looked outside air ticket offices just hand reach distance and security will not get the place.
There a person reached me now (May be go itself) enquired me the problem i am facing, i said the matter on him. He instructed me to contact the chief officer of go air is there, and if not got ticket i should write my complaint on the book he show me, to take further action, you don't worry, he hold on my sholder and said it will be ok now. I reached dhanya mathew till i show both faces of her playing with me as a dog, i asked her (No officer's name i not remember), she called him, who was no passing through there, he reached me.
The situation fully explained to him, it not from my part the problem happened, your staff defeated me and is playing with me on to and fro walking with hyper tension, feeling a deer in the lion's cage, no way to relax and also my family, my relatives and children got fear than me the next only way is in his hand. First he neglected my side and i "begged him" to arrange a ticket or to assist me to get outside. Is i wrote on complaint book sir, i told, the another passenger rushed there loud speaking against the officer on some problem he got and passengers surround us. The person was in hindi or such language and i dont' understand the problem, he got some reply and gone. Now i begged before the officer (His badge start with chief... Along with name) now he put me on a chair behind and asked me to get ticket for how many rupees. I replied my son said ticket charge is below 7500 and seat is available, he shall make online ticket reservation, as he is not such experience not allowed him, i called my agent in kerala who make my this ticket booking, he closed office at 7.30 and said it must be the liability of go air to give free ticket to me or refund me. The officer asked me have i reade to pay 7523. Now i take 7500 and catching his hand i put money in his hand begged please sir help me. Now i showed officer an sms got my mobile from go air to share the experience within 7 days saying "dear smart flyer, thank you for flying with goair..., sir what to report on it, i am suffering your smart journey..., his face shown serious.

He said to sit here he will come with ticket, same time a te seller came there gave me a tea and bread 30+30 rs 60. The officer back to his office and i wait after my tea and bread. Some minutes later a print out got from the officer he reached me and guided me to a corner of the building saying me to stay here seing a sofa like bed to wait for 12.30 he will bring my bording pass, he went back the printout. I wait and at about 12.33, as i was just slept, the officer knocked my leg and waked up and he gave me the boarding pass for flight mumbai to cochin, 29/sep /, 2017 number g8 347 class k departure time 10.35, seat no. 3a pnr pz4jur
I replied him"you protected your staff and punished me for their misbehave, well done, thank you sir". He smiled and wisphered to a person with him and left wishing me. I told thanks and called my house and cancelled call because the printout i acknowledged them at that time and the relaxed. Morning about 5 called me from house and were neutralised some how the pressure, tension, lonelyness etc become a story to my life.

At near 11 o' clock my go air go with me to kochi landed on 12.40 to my home land geting out walking to my car parking there were only cars, no men i loudly called hareeeee krishnaaaaaaaaaaa...

He may gaming me seeing all these i passed through for last 5 p. M 28/9/2017 to this 12.40 noon 29/9/2017

Reached aluva where saw a vegetarian hotel i stopped car and got a nice meals, about 3 p. M i got my home all were there to receive me as back from where tensing and hillari conquered everest, having diabetic then only they were relaxed.

Thank you god whatever you where ever you
Got the"cheapest airline behaviour "

Since the have my mobile number to make sms showing a fake gate number and then sms to note our experience, why not used this moblie facility to call me, or sms me to help me or confirm my situation while staying at gate seeing the flight for long time suffering stress and last missed it where you can see my screen shots on cameras there to confirm these above said are true
How to get an indian citizen free from these fraud airline companies making money by crushing their pocket on making such a situation. It to be send to prime minister modi to know my bharat is mahan.
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no reply received yet, and shows resolved. what shall i do now

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[Sep 30, 2017] GoAir customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by madhucheloor, Nov 10, 2017
The go air refunded rs.7300 on 6th november 2017 through ria booking agency instead of my ticket 7500 and one night in mumbai airport with tension
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    Goair - misbehaving, stressing, no humanity staff and poor infrastructure airline is goair