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[Resolved]  Pearvisa Immigration Services — fake company fraud services

I have selected pearvisa immigration for my pr visa application which became the biggest mistake of my life. Fake company, fake promises, fake reports, everything was false and fake there. Initially, they did evaluation of my profile and told me eligible for so many programs, which was nothing more than eyewash. I have already told them that that was my dream to immigrate and settle fact, i gave them a part of my saving which i wished to secure for my future. Initially, everything was going good until i made the payment to them. They answered my call, emailed me whenever i ask. After receiving the payment, i became unknown to them. They stopped giving me answer for my queries. The strange part is they stopped asking my details. For months, i was waiting for their genuine response, but sometimes they were busy in meeting, sometimes said, application is in process and more. Then i became curious and visited their office. Initially, they denied having a record of my name as their client. After a long argument, they accepted their mistake and told me to come again as the concerned was not in the office. I visit again and then they said my application get rejected due to my fault. I really get disheartened with their services.

Worst company and worst services
Complaint marked as Resolved Jan 1, 1970
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Dear Competitor,

I request you to play fair rather than post such things to defame our company, I know which company is doing such defamation but i don't wanna say name.
I left your company being a senior along with a lot of staff that is why due to personal grudge you are posting such defamatory reviews from venugopal ID and jayshree iyer.

I sincerely request you to remove such review and play fair, else I have infinite IT skills to defame your company.

Your reviews are putting bad impact on people's perspective about our organization.

Dear Jayashree,

Thanks for writing to us!

The Client Relationship Department will definitely look forward to addressing the issue with the best possible solution.
We are unable to find you in our database, Kindly provide us your contact details at [protected]

Client Relationship Officer
PearVisa Immigration Services Private Limited
It is a fact that this so called Pear Consultancy has been opened only to cheat people and extract money. This is the most degraded consultancy ever seen. There is an illiterate and hooligan person named Shishil. Others in the office namely Rudra, Lilima and Pinki are equally useless. It is a company run by only 4 people but they project it like a big organization.
They keep on chasing you for money and give all false commitments. Once you have paid the money they will not even answer calls or respond to your mails. They have been sitting idle for 3 months after paying money and not even acting on the process. Instead they were sending reminders for balance payment too. In fact Shishil is a totally useless guy and has has no sense to even speak to his clients. He said I am a fool to pay him the money and he has used abusive and threatening language when I asked for refund. In fact he is counter accusing me of abusing him and now he is asking for an apology letter. He has taken money and has no intention of returning. He and the entire staff should be punished for fooling people and playing with their careers and the office should be shut down permanently.
People please be aware and don't ever think of dealing with this stupid illiterate Consultancy. I request the forum to highlight this matter in all ways possible so people are aware and do not loose their money, dreams and career prospects to this fraud company. All that is written is true and have enough evidences to prove it, if questioned. I would be more than happy if we can find out a way for refund as the amount we have paid is very high
PearVisa Customer Care's reply, Sep 5, 2019
On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 at 1:57 PM, Shishil Saxena wrote:
Mrs Rashmi,

Open your Inbox on 1st of June'19 we have release your complete check list & forms & guiding book had been attached in same email
PFA screenshot of same
You have failed to produce all major documents like employment certificates, IELTS, PCC

Can you please tell me who had stopped you not appear in IELTS in 2 last months?
Is PearVisa had team asked you not give English test in last 2 months?
Did PearVisa asked you not to apply for Police clearance certificate?
Did PearVisa asked you not to show case fund in last 2 month?
Did PearVisa asked you not to show case all your employment letters?

It has been delayed from your side not PearVisa side Refer to below screenshots.
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 12:45 PM wrote:
Dear Rashmi,

Kindly check my response highlighted in red color in below e-mail.

Thanks & Regards
Pinki Sharma
PearVisa Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd.

On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 3:08 PM wrote:
Dear Rashmi

Kindly provide pending documents as follows:-

For Primary Applicant:-

1. Proof of Work Experience:-

 Joining letter of each employment
 Evidence of paid salary –i.e. Bank statement/ Salary Slips.
 Experience Letter
 An employer’s reference on company letterhead paper, signed by an authorized person and endorsed with a company chop, showing:
• name and contact details of the employer;
• the start and end dates of each position the applicant held during his/her employment with the company;
• job titles; and working hours per week.
• detailed description of duties and responsibilities for each position held.

