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Dear all,

I took data entry project (E-salary slips) from srimin technologies pvt. Ltd - ahmedabad. First month they didn't pay me any amount as they showed me low accuracy and as per the contract i am not eligible for any payment if accuracy is less than 95%. I accepted their conditions and start working carefully for the next month and start taking all proof of my work to check work accuracy from my end. Although in next month also they did same. When i cross checked my work from their qc report then i found they manipulated my work at the end and put error in my work to reduce accuracy and to terminate me without payment. I showed all proof to them and start following my payment. Now they are giving me excuses of follow-up and saying they are following with the direct client and passing time.
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Hi Michael

Don't worry about srimin legal action.. They are completely fraud. If you are genuine and you have proof then go ahead.. You can contact me for further legal steps [protected]
Mr shariq,

Let me be clear to you and who so ever is reading this comment, in the first month we gave you proper training, we made you work on demo data and if I talk about your first month work it was pathetic and we have shown you in QC report with all the proof, in the second month as well your work went same and Srimin + Client has shared all the valid proof about your work. How can you say that the work is manipulated?

A center like you don’t work properly than threaten us by posting negative comments against my company, and send us an email asking for the payment.
Miss Neha

Let me reply you point to point:

1. We are not asking or saying anything about the first month (April -2019)work.

2. we are talking about Our second month (May-2019) work, you sent us your QC report of our work by showing that we made more than 200 errors (each ID) well it was not like that because all our 5 Computers/IDs were under 200 errors. (we already submitted you the proof via email).

3. Yes we can say that you manipulated our work by adding errors in my live work because during the working days so many times we got the messages on the system that our IDs are already login to another PC and for that also we sent you screenshot to solve that issue but you did't even reply our mail.

after our long & humble request to you to provide us the proof from your side than you only provided 30% screenshots of our work and we replied to you by submitting valid/accurate proof to show you that your QC report was incorrect and our work is under the contract conditions.

4. We are not threatening to anybody by any way and we are not posting any negative sentences anywhere against anybody, even though here also you should read my post carefully that we are trying to explain the real situation and not blaming to you or not released any statement against you or your company. yes, we are asking our payment because we have proof and its already shared with you & showed you that we are eligible for payment.

I don't know why you people are trying to threatening me by call and saying that you will send me notices and you will take legal action as per cyber crime rules, send me in jail, charge me over 1 crore rupees penalty etc.

If you & your team answers my call than we should not need to come here.

we are genuine and our work is well and we have more proof to show you that our all 5 computers/IDs has less error.

Again I am requesting you Mrs. Neha that cross checked our work again and support us by providing our actual payout.

Dear Mr. Shariq khan

Sorry for the intervening in this complaint. My company is sinha infotech solutions and based in Pune. Even I have taken project from Srimin Technologies 10 ID. Yes the project is simple and accuracy level is high but it is achievable. Out of 10 ID 3 ID accuracy was bad but 7 ID was good. Within parameters of payment. I forwarded the invoice of payment and I got the payment within a week. Check out your system first and see where things went wrong. Simply blaming the company do not help. For my company they are god as in BPO if one get payment than one is very lucky. we got the payment.

Srimin Technologies is the best company we found in entire market of BPO. 3 chears for them. This month too I am expecting payment.


Yash Goel
Ha ha ha...your name is yash goel and you are using ID raj_tex to reply us. Isn't equivalent like Srimin. Genuine people Shows their Identity not to hide..

Actually I was waiting for the unknown reply from the beginning by using unknown ID or dummy name.

"Raj" "Yash" "Sinha info tech" " Pune" Great!!!

Ok, Let me ask you some questions of your genuineness... Hope you will answers with proof.

What is your company full name?
What type of your company is?
Where your company located in pune? Postal address?
When its registered?
Any govt document?
Who is the owner of your company?
Any identification document of owner?
What is the contact number of owner?
When did you take project from Srimin?
Which project did you take?
How can you proof that you received payment from srimin?

I think that's enough to ask you at this moment and I believe that you will reply with proof.

You can use below button "add image"

Good luck!
Hello Mr. Shariq,

1. Mr shariq, firstly you took another project from us, and after working on it you said you cannot do that, after your so many requests saying that we cannot do this project, we offered you/ helped you with another project by not charging single amount from you. Even you were not able to perform in this project as well. After doing the wrong work are you expecting from us payment and Help to get the paymnet release from the client

2. Even we have shared enough proof to you, which we have received from the client. And this is what you are saying that you have less than 200 errors, but actually, they are not.

3. - Nor us nor my client have much time to sit back and manipulate the work, and you cannot put such allegations on the public forum, and if I talk about
The issue you were facing that can only because you were not signing out your ID properly.

4. Mr. shariq, posting the comment on the public forum would really help you to release payment? After spoiling our companies image? Really?

5.We are not threatening you at all, but you and Fahim are doing that to us.

6. Me and sir have received and answered your each and every call, so please stop blaming us of not receiving your calls.

Sir was trying to help you but your intentions are not good.
Hi Micheal,

Which Payment you are talking about? How you have been cheated? How can you say that we have never helped you?

Did you and Rakesh work properly? Didn't you read the SLA Properly? Did we hide anything or any Terms and Condition of the project from you and Rakesh?

We never hide anything to you, even we gave you two chances, from which sir personal explained you the way of working, how to reach the score, how to improve the performance, but you failed. You did the pathetic work, and Rakesh Dropped the work in Middle? Is it my fault ????

The loss which you both are facing is not because o[censored]s it is because of you and your team.. so stop blaming us for your mistake and faults.

Now after you have got failed you are asking me money back, trying to threating us? Now we have become Cheater?

People like you first don't work properly, then ask for payment? if we don't provide you start calling us scammers...

You have not received any payment because you have not completed the work and we have already shared you the valid proofs so there is no meaning of asking payment...

you and Rakesh will face legal consequences of posting false/negative comment without any valid proof.
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