India Rehab Center — scam in the name of donations

I got a call from one volunteer named kirti on 14 march 2018, regarding the donation for a 6 months old baby abu, with burns on the face and body and emergency grafting surgery to be performed. I asked her to send the details as sms to my mobile number and told her if i find it genuine i would help, for which she agreed and said the same. I received the details of website:
I checked the website and could not find proper details to trust. The phone number given is an invalid number[protected]. Obviously, how can we trust a website which does not furnish proper details and contact number also. So i did not do any donation.
The next day, 15 march 2018 at 19:37 ist, again i receive the call from the same lady (Kirti) inquiring me for the donation not done. I informed her that i could not find the details genuine so am not ready to go for any donation.

I am a working professional, busy with work still at office at that time. But still i had taken the call and spoke with her normally with respect. But she sounded demanding and not ready to leave the call. So i asked her why she is demanding, and this does not sound good from a person asking donation. And when someone is not ready to donate, they must accept and leave us. Instead she started again and told that she is not demanding but not ready to leave the call. I told her that she cannot force / demand anyone to donate and not to waste my time. She yelled "what is the hell with this stupid lady".

I confronted her by calling again and she says she has not spoken that. When i said i have the recording of the call and is anyone supposed to speak in that manner after wasting our time. I would complaint about her and report this to the concerned department, she started yelling that i am wasting her time and i can go ahead and do whatever i want.

Is this the way a volunteer speaks. From this conversation, it is very much clear that the call, website, incident and the person speaking are not genuine. Or else, she would have told me that it is my wish and my call to donate or not spite of me being busy, i have not abused or not scolded her and holding my patience throughout the call. But she instead was rude and abusing me.

I strongly inform people to be aware of this person kirti, and website ( of fraudulent activities.
Please be informed about this and never fall for such calls. I request the concerned department to take severe action against these people who are misguiding and playing with the trust of the people. And i would definitely file a case against her and the so called organisation now.

Sms received from mobile number: [protected]
Call received from mobile number: [protected], [protected]

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Same happens to me. Just posted it
1Rajeev's reply, Mar 16, 2018
[email protected]@$h's reply, Mar 27, 2018
This is not fake...i got a receipt after paying the donation with 80G certificate for income tax..please investigate before you post here..i investigated .called them also send one of my frnd who is in delhi..after he informed its real ..i donated..please help the need where ever you feel its okay..not only here and please post good comments about the same...these people are students who make calls and i understand they might have behaviour issue but after get all information i can say you money will be going on a noble cause misuse of your money will happen ever
I got a call from [protected] asking for donations for a burnt child. The guy gave me a website to cross check i did some research and found that AGWO another fake ngo is also registered on same address. It sounds like it's same people scamming by new name. When i confronted him for doing wrong he even had my family details from Facebook. He had my name which i only use on fb. I asked the guy why isn't that phone number working and why isn't this ngo listed on dept of social justice and empowerment. website. I didn't get a satisfactory answer. And then he really sounded quite forcing. Ultimately i noticed that they have got my ph nmbr n details from fb. I ended up the call asking him if his mother was aware of n happy about what he is doing for loving n hung up. So beware of this scam guys and don't fall for any such request. India Rehab center is fake and scam . My number is-[protected]- if anyone wants more details about it.
Just received a call and the person (Gitanjali) was in very hurry to get the donation. Even before I asked anything, they were justifying they are genuine, I should check the Burn and Trauma research center in Bilaspur and after I am convinced, I should may the payment.

Looks like the hospital is also involved in such scams. They send PAN card of India Rehab Center with the Pan number AAAT19872N to show it to be genuine. There are 4 pictures of the kid for which they have given the name Virat singh. It is so touchy to see those pictures that anyone will fall for such crying pictures.

These guys are playing with people sentiments.

I work with organisation that admits small kids who are found begging, rag picking or single parent who cannot afford or orphans. We give them education, food and shelter and send them to government school. This is happening for more than 30 years and many have become responsible citizens of this great nation.

