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Thrissur, Kerala, Kerala, India
Iam Jancy Thomas from Thrissur. In 2013 August i have remitted an amount of RS 20000 to the polinsys agency for processing QUEBEC IMMIGRATION.I have been received so many phone calls and follow up mails to pay this advance amount and finally i paid. After paiment they do not have any interest.I have submitted all the documents and including origenal document of my IELTS.After many months they have informed, you need French language certificate. When they have given advertisement there is no need for French. They are not stick with their statement. More over they are not responding to my calls and mails. Many times i requested to refund my money and my all documents, but no response still now.So kindly take action against this kind of fraud agencies. Please try to get back my refund and documents.
Thanking you.
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[Nov 12, 2015] Polinsys Overseas Career Specialist customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Polinsys Overseas Career Specialist Customer Care's response, Nov 11, 2015
WE are sorry to see this message!

Polinsys is owned and operated by Authorized Representatives and is not an Agent, If you have used service from Polinsys, you will have to pay for it and our service is based on the work we do and not based on the the result you obtain. If you have paid only Rs 20, 000 to Polinsys to prepare your file for submission, it is not enough. You can always approach Polinsys and obtain a report on the work done on your file. And preparing for submissions of a file cost much more!
If you have submitted all your documents "ON TIME" we would NEVER evaluate you as a potential candidate for Quebec with FRENCH as a requirement, especially for Quebec evaluations from India.
You claim to be in Trissur, and you claim to have paid money as well as your original documents to Polinsys. Can you please not go into a Polinsys office in Trissur to collect your original documents? We are here to help! If your documents are with us and not with the visa post, we certainly can return them to you!
If you are asking for a "refund" after making us work on your file, I am sorry, that is not how we work. This response is posted by the Polinsys office in Toronto, and we will advice the local office to assist you, We have a very strict 1 business day response to all emails, and if your emails are not responded to, please forward the same email you did not obtain a response to [protected]@polinsys.com and we will look into it right away!
Good Luck!
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Worst Experience Ever received from Polinsys….! Cheated me completely. We are from Hyderabad, My wife Sini Thomas was looking for a Canada Immigration and one of their sales team chased me and gave me all the false promises, saying with the points that you have will surely get through the immigration system. Believing their false words, I have paid the initial amount of 25k, later there was no call from them. After few days when I called them them, one of their customer service team said, to prepare your file for the pool selection, you will have to pay 40k and both you applicants should reappear for IELTS exam and get a minimum score of 7 bands. As they said we have paid and reappeared for the IELTS exam. We got 7.5 in IELTS exam and going back to polinsys team, I was routed to a new person named RAAJI, document specialist (Useless female I have ever come across), she would never call or inform of any progress on the file. I have many a times escalated the matter to their manager ( I don't remember that chaps name), either is the most busiest man on this earth or not bothered since we were calling from a far off place. Its been almost 3 years since we have logged in with Polinsys and till date they have never bothered to inform me on the status of the application. I have lost more than a lakh rupee for nothing.
This reply looks more like an excuse than a willingness to even check the facts.
I see so many "if" statements for facts that can be very-well checked by Polinsys HQ (e.g., "If you have submitted all your documents on time... "
Would like you to be more professional in handling complaints.
I was searching for Canada immigration and saw a newspaper advertisement from Polinsys today, so I thought I would check it out. And the first thing I see on the net is this complaint and your shoddy response (you have already lost a customer).
1. I also saw today's newspaper advertisement which claims "no French needed", and the complaint specifically says that you informed about the "French mandatory" requirement quite late (probably after you received part payment). I would say this is fraud.
2. I am not expecting a reply to my post, please excuse me if you are planning to reply in the same manner as you replied to the complaint !
Absolutely YES. Whatever is posted on the advertisement is the regulations as we know it. You are required to pay an Authorized Representative for the work they do, and we are NOT in the business of Selling Visas as it is ILLEGAL. It is in your interest to discuss with Polinsys which expects all their clients to follow international law where representing an application is based on the selection criteria of the Government on NOT based on a guarantee of success which is ONLY done by FAKE CONSULTANTS.
If you have used Polinsys for evaluations and processes, you will have to pay a fee. It is possible that you are posting here without realizing that Immigration rules change from time to time. In early December 2015, the Quebec process was open just for a few days and it closed, It is again opening in January 2016. If you are ready, you have a better chance, (with NO guarantees). Please understand the law. NOBODY can guarantee you a Permanent Residence VISA for any country. That is illegal and your post leans towards that.
All Polinsys Authorized Representatives are authorized by the particular country to represent interest of foreign nationals who want to become permanent residents. Countries have the right to change regulations and have quotas. The fees we charge may look big for you but you must understand that only Canadian Citizens/Residents or Quebec residents/citizens are allowed to represent immigration interests of foreigners and our fees correspond to Canadian standards.
The current posting of Polinsys in leading newspapers is based on the selection criteria of that particular government and is correct. If a client is fast and is able to deliver documents on time, they succeed. Please visit the Polinsys facebook page in your city and you can see what cleints has to say: https://www.facebook.com/Polinsys-Kochi-[protected]/?ref=hl
For Quebec specific testimonial: https://www.facebook.com/[protected]/videos/[protected]/?theater

