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 girish b srinivasamurthy
Dear Consumers,

LittleApp- an amazing App to buy great deals?

I Have been using this App from around 7 months now and would like to share some thoughts on its usage.

There is a proverb which says "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" you will definitely relate to this proverb once you start using this App. Sample this- “Buy 1 buffet lunch/dinner and get 60 percent cashback and also get one more buffet lunch/dinner free!!!”

Initially after installing the app you will be amazed at the deals and offers this App offers and you start buying them and enjoying the cashbacks. One will start spreading the word about good deals and you even buy some good deals for your family and friends.

1) Once the total number of deals or orders you have purchased crosses 50 (redeemed, expired, refunded, unused together) and you buy the 51st Deal, 1st deal you had bought whether used or unused gets deleted automatically and you will not even notice it. Little App will neither inform you about this deletion nor refund the amount unless you ask for it.

2) Let us consider that you did notice that your 1st order got deleted when you bought the 51st order and you decided to call the customer care for help, to your surprise you will realize that they do not have a customer care. Yes you read it right, they do not have a customer care which means all correspondence are through helpline tickets and their SLA varies between 24 hours to eternity, which means if you go to a merchant and the deal does not get validated due to some issue with the code there is no way of getting it resolved immediately the only option is to raise a helpline ticket and say your prayers that it will be resolved ASAP. Whoever designed this App strongly believes in FIFO (first in first out) and they assume that you will redeem your orders serially as per the date of purchase and not randomly. If you buy any number of new orders after 50 orders the same number of existing orders whether used or unused will be deleted from your “MY Orders” list.

3) Many merchants are brought on board without fully explaining them the terms o[censored]sage and as a result many merchants refuse to accept little App and turn you away. There will be no compensation for the time, energy & Money spent.

4) Initially the response from the helpline will be within 24 hours and you will be happy about it but as you purchase deals you will realize the customer support is hopeless and you will feel trapped. If you raise a ticket saying you will take legal action on them for deleting the deals, you will get back a reply from them saying we have made a note of your concern and back end team will get back to you.which will never happen.

5) According to them customer support means customers supporting themselves without contacting little App. and resolving their issues themselves.

6) If you have received a cashback of 500 from a deal which you had purchased previously and you apply this cashback to buy a new deal for 99 Rs you will forfeit remaining 401 rupees. which means you will have to buy deals equal to or above the cashback amount received.

7) The codes which are generated when you buy a deal is visible to every Tom, Dick & Harry working in that company, particularly customer care, which means anyone can redeem your deal before you actually do it.(Especially domino's and coffee day coupons )

8) They have a customer care number only for merchants and not for customers which means that merchants are important for them and not customers.

9) Cash back - It actually means cash will not be credited back to your account, you will have to buy some other deal within 21 days. You can’t buy the same deal again with the cashback.

10) Mc Donald’s, coffee day, Burger king & Pizza hut deals once purchased cannot be cancelled even within validity period and no refund will be processed.

11) If you have purchased a deal by making part payment using cashback and remaining amount through credit card or paytm & you decide to cancel the deal before validity ends then only part of the amount you paid through credit card is refunded, you’ll forfeit your cashback applied to purchase the deal. Ex.. deal cost 100rs you paid by 50 cashback +50 card payment. Only 50 card payment is refunded and 50 cashback applied is gone.

12) When your refund is processed, some amount is credited back to paytm, some to bank and some as cashback in the App and you will lose track of the refunds you had requested and will find it very difficult to verify refunds.

13) Many deals are prematurely cancelled by little app before the expiry of the validity and refund processed (Only online payment is refunded, cashback applied won’t be refunded unless requested)

14) Please read all the posts online related to little app, especially on Play store before installing.

15) Verdict : it is really a very good App if you have the time, energy and money to keep a track of every purchase, refund & cashback, a never give up attitude to fight with the little app team by raising tickets everyday will be an added advantage, Happy Shopping!!!
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    LittleApp - orders or deals being deleted before expiry