Beware of such people. If you are interested, you have to go see and only then help, otherwise don't do anything over phone.
just received a call from same organisation ask me to do 1002rs paytm. They send msg to my mobile.
Volunteer name: Aman S Tiwari
Mobile no :[protected].
Today I received a call to from a person named Bilal Ahmed. He said that he is a volunteer of this organization and referred the website Same story.. He asked me to see the images of the child with Burns and said that the childs family need immediate monitory help. He was trying to convince me that he was genuine. I later tried calling the number mentioned in the website which turned out to be face. I mentioned that I was not convinced with detailed and I do not wish to continue speaking with him and disconnected. Later he kept calling me every 5 mins and I kept saying too him to stop taking to me and not waste my time. He called me again and started abusing my family and children in every worst way he could. All I could do was to disconnect the call once.
Ya. The same happened to me also.

The lady name is Shalini. She was crying and demanding money for a baby boy Virat. They didnt give time to think and enquire about the same.

Vidya from Cochin
Got call from this number : [protected] on 19.03.2018
I got the same call from Mani and she was demanding me to pay for the burnt child named virat Singh. I said I'll check the website and make the necessary payment if I wish to. I surfed the internet and read all the reviews and told her about her fraud intentions. She is still sending me msgs and cursing me that I should also face the same as the child. My family should also suffer like his family.
Its not fake i must say after donated tye amount 2600/- Please dont go with their behaviour because no one in this world are looking to help someone need so kindly help...if you think any other NGO is real you can help also

1Rajeev's reply, Mar 29, 2018
This guy is fake. He is apart of scammer team. And posting fake certificates here. Dont donate. I have already reported them to delhi police
ViraKiran's reply, Apr 18, 2018
He is member of the scammers Just speak with these guys for couple of minutes, you will come to know these are fake ###.
Memphis7's reply, Apr 19, 2018
Lol yeah, you're definitely NOT an imposter acting on the behalf of this scammy organization.
tutupritam's reply, May 13, 2018
This is the got up game of these people, hospitals and the NGOs. Beware show proof you are the same person whose name is here. Upload photos of your PAN and Aaadhar card. Can you ?? Even if they help it may be 20% rest all are going into their pockets so stay away.
Hello All,

Same experience with me as well.

Got a phone call( 23rd March) from this so called NGO Indiarehagcentre (Sameer) asking for donation for a child named Virat. I told them unless I am not completely convinced about your ngo I will not make any donations. They called and msg'ed multiple times and when I said I am enquiring with my office colleagues who are part of corporate NGO of my company to know if indiarehab is a genuine case.
Upon this, Sameer start shouting and yelling about what are you waiting for, are you waiting for the child to die, what if this happen your child or a family member. He was forcing me to donate and asking how much time do you need to investigate about their ngo.

In the past I had interacted with some NGO's like (Save the children, Habitat for Humanity) they were so professional with their conduct and approach.

I am convinced that Indiarehabcenter is a scam. BTW who post's a PAN copy in their website.

I got a call for a Master Virat Singh as well. When I told them I'll check the credibility and do it, they started calling continuously and guilt tripped me into making a donation.
I made a donation of INR 2, 000. I just hope it's not a scam. :/

I want to be able to donate and help people out. But how can one be sure of people on the phone?