If you look at your Polinsys contract, you would have signed the contract with an Authroized Representative, and you will have to pay for service if you have used the service. Please check if the person who signed your contract is an Authorized Representative of Canada: http://secure.iccrc-crcic.ca/search-new/EN

It would also be nice to post pacts on the internet. A manager has spoken to you several times and your post that you are not being answered may be misleading. Also use of the word "FRAUD" is not correct.

We will have to respond if you post something online. It is unfortunate to expect us to stay quiet when you use words like "Fraud" etc
Rather than bombarding us with 'copy-paste' from your user manual, please find out the following facts with respect to this case. (This would improve your credibility, to the folks who are reading this.)

1. When was the application received
2. When were the related documents/certificates received
3. When was the 20K payment received
4. Was the 'French Mandatory' requirement changed after you received payment. Please provide the date of this change with relevant notification from the concerned immigration department.

I do not want to hinder any chance of resolution of this complaint, hence not posting further comments.
Last Year i have been approached by Polinsys for immigration to canada and was assured that they will provide full support and guide till the process ends but infact am Posting this review beacuse I jave come across one of the worst consultant in India. I have remitted ab amount of Rs 22000 to the Polinsys consultant for processing IMMIGRATION/EXPRESS ENTRY. I have been received phone calls and follow up mails to pay this advance amount and finally i have been forced to pay.After payment they do not show much interest towards the process Whatsoever.One of the consultant named Kala Wilson Who work for Thrissur Region was the consultant i was approached for.They Keep telling us that they are working on our profile whenever we follow up even though we find no response from them after several months.She told the file has been moved to Ernakulam, main branch and another consultant named Mubina will further process my file.Again months passed and i called them up to find what work are you doing on my profile and they said we need to clear IELTS, which i have been cleared and informed to the first consultant, eventhough i got no response. I foundThey never quite value your money.Finally i got to know that for each and every day we need to call them up to find what needs to be done next as i realised i would be ending up with no help from this consultancy anymore.I have been disappointed and disgusted with this Agency, when i pointed them that they should be a proper guide to help your clients they responded saying that am not the only client they have.I have been personally upset and demotivated by this consultancy as the management follows the same.I have spoken to a lady called Sujitha, who said to be a senior consultant and was assured my amount will be refunded within few days, which didnt happened.I tried to call Bony Manuel who is the Manager and he is not picking or responding to my calls either.More over they are not responding to my emails.Many times i requested to refund my money and they said that i have signed a agreement so the amont cannot be refunded.Am informing my friends whom i have referred with this consultancy to beware of this fraud agency who does not value your money.Iam making this review to be public inorder to nobody should approach and lose their money, as you will be guaranteed worst experience in service and with regards to help. So kindly take action against this kind of Fraud agencies.If the Polinsys team is reading this review Refund my amount as quick as possible or else i need to move in legal.
Thanking you
Oh.. dear all, i too just wanted to give a try for Quebec, and i was about to contact Polinsys, thanks for the reviews guys. I am dropping them and trying someone else.
The polinsys Quebec program is money motivated program. before the opening they will give you a wide picture and counseling etc.. but once you done the payment then polinsys Cochin will show the real face, after they will send you some mails "we are done this much work on your file...blaa blaa blaa" after initial payments we have to call and send so many mails to get a answer from them. the lack of communication is the main problem, i have been registered for Quebec immigration, after the submission day i called them and asked about my status the answer was shocking " they told me in Canada right now it's night, office is closed" yeah really true, but the agency doesn't have a mail id or whats-up number to update, with in seconds we will come to know that we are in or out at MON project. for that news which i am "out" i was waited 2 days. horrible ... then the second submission i called them and asked what will do madam ? the councilor told me nothing to this time we will give the first preference to you which they are not get first time... so my question is what will do who done the file works for fist time??? So my advice is don't choose this unprofessional agency, i know Canada immigration is a lucky game, but we have to try our best.. if you are going with this polinsys you will not even to get a chance to trying... they will totally miss guide you. My request to polinsys- please give some confidence to candidates with your approach "at least".
Your videos on you tube are very much impressive but this kind of response i was not expecting. I was planing to register for the FSW programme but now i think i should go for some other option.