2. Evidence of Qualification:-

 a Completion certificate of bachelor’s and Master’s Course; and
 the original copy of a certified transcript of academic record in an envelope sealed by the institution. This original document will not be returned to the applicant.

3. PCC:- from each country/territory where he/she has lived in for 12 months or longer in the 10 years.

4. Evidence of Language Proficiency:- IELTS Score Card. (Must achieve at least 7 bands in each component of IELTS)

5. Marriage Certificate

6. Proof if Funds:-

The following are examples of acceptable supporting documents of an applicant’s personal net worth:

 Bank statement showing the latest bank deposit balance;
 Passbook showing name of bank, account holder name, account number and the latest account balance;
 Statement issued by a registered financial intermediary showing the latest position on the types, quantities held and current market value of investment items such as publicly traded shares, debt securities and investment funds;
 Non Tax saving Fixed Deposits or Mutual Funds which can be convert into cash.

7. Completed Form 981 (Attached)
8. Passport

For Accompanying Family members:-

Depenedent-1 : Spouse

1. To gain 5 points for Spouse you need to provide below documents:-

a. Passport
b. Evidence of Qualification:-
 a Completion certificate of bachelor’s and Master’s Course; and
 the original copy of a certified transcript of academic record in an envelope sealed by the institution. This original document will not be returned to the applicant.

2. Completed Form 997 (Attached)

Depenedent-2 : Child

a. Passport
Mr. Shishil you are not even worth replying

Thank you for the comment, We would like to update you that we can not find any client named you in our client's database. As far as the review is concerned, we and our team never had a word with you neither we had your registration with us till now. If you found yourself a genuine one, we request you to kindly show us the genuine reports, client id and other valid documents which we have shared with you at the time of registration at PearVisa Immigration Services ([protected] Your this act can lead us to take strict action against you on the behalf of defaming an organization in an informal manner as well as without any evidence.

In addition to that, I would ask you to modify it or delete it as you can not share your experience with us whereas you have not being served by us. Kindly use other formats or platforms to share your indecisive experiences, comments or recommendations.


This is an official reply from PearVisa Immigration Services.

Smaller competing firms who are unable to compete with us asks their employees to post such false statements about our service in order to defame our brand name.

Don't let a bad review take away your sense of humour.

PearVisa Immigration Services are a legal immigration consultant with real immigration experts with a genuine process. We have served our clients who are loyal to us; they provided positive feedback that can be checked on our official website. Also, our clients refer PearVisa Immigration Services to the people who are looking for PR Visa because of the trust bond.

Furthermore, We can't find any client-related to the name in our database. Hence, We are marking this comment as a act to defame us.

Team- PearVisa Immigration Services
PearVisa is a fake & fraud company and the people working there are ###, all they do is fake promises and extract money. I have paid the consultancy fees last year in May 2019, till date these A### have not even reverted on the matter.
### Shishil will only send you mails and abuse you on the phone if you call him for an update. Rudra is another ### who will cover up for Shishil by calling and assuring that they will take your application ahead, but they do nothing after such fake assurances. It will almost be a year this May that they have take my money & not acted on my documents. There are few ### who help them in this act by calling and fooling people on the phone. One of them is Lilima Kishore. They talk so sweety and assure that everything will go as they promised but once you pay the money, these ### don't even bother to reach out to you. They are only worth abusing and thrashing for cheating on people of their hard-earned money nothing else.
Attaching is the screenshot where they have apologized and agreed to proceed with my case on November 7, 2019. Even after acknowledging the mail, there is not a single response from any of the ### from PearVisa. They want us to apologize back for asking our own money and that too for the services they have not provided, what kind of justice is this? If you are paying some consultancy money for their services which they are not providing and instead abusing you, what would be your approach? Revolt back for your hard-earned money simple.
I sincerely urge everyone not to pay them a single penny as they only fool you and do nothing but extract your money. This firm is opened only to cheat people of their money by giving fake promises & hopes.
I have all evidences against these ### for their fraud acts. Have registered a formal complaint against them and a legal action will be taken soon.

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