Also, how do they get our numbers?
It is a big scam. I have verified with ministry of social justice and empowerment. This ngo was earlier bsnned with another name and is blacklisted with same address. Please dont donate and report it to police. They should be arrested and punished.
I got a call too by a lady name mani. She said she needs money within 1'o clock for baby Virat. She also asked me to verify their site on and I found that it was registered. could anyone tell me whether it is really genuine or not. If it is really genuine, I would like to make some donation.
1Rajeev's reply, Mar 29, 2018
It is a ### scam. Dont ever pay. These guys are bunch of scammers who need money for living
i, pavan, just got a call from one mr omyadav, claiming to b a delhi university student pursuing his being a volunteer, requesting donation for master virat for burns. he was also demanding. as other reviewers above pointed any professionallly run organiztion will not utter such abusing, cursing language. and all these fellows seem to be in so much hurry to get the donation. no professional organization wud function like this as few have pointed above. this definitely appears to be a scam. and there is this fellow santhosh above who is telling us not to go by volunteers behaviour.he seems to b a fraud. why should we not go by their behaviour? and how many volunteers does the organization have with so many names? and why the volunteers are calling randomly to all the places across india (as if like telemarketeres) and why are they not trying in delhi itself. i donate to helpage india and i understand it is a very professionally run organization. thanx other reviewers for their reviews.
1Rajeev's reply, Mar 29, 2018
Yes. Its a big scam
I have been getting this call for 2-3 days now and it’s getting on my nerves.
The guy calling me is Daniel.
The baby they are referring is Rithika.
He is so adamant that I atleast pay them[protected] rupees. Not sure how it’s going to make a difference. I told him, if I feel and find out that your org is genuine then I will donate.
I also told him that I work with many NGO’s and no one calls like this and troubles people for money. And no one makes emotional statements like what if it was your child or mother or sister in this condition.
I also told him that if I am convinced that it’s genuine, you will not need to call me again and I will make the donations without blinking an eyelid.
He has been calling me so many times in the day today and disturbing me at work too.

Now I am thoroughly convinced that this is a scam company.
nikuuuuu's reply, Apr 6, 2018
Same name they used ritika ..sent me a mail with photo of child really on cause of help people are so so gown down...
Happened today I too just got a call from India Rehab Centre, There were some 2-3 boys involved DU University and 3rd Year. And when my husband spoke and said we are already donating to some other org. He started yelling and abusing and such cheap words .. he said " agar teri maa mar rahi hogi toh kya karega "

These people did not stop here, they messaged me, when u have a newborn and that will be nicu and then you will feel the pain when that baby will die...

Really when you are working for a good cause then r u suppose to threaten people and take money. Seriously you hurt some one else and help. i really disagree this organization ...

Pathetic people... Need manners ... Need the behaviour trainings ...
So I received call from these ngo guys this morning. Again as said in other comments the guy kept pestering me to donate money.. was suspicious but I tried to call the sector 27 noida centre for burns and trauma and this guys could not give me much details. I then spoke to the main centre (not the specific centre where baby ritika is treated)
There is this guy called Bhuvan. Quite educated and sounded reasonable and he informed that there is this baby who is treated there. She was admitted last month and India rehab is one of the 5 ngo which is collecting donation for this kid. Also there is no surgery pending today as the ngo claims. The sense o[censored]rgency and pestering is created by the volunteers of the ngo and not the doctors or ngo itself. So it's fine to donate but again prayer would be needed more. Because in such burn cases the hospital does the operation without expecting money.. as informed by the hospital guy.
Yes This is Big Scam, I have donated some good amount of money.even after donation they have called me and demanded more money saying the operation is in 15 mins, if you dont donate the kid will die.[protected], 77is the number i got the call from
This is the fake site, The number [protected], [protected].please be carefull.
The Same thing happened to me last week. A guy called me and told me about this 2-year-old girl who had severe burns on her body due to an accident. I'm aware that most of these calls are scams as NGOs never call random numbers and ask for donations, so I usually pay no heed to such calls. But he just refused to hang up so to shoo him off, I asked him to mail me the details. The details he mailed me included a googled image of an injured child and a website with fishy origins.

The next day, another 'volunteer' called me as a reminder and started getting aggressive for no reason at all. Everything escalated really quickly and he started hurling abuses at me and kept asking what I'd do if it was my sister instead of that little kid. He even went as far as saying that men like me are one of the reasons why rapes happen in this country (WTF!!) and then threatened me with police action for 'not carrying out my social responsibility'. I lost my patience at this point and hung up.

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