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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
My complaint is on Ms. Gayathri Raguram and Mrs. Arthi. Right from Day 1 they were insulting and passing stupid comments about Juliana. And Gayathri Raguram using abusive words over juliana. This gayathri and aarthi are not a popular celebrity. So ask them to keep that in mind. They are also a common human only. What the hell these ladies are thinking in mind. It's atrocious to see that there is no mutual respect. They lack the very basic human tendency. Through Bigg Boss we public are able to see their true colours. Just because they are in cinema industry it does not mean they are big celebrities. Everyone's profession differs. Since because Gayathri is in politics she is going on cornering juliana from the day one and this aarthi is also joining hands with her to corner a person who stood in sun and rain for jallikatu protest. And what a habit is this taking back of a person. They have to understand one thing, everyone makes mistakes, No one is perfect in this world. Ask them to mind their language because the whole world is watching them and their behaviour what they are showing to juliana. "Vechu Seiyanu Juliana Va" This was the statement Gayathri said on 4th july. What a character is hers. This a complaint website so i dont want to use harsh words in this. Kind request is, Please ask Kamal Sir to pass all the negative messages what gayathri and aarthi has got from the public for their atrocious behaviour towards juliana and tell those two ladies that one day they should come out and face the world with this same face and should get shamed of themselves by seeing all the trolls and memes created for them. Its my humble and pleasing request, please pass all this negatives reviews to those two ladies. they wanted to know how public is reacting for their idiotic behaviour. And ask Gayathri to stop using vulgar words towards anyone in the Program.

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[Jul 05, 2017] STAR Vijay / Vijay TV customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Mejantha, Jul 21, 2017
In today's promo all contestants are standing against oviya, and they are saying that they want to eliminate oviya because she is triggering ladies especially namitha and gayathri. And by their behavior and harsh words oviya was crying in bedroom. Because of juliana's yesterday's nonsense trap game, oviya was affected in this way. If oviya goes out of the show, then its waste to watch Big boss anymore. Because she was the only true person in that house. Oviya dint commit any mistake.
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Not sure what is the problem for gayathri and aarthi if juliana wants to be VJ or anything in cinema industry .. everyone has their own passion . If julie is talented she will get opportunity and she can become a star so what's the big deal. Most of cinema artist are educated and holds degree like engg. Mba. So why didn't they ho for office job ? So its purely a person's decision on what he or she should be in future. Apart from cinema gayatri is into politics now like wise julie can switch her profession and no one has right to comment abt it. Also gayatri uses very local words to scold the participants. which is really bad and showing her true colour. .we wish gayatri and aarthi out of big boss soon.
Preethi Sathyanarayanan's reply, Jul 7, 2017
Rightly said. I think harthi is scared abt julliana winning the game or becoming celebrity. So emotionally they are torturing her.
Vimalah Magendran's reply, Jul 10, 2017
Exactly. From day one these 2 bug bullies have been harassing her.
We must kick them out soon.
Juliana is the worst charecter in the whole set of BIG BOSS.she is acting like a ********** & it is Shame you are supporting such type of Charecter.
End of the day her only ambition is to become a VJ & she will do anything and go to any extent to win, Poor tamil Audience will vote her based on sympathy & her crocodile tears.
Zufishan Fathima's reply, Jul 12, 2017
I too agree with you juli is the worst what Aarthi and Gayatri is doing with her is she deserves tat but why everyone did with barani is very very sad Vijay tv plz bring barani back
Aarthi gayathri talking too much fr juliana.both are targeted every time juli.
Pls out of house aarthi gayathri
plz bigg boss tell gayathri and aarthi and sakthi also to get out of bigg boss.tell her to see these comments and memes they both are telling jullina is fake but am telling that these two edoits are only fake i think they did'nt come here to win bigg boss they came here to irritate jullina(in point of jallikattu).so tell these two edoits to mind their words .kamal hasan sir plz take any action for these we cant tolarate all this. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.other this show is nice.throw out these three edoits.