Gurpreet Singh
I was going to contact them i am an international student in Canada and i met them at a seminar in the city i was living in .I got warned by my friends about it but i was so convinced by one of the agents that called me because they say they help you throughout the process of applications for a post graduation work permit to permanent residency. But reading this reviews makes me feel like i better not. I rather do my own research than depend on representatives that may be after just making money.
Polinsys your attitude over here only gives me a sense of fear in dealing with you guys directly for anything. I was talking with one of your consultants from Thrishur and was about to pay the initial 20k. The lady has been so persuasive for the initial payment and now i doubt her intentions after reading all these stories ?
Please deal with your existing customers in a better way so that you wont loose your potential ones.
Why so many negative reviews?
I am Abhin Bharathan From thrissur. i have remitted an amount of Rs.20000 for the processing and 53, 000rs for initial payment for filing and updation. Before the payment i got many calls and emails from the agent. They keep me update about the payment. Once i done the payment .. they totally forget me .. now i have to beg for them for any updation... if any one trying for PR or study dont consult with polinsys. Try with direct government site or any other better agencies.. Dont loose your money .. This is my humble request..
I have similar experience...a polinsys staff from kochi used to call regularly and was very responsive until i paid the initial 22k but after that evn if i kept on calling and messaging they were reluctant to reply.
After almost 3 months they called asking for another 53k..this time more convincing and i had to pay that too or else i was told i wud loose the initial amount for nothing.after that they keep bombarding different agreements one after the other to be signed.when i ask them they say they will not be taking any more money but i am afraid to proceed because all the agreements are regarding payment of money and their fee again.
I feel very much demotivated and lost in the process.
Thease guys have no value to oir money or expectations.they just want money.kindly anone reading this think again before consulting polinsys.
I am having a very bad experience with polinsys.
Atleast u will not loose hard earned money.
They never make things clear they just want us to stay confused about the process and pay them wheever they ask.
Atleast ask them for a detailed official quote on the amount that needs to be paid beforehand.
Oh my god!! Such a bad comments and not even one good one.
Even I was planning to seek their help but planning to drop the plan & try my own.
I believe this is the case of all the consultancies they have marketing team who talk to the clients primarily & dosent have any clue later whatsoever happens to our file.
Though I see bad reviews I know few ppl who have got their Visa and settled in Canada. See mistakes do happen any where if you really want to know abt any concern understand it from their actual customers. Online review wont help. I will be making an inquiry tomorrow and will let you know guys. After that i will rate them.
HI everyone I also got very bad experience, if all o[censored]s come together we can create a video and publish for public awareness, NO one should not fell in their trap again.
Regi T's reply, Nov 13, 2018
Hello George, I had a similar worst experience from Polinsys. I lost more than a Lakh rupees trusting in such cheats in the society. They cheat common people in the society. Please call me on 9849861090 to take this up further.
12.11.2018 : Hello People, Got a call this morning after 2 years from Polinsys (Effect to the below review) Inefficient lady named Savitha called followed by call transfer to Boni the manager who appeared very prudent, and subsequent calls went to my wife, asking us to remove the complaint from the google reviews.
My sincere request for the applicants who aspire to go abroad either Study/Immigration not to fall prey for such consultants.
Even I got a call from Renjith to remove the social media review.
George J Nirappel's reply, Nov 24, 2018
I am sure they are going to agree with it.
George J Nirappel's reply, Nov 24, 2018
My bad I am sure they are not going to agree with it.
Just shut your ### mouth up Polinsys. You are totally FRAUD company. You have heard about it, FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION. When I searched for your company, I only see complaints about you, you can not make excuses for your fraud, you are charging illegal money from customers.
I'm sorry to say, I was your customer but now, HELL NO.
This is not how you run a business.
Change yourself, Otherwise, someone will definitely ### you one day.
I have registered a complaint against Polynsis at the consumer court. Just waiting for the result. Please be careful. They will take money and start your process even if you are not eligible for the perticular programe and after you do everything they asked you to, then only we come to know you can not even apply for that...

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