The hell happened in today's show that's 6/7/17 Thursday show is totally hell and really can't take this dumb show wat do they think about normal people and those fake stupids make that poor girl juliana is worst and that immatured gayathri arthi ganja karuppu waste pple those pole making show very worst shame on those people really this is wat happens if a common people enter in to rich people and environment this is y rich is becoming rich poor is becoming poor worst show worst people out there
Vijay TV bigg boss show must take disciplinary action against Gayathri and Aarthi immediately. For the sake of increasing your TRP don't torture poor people. Both gayathri and aarthi are devils. It's very crystal clear that they want to send juli out of this show and deliberately they are pulling out her legs. If vijay tv is not going to take any action on them then we will take this to human rights commission. How brutal these people are..
sathishthamizha's reply, Jul 6, 2017
Well said they needs to be punished very worstly immatured illiterate creatures
Preethi Sathyanarayanan's reply, Jul 7, 2017
In this weekend review if they haven't warned . definitely some way of action shd be taken on d channel and programme
Wat the hell does gayathri and aarthi think of themselves... ???? Aarthi behaves like she is a god...Jesus she is not even a celebrity...and gayathri is not fit to be a leader at all...their behaviour towards juliana is very seems like they r targetting her...wats happening..please kamal sir shut the traps of gayathri nd aarthi...technically they are harassing juliana...this is how a common people will b treated between celebrities...shame on them...its very bad...since this is public am not using any bad words...else this whole msg will be a series of bad words
Bigg Boss.. Please ask Harthi and Gayathri to behave themselves, strictly. They don't have any rights to insult any human being. Juliana is not their servant or slave. Hats off Juliana.. she is brave enough to face such people. According to me she is half won the "Bigg Boss title".
Sarah Jayaseelan's reply, Jul 6, 2017
I think Arthi and Gayathri are behaving themselves, meaning they are showing their true colors. They need to behave well!
Pls Gayathri, aarthi, ganjja karupu avanga three members ah pls pls pls velliya anupunga. Ellathayum dump pani pesaranga. Yarayum hurt pana kodadhu. But avanga adhutha seiyaranga. This is my humble request. Please avanga 3 pethayum velliya anupunga. Thandha perusunnu pesaranga. People nanga avangala artist nu sonna nalatha avanga artist. So inga ellarum same.
Please big boss you need clearly explain gayathri Aarthi and ganja karupu about their worst behaviour and even Namitha too this is actually inhuman nature of theirs. Poor Juliana she has right to live her life
hi kamal, if you are the representative of the general public, so does julliee. All the celebs in there are in a motive of torturing the poor girl and making fun of her cry. Shame on you inmates that all of you voted for gayatri respecting her as your mother. The mothers character doesn't end with cooking. Dont insult your real mothers. go home and ask your mothers do they accept the way jullee is being treated there. No men or woman in the inmates have the guts to shut gayathri and aarthi is it. how dare aarthi asks julee that she will continue for 100 days or not. all of the inmates were shouting on barani for a similar question i suppose. but he was innocent, aarthi is arrogant. all celebs should understand that all of you were selected because you guys are celebs but julee is common girl, she represents the public, the jallikattu protestants, the growing and aspiring nurses and the daughters of the each family. I really want to see what kamal decides on this. dont wash your hands kamal saying you are not the bigboss. we are watching the show for you and not because of any nonsense that has been selected. also gayathri is try in hoist her bjp flag and aarthi the aiadmk flag. I want you to say this to them "both of you hold your tongue, you are a shame for the celebs". love you kamal hasan
rekhasan's reply, Jul 7, 2017
Kamal Sir.. please take action. We are waiting to see their (Harthi and Gayathri) eviction.
Vimalah Magendran's reply, Jul 10, 2017
Well said. But i m very disapointed Kamal Sir did not give them this message from the public.
hi forgot to tell you, these people seriously need a punishment. and also deserve a human rights complaint. just because jullee is unable to give back aarthi and gayathri cant comment anything they like. may be vijay tv has signed some agreement with the contestants that they cannont file any case on each other for humiliation or sarcasm. but we can file am i right.
Big boss please disqualify aarthi gayathri ganja karuppu immidiatly they are confused a good show I think they irritated a poor peoples aarthi is a one of the bad ademend she said for Julie u r a fake again and again She's fake and not good. i[censored] r good please try to understand . Y some celebrities push down the poor so kindly help to Julie please
Worst ever attitude of Gayathri, Aarthi .And height of intolerance kanja karupu stating tat Aarthi is artist so tat Julie should give respect... Whn these people don't intend to treat other persons as human being... Always stating Julie as nurse, wats wrong in tat ., it's her profession... Mrs Aarthi u hv completed degree thn y d hell u dint go for job?? Only to earn or to get famous u hav chose acting? So shut Ur mouth. Gayathri her character revealed when she ran to get d Medel for blue team.. she din participate in lemon n spoon or sack jumping but ran n came for Medel. Cheapest mentality... These people r inhuman wr from these r gonna live together in n as a family . Shame. Better Vijay TV stop with one season n not to irritate public.
Something needs to be done about those who abuse verbally. I trust that some form of action would be taken against those involved today. I am mainly concerned about Julie's mental state and how these incidents could impact her life in a long term. Thank you
I m telling u this i[censored] r nt going to take any action then ppl vil surely won't trust Vijay TV at all .Already ur channel has lot of issues like neeya Nana and super singer contravacy nw I myself thought tht u r really dng gd shows such as big boss n all but there r some ppl who really nt letting us to watch big boss such an idiotic Gayathri and Aarthi if these two r nt eleminted better don't run this show pls.they r irritating including Namitha they r just human beings not a big shots ask them shut their mouth and pls do support July she s nt a fake girl such a gd girl she s . Gayathri is nt fit to b a leader ok and they r nt fit to b in big boss
Gayathri and Aarthi show that they cannot accept common people in their celebrity group. They are torturing a poor common girl. Gayathri and aarthi should be sent out of cinema industry or we the common people should avoid watching films if no action is taken tomorrow. Mind state of a poor girl is impacted and this can make her even commit suicide. This shows that vijay TV will do anything and keep their MOUTH SHUT for their TRP rating. Ganjakarupu and aarthi attitude is so poor. I don't know how we are accepting as good comedians. We should avoid watching their films.
Attention to big boss, please do not select common poor people in the show anymore. Now we really understand who celebrities real character. You people are like politicians. You come to common people to collect revenue for your films. But behind the scenes you celebrate treat common people as ####.
Attention to all people who are doing nurse profession.. Please don't respect Ganjakarupu, aarthi and gayathri. They don't deserve respect.
Gayathri is not fit to be a leader at all. Here in Bigg Boss, she is not ready to clear the problems that Julie is facing and in spite, she is provoking people (e.g. Harthi) to make issues bigger. Bigg Boss, you need to take action against the behaviour of Harthi and Gayathri. Vijay TV will lose its respect if you continue the show with such people who behaves arrogantly. These two persons don't bother even if millions are watching this show.
Big Boss is becoming nuisance. Gayatri is so bossy n dominating others as is she is d big boss. Harathi is provoking others n Ganja Karupu is a 'gangster' who protect the so called celebritiez. I hate the way they corner Bharani n Julie. They are making issues out of everything. Please kick them out
Gayatri is a big bully in Bigg Boss... Karuppu and all in the team and always attacking Bahrani n Julie. Karuppu, Vayapuri, Sathy, Harathi keep imitating n bad mouth others... vry [censored] attitude. THEY should look into their own behaviour before insulting Bahrani And Julie. This is a shame to the celebratise on their ugly and arrogant behaviour.

I am expecting Kamal to voice out about these bunch of idiots attitudes without being bias.

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